Are Google Sites SEO Friendly? (REAL Case Studies)


Hi that is Simon Leung from SimonLeung dot com (SimonLeung.Com) and in our last video we talked about how one can become profitable withGoogle web sites the feedback has been pretty positive so far as most peoplewere now not aware that they can construct a website free of charge instantly from a toolcreated by using Google so remember that a lot of you’ve got been really excited toget into that for that excellent job you get a fist bump for that now despite the fact that theidea of utilizing Google web sites to earn a living is an enjoyable inspiration we still obtained alot of questions on the best way to use it get visitors and how you can monetize interms of monetization i’ll incorporate extra on that topic in future videosyou’re welcome although if you’re a little impatient and wish to get some suggestions toget started right away touring my website at Simon Leung dot com (SimonLeung.Com) and grabbingyour free access to this online mini path totally free can be a pleasant startfor you tutorials on the way to use Google websites to build our type of straightforward pageswill also be shared later correct here in this channel so if that is your firsttime here and also you want to be notified of future videos which you could thinkabout subscribing to this channel to get up-to-date on that go ahead suppose aboutit i’ll wait oh you’re achieved thinking excellent thanks forsubscribing on your subscription you get to fist pumps for that one let’s notget carried away right here okay in order for today we’re going to comply with up with ourprevious video to exhibit you how we can get viewers from Google to our GoogleSites at no cost so with out further ado let’s do this welcome again now final time I confirmed youjust a couple of one-page web sites that we built with Google websites and once more thebeauty of Google websites is that the whole lot is already set up for you sothat all you have got to do is factor and click drag and drop and even reproduction andpaste if you are feeling tremendous lazy and you continue to be ready to finish a web page infive minutes whenever you get used to it are there pros and cons of using GoogleSites well of direction there are identical to with the whole thing else on the planet butfor someone opening out or want to branch out to a bunch of differenttopics and genres and still have a presence online speaking a few widevariety of things that they need promoting anything new industry ideasthat you might have while not having to need to pay for any new domain nameregistrations and website hosting and going by way of the tedious approach ofinstalling WordPress and environment all of it up and customizing it with differentdesigns and themes well Google web sites is a best solutionfor you to create as many websites as you wish to have for definitely free and our ownsites are doing very well for us here is why if you happen to remember from my the best way to makemoney with Google Video one of the most first tips used to be to get visitors which is what weneed to do right here and that first process that we talked about was getting freevisitors immediately from Google the important thing right here is we want to take advantage of allthe men and women who’re browsing for whatever in the major search engines andassuming that you just definitely offer that way to them well we want them tofind your web sites let me show you an instance when we go to google.Com and doa search for internet millionaire secrets and techniques which is the identify of our courseand of course the keyword phrases that we’re focusing on that you can genuinely see that itis really aggressive with fourteen factor six million search outcome which meansfourteen point six million opponents despite the huge competitionyou can see that our Google web sites genuinely will also be found on page one numberone now i’m now not sure if you have been payingattention to what I acknowledged in my earlier video about dominating andowning a couple of positions on the primary web page of Google but this is also what wehave performed here although we had now not rather been actively marketing all theseproperties that we had developed you can see on this page that we are displaying up notonly for Google web sites but in addition for our YouTube videos we’ve yet another listingfor our Google web sites plus our blogger search outcome as well as from our ownwebsites plus a number of the graphics which are taken straight from our contents aswell as some further social structures that you’ll find straight on this pagein regards to all these distinct houses as well as the differentsites on how you can dominate Google as we’re doing here we really get moreinto the approach in our reside classes that you could find out more about at myinternet’s routine calm however at present we’re simply speakme about Google websites we’rejust just right sufficient for many persons to get began the other illustration that we sawwas our e-commerce millionaire secrets and techniques one-web page websites which once we return uphere to Google and do a seek for which you can also see that our possess propertiesare at the prime of the web page out of three.3 million search results web page one numberone is our facebook posts followed by way of two of our consecutive Google web sites aswell as if you happen to continue to scroll down see a lot more of our possess propertieswhich we had uploaded with regard to e-commerce millionaire secrets many ofwhich have been truely created final 12 months of path in mixture with our otherlistings which can be additionally on the primary web page our tactics had been verified to workextremely well to carry in visitors back to our principal website at my internetevents calm now although we most effective pointed out these two Google Siteswhich signifies that technically we handiest have two examples to show you in thisvideo i’m feeling just a little generous today so let me go ahead and provides youanother instance you’re welcome just to let youknow a different one of our publications is referred to as internet advertising and marketing insidersecrets after we do a Google search on it that you would be able to honestly see that we’ve over13 million opponents yet our houses are additionally occupying multiplefirst web page positions you’ll find up top now we have a wordpress site adopted bysome videos as good as extra homes that are owned through my domainnames and of course the opposite tactics that we talked about including bloggerand yes Google sites we additionally now have multiple first web page positions ongoogle.Com anytime any person of these web sites are visited the traveller will thenbe redirected back to our most important page at my internet activities calm so that they canregister for our next reside occasion now considering the fact that i’m feeling a bit of bitgenerous at present i’ll throw in a further bonus instance is that ok greatyou’re welcome again for our internet advertising insider secrets category weactually have a chinese language variation which we had beforehand carried out in countrieslike Taiwan as well as Singapore now we are sincerely on a time table toconsistently give this specific chinese language type in Penang Malaysia this isthe chinese variant of our class it is called one lorry shell identify Mimi and ofcourse it manner web marketing insider secrets cash and girl Delilahsince we’re here let’s go ahead and do a search on that 9 hundred and fiftynine thousand rivals but while you take a look at page one quantity one ourGoogle web site is sitting lovely proper there at the top of the web page for thenext list that you may naturally see they are two special movies created with the aid of oneof our lead mentors and they are no longer than anywhere between 30 secondsto 43 seconds and there are also at the prime of the search listingsas we scroll down you’ll be able to see an additional Google websites adopted through a blogger sitein addition to several of our other homes so do our approaches work andmore specially does Google web page or to no longer best entice site visitors however convertvisitors into purchasers in any area of interest the reply is an amazing yes my studentsand I approve this always and wager what all these strategies areabsolutely free so it goes with out announcing that if you wish to develop evenfurther you will want to develop into other choices you can see that we alsorank for YouTube videos which is another cause why I earlier mentioned I wantto focus more on movies this yr but additionally to that there are also plentymore systems that you would be able to explore there may be blogger there is facebook there’sInstagram and so many different platforms that you should utilize if you want to learnmore about these techniques in future movies like this video and let me knowdown within the remark section that you are interested and of path ensure ifyou haven’t already to hit that subscribe button and click on on a bellicon so you don’t pass over anything which you could also join with me personallyon facebook at facebook.Com/ for /v Tsai ming-liang and Instagram com4 /d SimonLeon that you would be able to also follow me on Twitter too if you wish to have however here’s the thing mytwitter profile was once recently hacked and that i misplaced a entire bunch of tweets andfollowers within the method haven’t but had the hazard to send it all up againsimply on account that we now have been so busy engaged on very most important matters righthere on our staff inside our community however you could start following now if youwant to and we can be again up and running very very soon you will see mytwitter at twitter.Com/randymckown thanks you


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