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30 seconds to a billion years!

A movie with no faces that shows people using mouthwash earns $50,000?

AI 30-second movies are getting close to $500,000 this year.

“You should look into it.”

This AI is way out of its head.

This plan is great because it just keeps on getting better.

Yes, it’s nice that you only need 30 seconds.

It’s crazy that your earnings go up a lot every time you make a nameless movie.

This is because people buy things from all over the world.

Things to sell and people to buy them will always be there.

You are only going to get a cut in the middle.

What is going on?

The Affiliate AI method is being used.

Make 30-second videos that show goods but have no people in them.

It’s not about making money or getting a lot of people to come to the site.

You just have to get a story out there.

You get paid when people buy the things on the market.

It’s really that easy.

At the same time, for one person this year, that’s almost $500,000!

There’s nothing else to say. It could sell itself.

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