1 Click SEO Store OTO – All Three OTOs Links Here Discount For You 1Click SEO Store OTO Upgrade

1 Click SEO Store OTO – 1,2,3 – There Is One Front End And three OTOs Links . The 1 Click SEO Store OTO 1 Is The Pro Version , The 1 Click SEO Store OTO 2 IS The DFY Site Builder , The 1 Click SEO Store OTO 3 Is The Reseller Licence  . All 1-Click SEO Store OTO Options Links And Details Bellow .

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1-Click SEO Store FE=>1-Click SEO Store FE

OTO1 Pro Version=>>1-Click SEO Store OTO1

OTO2 DFY Sites=>>1-Click SEO Store OTO2

OTO3 Hosting=>>1-Click SEO Store OTO3

OTO 4 Developer License=>>1-click SEO OTO4

OTO5 Reseller Licence=>>1-click SEO OTO5

1-Click SEO Store OTO

1-Click SEO Store OTO

OTO1 :Pro Version

— Includes all the Front End features PLUS all the following features…

Comes PRE-LOADED with 24 SEO Apps and Digital Products to Sell from your NEW Site.
List Building Feature with Free Download Offer
Product Giveaway with Built in 3 Lead Pages
Build a List of Unlimited Size / people
Sell in 6 different currencies
Change Website Color using Unlimited Colors
Homepage Slider with 6 Featured Images.
Social Proof Imitator feature for driving more sales.
Product Popups to advertise selected products.
Make Your Site SSL Enabled with the SSL Option
Add & Sell Unlimited Products in just 1-Click
Sell High Ticket Services
Download & Export Your Leads in text / csv
Works on Mac and PC
No WordPress Required

OTO2 :DFY Sites

OTO3 :Reseller License

Developer And Reseller

What IA 1-Click Seo Store ?

The Demo

The key to making online profits is when you have your own store and sell your own products. You have full control over your business and accept payments directly.

One of the SMARTEST things to do is create a RECURRING Income Business. SEO is one field where you can charge customers every single month for software apps as well as services.

That’s why we’ve created a 1-Click SEO Store – This is your Ready to launch Digital Store Builder for you to start selling a collection of SEO Apps, digital products and even recurring bundles that you can charge monthly or even yearly.

All it takes in just 60 seconds to copy paste and launch your recurring income business. You can charge anywhere from $9.95/mo to $99 per year or even a one time fee for all software products & SEO apps that come PRE-LOADED with our store builder. See the DEMO video for all the details + walkthrough.

Front End – FEATURES

Get a Fully Ready to Launch Digital Store & Website
Sell Access to 12 SEO Apps, Ebooks and Software Products from your new online store instantly.
Build a RECURRING Income business with this.
Comes Pre-loaded with 12 SEO Apps, Multiple Ebooks & SEO Services.
Just all your paypal info and you are DONE.
Add More Products, Sell any digital products.
Sell Unlimited Product Units
Sell to Unlimited Customers
Instant Product Delivery
Built in Paypal Shopping Cart
Launch your digital store in 60 seconds
No database required – just copy paste and Launch
Just add your paypal & logo, that’s all you need.
Fully SEO Ready – every page is SEO enabled.
Perfect for Newbies, All Training Included.
Fully Responsive & Mobile Friendly
Built-in Admin Panel lets your edit your Site.

1 Click SEO Store OTO


Video Review For Front End Only


here’s an coupla here and what if I told
the deal actually start a passive income
recurring business in the 60 seconds yes
you can actually launch your passive
income recurring business in just 60
seconds using this new software called
one-click SEO store and as you can see
on the screen this is a brand new domain
and a brand new website and you can
literally go from this to actually this
in just 60 seconds this is a
done-for-you website that I can actually
download from my new software and then
upload it to your site and boom that’s
it your new site is launched and you can
actually have a fully loaded website
with products and services and ebooks as
you start to sell in just 60 seconds
from scratch and you can see the site
looks amazing this is what your site
will look like it has all the
information you need it will come with a
sales video it comes with all the
features it comes with testimonials of

customers it comes with 12 fully loaded
SEO apps so I had to sell at any price
you want and not just that when you
click on any of these options you will
be taken to this pricing section which
means you actually start to sell monthly
yearly or at a one-time price now what
happens when you start to sell monthly
and yearly you keep getting payments
every single month and that will do a
recurring passive income which you do
not actually have to work for and that
is the beauty of this business so I
wanted to actually start a passive
income recurring business and it’s hard
I know and that’s why we made this so it
is super super easy for you to do that
right so done-for-you passive income
business which is called one-click SEO
store it comes with a home page and
about page which can actually completely
ripped from the admin area a free
downloads option which actually lets you
build an email list for free and gives a
completely done for you lead magnet
which you can start to sell immediately
or give away for free as well it comes

with pre-loaded SEO apps which actually
you can give access to for a fixed price
or you can charge monthly or yearly for
the same and also it comes with ebooks
that you catch we start to sell at any
price you want in completely change the
price of these ebooks and you can also
sell services like done-for-you SEO
services backlinking services SEO for
Shopify stores keyword research services
or even audit reports and
actually get all these apps inside the
SEO store complete package right you can
actually use these to actually start
creating this hi tickets apps and
sources and then make sales from that
all right so all you can do is basically
leave a review below and you see the
admin area here it comes with fully
loaded a deluge incompletely edit from
here you can edit the home page you can
actually read the about page from here
you can edit all the software apps and
you can sell you can edit the ebooks and
you can sell you can edit the Sosa’s
pages the fa Q’s the free download
options and you can edit the
testimonials as well the contact page
and various mains settings as well

alright you can charge multiple kinds of
pricing options and that’s all included
in this package so basically as you
store is your done for you recurring
income package you can actually start go
from 0 to actually a passive income
business in your 60s against flat and
that is exactly what this is for you

1 Click SEO Store OTO