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60SecondTraffic system- let’s call it “60ST” for short – is my and my development team’s all-new Patent Pending FREE online traffic app…

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I don’t know if you’ve ever “scheduled” an email list blast.

Or scheduled PPC traffic.

Or any other type of “set it and forget it” traffic that is delivered on AUTOPILOT once scheduled.

But if you have, then you’ve already got a good feel for what getting traffic with 60ST is like (except far easier than any of the above):


STEP 1: You log into the app.

STEP 2. You schedule your free traffic to ANY affiliate or offer link. (…This is where my 60 Second Rule “happens”!)

STEP 3. You sit back while our app sends you the traffic like an obedient little robot – and that’s literally all there is to it.




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Video review for Front End only.

Text From This video

But there is an exponent in the vlc right uh today this I would like to actually share with you on this uh ready uh. This is actually this way to actually get traffic some. It can do an advertisement posting by using this is a website, or you can actually go into actually to post.

Your app can put whichever link right, so this is called 60 seconds traffic, but so in this 60-second traffic, just take a look. 60. Second, traffic yeah, okay, right, okay, so here you can see this is.

Let me show you a bit on this one. Second, okay, so um! Let me go to show you this one. Okay, so here is a single space of this uh 60 seconds traffic, right. So what it says, okay in this uh, you can have a 150 feet deep and buyer, looking like 60 seconds over and over again, okay.



So, since this is only three steps, you can actually get three daily quick tips and buy the so first thing you protect, get the 60 seconds and pause it. You can pause your app inside your website. It’s.

Going give you a link, you can go into that, you can pause your app, and you can sit back and correct. Uh, get a free click dick and buy it to your link. You share right. So this is basically the idea behind this product, right.

Brian winter is a person who actually created this symbol, but I think it’s a powerful uh product also 60 seconds to get you uh, deep and also seals up. Okay, uh. Let me take you to this page here, okay, so this is what you will see here: okay, leave this uh spec of this okay.

Let me actually give me a second. Let me look into these the base. Also right, let me show you: okay, okay, so this when you open this, what you’ll, be seeing it says I said: caffeine traffic back office right, so this customization option is more like an upgrade right: 60 seconds, 500 ladle click machine, but okay, So you will get things uh total success again they could app for night ever.


Okay, this one is uh feature x1 is uh and also they can have 1000 payday wages to set up an auto combination for seven or five okay. So this is what we do. Okay, uh, so just go back to the finance. So for the front end, you’re, going to get this one, the only two-step to follow first thing: first, actually, this is a membership site mean to say there are other members joining this site, and this successor can try to fit this site And for you to actually pause your own app, you have to actually what you need to do.

Just click copy, and you just need to share the okay shade, add to uh, create an open form with seven favorite okay. So this is a seven Facebook group. You just need to pause to this Facebook group. Okay, with the link, you just copy right: Okay, so that’s how we do, right? Okay, so you’re connecting to your Facebook, and you just need to do a posting, uh.

Do this uh app, right? Okay, so this is uh, wait! Okay! So I have some problem with my console that’s, it so um. So there’s, the idea behind okay, so once you share, then you are able to actually you click any of these Facebook group to share the link.



Okay. Okay, so once you share the link in the Facebook group, okay, this one is working right. Okay, so after you share this below, the app will be actually be enabled, so you can actually pause your uh app here copy and paste a link here.

Okay, then, for example, say you want to promote the affiliate offer, you just copy and paste your affiliate link here and select the category. Okay, then you just need to have a regular okay, or you have a feature or super feature password.

Okay, so just take. For example, if I want to pause this one, okay, I copy this affiliate link, and I just paste it on here – and I select the category example. That is the online basis, right, so I say thank you.

That is what okay, okay feature. Okay, there are three options here: okay, so you see uh, they give the okay feature and super feature. Okay. So what you need to do is uh. You just need to; let’s say I try this one.

So I just need to click pause right: Okay, okay, so um my link will be posted to here right, so you can see okay, and there are others members who have posted their link also here right so so this link will be actually seen by Other people who have been joined to this group – 60-second traffic right so from here uh you will expose your link, and also people will actually start visiting the link, and you can actually make seals from this uh posting or this paper.

So this is basically the idea behind it. It is the training review on top of this um here and can actually uh have a step by step. Actually, how to do this then, and you can actually take a look at this uh training.

Video also to know more about how this thing works, but so simple share this app okay, so you can see the video be able for more information. Okay, after sharing the app, you can actually share it to the seven groups of people, so seven groups mean to say I think you can also after shift share the seven uh Facebook group, then you can actually start posting your own app here.


Okay, and you can choose feature eight or regulator or super feature: okay, so that’s—basically, the idea behind the 60-second traffic back office. Okay, let me go back to this debut page right. Okay, 60 seconds is a schedule hundred percent free traffic in sexy.

Second, deliver autopilot, deliver one thousand feet and buy it to any link, free click, the link and also sales, or something so uh. Basically, this is uh front end. So this is what you do like: you can get 150 feet the buyer to any link in 60 seconds, okay.

So this is a three-step here: log into the app schedule, your fee favorite, to any link or offer okay. Okay, this way, the sexy second just happened. You sit back, and with the app send you the traffic light and obedience better, Lopez determines all is due to do right.

So six finances 17, auto price increase every 60 minutes right. Okay. So I’ll also post a review video here, right. So for the 60 seconds, I have copper oto. This is a 500 lady click machine, but actually, we sent you 500 click-like 47 right descriptions allowing us to schedule run up to 50 on our next day or the old unlock unlimited.

So the front end you see it here just now – is on the apple to schedule, run up the fitting app off, but they only you can pause 15 minutes, okay, so otherwise, this is, I think I’m, going to give us a bit or The feature that they give the app, okay, so, okay, you can have a feature.


So I think that inside the website there’s a features section. We can actually feature the um your app right if you actually purchase the rto2 audio 3, which is a phase 700 app generator. Okay, yeah.

I know the super feature to which turn every enable 60 uh second traffic, app user to post an additional completely different app on our network, essentially banner app then drive for 30 days, or this one can post banner ad right on the network.

Okay, for 30 days. Okay, and also we have oto for the money time without the server back end offer all right. This comes with the back-end offer right, which is done from your back end or further. You can actually just join the nfidl for this backhand offer.

Then the high ticket uh, where they’ve done offered someday. So you can actually leverage this high ticket offer right, and we have this uh six-figure closed club right, total also for to sell sex additional income, multiple streams incoming level in the form of getting instant for the upgrade okay.

So that’s, basically, how we do like it’s, pretty straightforward right, yeah, the front ends. You can pause fittings, uh, a different app, but they are okay and into their network. They will have a lot of member people who’s hungry for different kind of offer, based on the niche right.


Okay. So here I have done a review of this 60-second traffic. The do is ready every 60 seconds of your attempts to design at this 16-minute world income. So just for the 60 seconds, you are able to get you late, and still so, if you spend 60 seconds doing some tasks online, the results will be equivalent.

If you work at this one full hour, so again, so you’re doing 60-second tasks and getting paid just if you have for an hour or even a day, right, okay. So there is the idea behind okay. So so there is uh, and there’s, my friend, bringing up to the new online income app okay.

So this is a 60-second traffic day called 60 CST. It’s the development team and my new diet, free traffic problem to send you um 150, is a free thing and buy you to enabling a sexy second, okay: this is a keyboard into work.

Okay, sweet, easy step to follow: okay, pausing purchase, posit, and also correct. Okay, um, send featuring the entire to you, simple as that: okay, copy and paste get hundred of free click right. Oh my gosh, I’m eternally lamping my other traffic software.

Okay. So there are basically very simple things: are these uh really straightforward things to use? Also, so, to sum up, this, the view is the first average pattern pending schedule hundred percent feed traffic in 60 seconds.

Nothing else like this and get free click dig until the day is sold, also that so uh. I have also prepared a couple of uh bonuses: uh, my exclusive monitor for 60-second traffic bonuses. First thing: first up, I’m also giving you going to give you a feedback training this building with the training.


This is not normal. This building trends and to end this building training than teach you how to uh use uh uh tools to how to create an opt-in page, how to track your click stack and also um, and how to actually uh choose the offer and also make money with this Uh affiliate commission uh with this op inform and also at the end of the training you are going to get 100 percent solo and click totally filled up.

You’re going to get the disability real training costs of the 100 click solo app. I think the solo app will cost uh this one. The package is a high quality, of yeah, okay, so this you’re, going to get this for free with these bonuses right, okay, after you complete this, this building video trading right it purely fits for you and you can uh For this 100k, you can use any affidavit link or any offer you want to use to promote this kind of clipboard, so there is the first bonus second bonus in my own product.

This is again to give you a deep to actually make you make sales right. This is a 50 000 make money online subscribers. You can use this subscriber to promote any affiliate offer or digital product right.

Okay, by using the list right, okay, and also we have 50k uh uh nine-volume bonus package right. This is also uh, the first three bonuses you have to uh. You can get it with the front end and any oto. You purchase you’re, going to get these three bonuses reason being these three bonuses is not a normal model satellite.

This is already an exclusive thing for me, and this is my own product. This is also considered one of my very exclusive or further you. A free video training course, plus 100 also click right – and this is again they think they are fine or over 10 uh models package that comes with a bonus, based delivery and also all graphic.