Affiliate Marketing For Beginners | How To Get Repeat Customers

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you how to make more money with essentially the same
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help you reach your goals. Now let's say you're getting the idea of affiliate marketing. You are creating content,
maybe here on YouTube even, that leads people to a
specific product or service that they are interested in purchasing. So for example, you do a video
comparing two different types of video editing software,
demoing them and talking through the pros and cons of each of them and giving them your
affiliate link to purchase whichever is the best fit for them. When people purchase, you make
a commission, which is great.

But here's the problem. When you send people directly to the site to purchase, if
they don't pull the trigger right away to purchase, you very well may never see any commissions
come from that person. Now compare that to
someone who offers them something of value for
free that people can get when they watch that very same video. Say a PDF with their top
10 video editing tips. They give the link in
the video description and tell people to click it for access.

When people click on it, they are taken to what is often referred
to as a capture page. It's simply a web page
that makes them put in at least their name and email. When they hit submit that they receive whatever free giveaway
you are providing to them, whether that's a PDF
download, video, whatever. Now that you have their
email address, guess what? You can continue to reach
out to them through email. You can provide them with
more free value, nurturing that relationship, building that know, like, and trust factor. AND you can mix in additional
offers or recommendations that they may be interested in. Building your email
list gives you the power to market to people over and over again. People often need several
interactions with someone before they are ready to make a purchase. By building an email list and
writing to them regularly, you are providing those
additional interactions, that they may need, giving them the confidence
to make the purchase.

Plus, you are now starting
to create repeat customers. People who really resonate with you. Your style. Your content. The way you communicate. And they are receiving
a lot of value from you. They will not only make one purchase, but purchase after purchase. It's funny, but once you've
been doing this for a while, you'll see that there are
people who've been on your list for years that have finally
made their first purchase after receiving your emails for ages. Maybe initially, the timing
wasn't right for them to make a purchase, or
maybe you finally built up enough trust with them
that they are ready to buy. But truly, the power of
building an email list that hears from you regularly,
is not just in nurturing people who have seen your content, but in creating repeat
customers, and then raving fans. It takes way more effort to get someone to make their first purchase with you than it does to get them to make their second,
third, fourth or so on. When you make great
recommendations that truly serve and help your audience, when
you continue to give them value through your content, a subset of your repeat customers
will become raving fans.

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Raving fans are those who
buy everything you recommend. They absolutely love you,
tell other people about you, and they make purchase after purchase. As you can imagine, those raving fans are incredibly valuable to your business. Imagine finding a new tool that you love and become an affiliate of. Without an email list, you
would create some new content that leads into your
recommendation for it, and work to drive some
traffic to that content, hoping that some people will
see it and make a purchase. Now compare that same scenario to someone who has been building an email list. They simply write one email
to the list of thousands of people who've already
consumed some of their content, maybe made purchases from them and the sales just start flowing in. Todd and I recently made over
$20,000 in about a three day time period by simply putting a new offer in front of our existing list. Many of those sales came
from repeat customers. We've used our email list
to win affiliate contests even sailing trips to Greece. It works really well. Plus, you should be telling your list whenever you come up with new content.

It serves them. Builds more of the know, like,
and trust factor with you and it gets more views on
your content, telling whatever platform you are using, say
like YouTube that it's valuable content and that they should
show it to more people. Getting you more views and
expanding your audience. As you can see there's a ton
of power in creating your list. Plus, it's something
that you actually own. Say you are using Instagram
or YouTube to create content and make referrals for affiliate products. Well, sorry, but you
don't own those platforms. If that platform decides they
don't like what you are doing for whatever reasons, or
they change their policies and now what you're
doing is no longer okay, they can shut you down overnight without warning, and without recourse.

If that happens to you, and
I know people personally that have had this happen to them, if you don't have an email list, you are in really big trouble. Especially if you support
your family solely through your business. That income will dry
up virtually overnight and you will have to start over
from scratch somewhere else. If you've built an email list,
you can continue to market to those people through
email while you get set up on a new platform. And then once you're all
set up on a new platform, you can simply email your
list telling them about it and inviting them to
start following you there and you've got an instant
audience right from the beginning. Building and serving an
email list is the best way to create repeat customers
and even raving fans in your affiliate marketing business. Now to learn more about exactly
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