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1st Page Ranker OTO – 1,2,3,4- You well get one Front End and Four OTOs Options . the 1st Page Ranker OTO 1 is the Pro , the 1st Page Ranker OTO 2 is the 1 click Brander, the 1st Page Ranker OTO 3 is the AI video , the 1st Page Ranker OTO 4 is the Reseller. Created By Ali G . And Yogesh Agarwal . 


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1st Page Ranker OTO

1st Page Ranker OTO


OTO1:Pro Version

MultiSpin Event Option
You’ll be able to create tons of variations of your video with only a click! Use it to create multiple titles and descriptions from the same video in a snap!

Unlimited Event Creation
We’ll also bump you up to unlimited events where you can create as many live streaming events as your heart desires. This way there’s no limitation on the amount of results you can get and as fast as you can get them!

Unlimited Channel (add unlimited channels)
As a reminder, you’ll get 30 channels with 1st Page Ranker. But why stop there? Especially when you can create 20 events PER DAY PER CHANNEL with 1st Page Ranker Pro? This way, you can multiply your efforts across hundreds of niches. Dominate with thousands of keywords that continue to bring you all the delicious profitable traffic you could ever desire!

Upto 20 Events Per Day Per Channel
With 1st Page Ranker Pro, you’ll have a limit on how many events you can create daily. And for some people, this is fine. But for those of you who want more power, we’ll unlock this feature in your account when you upgrade today. And you’ll see this pairs perfectly with the next option…

Unlimited Parallel Streaming (Stream in multiple channels at the same time)
We’ll also upgrade you to this option where you can have multiple live streaming events happening across multiple channels AT THE SAME TIME.

Got an interest in the health and fitness niche? Go ahead and use 1st Page Ranker. But you also want to get a piece of the action in the Dog Training or Plumbing niche too? Not a problem. Do both at the same time or do even more with hundreds of niches!

There’s no limitations on what you can do with this option.

Advanced Random Event Creation Schedules
We’ll Also Included Advanced Scheduling option where you can just give us amount of event you want with minimum and maximum time gap, and we will create events with random time gap so no one can catch you!

Complete Powerful Video Editor
Want to give your videos a little extra ‘spice’? Then you’ll love this option. Load your videos into 1st Page Ranker or any pre-recorded video and add a watermark for branding, Add an Intro, Outro, a lower third, or even a logo.

And if you really want to get fancy, you can also add text throughout the videos as well!

Easy To Use Point and Click Image Editor
Have images you want to turn into videos, but want to make a few edits first? No problem. You simply load your images in this editor and point and click.

That’s all.

There’s no special skill involved and you don’t have to be a Photoshop genius. Just a few clicks is all it takes

All Future Updates
When you upgrade today, you’ll also be added to our list of V.I.P customers who will receive every future update of 1st Page Ranker. This way, you’ll never have to invest when we totally revamp the software and make it even better than it is now.

Even though that might be hard to imagine because it’s pretty awesome now. But we’re constantly working to make it better and create brand new versions of this amazing app.

Premium Support
Now don’t think for a second that we don’t value our customers. We do without question.

But for those of you who want a little bit extra ‘lovin’ with your support issues, you’ll be upgraded automatically to V.I.P status and receive quicker replies and faster solutions to any issues you could possibly encounter.

OTO2:1 click Brander

Unlock Easy
Affiliate Profits In The Next 30 Days Or Less With 1st Page Ranker!

YouTube Downloading and Rebranding With A Single Click
Did you know there’s a ton of content available for the taking on YouTube?

Now with this feature, you can download that content, rebrand it for yourself and your company, and then use it with 1st Page Ranker!

This my friend is one of the best ways to access a ton of videos that you never have to create, but can use for major profit.

This is DEFINITELY working smarter and not harder. And best of all? You’ll reap the rewards from other people’s videos!

You can use any video from YouTube, rebrand it, add an intro, outro, lower third, logo, or watermark.

You can also add animated text with only a few clicks!

That’s right, use a demo video, tutorial video, or any other video from YouTube and make it completely customizable with only a few clicks.

Even if you didn’t create the videos yourself!

Easy To Use
Green Screen Editor
Got a few videos of yourself on camera and you want to add a little magic? Then use this option to remove the backgrounds of your green screen videos and add yourself on top of any video to give it a more personable feel.

This tactic (used correctly) could help boost conversions of all your marketing efforts.

And the higher the conversions means more money in your pocket.

Profitable Affiliate Campaigns Handed To You On A Silver Platter
You’re going to love this.

No, wait. I mean you’re GOING TO ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS!

Why? Because when you unlock this option of 1st Page Ranker, we’re going to hand you a profitable affiliate campaign every 2 weeks.

Here’s how it works:

You’ll log in to your 1st Page Ranker account and you’ll find the latest product that’s been proven and has good affiliate conversions. We do the research on these ourselves.

From there, we’ll give you a jv page with a demo video of the product. Just tweak a few things, add your affiliate links, and you’re good to go!

OTO3:AIO Video& Seo Suit

But That’s Not All That The 1st Page Ranker Combo Has To Offer…There’s More!

Just handing you a full fledged profitable system is worth the investment in this upgrade alone. But because we want to truly over deliver, we’re going to also add these features to this upgrade today so you can put the odds of success in your favor even more!

Just imagine being able to offer these options to local businesses ALONG with tons of page one rankings:

On Demand Push Button
Video Creator
Takes all of your images, place them in this part of the software, click a few buttons boom!

Out comes a brand new video that’s ready to dominate the front pages with live streaming.

You don’t have to be a video specialist or have a ton of technical skills. This video creator is easy to use and you can have videos ready to go in only minutes.

Bundle this in your service offering to local businesses or charge a separate fee!

The choice is yours

Realistic Speech To Text Converter
Use this option to place your text into our system and it will generate a real life like human voice over for all of your videos! Once complete you can upload to any channel you want. This is a great way to create tons of content for you and your clients’ channels fast without a lot of work!

You can use this to create a recurring monthly income by providing ongoing content for your clients’ channels.

Powerful SEO Analyzer
You’ll also receive access to our exclusive SEO Analyzer software that will give you an unfair advantage with page one rankings.

With it, you’ll be able to:

Quickly find out how any website or video is ranking with a click of the mouse.
Instantly get a checklist with recommendations for optimizing any website for even better rankings and more traffic.
You’ll also get a complete SEO analysis that points out any errors that are holding a website back and how you can fix them right away.
Point and click to help you get top search engine rankings fast – even if you’re a complete newbie.
Use it on your own websites or to boost client rankings.

Use With Unlimited
YouTube Channels
You’ll also unlock the ability to use this with every single YouTube channel you have access to. Have a couple of YouTube channels? No problem. Managing 100 of them for various niches? We’ve got you covered.

This is perfect for those who want to have a local business empire and need the power of 1st Page Ranker to support it!


OTO4:Reseller Version
Reseller Version

1st Page Ranker OTO


What is 1st Page Ranker ?

The Demo

Well… It’s exactly what it sounds like.

Gets your Rankings on the 1st Page of BOTH Google AND YouTube in just a couple clicks! 3 Clicks to be Exact!

All your Fans will LOVE how easy it is to use. Tons of Internal Testing and Campaigns done for ourselves and for clients showing Instant Rankings we get. When I say Instant…
I Mean INSTANT! only just a few minutes from the last click…

1st Page Ranker exploits a clever LoopHole in YouTube, getting you to rank on BOTH Google platforms. You don’t even need to create a video. 1st Page Ranker does it all.

Driving Tons of Organic Traffic to Rankings that STICK. Busting away anyone else in your way.

Commercial License INCLUDED, so you can use 1st Page Ranker for your clients.


Video Review For Front End Only


as-salaam alaikum peace and blessings be
upon you on award everybody as you can
see today’s product is called first page
rank by Ali and Yogesh so what is first
page rank up well is easy to guess it
it’s basically about top it’s about a
software which is gonna help you rank
first on Google okay is it so easy okay
why why is it like you know imagine

imagine everybody getting the software
and they can just go and rank in Google
first know like it doesn’t mean like
that the idea behind the software is I
just show you instead software is is
like a you know like it’s it’s mainly
targeting people like the one of the
ways to rank on Google is by
live-streaming okay so this software has
that inbuilt thing is it is it has like
few like few options to do go live like
instant live or like you know there’s
like you know or you can shed you the
life all those options are there which
is gonna help you rank to the top

because Google or YouTube Liao’s live
streaming and many say also live
streaming you can go and like expect to
say like weight loss for the keyword
weight loss you can try and be at the
top of Google first batch first page
ranking know it’s very hard okay that’s
where this comes into like a long tail
keyword you know like you know like
weight loss using keto diet in two weeks
you know weight loss using like you know
some kind of medicine or you know you
know I mean so it’s it’s it’s in general
if ranking in YouTube Google if you want
to do it happen fast it’s good to go
with a long tail keyword that’s how
you’d be able to rank fast whether it is
through SEO or through live ranking like
like like live streaming it is good to
go after long tail keywords keep that in
mind of course you can’t get the
software and then you want to go and
tide weight loss and you’re gonna rank a
video if you can’t rank that’s you know
be frank be with the wonderful honesty


it is not possible okay that’s where
this you need to go after longtail
keywords to you know target and you can
rank that’s that’s the fastest and
easiest way that’s something got to keep
in mind
okay so that’s first PageRank are the
number one live streaming traffic
getting Instant Video ranking
cloud-based app on Internet okay
whatever it is so if you just click the
link below if you’re interested in this
just go through the sales page it’s um
and see this cash in on the dirty little
secret I mean I mean it’s okay what they
say it’s a dead elitist secret okay
anyway the idea is you can see this
instantly are multiple first page
rankings on both Google and YouTube your
okay that’s a lot guys just go through

the sales page I just don’t want to go
through like you know the salesy stuff
of it okay I always you just go through
it in your own time I can see them are
these these are two guys behind it Ali
and oh my god where is he Ali and Yogesh
okay so just go through it just to give
you an idea what it’s all about
let’s jump on the product directly so
give you an idea how it looks like it’s
inside of it so you know you can what he
can expect off it okay let’s see this
one okay this is how the dashboard looks
like I can see this would it can look it
can shows you like you know the water
you see active YouTube accounts pending
events evens basically the the scheduled
live or the schedule one set so that’s
why it’s called events and the images
and videos yeah this is something you
see whatever live in someone live in
samalisha deal events how many errors it
happened and these are the accounts


activity becomes easier added this is
the like overall which shows you what it
can before even going into the
interesting part as I like that is this
imagine you are a different language
person like me you was not whose first
language is not English you’re a
different language and what I’m going to
do is I just go here I’m just gonna find
my language which is I’m I’m from India
and I speak Tamil okay I’m just gonna
choose thummell and the – bow cheese
into thumb is oh hey that’s really nice
okay so this something I am happy there
they have taken like it’s like you know
they’re trying to target almost all the
people that’s really I like it okay
that’s something interesting stuff okay
then go back to English
okay that’s packed English and all the
languages are the thing okay so that’s
something something I wanted to show you


that one then what I want
there are lots of features guys okay I
just there’s a proper demo on this sales
page which I showed you a proper demo by
I will also add the demo but does a demo
by both of them you can see this go down
the page there’s a there’s a demo there
was a demo writing yeah you can see this
there’s a demo of this one there’s a
couple of demos so if not I’ll add the
demo off with the product in a separate
video on my can see that this is my
youtube channel I always if there’s a
demo of it I’ll added the more
frequencies like a demo of the product
and then if there’s a review I’ll do a
review of the product completely by me
if there’s a demo I’ll add the demo so
because demos are like 20 minutes 15 20
minutes or long so I also add that in
case if you won’t watch it okay this is
my youtube channel if you like to keep


an eye on like new products release tips
and tricks I’m into our feed marketing
funnel building so if you want to know
more about it you can subscribe oh yeah
so that’s one thing okay let’s back to
the product so this one I’ll add the
video demos that’s fine but I want to
show you inside out of all important
things the most important thing is come
to settings you add your accounts that’s
that’s most important thing I’m doing a
Google is there’s a way you know to
enable the API that’s very important for
live even that’s that’s something over
here to be done these two okay that’s it
okay I want to show you just in case
Divya worried if there’s a training and
just show you there’s like where was it
where was it they was at somewhere I saw
full trainings did was it yeah I don’t

know somewhere there’s like complete oh
yeah over here this is a trainee because
it is this training part as the entire
training let me show you inside just
give you an idea so to know whether it
is each and every part you can see this
overall what is first page rank all the
stuff and this this is like I told you
right instant live demo there’s like a
multi spin whatever you see here there
are there’s like Oh to your friend 10
OTO one upsell and stuff you know all
the upsell note all the features we get
out of it but I’ll show you what they’re
going to get on the front end but just
giving you an idea each and everything
has a video ok so you off you’re on the
safe side
let me go back to the product here so
that’s one thing
inside out of all these things first
thing is this one you need to get these
accounts added and then go to this this
is the main part of it when they talk
about first page ranking this is the


main thing all others are there of
course you come here
there’s option two the idea behind the
software is in case you if you don’t
even want to do things like this if you
want to download the video from YouTube
they have an option okay but having said
that you have an option to download from
the YouTube you can do that but keep and
be careful that’s why I would say you
know there’s CC videos we say creative
common videos where you can use it but
still what they’ve done is you know they
are create the video I think it is
upsell okay oh my god okay that’s that’s
all they ever they have option of I have
seen the features create create video
where you can download the video from
YouTube you can add the intro you can
add the outro and you can add watermarks
and lower thirds and make it to your own
video okay they have that option but


having said that be careful okay if you
have your own video good video gallery
you can just upload your own videos
that’s the safest side okay if not there
are lots of other ways to do create
videos I’ll show you I use like a
optical content samurai if you want I
put the link below there’s like easy as
we do put the create a video where you
don’t want to put your face on the front
of the camera that’s if that’s what do
you case is this these are all the
videos has been taken from YouTube and
you can need add from the I don’t know
that a video now sorry uploaded a video
I can see the route to create an email
and stuff these are all the videos has
been taken from YouTube okay and that’s
something if you want you can do but
from my side it’s there options called
Creative Commons videos you can you’re
safe to use that but still having said
that I’m not sure like how good it is
going to be imagine you are gonna add
you from you you need to chair gonna add


somebody’s video
what doesn’t given it was not giving you
permission so you know what I mean like
you they’re gonna have their face on the
video so it’s kind of there are videos
there which are like these are all the
cat videos and stuff which they
downloaded which are creative common
videos which you are allowed to use but
still they know it’s up to you guys
that’s something I wouldn’t want to go
into it that’s like a different topic
the ethics and stuff so I take care of
it okay so download from the YouTube
option is there VD unless I just came to
video gallery and uploaded the video
there option to green screen editor and
stuff these are all like
basic things guys okay I just wanted to
show you the main product upload the


video here and then go back so fast is
sitting add the channel add the videos
and then going to get ranking this is
the main part of the product that is
instant life that few live events are
there which is like part of the first
product which come here add a title like
it let’s just missus pay what is click
wanna just I just was playing with it
let’s say click funnels and then type in
some description in case if you are not
if you really wanted to have find it
they have add this button here very good
option here grab top-performing
titles and descriptions reason is you
want to rank to the top so you wanted to
grab the best of the titles so I just go
there and type in click funnels so when
you type in what happens is that search
sorry it pulls in the best optimized or
the top up top videos and stuff with the
titles and description so you can use
them you know that’s that’s you know
once you use it you you can just add it
to your own a live event that’s that’s
really going to help you dranking okay


reason is it is already pulling it from
the YouTube that’s from the whichever
that whichever the video which is
ranking already that’s that’s that helps
you in a in a in a better way to rank
your of course live-streaming helps a
lot but when you optimize your titles
and tags and description this is gonna
help you a lot
sorry sorry guys my video of my my pcs
bit slower
that’s why come on ok if not I need to
pause and come back hopefully and most
important thing guys in terms of age if
any was talking about ok lucky it does
come ok these are these are all the
videos which is with the bit degree good


titles and all the video descriptions
you can show see all like what other how
many comments and all those stuffs
earlier you can see the channel
subscription 104 thousand Channel videos
479 videos yes so it shows the channel
is very good and this guy’s well-known I
know him so you can get guess it you
know yeah it’s John Christine here yes
Spencer meek because I’m into
clickfunnels I know like which all other
videos like
performing like the top guys on that
market so you can go through it choose
yet there is okay Jason so you can go
through these videos and they can choose
whichever you like it like not this is
not the choose the video this is to
choose a title a description just to get
an idea what it what it is and stuff
just going through yeah okay it’s almost
pulling almost all clickfunnels videos
that’s really good actually you get an
idea there’s a good chance you’re gonna
get only optimized videos reason is it


has pulled in all best videos I can see
yes Tania’s here that’s good actually
does pulled out all the best of the
videos here yeah yeah let me put
clickfunnels Raviv I just wanted to see
what all it pulls in many doors and
search okay I don’t want to take that
time okay just just say I’m just losing
use this okay what has happened is
taking their channels or videos or tags
all the titles optimized title all the
stuff just go in do some editing that’s
perfect that’s perfectly enough then you
come here select the videos you can
choose a time zone on this stuff and
then select the video this is the media
which is showed you uploaded on the on
the video gallery part if you want you
could have downloaded from the YouTube
these are all the downloaded four-part


YouTube I’m just gonna choose this one
which I uploaded use this one it has
taken it and come here thumbnails if you
have added thumbnail it will be there
they made you ripped apart if not use
some thumbnail something I don’t know
what is the transfer okay then go alive
when you press go alive it is gonna go
live within 15 minutes that’s how they
have set it up it seems okay so it this
will be part of the channel which you’re
gonna do it will go live in 15 minutes
that’s what this product is main product
is okay same thing you can do it with
multi spin even I think that is upsell
okay there’s one other option I think it
was printing automated events is it yeah
okay that works okay in this you come
here and you can just like add new row
just say some title test or something


like you know I just wanted to show you
test and test okay what happens is that
when you come in it gets added up this
is you you have a control the event
which is you carriage you can schedule
as well you can see schedule a event and
you can add a video same thing select
the video select
nails all this is the channel which you
choose whichever channel you’ll choose
and then all the event Jin’s breasts you
come here choose whichever the part like
whether what video you want to put it on
a bitch category and then to say time
submit this will be on a schedule part
this is what the main product guys okay
this is what these two this is even
lists all these even which you’re
playing it will be on this part even
settings that’s something against no
because when you when you try to target
it is good to have like like you like
schedule events you have like five to
ten note that’s all so be careful guys
there’s something I want to tell you


don’t ever try this on your main channel
never because Google and YouTube they
are very good in penalizing imagine
you’re taking this option taking this
product and you’re gonna go like 2,200
all evens like gonna live people of
course YouTube Google going to know and
they gonna get suspicion and gonna you
know suspend your channel sure so don’t
go crazy on it go like two or three or
something live events and then try to do
it on on an honor on our channel which
you got ready to take risk please okay I
have lost lots of channels with other
softwares not with this software with
other surface it has happened then I’ve
reduced it very rarely I do like but
that when I do live like I do live on my
own that is different style of doing
this is when you’re doing like uploading
in life try to do like minimize your


risk like going on a on a channel which
is less risky I mean you’re ready to
lose okay I’m not saying you lose but
this is something people say or might
not say but I wanted to be a precaution
I want to give you my own experience
because you don’t want to go crazy on
this maxium keep it one or two you know
your option to go live like 22 or 3 even
I think 30 is I don’t know how many they
have option on that but try to keep it
minimal I know to 3 or 5 now don’t go
crazy on this ok that’s something I
wanted to give advice ok this is
basically there are you know the prefix
and suffix on that on the keywords you
know best Raviv best like bonus you’re
gonna get this is it added to that even
when it goes like that’s what the
settings is so that’s the main part get
rankings this is the main part of the
this one here as I said create videos
it’s not part of it I think the upsell I
think video list there’s a rebrand yeah


basically you go or that is also upset
okay okay there are few upsells and the
main thing is you’re gonna get that
instant life and the automated life
automated even that’s the main part and
things like SEO analysis lead generation
these are all like guys basically you
only search this is basically trying to
get leads from Facebook and it will
pulls in all the information and you go
and try to there are lots of products
which is mean already there in the
market I have reviewed so many we see
Lee get emails and stuff you try to
target them and give them the report and
all the sudden is little extra features
which is not really the core of the
product so I’m just gonna leave it now I
just don’t take too much of a time it’s
all mentioned on the main demo video I


will add it on a separate video on my
channel so you can watch all this one so
this is the main thing which I talked
about this one and and as I said keep in
mind your channel is adding when you add
the channel try to add challenge which
is not risky straight away try to our
like a dummy channel like oh and also
when you are doing live events on a new
channel you have a very good risk of
suspension well I wouldn’t say it will
happen but it might happen unless you
try to you know what he called I know
take a channel do some normal I know
like you know go to watch some other
videos like somebody somebody’s channel
warm up the YouTube channel that’s what
we say okay warm up YouTube channels so
that it doesn’t look new you know try do
YouTube channel to watch something else
do some activities and then do all these


activities that’s that’s something you
have to keep in mind okay okay let’s
jump on straight to the main thing that
is you were what are you gonna get
where’s this where is this yes yeah yeah
the front end is going to cost you 20
cents I think 37 okay 27:37
oh no sorry yeah 27 that’s the thing so
what are you gonna get keep an eye when
you’re buying guys when you’re going
through this when the people sell
products like this they have lots of
limitation it is you might be thinking
you’re gonna get it on the front end
many people complain saying that I did
not explain okay I can’t explain within
like 10 minutes five minutes everything
go through the list okay click the link
below go through sales page that’s why I
always show the list of what they’re
gonna get so go through it when you go
in through sales speed what again I get


because II I showed you lots of features
it doesn’t allow me itself because it is
all upsell see this one you can allow
unlimited live streaming user video
spinner up to 15 custom video uploads
only okay from your Google Drive create
multiple live events okay access
advanced fiddling so is there any
limitation now here we go
30 channels limit 30 videos allowed per
user okay complete commercial rights all
video log just go through this go
through this so you get an idea what
you’re getting that’s why you can pause
this video go through this okay please
then the upsell that’s why I think if
you see the upsell or Tier one what is
it gonna be like they’re upsells the
price you can see it’s gonna be pro
version that’s 6000k promotion is a
monthly version okay 20 cent dollars per
month and there is a down sell no see
this is the rebranded this is rebandage


is the one which I was showing you where
you can download the video you can add
intro and outro and add watermarks and
stuff and make it your own video well
it’s up to you if you want to do that
route its Jewish but there’s a click one
click rebranded that is 40 cent dollars
and down sell and there’s a video sweet
what is this I don’t 67 57 and this is a
reseller license okay I feel only you
you might the most important thing you
can choose between this and you can
always come back and buy on the like
after using the software if you’re happy
you can come back and buy the upsells
whatever you want to okay let’s go this
or tier one I can see this that’s why I
can see this multi spin is part of the
OTO one unlimited even creation up to
twenty events per day okay that they
themselves they put the limit or 20 I
would say even just stick to five okay
rather than going on a full-fledged 55
to 6 you know fines mela guys okay
because going lie okay because when you


go like you’re really really informing
YouTube and Google easily that
somebody’s going live very you know they
get a they get to know that easily
compared to the other other enforce it
all future players go through this I’m
just pausing the video for a while so
you can read through this when you’re
gonna buy one
rebrand of this way I was telling about
and then the a I think I don’t know
idiot image and create videos on the fly
okay some kind of anything’s think part
of it and reseller license okay
to my knowledge between these two is
good to go it can be didn’t do tier one
might have all the features in there
between these two all other things you
can come back and buy if you want okay
so that’s first page renter for you and
if you click the link below and if you
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add this this video what you’re watching
as well as the demo video separately
which Yogesh explains all the other
features which I didn’t go through like
you know this SEO apart and know this
video editing part and stuff but many of
them are upsells okay do remember that
what I showed you that was the main one
which part
product other things may know the
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that’s it guys that’s fast pace danke
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video thanks a lot for watching this
video ma

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