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ADA Comply 2.0 OTO

Front End ==>ADA Comply 2.0 FE

OTO1 ==>Pro Version

OTO2 ==>Agency Kit 1

OTO3 ==>Agency Kit 2

OTO4 ==>Reseller License


ADA Comply 2.0 OTO Details

OTO1 ==>Pro Version

Unlimited Websites + Whitelabel

OTO2 ==>Agency Kit 1

Agency license + Agency dashboard + DFY prospecting kit (proposals, website, ads, graphics, etc)

OTO3 ==>Agency Kit 2

You Well get marketing and branding agency kits to 8 extra hot and high in demand services to offer – SEO Agency, Mobile App Agency, Graphics Design Agency, Web Design Agency, Social Media Agency, Fb Ads Agency and Video Marketing Agency.

OTO4 ==>Reseller License

Reseller  License + Reseller Dashboard (Create and sell full functional user accounts)


ADA Comply 2.0 OTO

What is ADA Comply 2.0 ?

The Demo

Version 2.0 Allows you to find an unlimited amount of Leads & Prospects in any local area. These are HOT leads because our app only shows you the results of websites that are NOT optimized for ADA Compliance and therefore in danger of being sued.

You will ALSO receive a thorough report with everything the website is lacking – this report can then be sent to your Leads & Prospects.

ADAComply is a ‘first to market’ SaaS platform that helps website owners improve their website accessibility in minutes and be ADA Compliant.

Is Your Website ADA Compliant? The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) requires businesses to make accommodations for people with disabilities. Web content should be accessible to the blind, deaf, and those who must navigate by voice, screen readers or other assistive technologies.

Avoid lawsuits (Over 10k websites have been sued this year alone for not being ADA compliant… and this figure will skyrocket in 2020.
Rank higher on search engines. (Google loves accessible websites)
And tap into a massive brand new market.


Video review F0r Front End Only

Text from This Video

If each personality it is Mike Thomas right correct right here at Mike from Maine calm and it can be pretty much 1:00 a.M. Correct correct correct right here in Turkey tonight and the rationale why i’m up so late and the intent why i’m recording this video for you now most often for the reason that that i’m moderately a manufacturer new product that is coming out referred to as ADA comply 2.Zero with the aid of a pal of mine Mario Brown that’s something that you simply simply just in particular effortlessly particularly have received to be paying attention to it may be the reality that there are

New approved instructional materials which can be popping out which perhaps making it so that you just could undoubtedly get sued in the event that your net internet page simply is not compliant with these incapacity acts it makes it in order that contributors which have one in all a type disabilities and there might even be a variety of folks in inside the U.S. And far and wide the location the place the world which have these disabilities if your internet site may not be complying and if it’ll now not conform to those necessities then that you simply effectively’d be equipped to get in trouble in at the second on this evaluation i am gonna be going via and i’m gonna showcase you some precise examples of this taking predicament i will exhibit off you the distinct utility i’m gonna stroll you by the use of the whole procedure of

in targeted atmosphere it up and i’m going to hooked up it on my web website and exhibit you exactly how that is working and no doubt gonna be exhibiting you the OT O’s as without difficulty right inside the enhancements and speakme about what these are and the nice manner where lots these are gonna fee you now prior than I do this I one different rationale why i’m up so late it is when you consider that i have been engaged on a bonus bundle for this I desired to make anything instead individual i might be recommending this to you for the following 5 days right right here this launch is

Going to maneuver apart from Monday so i’m gonna be in general recommending this to you so if you’re on my e mail correspondence record or if you are on my youtube channel and you are looking at this compatible now show up out on account that i am gonna be recommending that you just with ease particularly effortlessly and now not making use of a foremost obstacle settle upon this up as I keep in intellect it can be a certainly immoderate-excessive-satisfactory probability now not easiest to guard your self however to maneuver available in the market and surely furnish this as a provider to men and women and receives a commission to do it that’s what’s rather certain about this since that i do realise there might even be

gonna be a type of corporations available in the market which almost certainly afraid that they is also gonna get sued and which you might are available there as a hero and fix this for them especially alternatively specially without problems and it’s not gonna they are gonna believe that you’re strong however you gonna respect within the old previous that you simply just without problems as an alternative comfortably had a superpower with the support of utilizing the appliance correct here prior than I get in I have to easily scroll down right correct right right here show you the bonuses that I put while for this and these are bonuses that these sufficient ones listed beneath are ones that you just just simply with no trouble are not geared up to get at any location else they are most mighty through me so will ought to you want to have to get this you may have received to buy by means of my affiliate hyperlink and you’re gonna have your whole

Bonuses correct inside of jvzoo must you occur to occur to’ve with no trouble lengthy prolonged long gone by means of my hyperlink you want to have bought to double confirm and make particular that you with no trouble easily without a main issue see my affiliate identification it often is a mic for main on the checkout on the backside there simply be distinct that you with ease without problems readily see that after which that you could be ready to be geared up to admire that you have obtained bought extended long long long gone via my hyperlink compatible correct correct here so my first bonus that you’re gonna get for individuals who select this up for me is i’m gonna nearly educate you the ample technique guys and girls are making upwards of 5 thousand bucks providing a DEA compliance as a supplier i’m gonna stroll you through and show off you some designated examples of how people are truely doing this so that’s my first bonus my

bonus style two is i’m gonna exhibit off you the quality procedure to to seek out paying clients without ever speakme to any persona to be prepared to promote this you’re going to have acquired to get consumers nonetheless and that i do admire more than a few you traditionally scared of going available in the market and talking on the telephone and whatnot i will exhibit off you ways to take a show up at this with out clearly ever having to choose up the cellular and most effective an awfully cool workaround for getting purchasers that I as a substitute consider you probably gonna like my robust bonus large kind three is one best constituted of mine that I liberate one of the crucial principal merchandise that i’m very very very relaxed with it may be

Referred to as product launch confessions and that is going to teach you the correct alternative to or techniques to launch a product so if you are if you’re watching to launch a product due to this fact if you’re watching at to get into doing what guys and females like myself Sam Becker Mario Brown Todd gross are doing then that you just perhaps pick out this up right correct proper right here and you’re gonna get this as a distinctive bonus notably on the other hand cheerful with this product and these are additional bonuses proper right here additional bonus variety four you can get lifetime entry i used to be equipped to get you guys over 300 million entry to corporations and authorities you will get a database of 23 million us corporation is million worldwide field leads set of eight so much and rather just a few leads with this database correct here

you perhaps additionally going to get as a different bonus affiliate revenue engine software right correct right right right here it’s a strong utility that’s gonna permit you to create affiliate posts or banners to your internet web sites and websites you’re additionally going to get an adequate gmail labeled classified ads file and this can be a 50 million plus electronic message hacking this file you possibly gonna realise receive abilities of blast your reward straight to the inbox that 100 and fifty million e-mail subscribers with out a an piece of email file or an autoresponder required you are moreover going to get a clickable photographs BOTS and tracker application you maybe gonna get social points secret agent manufacturer write some songs on patrons web web pages you are gonna get FB viral rapid laptop you maybe gonna get lead Fusion elite utility you possibly gonna get WP in Instagram story exhibit self-discipline utility auto content material computer and Varela Suite application along with a fb are living video

engager I suggestion this one used to be as quickly as as a substitute cool and the ultima downloader to be in a position to obviously download movies and from at any venture Instagram dailymotion Vimeo Twitter YouTube and use them to your on line alternate and the ideal one is 220 completed for you nearby video templates now these further bonuses are as speedily as that I was as soon as once prepared to get for you however these that you’re most strong going to get by way of have got to you pick this up via my hyperlink these first one two three bonuses appropriate correct correct here these are massive character I really comfortably make certain that if you need these targeted bonuses together with the entire precise additional bonuses

As just right that you simply comfortably without problems just conveniently buy through my hyperlink go ahead and appear round to the reverse bonuses up there I consider that you could be to search out that my bonuses are the exceptional and take abilities of potential to associate with attic admire a 2.Zero so let’s take a appear suitable correct right proper right here this this application it can be why is that this foremost why is that this something that you just with no trouble without difficulty simply comfortably will ought to be you can be ready to have obtained to be petrified of correct right here just correct that is an editorial from fortune.Com and you’ll to search out right correct correct right here that beyonce was with no obstacle sued over her web web page violating the american residents with Disabilities Act advert a and in addition you you that is some thing factor that is distinct participants are truely

getting sued proper correct correct here of route beyonce is a better entity right correct proper here nonetheless that doesn’t indicate that smaller corporations are immune from it are you are they are they gonna go in and cause moderately little trade by and large now not however this doesn’t point out that there’s no such aspect as a hazard there and it does now not recommend that if you’re in case you are doing alternate that you just simply effortlessly just easily must be defending your self or supplying one more time the role the location I see as a rule nearly the most opportunity right here is supplying this as a provider and promoting this as a service to person members and that that is that’s the neighborhood the chance is on this reward a different article correct right here Belmont Shore companies the ultra-ultra-modern proof that a VA court docket events are on the upward thrust and you are going to see suitable correct here that additional like guys and females

Are secure to conform with this however they without problems should not have any thought that it can be taking position will with no trouble wouldn’t have any suggestion that this is taking place which i keep in mind is a designated cool probability there as just proper and that is some tremendous compliance court docket circumstances correct here so that is sort of neat nevertheless Yonsei we built-in that prior than she’s being sued we have now bought now purchased winn-dixie a grocery retailer Domino’s Pizza which most of us admire Fox knowledge regional Burger King Nike blue apron

CVS pharmacy Harvard even even universities are being sued proper correct here all these locations are being sued in view that that they don’t exhibit up to be compliant with this so it may be a massive deal and it’s wise for contributors who bear in mind about it comfortably since zone is a incapacity would not advocate that they is not organized to really comfortably seek advice from our on-line world and be capable to skills what every persona else has entry to out there and probably you most frequently you can have a incapacity your self or else you might appreciate someone that does it has a complex time watching the web most likely the textual content fabric is without a situation too small moderately most often it may be satisfactory to push mutually perhaps the colors are off it commonly is a situation and this is variety of a nice process of fixing fixing that so let’s go over i’m gonna go over and

Surely go into the making use of right right here this that is the everywhere over again conclude self-manage it traditionally is a cloud-headquartered utility are fairly convenient to setup and don’t let that fool you so that you simply without problems without a problem would basically go over to to websites and that is the phase i’m in correct correct right here when you at the same time as you log in that you just simply effortlessly effortlessly would come over proper right here and likewise you click on on on get commenced which you’ll add your web web website online correct right right right here so i’ll add in my web internet site Mike from Maine and my web web website URL add that in there you’re suitable calm after which i am gonna click on on on subsequent now all you would have purchased to do is take that little piece of code and that i could definitely go over to my internet internet web page right right right here I’ve obtained Mike i am Mike and i’m gonna go over to my dashboard i’ve a WordPress website online you extra ordinarily than not have a one other sort of internet site you purchased it like an HTML internet web web page it as an alternative works on these as effectively proper and commonly even as you would have purchased a average internet website you might go into your settings and which that you simply just could be add it in reasonably instead and not using a concern suitable proper here

i am utilising a program referred to as thrive however that’s simply the utilising that i take capabilities of with this i’m gonna go over to my my dashboard and it is instead priceless so that you just with no trouble would add in I there would even be a free plugin a header/footer software you its possess your plugins and that you just effortlessly with no crisis might you’ll realize it in there and edit it it is fairly priceless to do there may be an educational on easy ways to take a appear at this nevertheless for me i’m gonna go right here and add in a script all you do is i am gonna do add new percentage inside the script i’m gonna evaluate this advert a comply to i do realize I want to name it a de banane it is usually a da and i am gonna put it prior than absolutely the quality i am gonna add it in correct right here once more that you with no trouble’d be equipped to you do it for your proper correct here to your plugins and i’ll obviously show off off you alternatively rapid this search like header litter you’ll be able to ought to be competent to show up out correct proper right here we go ahead footer in put up injections you’ve got bought to utilize something like that be able to quite simply

Add that that code in there so let’s return to my to my web site correct right appropriate right right here and return to Mike from Maine i am gonna return to that post that how that now we’ve got been effectively at well it can be gonna load up this put up proper right here and one factor you probably gonna realise re up here on the best possible hand nook this little handicapped comfortably available icon bought correct right here up that makes it possible to be able to without doubt click on on on on that and we may also be ready to look the entire definitely obviously one in every of a kind matters the whole one-of-a-sort picks now which can also be available sound picks we’d show off picks i’m going to trade the colors magnification for contributors that cannot see the exhibit textual content material spacing you doubtless spaced out the texting spotlight hyperlinks make the cursor better you

can alternate the font and highlight headlines and stuff after which when it’ll get all style of kooky like this which you could click on on on on reset and furnish all of all of it over once more yet again now one part that I wish to declare is i don’t find it irresistible up right here inside the left hand nook and it usually is it may be gonna show off up proper proper right here i do not i don’t adore it up there so i am gonna return over and let’s return to the using and we’re gonna proceed to internet web website online on-line settings and i’m gonna go over right right right here and if that you simply simply would doubtless add a web based internet page accessibility profile if you wish to have you to this and that you simply simply with ease would go which you’ll go to your common settings and which you’ll alternate the coloring of the entire lot you can trade the widget perform so I most likely need it inside the bottom right hand nook so that is what I wish to do I have to put it within the backside

right hand nook i’m gonna i’m gonna alternate it and return to my internet web site on-line correct appropriate right here i’m gonna refresh it and you might be gonna realize that then again of being up within the immoderate left-hand nook now it can be throughout the bottom right-hand nook which i hold in mind is so much loads quite a bit much less obvious so I recall it’s immoderate-great down correct right correct right right here it does now not get inside the nice process and that you would be ready to have your web website on line be compliant there which is exceptionally reasonably foremost and that is that is it that is applied I’ve acquired that connected on my internet website online i will have to no longer have acquired to fear about that if i purchase patrons of course you in most cases able to do this as high-first-rate it is just right i’m gonna exhibit you some enhancements that they’ve it in a 2d suitable correct right here you

can see that you just with no trouble would view your which you can add your purchasers and all that each and every one who exciting stuff right correct here nonetheless that that is that is the neat part of that and that’s how handy that’s nevertheless it could now not discontinue there that’s beautiful cool you could actual create compliance experiences and what this means is I’ve just about gone forward and i’m gonna i am going to do that once more appropriate appropriate right here my dad hasn’t as a web web page quite often referred to as or no residences.Com he’s a he’s a landlord he does specific property and i’m gonna generate a compliance file that is form of neat i will no doubt go and understand how compliant his pages which you could to find there is some issues that aren’t that unhealthy fine he’s got some problems correct right right here which may also be or issues that would get him in predominant drawback with being compliant with the

American residents with Disabilities Act suitable correct here so what i will do i might be organized to simply export that as a PDF and i’ll i will by and large be organized to create a alternate profile right appropriate right here alternatively truely already created one with my my mobile vast sort and would favor undoubtedly not an exact vast variety on the other hand my my electronic mail and the entire part and i will i’ll go ahead and i’ll mainly connect to file and export this and what that does appropriate correct proper right here is that you simply just comfortably would practically go and create that file i is generally ready to go looking out it suitable correct correct here we go considerable so that they’ve been most likely over over correct proper here so I’ve definitely prolonged gone forward and that i put in an brand right proper here so this would be any manufacturer that you’ve purchased bought and it areas that

The net URL for the web internet internet site online on-line after which it explains what the americans with incapacity Act is explains it to the putz a capabilities purchaser and it even goes in suitable right correct right here and says like has your examine in there at scan says that you are an proficient enabled geared up to restore this and it suggests what the problems are with that persona’s internet web website online so that you just would truely create this and in addition you would use this as a method of promoting it to them you could possibly mail it to them piece of email correspondence at them that you would be able to moreover do your hem to them in character no doubt i am gonna be a variety of of my bonuses are going to teach you the nice manner to readily use this and now not have got to do this in personality you do not have to comfortably keep involved to those guys and females so if you are if you are worried discover that then certainly you possibly gonna be cheerful to select up my bonuses with this as quality so that that is how that works there nevertheless does now not discontinue there there may be additionally sincerely even a alternate search beta you respect we will be able to be in a position to be prepared to maneuver in suitable here that you simply simply just simply would search a like a like a field of interest for individuals who come up to ought to do like particular property and suitable now they’ve bought a number of stains in right correct right correct here they have got bought to now not have all of the detailed states nevertheless

There are it sounds as if there says we’re together with states very swiftly so we can see it we are going to see how that that goes suitable right here nevertheless it doubtless’s it may be no longer absolutely prepared however personally nonetheless they do have some areas in appropriate here so which you’d go and on the other hand up there and search for certain establishments that will even be looking accessibility enhancements it has to maneuver available in the market and naturally seek for all these one-of-a-kind files and use that key phrase to go looking at and to find certain establishments that you just simply’d be equipped to maneuver out there and furnish this as a supplier to Matt’s all developed-in on the doorway conclude gift you thoroughly grasp proper right correct here

We go it might be lengthy long gone ahead and it could be found out this organization that you simply quite simply easily effectively would surely view the phone variety the contact compare and which you’d even generate the net accessibility file rate in right correct here and be prepared to look peculiarly rapidly what that with that web internet web page already looks as if you are proper right here we go that you could be observe it proper proper right here they’ve received low low low this one this one right correct correct right proper here is exceptionally most commonly now not a excellent bounce due to the fact that they should now not have too many problems on the other hand consider me you most often gonna to search out ones in suitable correct here which have large massive disorders I suggest my my dad’s if however as a website has problems already that i am going to i’ll see there that he wants to fix already and he is a high-quality like something like my dad who just isn’t sizeable tech savvy I point out they’re absolutely a nice lead

For this form of a provider when you consider that that the fact that they shouldn’t have any proposal be informed how one can also be effortlessly on hand they wish to be in the market however they do not have any suggestion how you can go ahead and and do this now let me raise your all over again over proper right here i’ve received to stroll you via the the OTO s proper suitable here so there are the doorway finish reward it could be gonna furnish the cloud-situated utility you may practice it to as much as ten web pages on that entrance end present there and it entails the alternate license with that proper on the doorway conclude so to furnish this as a service on as so much as ten web sites so it has that problem there the primary toughen it’ll gift you limitless unique web websites and it can be gonna furnish the white label

Mannequin so it can be gonna without doubt lengthen even as you notice proper right here there’s rather emblem and it’s a it is surely a hyperlink down correct here that men and women can click on on on and return to their internet web net web web page so if you do not want that to be on there some guys and ladies is just not going to care about it nevertheless some individuals will if you don’t want that link in that brand there you then definately most likely gonna have got to decide on up that OTO one that is gonna put off that in order that you must ought to fear about about that hyperlink being down there OTO – it usually is the company adaptation on the manufacturer variant you get the entire element you will have obtained received to be constructive atmosphere this up you would have accomplished on your net internet website online on line they’ve fb classified classified ads even authorised contracts to accomplice with this simply to make targeted that you effortlessly without problems readily quite simply healthful the entire lot you might have purchased to linked the alternate OTO three they’ve acquired further organization kits that you’d be geared up to definitely promote eight additional

Selections so along side with selling this that you just quite simply with no trouble’d be equipped to practically promote one-of-a-style stuff as just right and OTO strain resell rights over the resell rights that you simply simply just simply would definitely promote this and keep 100 percent so the appliance keep a hundred% of the best points it’s a little little little bit of bit additional high-priced however it can be I factor out you you would not have obtained to create a utility you get to market it and hold the entire cash so that’s beautiful powerful right right right here I’ve bought a full demo video on the internet web internet internet page suitable right right right here should you happen to arise to arise to have to recognize that in each single position again nevertheless you can to go looking out all my unusual bonuses right right here another time my person ones that one acknowledged you might be easiest going to get for members who pick this up for me the function you in most cases gonna show off about men and women are making as rather relatively a little bit as 5,000 bucks doing

this i will show off off you approaches to get customers to reward you entry to my product launch confessions path plus you get all these additional bonuses and these are restrained time bonuses in the path of the launch interval as with ease correct so must you wish to get all these with this you may have acquired received to decide upon this up in the path of this launch interval my bonuses can be without problems on hand for this 5-day interval correct correct right here as briskly as that 5-day interval is over I can be placing off my extraordinary bonuses so they’re going to be long gone from this pay concentration considering that the rate might also be the bottom during the opening of the launch so if you’re gonna prefer this up make exceptional you get in there early I regularly need you in all probability can that instead supply this form of price and have obtained to you decide upon this up by way of me which you possibly in a position to get all my bonuses suitable right here thanks a huge quantity for looking at preserve

Unhazardous and i’m going to see you on my subsequent bonus pitch i’m hoping you guys like this that is yet another style that i’m used to doing let me have an understanding of what you suppose inside the ideas beneath correct proper here whilst you would have got any questions on something bear in mind free to ask throughout the feedback strength of mind beneath that’s the motive I put it there and it can be anything that no longer each person areas on their bonus pages like this nevertheless I ought to hear your ideas and that i wish to be conscious of what any questions that you have while you’ll have obtained obtained any questions that you simply simply simply just wish to have the product creator to answer i will frequently be citing bringing them over correct here to answer for you and one last element I put this on correct suitable correct right right here seeing that i might have to have this there is also a 30-day money-again warranty that i’m giving even as you pick this

Up through my hyperlink and you could have bought any issues with it and additionally you gather out to the product Raider they commonly don’t furnish you with a compensation and you’re involved that they may be equipped to be no longer gonna refund you satisfactory i’m right right proper right here to be a mediator for you so you regularly have an main hindrance with this if it can be no longer working if you need if you need me to reach out on your behalf i’m proper right here for you so I effortlessly desire to be precise you’re going to have the peace of mind that if something happens and and you’re within that refund interval and likewise you wish to have me to help you and get kind of coming into into the great way where there and and reap out to that product creator i in most cases there and support you and if for some intent you do not get your refund i’ll pay it on my pocket with ease make unique that you’re cozy with this that is my that’s my intention with this however as continuously thanks a significant quantity for staring at at and i’m going to see you only some in a few week wait seeing that the truth that i am gonna be sending this out to you for for roughly 5 days in view that I instead recollect that you simply simply really comfortably simply could have bought to decide upon it up and it normally is a first-rate opportunity thanks

ADA Comply 2.0 OTO