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ADA Comply 2.0 OTO

Front End ==>ADA Comply 2.0 FE

OTO1 ==>Pro Version

OTO2 ==>Agency Kit 1

OTO3 ==>Agency Kit 2

OTO4 ==>Reseller License


ADA Comply 2.0 OTO Details

OTO1 ==>Pro Version

Unlimited Websites + Whitelabel

OTO2 ==>Agency Kit 1

Agency license + Agency dashboard + DFY prospecting kit (proposals, website, ads, graphics, etc)

OTO3 ==>Agency Kit 2

You Well get marketing and branding agency kits to 8 extra hot and high in demand services to offer – SEO Agency, Mobile App Agency, Graphics Design Agency, Web Design Agency, Social Media Agency, Fb Ads Agency and Video Marketing Agency.

OTO4 ==>Reseller License

Reseller  License + Reseller Dashboard (Create and sell full functional user accounts)


ADA Comply 2.0 OTO

What is ADA Comply 2.0 ?

The Demo

Version 2.0 Allows you to find an unlimited amount of Leads & Prospects in any local area. These are HOT leads because our app only shows you the results of websites that are NOT optimized for ADA Compliance and therefore in danger of being sued.

You will ALSO receive a thorough report with everything the website is lacking – this report can then be sent to your Leads & Prospects.

ADAComply is a ‘first to market’ SaaS platform that helps website owners improve their website accessibility in minutes and be ADA Compliant.
Is Your Website ADA Compliant? The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) requires businesses to make accommodations for people with disabilities. Web content should be accessible to the blind, deaf, and those who must navigate by voice, screen readers or other assistive technologies.

Avoid lawsuits (Over 10k websites have been sued this year alone for not being ADA compliant… and this figure will skyrocket in 2020.
Rank higher on search engines. (Google loves accessible websites)
And tap into a massive brand new market.


Video review F0r Front End Only

Text from This Video

if everyone it’s Mike Thomas here at Mike from Maine calm and it’s almost 1:00 a.m. here in Turkey tonight and the reason why I’m up so late and the reason why I’m recording this video for you now is because I’m really excited about a new product that’s coming out called ADA comply 2.0 by a friend of mine Mario Brown this is something that you really need to be paying attention to it’s the fact that there are

new regulations that are coming out that are making it so that you can actually get sued if your website isn’t compliant with these disability acts it makes it so that people that have different disabilities and there’s a lot of people in in the United States and around the world that have these disabilities if your website isn’t complying and if it doesn’t follow these rules then you can get in trouble today in this review I’m gonna be going through and I’m gonna show you some actual examples of this happening I’m going to show you the actual software I’m gonna walk you through the entire process of

actually setting it up and I’m going to install it on my website and show you exactly how that’s working and obviously gonna be showing you the OT O’s as well in the upgrades and talking about what those are and how much those are gonna cost you now before I do that I another reason why I’m up so late it’s because I’ve been working on a bonus package for this I wanted to make something really special I’m going to be recommending this to you for the next five days here this launch is

going to go until Monday so I’m gonna be really recommending this to you so if you’re on my email list or if you’re on my youtube channel and you’re watching this right now look out because I’m gonna be recommending that you pick this up as I think this is a really great opportunity not only to protect yourself but to go out there and actually provide this as a service to people and get paid to do it that’s what’s really excited about exciting about this because I know there’s

gonna be a lot of businesses out there that are afraid that they’re gonna get sued and you can come in there as a hero and fix this for them really really simply and it’s not gonna they’re gonna think that you are amazing but you gonna know in the background that you had a superpower by using the software here before I get in I want to just scroll down here show you the bonuses that I put together for this and these are bonuses that these exclusive ones here are ones that you can’t get anywhere else they’re only through me so if you want to get this you have to purchase through my affiliate link and you’re gonna have all your

bonuses right inside of jvzoo if you’ve actually gone through my link you want to double check and make sure that you see my affiliate ID it’s a mic for main at the checkout at the bottom there just make sure that you see that and then you’ll know that you’ve gone through my link here so my first bonus that you’re gonna get if you pick this up for me is I’m gonna actually teach you how people are making upwards of five thousand dollars providing a DEA compliance as a service I’m gonna walk you through and show you some real examples of how people are actually doing this so that’s my first bonus my

bonus number two is I’m gonna show you how to find paying customers without ever talking to anyone in order to sell this you are going to need to get customers but and I know a lot of you are afraid of going out there and talking on the phone and whatnot I’m going to show you how to do this without actually ever having to pick up the phone and just a very cool workaround for getting clients that I really think you’re gonna like my exclusive bonus number 3 is another product of mine that I release one of the products that I’m very very very proud of it’s

called product launch confessions and this is going to teach you how to or how to launch a product so if you’re if you’re looking to launch a product in the future if you’re looking to get into doing what people like myself Sam Becker Mario Brown Todd gross are doing then you can pick this up here and you’re gonna get this as a special bonus really really proud of this product and these are extra bonuses here extra bonus number four you’re going to get lifetime access I was able to get you guys over 300 million access to businesses and professionals you’re going to get a database of 23 million us business is million global domain leads set of eight tons and tons of leads with this database here

you’re also going to get as an extra bonus affiliate sales engine software here it’s a powerful software that’s gonna allow you to create affiliate posts or banners for your websites and web pages you’re also going to get an exclusive gmail ads report and this is a 50 million plus email hacking this report you’re gonna discover how to blast your offer straight to the inbox that 150 million email subscribers without an email list or an autoresponder required you’re also going to get a clickable images BOTS and tracker software you’re gonna get social trends spy agency write some songs on clients websites you’re gonna get FB viral turbo machine you’re gonna get lead Fusion elite software you’re gonna get WP in Instagram story display box software auto content machine and Varela Suite software along with a Facebook live video

engager I thought this one was really cool and the ultima downloader so you can actually download videos and from anywhere Instagram dailymotion Vimeo Twitter YouTube and use them for your business and the last one is 220 done for you local video templates now these extra bonuses are once that I was able to get for you but the ones that you are only going to get through if you pick this up through my link these first one two three bonuses here these are super exclusive I just make sure that if you want these special bonuses along with all the other extra bonuses

as well that you purchase through my link go ahead and look around to the other bonuses up there I think you’ll find that my bonuses are the best and make the most sense to go along with attic apply a 2.0 so let’s take a look here this this software it’s why is this important why is this something that you should be you should be afraid of here well here’s an article from and you can see here that beyonce was actually sued over her website violating the Americans with Disabilities Act ad a and you you this is something that is real people are actually

getting sued here of course beyonce is a bigger entity here but that doesn’t mean that smaller businesses are immune from it are you are they are they gonna go in and target a little little business probably not but this doesn’t mean that there isn’t a risk there and it doesn’t mean that if you are if you are doing business that you should be protecting yourself or providing again the place where I see the most opportunity here is providing this as a service and selling this as a service to other people and that that’s that’s where the opportunity is in this offer another article here Belmont Shore businesses the latest evidence that a VA lawsuits are on the rise and you can see here that more like people

are happy to comply with this but they just don’t know that it’s going on will just have no idea that this is going on which i think is a pretty cool opportunity there as well and here’s some notable compliance lawsuits here so this is kind of neat but Yonsei we covered that before she’s being sued we have winn-dixie a grocery store Domino’s Pizza which most of us know Fox News Network Burger King Nike blue apron

CVS pharmacy Harvard even even universities are being sued here all these places are being sued because they aren’t compliant with this so this is a big deal and it makes sense if you think about it just because zone is a disability doesn’t mean that they shouldn’t be able to comfortably surf the internet and be able to enjoy what everyone else has access to out there and maybe you might be you might have a disability yourself or you might know someone that does it has a hard time surfing the internet maybe the text is too small maybe it’s nice to push together maybe the colors are off it’s a problem and this is kind of a nice way of fixing fixing that so let’s go over I’m gonna go over and

actually go into the software here this this is the back end area it’s a cloud-based software are really easy to setup and don’t let that fool you so you can actually go over to to sites and that’s the section I’m in here when you when you log in you can come over here and you click on get started you can add your website here so I’m going to add in my website Mike from Maine and my website URL add that in there you’re right calm and then I’m gonna click on next now all you have to do is take that little piece of code and I would actually go over to my website here I’ve got Mike I’m Mike and I’m gonna go over to my dashboard I have a WordPress website if you have a any other kind of website you got it like an HTML website it works on those as well and normally if you have a normal website you can go into your settings and you can add it in really easily here

I’m using a software called thrive but this is just the software that I use with this I’m gonna go over to my my dashboard and it’s really easy to add in I there’s a free plugin a header/footer software you its own your plugins and you can you can find it in there and edit it it’s really simple to do there’s a tutorial on how to do that but for me I’m gonna go here and add in a script all you do is I’m gonna do add new pace in the script I’m gonna call this ad a comply to I know I like to call it a de banane it’s a da and I’m gonna put it before the head I’m gonna add it in here again you can you do it in your here to your plugins and I can actually show you really quick this search like header litter you should be able to find here we go ahead footer in post injections you can use something like that be able to easily

add that that code in there so let’s go back to my to my website here and go back to Mike from Maine I’m gonna go back to that post that how that we were just at well it’s gonna load up this post here and one thing you’re gonna notice re up here on the top hand corner this little handicapped accessible icon came up so we can actually click on that and we can see all the different things all the different options now that are available sound options we could display options I can change the colors magnification for people that can’t see the screen text spacing you actually spaced out the texting highlight links make the cursor bigger you

can change the font and highlight headlines and stuff and then when it gets all kind of kooky like this you can click on reset and bring it all all back again now one thing that I want to say is I don’t like it up here in the left hand corner and it’s it’s gonna show up here I don’t I don’t like it up there so I’m gonna go back over and let’s go back to the software and we’re gonna continue to website settings and I’m gonna go over here and if you can actually add a page accessibility profile if you want you to this and you can go you can go to your general settings and you can change the coloring of everything you can change the widget position so I actually want it in the bottom right hand corner so that’s what I want to do I want to put it in the bottom

right hand corner I’m gonna I’m gonna update it and go back to my website here I’m gonna refresh it and you’re gonna notice that instead of being up in the top left-hand corner now it’s in the bottom right-hand corner which i think is a lot less obtrusive so I think it’s nice down here it doesn’t get in the way and you can have your site be compliant there which is really really important and that’s that’s it that’s done I’ve got that installed on my website I don’t have to worry about that if I buy clients of course you can do that as well it’s well I’m gonna show you some upgrades that they have it in a second here you

can see you can view your you can add your users and all that all that fun stuff here but that that’s that’s the neat part of that and that’s how simple that is but it doesn’t stop there this is pretty cool you can actually create compliance reports and what this means is I’ve actually gone ahead and I’m gonna I’ll do this again here my dad hasn’t as a website called or no he’s a he’s a landlord he does real estate and I’m gonna generate a compliance report this is kind of neat I can actually go and see how compliant his pages you can see there’s some issues that aren’t that bad well he’s got some issues here that are or problems that could get him in trouble with being compliant with the

Americans with Disabilities Act here so what I can do I can actually export that as a PDF and I can I can create a business profile here but actually already created one with my my phone number and might like obviously not a real number but my my email and everything and I can I can go ahead and I can actually attach to report and export this and what that does here is you can actually go and create that report I can find it here we go okay so they were actually over over here so I’ve actually gone ahead and I put in a logo here so this could be any logo that you have and it puts that

the web URL for the website and then it explains what the Americans with Disability Act is explains it to the putz a potential client and it even goes in here and says like has your name in there at test says that you’re an expert enabled able to fix this and it shows what the problems are with that person’s website so you can actually create this and you could use this as a way of selling it to them you could mail it to them email at them you could do your hem to them in person actually I’m gonna be some of my bonuses are going to teach you how to actually use this and not have to do this in person you don’t have to actually talk to these people so if you’re if you’re interested in learning that then definitely you’re gonna be happy to pick up my bonuses with this as well so that that’s how that works there but doesn’t stop there there’s actually even a business search beta you know we can go in here you can search a like a like a niche if you want to do like real estate and right now they’ve got a few stains in here they don’t have all the different states but

there are apparently there says we’re adding states very soon so we’ll see it we’ll see how that that goes here but it’s it’s not fully ready yet in my opinion but they do have some locations in here so you can go and actually up there and search for different businesses that are in need of accessibility improvements it has to go out there and actually search for all these different records and use that keyword to search and find different businesses that you can go out there and provide this as a service to Matt’s all included on the front end offer you know here

we go it’s gone ahead and it’s found this business you can actually view the phone number the contact name and you can even generate the web accessibility report rate in here and be able to see really quickly what that with that website already looks like you’re here we go you can see it here they’ve got low low low this one this one right here is probably not a fantastic leap because they don’t have too many issues but trust me you’re gonna find ones in here that have big big issues I mean my my dad’s if but as a website has issues already that I can I can see there that he needs to fix already and he’s a perfect like something like my dad who isn’t super tech savvy I mean they’re completely a great lead

for this type of a service because they don’t have any idea how to be accessible they want to be accessible but they don’t have any idea how to go ahead and and do that now let me bring your back over here I want to walk you through the the OTO s here so there are the front end offer it’s gonna give you the cloud-based software you could use it on up to ten websites on that front end offer there and it includes the commercial license with that right on the front end so that you can provide this as a service on up to ten websites so it has that limitation there the first upgrade it’s going to give you unlimited personal websites and it’s gonna give you the white label

edition so it’s gonna actually remove if you notice here there’s a little logo and it’s a it’s actually a link down here that people can click on and go back to their website so if you don’t want that to be on there some people won’t care about it but some people will if you don’t want that link in that logo there then you’re gonna want to pick up that OTO one that’s gonna remove that so you want to worry about about that link being down there OTO – it’s the agency edition on the agency edition you get everything you need to be successful setting this up you could have done for your website they have Facebook ads even legal contracts to go along with this just to make sure that you fit everything you need to set up the business OTO 3 they have extra agency kits you can actually sell eight more

services so along with with selling this you can actually sell other stuff as well and OTO force resell rights over the resell rights you can actually sell this and keep one hundred percent so the software keep 100% of the profits it’s a little bit more expensive but it’s I mean you you don’t have to create a software you get to sell it and keep all the money so that’s pretty amazing here I’ve got a full demo video on the page here if you want to watch that again but you can see all my different bonuses here again my exclusive ones that one said you’re only going to get if you pick this up for me where you’re gonna teach about people are making up to 5,000 bucks doing

this I’m going to show you how to get customers to give you access to my product launch confessions course plus you get all these extra bonuses and these are limited time bonuses during the launch period as well so if you want to get all these with this you want to pick this up during this launch period my bonuses will be available for this five-day period here once that five-day period is over I will be removing my exclusive bonuses so they will be gone from this pay attention as the price will be the lowest during the beginning of the launch so if you’re gonna pick this up make sure you get in there early I always want you could that really bring this kind of price and if you pick this up through me you’ll get all my bonuses here thank you so much for watching stay

safe and I will see you on my next bonus pitch I hope you guys like this this is a different style that I’m used to doing let me know what you think in the comments below here if you have any questions about anything feel free to ask in the comments area below that’s why I put it there and it’s something that not everyone puts on their bonus pages like this but I want to hear your feedback and I want to hear what any questions that you have if you have any questions that you want the product creator to answer I’ll be bringing up bringing them over here to answer for you and one last thing I put this on here because I would want to have this there’s a 30-day money-back guarantee that I’m giving if you pick this

up through my link and you have any issues with it and you reach out to the product Raider and they don’t give you a refund and you’re worried that they’re not gonna refund you well I’m here to be a mediator for you so if you have an issue with this if it’s not working if you need if you need me to reach out on your behalf I’m here for you so I just want to make sure you have the guarantee that if something happens and and you’re within that refund period and you need me to help you and get kind of getting in the way there and and reach out to that product creator I’ll be there and help you and if for some reason you don’t get your refund I’ll pay it on my pocket just make sure that you are happy with this that’s my that’s my goal with this but as always thank you so much for watching and I will see you a few in about a week wait because I’m gonna be sending this out to you for for about five days because I really think that you should pick it up and it’s a great opportunity thanks

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