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What Is AffiliView?

In A Nutshell: The PERFECT Way For Complete Beginners To Build Campaigns As Powerful As Seasoned Pros With Next To No Work…
AffiliView Will Not Only Quickly & Easily Build Complete Affiliate Review & Bonus Pages For Users..

It Also Comes With 20 DFY Campaigns For The Top Selling Products Of 2019. Emails, Bonuses, Graphics & Demo Video For Every Single Product.

This Is Perfect For Autoresponder Sequences.

Our Upgrades Make Perfect Sense & Give The Complete Package In Total.


The Features:
1-Launch Offer: Install Affili View On Unlimited WordPress Websites,
Make Unlimited Affiliate Campaigns Like The Pros,
Includes 20 DFY Campaigns For The Top Selling Affiliate Programs Of 2019,
Collect Unlimited Buyer Leads,
Export Unlimited Buyers For Your Autoresponder,
Get Access To Priority 12 Hour Customer Support,
Step By Step Quick-Start Tutorials,
No Paid Traffic, No Content Creation & No Research Required,
Quickly Build Full Affiliate Bonus Campaigns,
Never Pay Monthly Fees Again,
Instantly Monetize & Deliver Pre-made Bonuses Automatically.

See More Features:
Scarcity: Built-In Timers,
Leads: Easily Collect The Leads Of Each Buyer,
Emails: Export Leads To Any Autoresponder,
Campaigns: Complete Campaigns For Top Products,
Customize: Easily Build Top Pages Like The Pros,
WordPress Plugin: Install On Unlimited Sites.

AffiliView Works In four  Simple Steps:
1 – Speed: Quickly & Easily Build Full Affiliate Bonus Campaigns Just Like Top Internet Marketers,
2 – DFY: Includes Full Campaigns Of Graphics, Videos, Emails & Bonuses For The Top 20 Products Of 2019,
3 – Save: Never Pay Monthly Fees Again. No Paid Traffic, No Page Builders & No Time Researching Products,
4 – Monetize: Instantly Monetize With Your Affiliate Link & Deliver Pre-made Bonuses Automatically.


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Video Review For Front End Only


hi Dean here from deans reviews today
I’m taking a look at a new product
that’s coming out called a fill of you
now if you’re watching on my youtube
channel please click the link in the
description below to go over to my
website where you can purchase a fill of
you and check out my bonuses that I have
for you and while you’re at it if you
haven’t already please subscribe to my
channel and give this video a like and
leave me a comment
it really helps oh phil of you goes live
on tuesday october 29th at 10:00 a.m. so
what is it
well if they love you basically is a
wordpress plugin that you install on
your site and what it’s going to do is
is going to allow you to promote 20 of
these successful top selling affiliate
marketing products that have already
come out here in 2019 now they’re all
proven sellers and you know they should
do a really good job selling for you as
these 20 products are all done for you
meaning that they include all of the
bonuses all of the sales copy demo
and/or sales videos all the graphics
emails basically everything you need for
any of these products to be able to
promote it and make sales with it now
what we’ve got behind me here is a sales
page and let’s take a look at this this
is finally build affiliate campaigns
like the pros newbie friendly zero paid
ads zero research simply plug and play
your way to profits okay and the best
part you don’t need to create anything
yourself which is true as i say they
supply at all i’ll quickly build full
affiliate campaigns bonus campaigns
includes full campaigns for the top 20
products of 2019 true never pay monthly
fees again i’m not sure what they’re
referring to but okay and instantly
monetized and deliver pre-made bonuses
automatically which is true
it works in four simple steps quickly
and easily build affiliate bonus
campaigns just like the top internet
marketers it includes done for you
campaigns graphics videos emails etc
which i’ve already gone over for you
i’ll never pay fees again monthly fees
again no pay
traffic no page builders and no time
researching products and monetize with
your affiliate link and and deliver
pre-made bonuses automatically now if
you go down through the sales page here
again I’ll let you do this on your own
oh they’re going to show you income
proof they’re showing you go on down
here these are the two gentlemen that
are bringing the product out to us again
more income proof it’s going over some
of the problems all that newbies and
beginners have with doing product
reviews why buy it they’re showing you
Commission’s that have been paid out to
people testimonials okay and so just
take a look at this on your own
on your own time there’s a lot here to
read a lot more than I’m gonna take time
to try to go through right now that
being said I believe that the 10
products 10 of the 20 products that are
coming with a front end are going to be
conversion bot ranked real X wave mobi
first migrate list grow commission
toolbox commission profit profit hack
stock nation takes video direct and
advert sweet and these are just again a
10 of the 20 products that are coming
out are there going to be 10 others that
haven’t been announced at the time that
I’m doing this review this comes out on
the 29th I’m doing this on the 25th so
I’m a little bit early with my review on
it but there will be 10 others in the
front end now as I mentioned a fill of
you comes as a plugin for a wordpress
site so with the front end you’re going
to get a license to install that as well
on unlimited domains and you also get a
license to build unlimited reviews and
bonus pages oh I’ve been the back end of
the Philippine here and you can see a
fill of views over here on the left hand
side it is a wordpress plugin
we go to a fill of you all the one I’ve
been working on the review that I worked
on here for demonstration purposes is
for a movi first my great which is one
of the products that you’ll be receiving
with it fill of you and if I go over
here to edit on it this is the fill of
you on the back end now and what you’ll
be seeing when you walk when you work
with it basically it’s just a matter of
filling in the various sections I’ve got
a video that I included up here that I
put in up here
oh that they make that it comes with all
you basically fill in the various
sections and when you’ve got all the
sections filled in well you basically
out your cell for review now to give you
an idea if we go over here to this is
actually the review although let’s
review that I put together here is what
it looks like on live on this website
and again here’s the the video that I
put in the front end does come with a
countdown timer you can put in your by
buttons here on this particular case
I’ve got this one going to Google
alright just put it in and there’s
Google yep and okay you better Google up
there there we go now all of the content
that you’re putting in here and here
again are the bonuses some of the
bonuses that you can that they come with
it all that you can put into your tea
reviews um the fill of you itself like I
said is a wordpress plugin you can see
your it’s a plugin that works with
WordPress gives you results similar to
these I’ll give you another idea we go
over here these X way for instance if we
view that this is a review for X wave it
was done with the fill of you the bonus
is down here and so forth okay some of
you also comes as I’m showing you here
with a dumb few members area okay now
this is where you’re gonna get the
twenty campaigns various campaigns
products that you can promote
the done-for-you Club there’s conversion
BOC ranked real X wave mobi first
migrate the one that I was playing with
this grow Commission tool box and so
forth this is where I got the ten
products that I indicated would be
coming that I know about right now and
there will be ten more and then also
within this area you have over here you
have my campaign bonuses if you click on
that and here here are the various
bonuses that are available and
everything within this is plug and play
in other words if you wanted to add one
of these bonuses all to your review all
you would do is just copy everything
copy everything off all the way up and
there’s paste it back into the where are
we back into the review or the bonus
rather section I’ve lost this no back
into the bonus section anyhow of your
review and it would appear okay that’s
the review itself yeah
alright I’ve lost the link to the actual
website now
but anyway everything is that you need
is done for you in terms of it being
plug-and-play if you go over here to the
products themselves for instance i was
doing the moby moby first migrate here’s
the headline which you would plug into
the headline section of the plugin oh
here’s the video which you plug into the
place in the in the plugin where you put
your video major benefits section you
just again just copy all this and plug
in and put it in to the to the product a
fill of you on your website and it all
appears and gives you the results like
you’re saying here okay so
okay taking a look at taking a look here
at the funnel
I’ll fill of you on the front end is
going to be $22 and for that as I said
you’re going to be able to build on a
limited review and bonus pages install a
plug-in on unlimited domains it comes
with a built in scarcity timer you can
export unlimited leads comes with 20
done-for-you campaigns including bonuses
videos graphics and emails upgrade
number one is $27 a month club
membership and for the $27 a month every
month they’re going to research ten top
products and again they will then
deliver the complete products to you in
your members area again with the demo
videos the emails everything you need to
promote those so you can take those ten
top products that they they give you
every month and just plug them into the
fill of you and on your website you’re
going to have another ten products that
you reviewed or however many during them
once you decide to do you don’t have to
do them all of course every month fill
of you traffic $67 or they now add
traffic to the mix this software allows
you to automatically post 20 to 24
traffic sources post videos pages posts
and images and no paid traffic ever
fully automated run unlimited monthly
campaigns for zero monthly costs upgrade
number three would be a fill of used
seller $197 this is going to be access
to full reseller license for a fill of
you you can make and sell bonus pages
for other marketers as a service you can
install the software on other people’s
WordPress websites so basically you’re
you you in a sense own a fill of you at
that point and you can market it and
resell it okay to other people Oh last
but not least upgrade number four OTO
four is gonna be a philip a fill of you
bootcamp for one hundred and forty seven
dollars this is an advanced affiliate
marketing course delivered by a proven
six-figure marketer okay so
that is the fill of you in a nutshell
I’ll go over what I like and what I
don’t like I like the fact that it comes
out of the box with twenty done-for-you
campaigns are they gonna give you a fast
start toward profits okay the vendor
says that they’re going I like the fact
that the vendor says that they’re going
to maintain this product for at least
two years it’s streamlined it’s a
streamlined way to do really good
quality reviews off of any product you
might want to promote and selling them
just one of the products of these 20
products that comes with on the front
it could easily cover all your costs of
the fill of you itself okay what I don’t
like is basically that because of the
fact that it’s a wordpress plugin that
obviously means you can have to have a
wordpress website to run it okay
oh but a wordpress website is part of
the arsenal of tools that any affiliate
market or online marketer needs so if
you don’t already have one set up oh
it’s a good time to think about doing
that okay I’m not gonna cover up or
cover how to set up a website here or
there’s fun there’s plenty of videos on
YouTube that’ll tell you how to do that
if you’re on my if you’re on my site now
watching this go on down further down in
the description of the of my review and
everything you’re going to find a link
to a YouTube video that I found which is
very good if you’re on my YouTube site
watching this click on the link in the
description below go on over to my
website and you can find that link to
the YouTube video that I found again
that is very good and one of the nice
things about this particular video he
shows you how to go through setting up
the site but he also shows you where you
can get hosting for your website for
basically a dollar a month about twelve
dollars a year which is fantastic okay
so it’s very low investment from that
point of view in terms of getting
yourself a site set up if you don’t
already have one um that’s what I don’t
like um one of the other things that I
dislike about well I can’t say dislike
if you’re
you’re doing your Moses for instance in
a Philly veal um
I showed you where that you know they
have the bonuses available for you
already and you can just plug and play
them into the product and they’ll show
up nicely like this and that’s fine and
dandy if you’re using one of their
done-for-you products but let’s say you
want to you want to promote something
that it’s not that’s outside of the ten
or I’m sorry the 20 that it comes with
or outside of those that they’re going
to supply to you every month you want to
do your own so here’s a bonus for
instance that I did basically from
scratch and it’s a little it’s not as
easy doing that as it is one of the
plug-and-play bonuses that they have for
what I had to do for this is that I had
to get a image of the bonus all right
the build a better email list had to get
that image I had to put this into that
image in there and then I had to get the
text and I did this in a word
I’ll get the text copy it and paste it
in here so it’s a little bit a little
bit more cumbersome but it is definitely
so let’s my review of the fill of you
again this goes live on the 10:00 p.m.
Eastern Standard Time
I’m sorry 10:00 a.m. Eastern Standard
Time let me double check that for you I
have a tendency to I’m sorry 10 a.m.
there you go Eastern Standard Time don’t
wait till 10 o’clock at night on the
29th of October Tuesday the 29th I hope
you found this useful and that you’ll
pick it up from my site via the link in
the description below and thanks for
watching and until next time have
yourself a good one bye bye


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