Affiliate Marketing For Beginners: $10,000/MONTH GUIDE 2020

In this video I'm going to show you a strategy to make over $ 10,000 a month From beginner full commission marketing even without your website You can see here some of the cells that you made on just one of The networks where I am promoting products here are sales on another network where I am Promote the product you made on One Hundred Fifty One Thousand on it Network and I am also working on a lot of affiliate networks if you want that too Start earning more than $ 10,000 a month without your entire website Beginners here is the perfect keyword for you to focus on 1.3 search volume A difficult difficult keyword right right and this keyword is who I am to you guys Very excited to share this very new technology with you that was just Work really well I've shared with some of my students Get excellent results and make a lot of sales with commission marketing Simple way over ten thousand dollars a month even without your website It is quite possible if you watch this video but make sure that none of it is skipped Parts of this video because it is very important to understand each One part in the process so I'm here inside the ATF dashboard I too We'll show you how to do it without the ledge having a chair with a free tool however HRF makes it easy to understand the concept for that headline The research tool and this way that I will show you today will show you How to target people looking for different types of reviews is okay So stay tuned with me throughout this video.

Don't skip any steps and you will do everything Well logical so here's how this works anytime someone wants to buy A specific product, program, or service generally goes to Google They start looking for reviews of an example you might be familiar with Photoshop Photoshop is probably the most popular photo editing solution even for people That you want to buy Photoshop and I want to read Photoshop reviews they will write In Google's Photoshop review let's take a look at two of these sites Even if you write in a Photoshop review which is clearly very popular A lot of people search for it every day then here is an example of a website if I open that they wrote a review or photoshop and they get a lot more Traffic then at the bottom you will see that there is a link for a person Get Adobe through this website okay This is a special link that will be credited with The owner of this site is for sale from Photoshop now if we look at Photoshop I feel like programming you can see that 85 percent down payment from the first The month-to-month subscription fee is $ 50 a month, then this person will They make about $ 40 per sale and obviously they'll make piles of Sales every day through just their website there Photoshop review Now I'll show you in this video how to do it even Without owning your own website, how can you use another website? Posting your content is very simple then go up to the first page and start Get this traffic for the many products people search for These reviews will rank your site here at The first three are going to be made by sales because people will be Coming to your site they are going to be joining all of these products through Your link, so keep watching, everyone.

My name is Greg Kononenko. I manage this Blogger Caffeine channel that I post regular videos about the affiliate company Marketing to make money from home and if you are new to my channel Please make sure to subscribe to my country Channel below this video, click the Subscribe button and enable everyone Notifications so that I can notify you as soon as I download the next video Well let's go into all the details okay one step from all The process is to find the keywords that people are searching for and me Mentioned earlier we will be focusing on the keywords in which people are located Looking for a review of something up to the first way to find a great keyword is To use this tool called Travis now guys, this is a paid tool I'm going to show you You are in seconds how to use the free tool as well ok but if you want to choose Even través I am not a follower of that by the way so I do not charge my salary Anything if you decide to register but they have a 7-day trial even Seven-day trial for $ 7.00 is just a very cheap way to use Premium Tool for this but I will also show you a way to search for keywords for free okay Even in hours what we will do is I wrote it in the review here and we'll do it Find all the keywords in the hrs database that got the word Review it okay and make sure that the US chose this The largest database here even if this is set for your country then just make sure This is the US then make sure that after you finish the search Click this option using the same terms the left side will be basically Pull out four hundred and fifty one thousand different keywords that you can Work with and you can see who they are so if we review the list you can see it Here it says I am his second name is Alliance Review Mobile Doctor Review Mobile Hello Squatch review in Pixie Ax Raja Security 9 reviews even these All the different terms where people are looking for a product review Before buying the product even people are really very interested In this product they are just sure they like to read any reviews Before they commit to buying the product so let's have a look here on this one Here to choose 0 review again there are few results here however If you open any of these results for you you will notice that the people who are in This site is affiliated with that if we see it says download in Messed or Pro Its free so it appears in a pixel tool that people can use to edit Followers and now this link if you pay attention to this if you copy this link Address and paste it here in the address bar it says sh r SL comm so this It serves as ShareASale abbreviated version so this is the referral link Basically this means that this is an affiliate affiliate I am actually a member of ShareASale and you will see that the ShareASale offer is listed in the pic company Here in ShareASale's commercial market so anyone would want Foster in messed up oh they can join ShareASale and they can become Affiliate messed up oh and they can discount 30 to 50% off discounts and you can Look out from the statistics that on average earnings per 100 clicks are $ 27 27 cents per click which is very good for a free trial offer that we can see from This site says download in Messed Free, as soon as we are redirected before This affiliate link then we are able to get free download of this program however Most likely many people end up promoting or buying some premiums Features and this is how you can money as a subsidiary so you can see With this average offer you can expect to achieve around 27 cents For the click that you sent to these offers so that would be the site here Make money really really just back here on the front Page and direct people via the affiliate link to download this for free Version of this program and then made it money this way and again Repeat this open to anyone who can sign up for Sharra's and get started Promotion for this offer is ok now we have this kind of basic Understanding how the process actually works is what I recommend to you To do is use these filters here at the top to filter and find which keywords Competition is very low even if you remove the filter that can be seen there Actually 12 point 4 million different keywords that can work With, but many of them will be quiet it is difficult to get traffic to what I am suggesting What you do is you can include a keyword difficulty of a maximum of 5 you can even go With less but 5 I find really good work, and that leaves us with 450 1000 Different words, which of course are more than enough for everyone Watch this video to make tons of money I promise you guys that you will show You have a free tool to use so the free tool that you can use is the word calm tracker Just go to the word calm track and write a review here then check it out Google has defined here, the United States, and this Will pull some results here for you totally totally ok so here everything is One of the results that I got the word revision also You can see that word tracking also gives you volume and also gives you So the more competition the more win the more competition So obviously keywords you want something with very few to use for this Method and you'll notice it here at the bottom says open for more Suggestions so you only get to think about 50 keywords for free but you can Open and it says continue your search completely free for 7 days until you can In fact, you get a 7-day free trial and you can do all the searches Those seven days are free and then just cancel the account if necessary Not wanting to keep the service going was the number one move that was all made The second step is to sign up for finding great keywords to work The related affiliate program and do that you need to analyze these different Keywords and open search results for them and see what all this So for example if you look at AVG VPN review so you can open this SERP at Inside the air traps or you can simply take this and open the search results in Google then take a look at the search results and make sure you are This product is comfortable You understand everything and You agree in principle to take a look at what People here on the first page are doing so I can actually see here that this is it Affiliate website therefore they review this AVG VPN solution There are dual links so these are the affiliate links so then if You want to boost AVG VPN wherever you need to find the affiliate program Them until you open google and type one of the subsidiaries of BG VPN The program which should give you a way to apply for their affiliation program here The result has become a subsidiary of ABG.

You can read all of these You can register now and say you can start winning 25% commission All sales of AVG products as part of Step 2 You should go ahead and sign up for an affiliate program and then wait for it You are approved because you may not, in fact, get consent for everyone The affiliation program that you applied for so you need to enter and apply For as many of these as possible and see which one you actually end up with Approved for the time being, this will obviously give you guys Lots of things to work out 450 exactly 1275 of which are different to go There is a lot of money everyone can earn here for this purpose Video I'm actually going to this pics here as an example looks like a Great promotion program with really good profits for every five and a half clicks A search volume per month even in the scenario that I would do if I wanted to To create a review page for bixie so we look at the results In bixie review i will open it i will become familiar with what it is Well this is a photo editing program on it looks very good i want to become Affiliate so we will write a photo affiliate program which will Bring me to all of these results see this beach link and merchant no chart Link so these are all the ways that I can become a subsidiary of a pic company so For example I can go to the event seeking communication partners which is the company that Produce in the photo and here it says you can subscribe to the revenue wire or you can Sign up by clicking on which is another service so I can go to sign up With the revenue wire and this will drive me through all this subscription Operations So I'm going to go ahead and go ahead and for the purposes of this video and let's Assume that I have agreed to promote in the company pic we can now move forward To step 3 which is to start driving traffic to the review and start page Earn money for that in a bixie review if you take a closer look at this The search term I know is already difficult for low keywords I applied the filter in the first step and I also know that these are all sites What really ranks here are all the reviews that are ranked So my job now is to get to this first page of Google search results That I can start getting traffic to my page and I can start sending people Through my affiliation link to download a free image as I told you on Start this video that you don't need make your website for this you can I already use Google Sites and I am going to show you in just a second how to do This heading to sites calms and this allows You create a free website only domain here is an example A site hosted on that is making money the way I am I'll show you if you write a scribble review in Google, you can see This is a common search term that comes up with suggestions even if we enter This is in Scribble review and then guess what just under the first three ads Premium Outcome Results is reviewed by de fin Honest scribble review Well if we open this that's just an example of We show you that these things really work well.

The very basic site arrangement is on the first page It says in this laundry review which creator ebook any good and then From here there is a very short ultra-short review review and all These links see where you say they are called Scribble so this is a follower Okay link and follow this last link click here to check out the scribble Watch a full scribble review and review so you can see this website for free The site I'm going to show you is how to build sites already arranged Very good review in Google Scribble here ranked first The premium search term is generally if you search for all of your keywords All sites are one arranged for this give me a total Only 11.6 million keywords are on Google alone, here are all of them Terms and all URLs are arranged so you can see those sites Hosted on totally free sites 100% of free sites Actually a good arrangement for you can see so here it means this crazy The Ninja Cat is fine with 38,000 searches and it's ranked as one place even if we write Just kind of a double check ninja hat again we can see that so someone has created a free site there and classifies it And also number one well ninja clipping, come back to our example here You can create the website so just go to and you'll be able to Create a new site here.

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You can use one of the pre-made templates The sites we can use for example this here is called the project and if you open that Even this will swell the mold for you and everything now pulls and drops you Just literally can click and start writing You can read the help clearly Likewise if you want but the project has a name what I want to name it is choose Co review because that would be the keyword phrase we would target And we want to make this site totally targeted at Pixi Okay review so let's call it in the check we say review the project name is going to be in Choose CA review as well, here's what you want to give this one line Description Well so far we have the title in the bixie review I understand The pixel review is worth it so now let's move on here and again i Going to call this top part in the computer review then where it says Summary Project Assignment Description This is where you can write your letter So make sure your indentation is to the left and we want to undo this Italic Here you can write in the actual review of the image in your own Words So I made a placeholder just review the guys I wrote in a few Paragraphs here you can see the way I would like to start this in this in the picture Professional review and I will share your negatives in the photo so you can make Your mind and whether you should get it or not Because you'll notice that I used to peek everywhere and me too I started to mess around this will let Google know you're targeting This particular word then actually page is about indexing your review Then I say what's in the pictures here it's a free photo editing tool Download then just put in some kind of text like Lorem A placeholder is okay but if you're not sure what to write then just read all Other index reviews you can find and rewrite in your own words The goal is about 1000 to 2000 words for your review and you will then need to Enter your actual links in this article so that Similar people to this see where it says upload the photo editor pictures you want To do the same thing that you want to include those dependent links in your text Get the affiliation link you will need Go to the Affiliate Platform wherever you are Apply for an affiliate link for that example if ShareASale is for you You'll need to get here and you need to grab your link.

I'm not Continue to choose 0 so i can't get the link now but i will give you Example if I am for example I am affiliated with the winds even if you are He agreed to something he would say like this he would say get links instead To join the programs, you just need to click on the links and get that The affiliate link so I can just click here you get HTML code from either To them if you see something like this where it starts with href is only equal Grab everything inside the quotes so that it equals href The quotation mark is open so you need to grab everything that is These quotes are the actual link and then you can Obviously make sure it is not broken so you can paste it in New key in new page okay so this one is working fine now which is great so far Want to quickly highlight this download in a great surf or friend now and We want to include a link and we want to list this affiliate link that was Copy and paste it in here ok and this is now our clickable feel like this So you want to do the same link a few times throughout the article and Maybe close the article with a call to action to say that, write something Such photos downloaded here for free now and then may make it a little bit Bigger so let's make the title size and let's make it clickable as well Highlight this insert link and then apply so that this again becomes a Clickable link then you want to clean the rest of this site up to us You won't need any of these things here below so just delete all These sections so you can click here delete and then delete the entire trip Deleting those clicks deletes all ride I also recommend it below, see where it says now The phone number of the e-mail address that you included links to your affiliate disclaimers Your privacy policy and your contact page if you need a little Tips on how to see these pages, you can look at my father's hustle and bustle Quiet site on the bottom I have a link to the disclaimer of affiliation also You'll see it on top.

I've got the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy I cannot guarantee this is in accordance with your law Local laws and legislation this is just fair I share what I did Personally all right now you are ready to publish your site once everything Good to go click on this publish button and it will say web post on the web So yeah title we want to keep that in pixi review like it with dash Until Google realizes it once again this is in this Pixi review Your public URL will be / view / in pixi review It's great that you don't want a custom URL because you don't want to The domain you only want to use the free domain domain is very important now Where the search settings request general search engines say my country is not displayed The site does not take this you want to make sure this is the default Setup because you want to search general engines like Google to get to your site And start showing it to good visitors so now we can click Publish and this will publish the site and if we now preview our site We can see / you / in publishes your review / home and all These links that have been posted in say for example at peak download at The image is free now this will redirect us via our link to Downloading this into a photo program well of course takes us now to the wind Because this is the link you listed but you have an idea even all the links It works now and your website is now free website The Internet is ready to start getting traffic from Google search once Again just to repeat if you wonder if if the sites that It is hosted for free only. actually works Actually getting traffic well the guide is here for you guys so you can see Here is the site directory and all pages on this site Rank for tens of millions of search results okay here you can You see everything actually works very well and that's because I am I think Google gives little priority to the domains hosted on Google Because they are clearly where they want to get more traffic to Their domain so you can have a free website at and you can Really good traffic, actually traffic for your browsing pages and It won't cost you a cent Hope you enjoyed this video that you came out with Videos like these at least three times a week so make sure to subscribe only Below this video enable everyone notifications so you can get them I was notified as soon as I downloaded my next country Thank you very much for watching my video The name is Greg Kononenko I'll see in the next video .