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All right, baby 10,000 a month every month Clickbank, here we come Clickbank com There's my account and there's the beauty I'm promoting 100 bucks 50% Commission that's what I'm talking about I'm gonna make 10 grand a month every month Ok, take that 50 percent 10 grand divided for 50% Commission's 50 bucks. That's awesome 50 bucks I need to make 10 grand Holy Shh Look and sound familiar Well, that was me just a few short months ago looking to promote Anything I could on Clickbank trying to make that Commission trying to try to make that ten thousand dollars a month Which was my first goal and it seemed that Every time I promoted something from Clickbank and I got it set up and I spent all day Or days getting the funnel set up the autoresponder setup, you know my follow-up emails I would get everything into place Get it completely set up start sending traffic to it and then I'll start the process all over again with another Clickbank product, but I could never get close to that $10,000 a month no matter how many products I promoted now.

I'm not picking on Clickbank. I think click makes a great website To start your affiliate marketing business. I've made money promoting things on Clickbank I've just never made ten thousand dollars a month promoting things on Clickbank So I decided I was going to educate myself and I made a gruesome discovery I discovered that I was it's continuing to spin my wheels over and over again Spending all of my time that I had which wasn't much promoting these items so when I learned how I could 10x my business by using one simple strategy and I Implemented that strategy that's when my business Grew and that's when my Commission's grew by ten times what I was making so getting into the one strategy that I Changed and that I am currently doing that.

It's 10x to my income is really skyrocketed my business and The nice thing is that anybody can do this. I had a switch go off in my head and that Switch was go from promoting low ticket items and start promoting high ticket items now what happens a lot of times with affiliate marketers and this happened to me is that you don't have a Belief that you can actually sell a high ticket item. I mean, why would anybody buy anything from me? They don't know me from Adam So let me just go ahead and stick with these $50 products and maybe I can make 20 or 25 bucks per sale believe me I went through the same exact thing the key in my opinion too high ticket affiliate marketing and high ticket sales is connecting with the right people and when I say connecting I mean there's something about you or your message that resonated with them because it's very possible that these same people Have seen and heard the same offer You're presenting to them only somebody else.

Did it already? But maybe there just wasn't a connection there maybe that presenter just didn't say what it was needed to be said to hit a nerve with that viewer or With that customer, maybe because you were the one that presented it in your own unique way That got somebody to take action I don't know how many times I've seen the same offer over but over again But when I finally buy into an offer It's because a person presenting it to me presented it in a way that made sense For me to go ahead and take that action. So don't be afraid of height ticket sales Anybody can do this now. I use YouTube as a platform to promote my affiliate products and I currently have about 3,600 subscribers Which makes my channel not a big channel at all, but you might say as a beginner starting out Hey, I want to do YouTube as well.

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But I have zero subscribers so your 3,600 subscribers gives you a huge advantage over somebody like me who has zero subscribers and of course when you have viewers and people that are warmed up to you and want to subscribe to your channel because of how you present things and because of The content that you're offering them and the value that you give them then that is definitely considered warm traffic, but let's compare myself with my 3,600 subscribers to somebody who has 250,000 subscribers do they have an advantage? Do they have an edge? well Of course they do but they've earned that advantage and they've earned that edge by growing their channel it took work to do that But I want to say this That I got my first my very first high ticket Commission which is over $1000 when my youtube channel had less than 350 subscribers.

So again, the one element that is so unique to each one of us is Actually us how I presented my offer the way I said it really made sense to an individual enough to where they opened up their pocketbook and spent thousands of dollars for the product and the offer that I was presenting to them which gave me a very healthy large Commission So the key in my opinion to ten extra business and to 10x Your commission like it has done for me is to switch From low ticket offers to high ticket offers. I'm not saying to completely go away from loved ticket offers I still have one or two low ticket products that I promote Because I promoted him from the very beginning and they still bring me some Commission's every month but the only way I've been able to Skyrocket my business in to 10 times the business that I was doing was with high ticket offers And here's the beauty of high ticket offers.

It takes the exact same amount of work setup funnel creation autoresponder setup bridge page creation It takes all the same exact amount of work to set up a high ticket Product and an offer as it does a low ticket offer So doesn't it make more sense to go with the high ticket and besides high ticket offers have a built-in filtering system Not everybody's interested in high ticket offers. Not everybody it wants to create and Ten or fifteen or twenty thousand dollars a month, but those are the people that will filter themselves out And yes, you will get more sales with low ticket offers but you're going to need to sell 50 to a hundred of those low ticket offers on a monthly basis to equal the commission of One or two high ticket sales. So guys by switching over this one simple philosophy of promoting high ticket offers that has really Catapulted and scaled up my business for the last three months if you are interested in knowing the Program that has helped me grow my business I am gonna leave a link down below in the description of this video Now remember high ticket offers and high ticket affiliate marketing isn't for everybody.

Like I said earlier there is still work involved Yes There is an investment involved But the potential return on that that investment is so much greater Than a low to get product with the exact same amount of work So if you're ready to be more efficient in your business and start making real money Not just a little bit of money We're talk about life-changing money Then click on that link down below and check out the program because we are closing high ticket sales every day Using a strategy that nobody else is doing and remember guys It's time to invest in your business and it's time to invest in yourself.