20,000 Visitors Overnight – Our biggest day of internet site traffic in PolicyMe Background

right here so yeah so carrot was an affiliate that essentially rewarded people for you recognize their everyday exercise regular right by providing you compensate points loyalty points to such as s oh and also we have actually seen flick points and things like that we had really little traffic today prior to that this is their type of first major kind of affiliate program that we were all currently and we had actually been informed that it’s going to start at 8:00 a.m. on Thursday

early morning and I bear in mind Wednesday evening I was up late doing some job and I entered into bed around midnight and also my phone began going off as well as I had actually established notices to go to my phone when people were on our website and doing certain things like hundreds of likes on our site I couldn’t believe it like we had clicks resemble dripping in then however we haven’t great deal we never ever like spent money on marketing before that it’s true Laura as well as I were as well as Mark were all on slack like oh my god oh my god fine so I rushed to the workplace and also it was fun simply seeing the amount of sees that would similar to it couldn’t also keep up the dashboards were just like flying off the graphes we were totally

bewildered by the web traffic as well as the variety of sales and also people were reserving call and also we were just a small team four people back then so we were similar to on 6 different mobile phone attempting to deal with the client enquiries and also the questions yet we reached find out a bunch from that experience it was really fun like initial watch story yeah as well as give thanks to God the internet site like stood up and we’re able to refine all these individuals and by the end of the day I think we had about 20,000 people come via the website as well as this went from like a handful of individuals to 20,000 overnight as well as yeah it’s a large policy piece background short history my name is Andrew I’m the CEO and also one of the co-founders here a policy me my name is jeff mckay and also i am the CTO on the founders that policy me hi I’m Laura I am chief running policeman as well as founder of plan me you