Annihilation OTO 1(VIP DFY), 2(Traffic), 3(Partner with Jamie), 4(Platinum), 5+Annihilation Upgrade

Annihilation OTO: 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th , 5 . 1( VIP DFY), Annihilation OTO 2( Additional Traffic and monetization sources), Annihilation OTO 3( Partner with Jamie), Annihilation OTO 4( Platinum), 5(Diamond )

It Is Mandatory to Get Front End Before Any OTO,
Can Get Any 1 or More OTOs Directly From Below If Already Got


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Annihilation OTO

Annihilation OTO


do everything for you!

OTO2 : Additional Traffic and monetization sources

Here you get extra resources, accessibility to; and license to use Annihilation as your own personal agency

OTO3 :Partner with Jamie

you will get Unlimited attendance to the Webinar training for LIFE + Priority service and attention in the webinars. Webinars have been performed by Jamie weekly since 2011.

OTO4 :Platinum

Ethically “Jack” our traffic from our awesome launches! Users can add their tracking pixel to our sales pages.

OTO5 :Diamond

Resell “Annihilation” as your own product and be a vendor!


Annihilation OTO

What is Annihilation ?

“Annihilation” is an Internet marketing program that combines software with incredible strategy teaching people how to sell our highly successful agency service as a vendor or an affiliate.

Users can use our high ticket offer with their own vendor account, or get instant $329 commissions as an affiliate.


Video review for front End first

Text from this video

Hi guys my name is the shanshu from the Shan Shan comm and today i’m going to review and halation this product is surely a done-for-you solution for the guys who relatively need to promote the high ticket merchandise and in addition they are new and no one is virtually giving them the approval the quantity one purpose this product is finished-for-you answer since it’s gonna give you the product high-end product the place you are making a excessive-finish commissions and also a perfect specific visitors source so there is nothing you have got to do it in a nutshell it’s totally

Performed in your product before i’m going into the details about this product i’ll go into my bonuses and i will inform you that my bonuses are simply wonderful from me and it can be not gonna be to be had anywhere else even though you can verify out different folks different men and women supplying bonuses and which you can come again any time right here i will exhibit you my bonuses here so number one I will give you a funnel builder with a view to actually which you could examine it from click on funnels it can be not some some go to low cost or my own funnel builder it is some thing that’s gonna be significant and i will give you a technique for this funnel builder and this will probably be your futuristic funnel builder with executed for you pages the whole thing is

there you’ll on no account you’ll suppose so good about it the second one is my secret traffic source what i’ll exhibit you learn how to get the visitors additional visitors on this present given that in this offer they’re supplying you with only one traffic source and in this video i’ll inform you how one can sincerely explore that visitors source greater than your need greater than greater than they are telling you in this tutorial so that is the one and the 0.33 one I gives you my secret visitors supply what I do for my traffic when I was starting out and nonetheless i’m doing it considering the fact that it can be already lifetime certain site visitors supply

So on this bonus you’ll see me to pressure the traffic life on my pages and this is yet another excessive fine visitors traffic bonus why i am supplying you with these all visitors bonuses in one product considering I think this is a very satisfactory product very super pleasant opportunity to make so much commissions and if in case you have various visitors options plus the funnel builders it is gonna just give you the whole thing what you ought to make money on-line here and sooner or later you’re going to have that all when their bonuses you are going to get it and within the contributors field so these are all my bonuses and that you could get all those bonuses

Even you’ll purchase entrance finish product so this is all about it and now we will be able to go to the sales page this product really delivered to you through Jimmy Lewis and David can be my buddy and they are virtually doing a very good job here so here it’s displaying you the whole lot what is ready Jamie and here you might see what is the site visitors its i’m going to show you a on no account-earlier than site visitors source plus hello can hike best converting high ticket monetize ur on the planet this is the most straightforward cash-making combo ever seen by using a beta tester and does now not require the cost email advertising and marketing and funnels and with out these myths money catalyst you could bank 329 greenbacks over and over again and a hundred% free visitors and tons of it so yes this is like 329 greenbacks a pop for one sale and you will get a traffic source with it that’s why i’m packing plenty of site visitors sources which which you can get traffic once you’re going to follow what i’m telling you free of price not

Paid commercials and you can do this by your self and once you go down here it’s showing you the some beta that beta testers results and that is the visitors source is telling you you do not want all of those things and if you are going to go down it is gonna give you a demo here you could see that this is the demo you could come by it can be like all of the beta testers they only making so much commission’s throughout it and you are able to do it too and that you can come by way of your self and assess out the entire sales web page

this is all about it and now i will bounce into the individuals area so here i’m within the contributors subject of animation so as soon as you’ll click on on this click in on this button you are going to go to the internet site from where which you can get the traffic when you’ll purchase this one i will give a full small print at Oriel how you gonna do it and this gonna be filled with it the opposite one is customized sincerely the the custom present and this is from Pei kick-begins not from where you plus or JB’s or anything and that you may come here make your actually make your signal up your account and also you simply say show all affiliate hyperlinks and that’s it it’s gonna give you your affiliate link it is just that instantaneous you could get your affiliate hyperlink from here you might see that that is my each 12 months India correct now I simply utilized it’s it can be simply instant availability immediate approval from the affiliate link and this is particularly primary given that what what’s taking place when you are going to start it a number of companies aren’t going to truly approve you for his or her offers in view that they consider you are gonna send them an awfully trash visitors and they do not know you and so they don’t wanna need their EPC happening that is the essential concern and quite a lot of guys

They are simply trying to unsolicited mail the guy’s product they simply weren’t going to buy that product from their possess hyperlink and are they gonna just use their product that is this is like taking place with them that’s why they’re just type of now not gonna give you an approval there are such a lot of different rationale I and i will not blame them for that so this is the one you could have the excessive ticket product which is like approval there the other thing is they’re providing you with which is very cool here that is like finished for you carried out-for-you page builder you could see that I mean it had all of the things here come right here just see this if i will go to navigation i have

the entire blocks i’ll go to sliders i’ll have the entire blocks simply drag and drop you see this i’ll drag and drop here and it can be simply coming and that you would be able to also make your squeeze web page with it and this come is like unannounced bonus from Jamie and suppose if I gives you a enjoyable capability to have all these things and you have this one as good including with this p.C. And you will see what you can do here all of the blocks here and simply that you would be able to just drag and drop identical to that and you can alternate anything you can come right here and play it round i understand how to do it simply click on here change the snapshot something you want that you can add something here this is how it’s gonna work so which you could play it round so that is like 0.33 one after which there is one more one that is a reseller variant of the prior made of Jamie that’s called cool guru destroyer you could get this one as good what does it mean

it’s gonna give you instant approval and then that you can simply drive the visitors here and get 100 percent commission now hope you realize and which you could come when you buy it Jamie additionally will let you know everything here what is that this all about how you are gonna do it and i am gonna go in in right here more so that is the now what I confirmed you already and that is like up sale that is like an upsell from Jamie and that is like VIP accomplished-for-you traffic this is what’s gonna happen and i will return i am not gonna go into the small print that is achieved in your toolbox and it is gonna give you without a doubt completed on your visitors here and this companion with Jamie is and not upsell for

for the Jamie have plenty of webinars here a variety of webinars and where it’s gonna give you golden nuggets what is honestly how he is earning money and the way you can do it and follow it this is relatively first-rate upsell and then these are the video tutorials about the whole lot right here which you could come here and determine it out via your self it is all video tutorials that he wanna provide you with with it and that is a different upsell but it’s gonna do genuinely it can be now not opening correct now what its gonna do genuinely it’ll it’ll give you an option you can add your snap shots on there that is for evolved users the people who knows what easy methods to add the pixel from the facebook from the Google commercials and if you are going to add your pixel here they you can Jack Deere visitors when you consider that they may be gonna add that pixel of their in their subsequent revenue pages and different pages and you’re going to get a whole site visitors by means of your pixel to your pixel record that is how it’s and that is like VIP VIP membership

And these are the targeted bonuses if you’ll come right here you can get the detailed bonuses and the support that is all about it now we’re going again in right here and let’s talk in regards to the upsells right here so here is owed you one but i will let you know we IP finished for you is 33 upsell and you could get it $19 downtown so that you will have to go together with this one as good additional visitors and monetization so 39 and 24 is the down sell same with the accomplice with Jamie what I used to be telling you it all in regards to the webinar is a golden nuggets which you can assess this out over your for and this is like Jack our traffic

this that you could add the pixel on the upcoming upcoming earnings web page of Jamie and which you could get the traffic from there and right here is the resell rights of this entire product is solely $27 which is sort of a big steal so that is all about it guys hope you adore and recognize this and when you’ve got any question you can that you can just ping me which you can simply contact me from Zeeshan chat calm / contact i will reply your questions when you’ve got any question before buying it and as soon as you’re going to purchase this product eventually when you will go to your contributors field you’ll in finding this blue button the place you’ll click on and you’ll entry my bonus which is like very easy so that is all about it i’m hoping you adore this video i’m going to see you around thank you

Annihilation OTO