Hi there, i am Antonette and welcome again to my channel! For cutting-edge video, I shall be sharing to you a website the place we are able to earn as much as $60/week by using just clicking! Sure, you heard it proper which you can fairly earn by means of just clicking be certain you watch this video until the top for you to comprehend the step-by-step procedure on how you can earn with the aid of just clicking The website that i am speaking about wherein we are able to earn by way of just clicking yes, that is right, we can best must click on links and the internet site is called Clicksgenie for those who didn’t know the way Clicks Genie works, i’ve made a full video tutorial on how we will earn here, that you could determine out my prior video on the description field final video, i’ve made an replace on how we will withdraw our gains here in Clicks Genie due to the fact that they’ve new cost methods and these are – Faucetpay and Payeer and in our final video, i have mentioned on how one can withdraw your earnings from Clicks Genie through Payeer So in these days, i’ll coach you how you can withdraw your profits right here in Clicks Genie via Faucetpay additionally, at the end of this video, i will share to you my sincere evaluate on what cost system is better Is it Payeer or Faucetpay? Here we at the moment are on my Clicks Genie account As one can find, i have right here primary balance of $9.92 and and that i also have here commission steadiness of $70.Seventy six also, this video will probably be an replace if Clicks Genie continues to be paying or no longer So, make sure to observe this video except the end so that you can withdraw here, click on cash, click on Withdraw, before we withdraw, i will exhibit to you first my history you will see right here, i’ve withdrew $fifty nine through Payeer and the repute is already completed and i have already bought my payment on my Payeer account and to my Coinsph The fee arrived so rapid, I believe the fee arrived inside that day most effective Now, let’s try to withdraw our commission stability let’s exchange this from commission stability and right here, we will try to withdraw through Faucetpay Let’s select now Faucetpay and you can see here the amount we have now on our fee which is $70 and the minimal quantity that we will withdraw right here is $0.15 and the maximum amount to withdraw is $60 and there is a transaction cost of 1.5% for us to withdraw through Faucetpay, we ought to add new account click on on Add New, and we can be directed to our fee Settings As one can find, we have already linked our Payeer account here Sorry, i have pasted anything by accident, As what I’ve mentioned, we have already linked our Payeer account here and now, we can have got to linked here our Faucetpay account if you have watched my prior video in which i’ve taught you how one can earn here in Faucetpay i have taught you how you can create an account right here in Faucetpay on my prior video when you do not need a Faucetpay account yet, which you could simply click on on the link that is on the description box simply register or create an account right here in Faucetpay Now, if you already have an account in Faucetpay, go to Linked Addresses And right here in Coin, just decide upon the cryptocurrency that you need to be linked on your Faucetpay account i’ll prefer Bitcoin so i will receive the cost to my Coinsph here within the tackle, we can paste here the BTC pockets handle of our Coinsph Go to your Coinsph, click on BTC, click on obtain if you’re making use of cellular cell or that you may click on the QR code logo right here if you’re utilising computer or laptop click show my BTC address and right here you will find the BTC pockets handle and also the QR code copy that and paste it right here After that, click hyperlink handle Wohoo! Your tackle has been linked successfully We’re completed linking our Coinsph account to our Faucetpay account Now, we will be able to be linking our Faucetpay account to our Clicks Genie account The BTC wallet address of our Coinsph and Faucetpay wallet deal with is just the same on account that we now have already linked our Coinsph to Faucetpay just copy this equal BTC wallet handle right here and then paste it right here in our Clicksgenie account Paste it here and click retailer and enter the verification code that they have got despatched in our email handle oftentimes, they are going to send the verification code in the Promotions tab or in the unsolicited mail tab so simply assess it on both tabs replica and paste the verification code here within the safety code area after which click verify There! Settings converted effectively Let’s go now to cash, click on Withdraw and change from commission steadiness and this time, we will withdraw our earnings through Faucetpay As you can find, we already have a Faucetpay account linked right here here within the amount, let’s simply withdraw $60 handiest seeing that there is a maximum withdrawal amount of $60 after which click Withdraw after that, they’re going to ship a confirmation code on our electronic mail address and paste the code right here within the security code field, and then click confirm Scroll up, and one can find here that "Payout has been processed efficaciously" and here in historical past, you will find here the date and time of our withdrawal request, the quantity, the payment system we chosen the pockets deal with and the popularity which is pending We’re back and today is March four, 2020 and i’ve obtained an email from Clicks Genie this is the e-mail i have obtained, "expensive Antonette25 Your requested payout of $fifty nine.1 has been processed." and that is from Clicks Genie and the fee used to be quite delayed you’ll find right here, i have requested a withdrawal on Feb.24, 2020 with the quantity of $59 via Faucetpay and the fame is completed After 9 days from my withdrawal request, I in the end bought my fee The cost through Faucetpay arrived late as in comparison with my fee via Payeer We’re here on my Faucetpay account and let’s click Linked Addresses we are able to see right here the cost we’ve obtained from Clicks Genie for us to see the fee we have got, click on this eye icon you’ll find here that we have bought a fee from Clicks Genie we now have obtained zero.00672075 BTC this is just a usual payment and got it 2 hours ago For us to withdraw this, click on Withdraw There are 2 withdrawal choices here you can prefer average withdrawal where it’s going to most effective takes 4 hours for your cost to arrive and the opposite one is precedence withdrawal on the way to only takes 5 minutes in your cost to reach but please consider, priority withdrawal additionally has a higher transaction fee compared to natural withdrawal on our prior video, we now have tried to make use of the average withdrawal and sure, we now have bought the fee inside four hours this time, let’s try to use the precedence withdrawal let’s try it seeing that it states here, that you can obtain the fee within 5 minutes best let’s try in order to check if it is rather actual that the payment will arrive in simply 5 minutes right here in the Coin field, that is okay already i will withdraw my Bitcoin steadiness earnings now and you can additionally see here the balance amount i’ve on my bitcoin pockets and that you may notice that our withdrawal address is already default when you consider that i’ve already made a withdrawal request here before you will see it right here in my Transaction history you’ll find right here that this withdrawal request was once completed Feb.24, 2020 and this one is from my Faucetpay gains and not from Clicks Genie and this was once my prior transaction there are additionally methods to earn in Faucetpay here within the amount subject, i will enter my BTC wallet steadiness considering i’ll withdraw all my BTC profits now please remember there is a transaction cost and the complete amount we will be able to obtain is zero.00698752 BTC so how a lot is this transaction price in personal home page let’s try to search it on google and it’s 30.96 personal home page transaction cost Now, let’s also attempt to check if how much is the transaction price in the common withdrawal one can find here the transaction price, let’s copy and paste it right here on the google search and that is equivalent to 1.Seventy seven pesos So in usual withdrawal, there is a transaction cost of 1.Seventy seven pesos for my withdrawal amount and here in priority withdrawal, there is a 30 pesos transaction cost i assume, it’s not so high-priced correct? Now, let’s click on position Withdrawal and there! "now we have effectually recorded your withdrawal request it’ll be processed within the next 5 minutes or much less".And we’re here on my Coinsph account and once we determine here on my BTC pockets, i am now receiving 0.00698752 BTC and once we convert this quantity of BTC into pesos, it is three,017 pesos! The fee arrived so speedy from my Faucetpay account to my Coinsph account It best took 60 secs for my payment to reach, and the fame is receiving already! Now, i will share to you my overview on what payment is significantly better to use is it Faucetpay or Payeer? If you wish to acquire your payment from Clicks Genie speedy, I endorse to use Payeer considering the fact that I receive my payment through Payeer inside 1 day simplest while via Faucetpay, I acquire the payment after 9 days on this case, i’m in favor with Payeer for the reason that the fee arrived so rapid from Clicks Genie and with regards to the transaction fee, Payeer vs Faucetpay i am in prefer of Faucetpay in view that the transaction price is so little, it best expenditures 1-30 pesos transaction cost 1 pesos for common withdrawal and 30 pesos for precedence withdrawal at the same time in Payeer, the transaction fee is $5 for my withdrawal quantity of $60 it’s really colossal right? $5 is 250 pesos right here and it will be deducted for your $60 withdrawal amount Now it’s as much as you, what payment process you opt for is it Faucetpay or Payeer? 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