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100K Cloner OTO



100K Cloner OTO  –  What is 100K Cloner?

  • Launch an instant DFY super affiliate websites
  • Clone affiliate campaigns that made the vendors $100k
  • Blast them to 100x traffic sources in one-click
  • DFY Affiliate Reviews for ClickBank, JVZoo, and WarriorPlus
  • 10x software to give away as bonuses (worth $20k)
  • List-building and social media integration built-in Includes training, $10k of bonus tools & more



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Video review for Front End only

Text From This video

Hey, it’s rick here, and in this video, I’m, going to review 100k cloner by vendors Chris x and rich w, and I’ll. Give you my honest opinion on whether I think this is any good. I’ll. Show you around the member’s area where it is.

I’ll. Show you through the dashboard and keep watching, because I’ll. Show you whether or not this tool will bring you any value and just how much you’re going to make in commissions and how much traffic you’re, going to really get with this software as well.

100K Cloner OTO


I’ll. Show you what it costs the otos or the upgrades, and then I’ll give you the pros and the cons, and you can see for yourself if 100k cloner will make you any money. I’ve bought so many products like this one over the years that I haven’t been happy with, so now I like to help people like you, save money and time and give you the information you need before you buy the software.

So you don’t waste your money; my name is rick cooper with your nomadic life, and if you haven’t been to this channel before, please go ahead. Hit that subscribes button. All right, let’s. Take a look at the sales page for 100k cloner, and so they claim that with one click, you can clone their site that made them over a hundred thousand dollars in commissions, and they say that it’s brand new.

You get a hundred percent commissions, a hundred x or a hundred times free traffic fast, and it’s. All done for you, beginner-friendly, and I won’t go into doing too much detail on the sales page. It’s just very similar to the rest, and no doubt you’ve seen it.

If you are interested in this product, I will come back to it later to show you some interesting points from the sales page, but we’ll get into that here a little bit later; let’s, go into the member’s area.

So basically, 100k cloner is an affiliate marketing website builder; supposedly, it clones their profit-making website and keeps watching, as I’ll explain,n why this will not make you any money, and you will not get all the free traffic they claim.

100K Cloner OTO links

But if you are looking to get free traffic to your office, check out my review on the simple traffic blueprint. It’ll be on screen, and I ‘ ll have a link to that in the description that simple traffic blueprint shows you the way to get free traffic from youtube, so here inside the 100k cloner members area, but these are websites that have already been made, and right here is where you would create a new one, and then this is to edit it, and then this is the share button.

So let’s. Take a look at one of them. They’re all basically the same. This is what they look like and not a bad-looking website in itself. That’s one of them there. These are some of the products that you would be promoting.

So let’s, go back to 100k cloner, and let’s just start right from the beginning, because other than that there’s, really nothing left on the menu there’s shared, and that’S where you would have shared some of them already to some social media, and then there’s, your log out.

So let’s, go back to my site and let’s start from scratch. So let’s create a new one. So then you put in here now this is the main domain and then you would put your site name, and now you are now a subdomain of their domain.

So let’s. Put in the tester, and then this is where you would put your Clickbank nickname, and so you’d have to go to ClickBank for that and sign up to get your Clickbank nickname. So I’m just going to put in here tester as well.

I will put in my real ClickBank nickname, and then you go create a website, and then you have to say: okay, use that can now be changed, and then you would set up here. So you would hit your site name, you know, do all this kind of stuff, your nickname again, your email welcome text about you, disclaimer text.

You can put your logo as a favicon. You can change some of the colors and fonts, and now they have an SEO setting. But that will do nothing because you’re not going to get any traffic from this, and we’ll.

100K Cloner OTOs bonuses

Go into that a little bit later, but that you could put that in. But it’s not going to do anything for you, and then there are your pixel codes for analytics for tracking, and then basically that’s if you would save those changes.

You go to the website setup, and nowhere is where you could put in some of the products or something like a video say. If you wanted that, you could choose from eight products on here if you wanted or if you want to get the traffic or e-commerce.

So whatever you want. So we’ll go traffic, affiliate, make money, and funnel, and then we’ll. Go there again, okay, and nowhere is where you would choose your products that would be on your website. So basically, people would click through those buttons.

And then, if you had your appropriate Clickbank affiliate link in there, then you would hopefully get a sale if they went through some of these, and so these aren’t bad products in themselves. I don’t have a video on how to select products from Clickbank, but I do have a video on how you can promote good products from warrior plus, and it would be exactly the same for Clickbank.

And I have that video on screen and also have a link to that in the description. If you take a look at that, that’ll show you how you can choose good products from warrior plus and some that you want to avoid, and again that’ll be the same for Clickbank, so anyway.

So let’s, so these are some of these. We’ve got now for our website. We can choose some of these just hit the button, so, whichever one you feel you want to have and the same thing, we’ve got some set up there, all these niches, and then you go save and proceed to the next section.

100K Cloner OTO upsell

And here is your number one pick, you could say, so then you would have an affiliate program name, you would give it a rating. So basically, yeah you’re, just an affiliate marketer. You would have your number one pick for this.

You would put that in, and then you know each number two affiliate top pick for that, one and so forth for all the niches that you chose, and that’s. Fine! So let’s, go to the next one, and so next here is where we would create some banner ads, whichever ones we want.

It. It doesn’t matter, and then we again from here we would choose some banner ads and then, if you want to put your autoresponder code in that’s, where you would do that, and now these are the social URLs to share with So you could facebook youtube Instagram, you know and so forth.

If you want to share it, then you’d, have to, of course, link those to your account, which you could do. I won’t. Do that, let’s. Carry on to the next step, so basically, that’s it, so the one that we made was test one.

So let’s. Take a look at the website when we’re done, so that’s it. So those are the ones that we chose to put in, and it’s not bad. In the end, it actually works well. This, the software itself, I had no problem with and going through this, and it makes not a bad website that’s.

There are no more options really in there, except for when you go to the shared button, which we can show you that quickly, basically the same thing, but you go through it. And then you have all the options to share from 75 social media sites, but we’ll get into this here in a little bit.

Why? That’s not going to help you anyway; let’s, go into the things that I don’t like, so to begin with, we go back to the sales page. Now they talk about how they made all these commissions. With this so-called affiliate site that they had made, we have no way of telling what website they were using, whether or not this is a clone of it, but even if it is an exact clone of a website that they made that kind of money with it.

100K Cloner OTO