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7 Day Digital Landlord OTO


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7 Day Digital Landlord OTO  –  What is a 7 Day Digital Landlord?

The Demo


Front End – The 7 Day Digital Landlord

The World’s FIRST Turnkey ‘Digital Landlord Agency’ Platform…

Quickly Builds and RENTS Ready-to-Go ‘Digital Storefronts’ To Businesses For

Recurring 4 Figure Rental Payments In Just A Few Clicks…

  • NO Meeting With Clients
  • No Skills Needed
  • 100% Newbie Friendly!

Price: $27 | $37 One Time

7 Day Digital Landlord OTO – what about the OTOs’ Details?

OTO 1 – The Food Delivery Hero


Explode Your Profits As A “Digital Landlord” And Grab YOUR Slice Of A Rapidly Growing $151B Industry With “The Food Delivery Hero” Upgrade To Collect An Extra $2,000-$5,000 Per Restaurant Client…

By Unlocking These POWERFUL & Ready-to-Rent “Touchless Food Ordering & Delivery” Features Now!”

  • POWERFUL & Ready-to-Rent “Touchless Food Ordering & Delivery” Features You Can Offer To Restaurants For
    An Extra $2,000-$5,000 Per Client!

Price: $67 One Time


OTO 2 – The Realtor Hero 


What If You Could Profit From One Of The HOTTEST Housing Markets In History Without Owning ANY
Real Estate Yourself? Here’s How…

  • Unlock The “Real Estate Hero” Upgrade Now And Start Collecting $2,000, $3,000, or Even $5,000 Setup Fees (+$1,000 Recurring) RENTING “Real Estate Storefronts” To The Thousands Of Hungry NEW Agents Flooding The Market Right Now!”
  • POWERFUL & Ready-to-Rent “Real Estate Storefronts” Loaded w/ Listing, Management & Marketing Features
    You Can Offer To Hungry NEW Agents For An Extra $2,000-$5,000 Per Client!

Price: $67 One Time


OTO 3 – The Client Induction System


What If You Could Get New High Paying “Digital Landlord” Clients Delivered To YOUR Inbox On 100% Autopilot?

  • By Leveraging THE #1 Untapped Source For High Paying Clients Right Now…YouTube Ads!
  • Follow Peter To Build, Launch & Scale a High Converting YouTube Ad Campaign That Gets Pre-Sold & Ready To Buy Clients Coming To You On 100% Autopilot!
    Price: $297 One Time


OTO 4 – The Marketing & Sales Kit


  • Never Go Another Day Of Your Life Struggling To “Get The Money” From Clients EVER Again!
  • And Consistently Convert 1 in 5 Prospects Into a PAYING High Ticket Client In 60 Mins Or Less (Even If You Couldn’t Sell Cake At A Birthday Party)
  • Done For You Marketing Assets & High-Level Sales Training From Peter To Build Trust & Turn Prospects Into
    Paying Clients FAST!
    Price: $47 One Time



7 Day Digital Landlord OTO Bonuses


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Video review for Front End only

Text From This video

7 Day Digital Landlord OTO What if you were a digital landlord, renting out simple digital storefronts like this to local businesses for a thousand dollars per month? How many of these digital storefronts? Would you rent out 5 10 100? Well, in this video I’m, going to show you how to generate a five-figure monthly, recurring income from home without any tech skills or prior experience by following a proven process.

We call the local digital landlord method, and I want to show you how this works by actually hopping over to my computer because we’re, getting ready to interview one of my best students named Brian, who’s been able to implement This process and get some amazing results, so let’s go so here we are over at my computer and hi.

7 Day Digital Landlord OTO – where the OTOs’ Links?

All links above

My name is peter, Beatty. By the way, and today I’m joined by my friend and one of my students, brian Mello – what’s up? What’s happening? Everyone is happy to be here. This is actually just another check from one of my clients.

I want to make sure because I know there’s a ton of bs on the internet and people making crazy claims that they’re, making all sorts of money. That’s. Another thousand dollars recurring check boom 2020.

. This is happening right now. Brian and I actually met here on youtube after I uploaded a video back in 2015 of me taking delivery of one of my dream. Cars that I had bought back then – and you know I haven’t really been uploading.

Much on youtube since then, because I’ve been behind the scenes working with people like brian helping them, leave their nine to five jobs and build six and even seven-figure online businesses. Brian is one of those people, and today we’re, going to show you how to replicate brian’s results into your own life, so brian tells us a little bit about how this whole thing works, yeah.

7 Day Digital Landlord OTO – is it have bonuses?

7 Day Digital Landlord OTO

So back in, like early 2020, honestly, I was preparing 7 Day Digital Landlord OTO to lose my job. I needed to make some money fast. My lease was up on my apartment. My lease on my car was up. I mean it. It couldn’t have been any worse.

To be honest, so I started looking around and kind of analyzing. What was going on – and one thing I noticed – was that brick-and-mortar stores and local businesses were really struggling, but at the same time, I noticed that e-commerce and online were booming.

I mean Jeff Bezos. Has anyone looked at his bank account? I mean, what a trillion dollars, uh, what it will be a trillionaire soon, I mean, it’s crazy. So there was something that was pretty obvious.

Everyone was switching from brick-and-mortar stores, and they were going online for all the things they needed. That’s when I realized that it was kind of like the rebirth of a new economy, the local digital economy, and I knew that this new economy was going to be a big problem for local businesses because they.’

Ve all been relying on people going to their brick and mortar stores or walking in buying something that’s just not how things are being done anymore, and they need to adapt, and they needed to change.

7 Day Digital Landlord OTO – what about policy refund?

And if they did ‘ T adapt and change to this new digital economy. What was going to happen? They were going to go out of business. What I figured out was what, if we actually could take these businesses and build basically an online version of their offline, brick and mortar store, essentially a digital storefront that they’d, be able to sell all their products or their services, it doesn’t really matter online, where their customers are all going now I mean I knew the idea was perfect, but finding the businesses and implementing everything that was kind of a little bit of another story and that’s.

Actually, when I had reached out to you, Pete, for a little bit of help there, long story short, within a couple of days, I had my first digital storefront built rented out. My client had paid me five thousand dollars upfront for the initial build.

It was the store was up in just a few hours. I used a pre-made template. They’re paying me rental payments of up to a thousand dollars a month like a check. I just showed you at the beginning, and now, instead of struggling and worrying about going out of business, I have given these businesses the ability to thrive in this local economy, and even beyond that, I’ve now, given you know the little local business Who could only sell in town the ability to sell worldwide, which is insanely powerful? Now I’ve been rinsing and repeating this same process over and over again to grow.

7 Day Digital Landlord OTO – is it have a discount?

My recurring income gets those first huge payments 7 Day Digital Landlord OTO upfront and just like a landlord who looks over buildings and has tenants paying them the monthly checks. I do the exact same thing. Only all my properties are digital, and I do.’

T have to worry about the things like evictions or any of that craziness that comes along with having actual real estate property and the craziest part. Are you really only need like what five to seven clients to crack 10 grand per month, which I know so many people want? You know 120 grand per year to start off? I mean, that’s, that’s, really, not that bad, yeah I mean honestly, when I first started.

I was like, that’s kind of where my goal, my goal was that I was like, you know. If I can get to this point, that’s great, but right now, I want seven figures. I’ve. I’ve really always wanted seven figures.

I want that number, and that’s. The current goal I’ll and I’m gonna. Do it it’s, gonna happen, so there you go. That is the local digital landlord method. In a nutshell, and if you follow this process, you too can generate a five-figure: recurring income from home, just like brian, by renting simple digital storefronts to local businesses, even if you have zero technical skills or no prior business or marketing experience.

Now, obviously, we can only get into so much 7 Day Digital Landlord OTO detail here in a short video ad. So if you’re watching this video right now, brian – and I want to invite you to attend our new free online class, where we’re, going to break down this whole process for you step by step.

Detail so that you can easily follow in brian’s footsteps and get local businesses sending you four-figure checks like the one you saw at the beginning of this video here every single month; just click the link somewhere below this video.

7 Day Digital Landlord OTO – where the coupon?

It’ll. Take you to a page that looks like this. Just enter your name and email, and we’ll give you instant access to our new free online class for 100 free, yeah, and on this class, we’re. Going to show you exactly how I landed my first recurring rental client in just four days, using a copy and paste script Pete created so that you can use this too in order to land your first recurring rental client as soon as tomorrow.

Not only that, we’re gonna show you how to get these digital storefronts built and build them fast. Even if you have zero technical skills, you don’t have to be like some secret coder, a website guru. In order to do this, we’re gonna use a pre-made template, and then you’re, going to resell this pre-made template over and over and over again to the businesses in the same niche in order to scale your income as fast as possible. We’re also going to show you how to scale this whole thing up fast by attracting new clients on autopilot, and we’ll even show you how to automate the creation of the digital storefronts themselves.

7 Day Digital Landlord OTO

So you don’t even need to lift a finger for this digital 7 Day Digital Landlord OTO landlord business to run, so if you want to learn how to generate a five-figure. Monthly recurring income from home by renting simple digital storefronts to local businesses for four-figure checks.

Like the one you just saw brian open up at the beginning of this video and have that happen every single month for yourself, just click the link somewhere below this video right. Now it’s, going to take you to a page where you can enter your name and email, and you’ll get instant access to our new free online class.

As the saying goes. There are decades where nothing happens, and there are weeks where decades happen, and those weeks of change just happened. So if you want freedom and certainty for you and your family in today’s new local digital economy, you do not want to miss out on this class, and if you’re watching this video right now, that means there’s a new class about to start in the next few minutes, so hurry up click.

The link below this video right now sign up for the class and brian, and I look forward to helping you reach your goals.

7 Day Digital Landlord OTO