­čś▓BARCELONA 3-0 LIVERPOOL­čś▓+Endgame Spoilers Messi free-kick Champions League Semi-Final Highlights

[Applause] we bounced to the coat from 35 Josh never turn your back on deliver wheelchairs leo one of them might throw you into a fountain and the game [Music] golden 3-nil in disguise your dad then call the star but Oh spider let’s by the way you’re supposed to say spoiler alert before the spoiler or God we-well breathe you’re gone which is invisible cuz your dream teams are dust like Sanders tooth spoiler alert is supposed to say this one a lot before the spoiler days relevant you getting the filter the TV three days we got you’re gone you’re time someone call the police spoiler alert [Applause] [Music] here what’s already there can bring back to us dead using time travel just as the Avengers whoops pirate the four quarters football runner app out now if you’re running jump shoot and tackle you wait up the falling brainless unleash your special power simply the burn bags and boxes and scoring a post to unlock the whole team [Music]



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