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What is 1 Hr WorkDay ?

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1 Hr WorkDay OTO – The cloud-hosted software drives traffic to your website and makes sales on complete autopilot by curating high quality and viral content with a push of a button

Helps beginners and professionals
Fastest and proven way to get results,
Use 1 Hr WorkDay to build your money website fast
Get traffic fast
Make money fast
Helps focus on what works and get results
Get rid of distractions

Simple and step by step
Make your first $5K in 30 Days without breaking a sweat
Finish your first online marketing project within hours
No wasting time
Make money online
Build a sustainable business online
Easily scale-up

Our customers have access to literally every information they need to succeed in online marketing. But they are overwhelmed and distracted. So, they fail to take action, fail to complete any project and never get results. 1 Hr WorkDay solves this problem completely
In the member’s area, customers get access to the exact way we run a $200K per month online business. We have a specific set of tasks that we perform on day to day basis.
We’ve put the simplest tasks step by step for beginners. Anyone can follow simple instructions, follow the steps, complete the tasks on day to day basis and get results fast and easy
The Internet is all about content. Content is the king. Who has access to high quality, unique content is able to get traffic, get attention, and make money in many different ways. The cloud-based software solves that problem

1 Hr WorkDay OTO – WHO IS IT FOR?
For everyone who wants to make money online using the easiest way
Tips for beginners
It’s for intermediate level marketers
It’s for advanced marketers
It’s for everyone who wants are readymade, done for you software as service ready to start selling and make money


– UPGRADE #1 Taskillar Software – 1 Hr WorkDay OTO

It’s the task management software that we use to manage a team of only 10 people and we pay $199 per month. Due to the very high price we only keep the key personnel in the software. And that is why we built TaskIllar.
TaskIllar is a cloud-based software that replaces the high price software and completely automate the task management process
Customers will get access to TasKillar software to completely automate their task management, easily accomplish projects, get results at a much lower price

UPGRADE #2Taskillar Unlimited – 1 Hr WorkDay OTO
Unlimited version of the TaskIllar software. All the limits are lifted for a one off price

UPGRADE #3Agency License – 1 Hr WorkDay OTO

Customers will get access tour agency license and will be able to sell their service and accounts to there from the TasKillar software dashboard

UPGRADE #4Reseller License – 1 Hr WorkDay OTO
Customers get Guaranteed approval to promote 1 Hr WorkDay and 100% commission on the front end

UPGRADE #5Gold Miners Club – 1 Hr WorkDay OTO
This is the club of Elite members. Every month they get access to our products and full-funnel 100% Commission

UPGRADE #6Whitelabel Rights – 
White label rights off the TasKillar software. Customers get Do-Anything-You-Want rights

1 Hr WorkDay OTO Bonuses


Video review for Front End only

Text From This video

1 Hr WorkDay OTO hey what’s going on guys thanks for checking out this full review this is a longer review on the uh one hour work day it’s launching launching september the 5th 2020 at the time of this 1 Hr WorkDay OTO video it’s tomorrow for me um but you want to lock in these bonuses there should be a clock here for you um it’s once it’s counting 1 Hr WorkDay OTO

down it’s gone so you’ll want to make sure to get this now um this is really interesting okay so if you were to get into the head of 15 amazing marketers and find out exactly what they would do if they lost it all um so that they could get to 5 000 per 1 Hr WorkDay OTO month just spending one hour per day if that’s all you had would you want to do that i’ll let you answer your own question the only question my own question there uh the answer is yes okay i’ll answer for you so in this training and 1 Hr WorkDay OTO uh software it’s a cloud-based 1 Hr WorkDay OTO software mosh bari the creator of this 1 Hr WorkDay OTO

system is going to show you how to get this done not just mosh 15 guys so i’m going to actually remind you again if you click just right beneath where this video is there should be a yellow button um or if you’re watching this on youtube then make sure that you uh sorry this is this is a different page i’m looking at here so 1 Hr WorkDay OTO you’ll notice this button right beneath my video here and um if you’re watching this on youtube if you found this then make sure you click beneath this video as well to get 1 Hr WorkDay OTO to this page 1 Hr WorkDay OTO

i have a i have two videos i have kind of a shorter video about what this is and kind of giving you a little bit of a pep talk kind of a vlog from the super affiliate show i try to turn my my reviews into vlogs in a way but this right here this video watching now is more of a full review so i’m going to show you um if you click on 1 Hr WorkDay OTO

this page you’ll see the sales page right here and this is really again like i said um training and software you’re going to get two very valuable pieces of digital product here okay and um this is the sales page it looks just like this he’s gonna walk you through everything that it is but um i kind of talk a little bit more about what it is in that top video if you haven’t seen that then click beneath this video you’ll get more information but you’ll get the training where 15 marketers here it is right here

on this page here you’ve got i’ve got all these guys here let me scroll up you’ve got of course mosh this is the members area here where i am you’ve got um abi right here this is his arbitrage method you’ve got tom right here this is build scale flip this is an interesting method here just one hour a day you’ve got neil napier one hour work day shortcut to millions and a really great video here where he’s getting into all this and he gives you each task broken down exactly what you need to do you’ve got victory this guy on list building list building is one of the biggest biggest pillars of an online business if you

1 Hr WorkDay OTO

follow me you know that’s true you’ve got him talking about that with an opt-in page art flair freelancing this is a very valuable um hour of work right here that you can learn how to do billy darr printing cash on demand now this one’s cool billy um he’s an affiliate marketer like myself he reviews products he also creates his own products and in this you can see here task one five minutes look decide validate a niche you wanna go for it just take five minutes as i said in that top video above this video if you’re on the review page time is the issue and that’s what 1 Hr WorkDay OTO

he’s trying to get you to learn here um on um this one hour work day philosophy okay so this is task two decide where you wanna build your audience email facebook groups task three he’s got a video that he’s gonna get you to watch drive on traffic actually i think hold on i’m wrong about that this is going to take you to all of moshe’s traffic training it’s actually a traffic training playlist inside youtube really full of stuff so that’s cool very good on traffic uh you’ve got this guy vincata zero to hero rashvin one hour workday all these guys are gonna give you um encore cyril they’re gonna give you what they would do for that hour of work okay so if you just had one hour you’re gonna get there

and that’s what’s so powerful about this now it’s also software so mash is going to explain this in some training in his inside that members area but this is all about content curation i’m going to move my face right up here okay this is all about content curation meaning you can inside this app you can start a new campaign and you would do what’s called a job so we’re going to look for youtube videos i’m going to call this just for the sake of inside of here i’m going to call this life insurance

okay just randomly i’m really into life insurance it’s actually a great way to build wealth by the way that’s for another video we’ll give this job a tag um learning okay and then this is really important it’s going to use the keywords you give to bring in these videos from youtube that’s where this is selected they have other things that are optional in here as well um you have to put in a bunch of stuff i didn’t do all that for this one but twitter feeds facebook posts pinterest it’s gonna go and curate all this content online that you could spend hours looking for right and you’ll be able to go in there and get it in just a few minutes

so um let’s look at life in assurance to build oops build wealth okay i’m going to put a comma infinite banking strategy [Music] cash value life insurance all right i’m going to say create job um i entered incorrect keywords hold on let’s try this again maybe maybe you have to do it on different pages we’ll try it this way create

job okay that’s what it was so you just learned something make sure that you um put it on a separate line all right okay it kind of got hung up for a second but i basically it came in really pretty quickly so for assets to make you rich build wealth and keep it like the rothschilds how to create wealth in 2020 term versus whole life life insurance explained so all these videos are videos that i would love to curate if i were going to put together something um on on a new blog or something like where i’m um talking about this stuff okay um i would not pick this dave ramsey one whole life insurance is a ripoff because i don’t agree with his strategy at all but that’s for a different video infinite banking concept explained so i would just let’s say take this and then um you’re just basically going to select it did i do that yeah right here once because you can only do one at a time so you’re gonna select one and then you’re gonna go to the next and then you’ll set up inside of your settings you’re gonna set up your blog you’re gonna set up your facebook profile you’re going to set up your twitter all these things and then by hitting share to you’re going to this video is going to be curated and it’s going to pop populate inside of your content so another way to do this is if you click on get content again you’ll see the fetching side you can see you can sort based on likes views number of views here’s top views here and that way you can find content that’s really resonating with people and then you can basically take that and here’s what’s so awesome you can go under the content section on the left side here um i’m going to draw something for you so you can see all this so basically over here this is content side wow that was really pretty drawing wasn’t it sorry about that and then over here under get content basically you can embed the youtube url for closed caption content you can see that right there so i’m going to do that right now and what’s so amazing is it’s gonna basically pull okay this video does not have content so that one did not have closed caption it’s probably an older video let’s find one that does okay here’s one that did basically it’s an on-page seo video about seo search engine optimization and then it brought in all of the content youtube is really good at coming up with the closed caption text it’ll take what you’re saying where the video is saying and it’ll put in a blog post so you can copy this content right down here and then you can put it in an article spinner or you can uh even post it on your blog and you know reference the video and put in your own things you could like basically use this as really good content on your site so it’s going to basically transcribe any youtube video that has the closed caption feature going which is most of them nowadays so in here you’ll see the blog setup over here and you’ll put in if you have a wordpress blog you can basically add any number of blogs here you’ll need to have the wordpress plugin for the one hour workday plug-in and you’ll put in the blog name url and then your login information and then it will connect with your plugin on wordpress so that you can push the content straight to your blog any number of blogs too you can have a few different blogs that’s really cool so as i mentioned a little bit ago uh under settings you can add twitter you can add all these other great places that have content for you to go and curate content that’s there and bring it into this platform and then uh push it out to your place for curating content and getting traffic now he goes over in this first video right up here inside the members area the training he goes over um as i mentioned in the other video he goes over exactly how he would do it how he would find that content and spin it and make it happen sorry yeah and um yeah

so this he says is the foundation of his 200k per month seven figure per year business so um let me go over the funnel real quick with you guys because that’s going to be important for you to know too there’s this product called task scaler task scaler or task task killer i don’t know how he’s pronouncing that is a it is the first oto in the funnel and the price for that is on my page here let me go over that that’s uh it’s a monthly charge but what it does is it’s like a project management tool and it gives you the ability to um basically use the software that he and all these other guys that are doing this uh they use the software to keep them on track to keep them on task and um and you can find out all about that

on ot01 so that’s right now the price if you get yeah there’s a discount you saw pop up right there it is 21 per month is the downsell so you can spend a little bit more each month to get that um task project management to make you more time efficient that’s really what it comes down to um there’s a few other things in here that you can see the one-hour workday task unlimited tescular limited gives you just more features with the uh the software that he has there’s 50 dollars a month if you do the downsell agency license gives you the ability to sell this as your own

as an as an agent and receive more commissions for that that’s the same with resell rights um agency license and resell rights i’m not actually sure what the difference is there to be honest with you let me check real quick ah excuse me agency license lets you use the software this is the third upgrade it lets you use the software as if your agency and you can use this for clients so you can even resell your services and your time and basically use that as a service provider as an agency as a service provider the reseller license gets you 100 commission

on the front end of one hour work day so basically this front end you would get 100 commissions on that’s honestly not i don’t know why that’s that valuable so just honestly just being honest about it um and then gold miners club is ot05 for 39 this is for elite members every month they get access to our products and full funnel 100 commissions okay so that’s where it’s going to open up to full reseller license across all of this right here so you would keep all of these commissions for your own and mosh and his team would not get paid they would get that customer for the future but you basically are receiving all the commissions 100 so again 1279 is the front end cost of um of this so let’s go

over who it’s for what it is again just just so you’re 100 clear it is a course inside of here right here all of this you’ll get all 15 of those marketers talking about what they would do for one hour to get to that 5k per month mark and the cloud-based software that allows you to as i just showed you get in and curate content very easily and um you can see you can read all this on the page right here where where we are but um if you’re watching on youtube click that link beneath

the video and you’ll see all this so the software drives traffic to your website makes sales on complete autopilot by curating the content so you haven’t created the content yourself you just spent a little time in that app inside of here and it’s allowed you to curate the content for your website okay and then that’s what’s going to generate organic traffic over time helps beginners and professionals fastest and proven way to get results use one hour workday

to build your money website fast get traffic fast make money fast blah blah blah blah blah okay whatever you can read all this um that really is this is what’s good about this people get overwhelmed and distracted they fail to take action fail to complete any project and never get results so one hour work day solves this by giving you a simple plan for one hour from 15 different marketers what they would do and then the internet is all about content content is the king he who has access to high quality unique content is able to get traffic get attention and make money in

many different ways so he covers all that inside of the training okay that’s what that is right there guys let me just remind you that when you click on the yellow buttons on this page here you’re going to come through see these two videos that i’ve done and you’re going to get access to my bonuses so you’ll see the sales page right here um all of the information about the front end product is right here and then you’ll see all of my bonuses bonus number one and two are really about youtube specifically how to create good videos and grow a youtube audience that’s what’s happening on my channel the

super affiliate show and i want to teach you how to do that in these two bonuses bonus number three is about traffic so inside of this they’re talking about mainly content like search traffic that shows up in search results on google or in search engines and content really helps you with that now this is google display networks network hacks this is about ads and then

most of these bonuses here are all about ads there’s a few things i’ll go over this in a second but most of these bonuses are about advertising he’s teaching you a free method i’m going to show you a paid method if you have some money you can set aside to grow your business and if you’ll stick with me through the rest of this video

i’m going to show you why these bonuses are so important for you okay so um again bonus bonus number one bonus number two are about creating high quality videos my light just went out there you go okay bonus number three is google display network hacks how you will learn the secrets to using the google display network without all the confusion and everything else okay that’s this one here bonus number f

our is about facebook this is not about content on facebook facebook’s about social interaction this is going to teach you how to network on steroids on facebook okay you can get a lot of free traffic actually from this method right here on facebook okay bonus number five is all about video ads now this is going to be paid traffic like i said but about video so you can take what i’m teaching you here and just throw some gasoline on that fire with this course here six video based training modules for video ads most number six is if you really

feel like okay traffic paid traffic is a little bit crazy i don’t know if i can have the bandwidth for that you can outsource it this is my expert digital team of of service providers contractors and it helps you really grow things bonus number seven and bonus number eight sms super funnels and rvm super funnels so sms marketing there’s still so much untapped opportunity from that traffic source i’m going to break down a system

in this bonus here sms super funnels and rvm super funnels is all about ringless voicemail it’s amazing how much opportunity is here for that because um really it’s one of those things that that people just don’t understand this is where you can actually use this really unique method for selling high ticket programs uh where your traffic is super cheap okay so for both of these both of these two things traffic is super super cheap okay so i can’t scroll when i’m trying to draw so i’m not going to draw anymore all right bonus number nine and bonus number 10 really

bonus number 9 separate from 10 but list building 101 this is really the big picture of why you need to understand how to build a list and why paid traffic which is bonus number 11 paid traffic light bulb it’ll really help you understand this stuff this bonus number 10 here is about retargeting remarketing and really understanding

facebook’s um ecosystem and how that pixel that they give you is actually so amazing it’s it’s almost miraculous i hate to say it like that it sounds almost cheesy to say but uh most affiliate marketers in in myspace our space our industry they don’t understand facebook they do it all wrong they think facebook’s the enemy and really it’s not there’s so much you can do with facebook so guys all of these bonuses are my gift to you all you have to do is try out one hour work day risk-free you’ve got 30 days to keep uh you know trying out one hour work day and all you have to do is let the vendor know if you’re not happy let mosh know reach out to his team he’ll give you a refund and you

can keep my bonuses so does that sound fair to you it is a gift all 11 of these valuable bonuses are my gift to you for trying out um one hour work day through my link so just click on that link you’ll see this sales page and uh we’ll make it work for you all right i’ve been nate fancher i hope this reviews helped you it’s a little bit more detailed but um uh go ahead and click me this video if you’re still watching on youtube and come through this page you’ll access all my bonuses at warrior plus underneath your purchase you get that and then you’ll lock him in right there thank thank you again for watching this review we’ll see you later


1 Hr WorkDay OTO