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Ablaze discussed – What’s going on chaps this is carlos fromtwominutehacks.com and therefore welcomed my ablaze reviewthis app is going to help you bring lots of traffic that you can redirect to yourhigh ticket proposals and realize large-scale big commissions and in the nextminutes i’m gonna give you the full demo of the app i’mgonna do a walkthrough of the members areaand i’m gonna tell you everything you need to know about the the prices theupsells and all the cool bonuses that you canget at no extra charge but before we go ahead please help megrow my direct hitting that subscribe buttonand for now let’s jump into my computer and i’m going to show you how this works okay guys let me show you what is ablazethis new app that is coming up on september 8th and i’m going to bejumping from one sheet to another because first i’m going to show you my bonuspage and i’m going to show you the members area where all the trainingand all the configuration of the app is going to bedone and finally we’re going to go into thethe app itself so you can get a better understanding of how the present working firstthe the concept of ablaze is with this app you cancreate offers that you can use as giveawaysand that is going to bring you brand-new subscribersand then the app is gonna redirect those traffic or those contributes intohigh ticket renders and the app itself is gonna give youuh some bonuses and some offers that you can choose from and ofcourse you can add any high ticket proposals in fact you canadd any type of offers but it’s obviouslyrecommended that you have some high ticket furnishes becausechances of you making big commissions it’s gonna beobviously more useful for everyone all right butif you miss you can have any type of offersthat you want so um let me tell you what is a placethe the headline says get free wire trafficsignups and high-pitched ticket sales in under 60 secondsobviously this is because the app is very easy to useyou don’t need to have any event email listor technical skills you’re going to get all the trainingthat you need to use this app in a very efficient wayso what is ablaze all about well this says a region is completely saturationproof it will continue producing upshots for months and evenyears from now because the concept of the giveaways or the giftsis always going to be attractive to everyone who istrying to make money online and not just for the making money online nichebecause you can add any type of offers because if you’re in the dog niche forexample you can create or furnish uh an ebook about thetraining or or anything that might be in the interestof beings in your niche so you can use this app to whatever you wantand this is unlike other software’s ablaze has been battle testedrefined and wholly discovered before being liberated on the marketthis app has been taking some months to be developed and the creators aredawud islam and and his partner all cheesemanand what are the prices and the upsells well the front endis going to be 16.95 you will get access to the strong ablaze softwareand all the training modules the upsell number oneis going to be the ablaze pro explanation you are eligible to have unlimited use of thesoftware i believe the front end version allowsyou to get about 10 expeditions and with this thisupsell you can use the software with no limits andobviously this comes with an extra hop for you campaignsthe incident number two is the steeler traffic thisis going to this is very important guys because this is going to allow you toput your uh pixel on the sales sheets of the woodand niles previous opens and sort intothe thousands and thousands of proven buyersand if you don’t know what is a pixel wella pixel is a code that you can put in specificpages so you can then retarget the people who inspected sure-fire sheets i’msure you have assure by now that uh when you see some site searching foruh uh a specific the feline doll and then you go to facebook oranywhere else and you start seeing those playthings that you were looking forthis is what the pixel is uh beneficial for because you can retarget to thosespecific customers or prospects and you can create an audience that youcan then offering different concoctions the investment for this is 197 and thishas a down sales of 97 dollars the alternative count three isthe reseller liberties to the product itself this is going tocost 37 with a downsell of 17. You get the reseller privileges toablaze and sell it as if it was your ownproduct and keep the commissions across theentire funnel so if we include these amounts you can seethat you can get a really really big commission and theoption number four is the done for you campaigns this isgoing to cost 197 horses with a down person of 97 you will get three done for you campaigns each and every weekand this includes don’t forget bonus page with the review video the productdemo and 10 practice bonuses delivered for youthis requires commission gorilla this sheet isis this page is created on board gorilla you can see right here thelogo you can click here so you can know more but if you if you havecommission gorilla you can use this upsell so you can get done for youcampaigns the upsell quantity five is the vippackage this is going to cost 37 with a downsideof 17. You will get free vip ameliorates worth 64 each and all 25 of dawud areas in themake money online niche and plus you willhave the chance to gave a banner of your preference in the rotatorof all the 25 websites on a permanent basis so this is also a exceedingly awful bonuswhat are some of the benefits you might be interested in getting this appwell this has the free viral traffic and a couple of clicksother parties will do all the work for you because they are going to bringleads and hopefully some marketings you can build your index on autopilotyou can earn multiple high ticket fees this is totally newbiefriendly this has easy to follow video tutorialsall this comes with a 30 date money back guarantee so there’s no risk on yourside okay so what are the bonuses that i’m gonna beoffering and delight take note because i’m gonna be offering some very coolbonuses and then we’re going to go to the salespage because you will find some extra bonuses right there so thebonus number one is the jonas 70 k secrets if you don’tknow jonor armstrong he’s a super affiliatehe is my mentor in fact he’s going to reveal this method as the bonus numberone the bonus number two is the access tojono’s branding hackers the bonus amount three is howjono grades his youtube videos in 2020. This is very important becauseas you know youtube deepens the algorithm sowhat was working on 2019 might not work in 2020 so this is veryimportant because you will gonna be getting an updated training on how torun the youtube videos then the bonus figure four is the accessto jono’s mobiley track i’ve done this trainingmyself and this is very good because this has a lotof golden nuggets and the bonus crowd five is going to beall the vendor bonuses which you are going to find right inside yourwarrior plus account and if you decide to buyany of the otos i’m going to throw in a couple of cool appsthat will help you to improve your marketing firstand access to the bidirect software this is going to help you to createinteractive videos and secondly the bot engagethat this is going to help you to automate your campaignsfor the traffic you are getting on your website okay all you need to do to getall these bonuses is click on these yellowish buttonsand you’re gonna be able to claim all these bonuseswhich are worth more than your investment for this appso right now let’s jump into the members area so i can show youall the details well here’s the members areahere you’re going to find all the lessons here’s a welcome messagethe overview of ablaze the main education section right here now you’ll have theaccess to the ablaze software the conclusion and you will find somebonuses right here here you’ll have all the improves incase you didn’t seizure them the first time so you get the ablaze proversion the steeler transaction the reseller privileges done for you weekly campaigns andthe vip bundle and we have right here some unadvertisedbonuses you’re going to be able to access forthe 100 k per month free training and some of the dawood’s personal groupsnow let’s jump into the software itself so this is thesoftware this is the the central domain here’s the dashboard you will havehere all the the total causes engendered thetotal premium is created the total campaignsand the closing of the campaigns then “were having” the heads where you are going to be ableto see all the results that are coming into youryour glow expeditions in this area you can addthe the price you are gonna be offering so we have here some examples this mightbe a free train a free gift a gooda tutorial like we said some dog training tipsyou mentioned it you can add the the amount and the type ofprices you want to offer then we go to my campaignsand this is where you add your expedition and through these safaruss you aregoing to be offering the different pricesyou have prepared for your audience and then we have the affiliate linksso the affiliate thinks it’s what you are going to beredirecting your your audience after they have donewhat you asked for for example if you ask your audience toget three referrals if they end that taskthey are gonna get the price you offered and then you can addyour affiliate link so you can meet the extra commissionsthen we have the bonus library this is what you’ll have to offer to yourprospects too so in case you don’t have any priceto offer you can go now to the bonus library and maybeuse some of these uh different bonuses that you have right herehere on this concoction bolt you are going to have a bundle of 35 productsso you can get access right here and they too give youin this case the reseller privileges to one of the davout’s previeweduh produce down below the training area so right now we have some videos alreadywelcome to ablaze the toll is explained the campaign setup and even where to get things to giveaway right so this is going to be very simple to set upbecause you have the the idea of how the thethe app succeeds and you’ll have all the resourcesthat you need to increase your subscribers listand oblige some fund in the process then we have the autoresponderthis is where you can link your aweber or get response accountso let’s see one example of the campaign all these areexample campaigns they are not real safaruss right now because i’m shootingthis video before the this make has been launched so these are all examplesof what this app can do so let’s say um let’s use one ofthe patterns right here the 10 k master planhere you have the number of referrals the start date and the end datewhat is the price linked to this campaignin this case is an exclusive i’m sorry it’s a bing ads ended tutorial pricedescription that says i will send you a completetutorial of being ads and this is how your potentials are goingto be joining that safarus so let’s see what thislooks like okay so bear in mind that this is just an example i’m sure thatyou can do a better expedition than me moreattractive so this is the joint campaign area thissays cite three people to an large-hearted adscomplete seminar price the cost title is the one we we justsaw bing ads ended tutorial pricedescription i will send you a ended tutorial ofbing ads and sharing page datum download this free report on how to make1 0k in 90 daytimes so this is where the spell happens because you’re going toenter their full refer their email addressthey’re going to join your safarus this means that they’re going to be added toyour autoresponder and they’re going to be sharing youroffers so they can get their price so this is a win-win situation foreveryone so this is a place in a nutshell remember that you can getall this training and all these bonuses and all thisconcept of the app so you can grow your email audienceand conclude committees for only 16.95 okay then you decide if you want to upgradeto any of the otos which i think they arevery very helpful peculiarly the option number twobecause you can place your pixel on their sheets and for me the option numberthree because you will have the reseller privileges to thesame product and finally the vip packet the chanceto threw a placard of your choice in the rotatorto 25 surfaces so for me these are the mostimportant modernizes but this is obviously your choiceif you want to stick the front end version for merely 16.95 and you getall the bonuses that i’m offering and all the bonuses that they are offeringright inside the members area here i am thinking the importance is just insane soremember that all these bonuses are going to be disappearingafter the launch this is a three-day launch so this is going to be expiringon september 10 th i hope you like this review of theproduct and hopefully i will see you on my nextreview that’s it for my Ablaze Review guys ifyou haven’t done so satisfy subscribe to my channeland feel free to contact me if you have any questions about this softwarei will be more than happy to help you thank you for watchingand see you next time


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