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Good day pals,my name is Sahil Khanna,you might be watching mental Indies and today we will talk about 4P’s of advertising We also call it as "advertising combine" So what’s 4P’s of advertising? That is basically four matters : Product,rate,situation and merchandising combination of these four things is referred to as 4P’s of advertising These 4 matters decides success or loss of any product what’s your product,what are its sorts,sizes? How is th packing completed?It’s of which manufacturer and the way is the branding accomplished? All these comes below Product 2d factor is cost what’s the cost of your product? How so much discount are you providing? What is your payment time period? All these comes beneath fee 1/3 thing is location the place are you promoting your Product? The place is your inventory? What is your provide chain community? What’s availabilty of your product? At how many locations your product is available? All these comes underneath location So 4th P is merchandising How are you taking your product to the goal viewers? How are you telling your target audience that you simply promote this product? These are the "requirements" of your product.All these comes below promoting you can do this through advertisements,PR or direct advertising To realise all these matters,let’s take example of JIO i can’t go into the historical past of what have they got or what have they completed i’ll speak about about its Product-rate-place-merchandising Their Product is 4G sim Pricing is free in its current staage In future there is also a plan worth a hundred and fifty supplying unlimited STD calls,100 messages,1-2GB web if you want to me more than adequate So this the way in which of their Pricing earlier they have been on hand simplest at Reliance Digital outlets. Now they’ve additionally started dwelling supply if you are buying any product from Amazon,it suggests you can buy JIO sim with this that is their situation module that is their give chain network wherein method they want to arrive the patrons? So how have they accomplished merchandising? Now there are tv ads about JIO,however previous there were no television commercials about this,however still each person had JIO sims They introduced their "marketing price range" in "pricing" which means that they made their product free and delivered the price of the product to the marketing price range as a result of which they obtained mouth publicity they usually were high story the news "JIO,JIO,JIO" was once all over the place they have now not carried out any kind of promoting,neither tv ads or anything.However still it is a positive product That was once their promoting technique So guys,this subject ends right here. I am hoping you understood the topic in case you liked the subject,please like,share and subscribe. Thankyou.