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You Well Get

1. Unlimited YouTube Accounts,
2. Unlimited Research
3. Unlimited Video Finder And Import
4. Unlimited Video creation / Branding
5. Unlimited Graphics
6. Unlimited Video Renders
7. Unlimited Live-Streaming
8. Commercial Rights
+ More


The OTO2 :ARVO Expert  

You Well Get

1. Max Video Traffic – 3 Step Set-Up
2. Social Syndication
3. Add Unlimited Social Accounts
4. Publish Across Multiple Channels
5. Unlimited Graphics
6. Schedule for Automation
7. Twitter & Pinterest
8. LinkedIn & Medium
+ More

The OTO3 :ARVO Traffic

You Well Get

 Daily Buyer Traffic – 12 Months

Quick Set-Up, Training Video Included.

The OTO4 :ARVO  Agency
You Well Get

-Unlimited License

-Bonus Page, Bonuses

-Templates & Training Included.

What Is The ARVO

The Short Answer: ARVO is a Complete ‘Cloud Based’ Video Marketing & Ranking Suite Designed & Built with Genuine Usability in Mind… And EVERYTHING Is Built In.
Research & CC Video Finder – For users who don’t have or want to make their own videos ARVO will search and find Viral Creative Commons (CC) videos they can use, all from user keyword input.
Customise / Brand – Make those CC videos unique to YOU… add your logo watermarks, audio, background music, text bars & lower thirds… It’s EASY with our Walk-through Video Creation Wizard/
Traffic / Google™ Page 1 – Dominate multiple Google™ & YouTube™ page #1 positions with just a few clicks using ARVOs Built-In Live Streaming Tech.

Results In Minutes
Zero Monthly Fees*
When Purchased During 5 day Launch

All In 1
ARVO is an all-in-one video marketing / ranking suite built especially for marketers of all levels. The sole aim of this Game Changing software is to make it easy for ANYONE, even total newbies, to get traffic, results and make money with video.

Until now, creating videos, getting them ranked, and getting traffic with video was time consuming, complicated and costly… But ARVO changes that.
Newbies Included

Regardless of whether you’re a seasoned video marketer of stone cold newbie with an acute fear of making videos ARVO will change the playing field for you. Use your own videos or use other peoples (ARVO finds CC videos which you can legally use).

Stand Out… Make a statement (& get bigger and better results) by using ARVO to brand your videos or the viral CC videos the software finds for you.
Traffic is FREE
Organic Traffic Is FREE – Google™ Page 1 is just a click away with ARVO Live-Stream Tech. And there’s no need to leave our software or set up some techy third party app either.

ARVO has Live-Stream Tech Built in, so you can now live stream your pre-recorded videos directly to YouTube™ and rank at the top of Google™ & YouTube™ almost INSTANTLY.
Who doesn’t want genuinely FREE targeted Traffic?
Zero Monthly Cost
Server costs are high, and we should be charging a recurring fee… in fact we will be charging a monthly fee… But not for the first 5 days. So when your customers secure access within the 5 day launch window they’ll only pay one (for the FE).

Techy? Nope… Of course there’s a lot of techy stuff going on under the hood, but in terms of usability ARVO is simple enough for even the newest newbie to start using in the next 5 minutes.


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Video Review For Front End Only


hey and welcome to this arvo
demonstration now in case you don’t know
arvo is designed with one thing in mind
it’s designed to get anybody to the top
of Google or YouTube or both in minutes
now when you use RV that need backlinks
you don’t need to know SEO you don’t
need any tech skills it’s simply a case


of capitalizing on live events but of
course you don’t make those life events
you simply use videos and you don’t even
have to use your own videos now let me
show you what I mean and how our effort
works number one you can see that we
have the menu in the top bar if we click
here then you can also see that there’s
a menu on the left hand side as well so
what I’m going to do is I’m going to
quickly take you through and show you
some of the crucial elements these are
the elements that will allow you to jump
to the top of Google and YouTube and
really that’s what arvo is all about so
number one we can check out YouTube
videos so we can check out videos for
particular phrases which are popular
which are viral simply by clicking here
and let’s say we put weight loss in


there and then we just click there and
now you can see that we have a number of
videos which will give us an indication
of what’s going viral in this particular
niche and let’s say that we wanted to
check out that video there we could just
click here where it says YouTube link we
can check it out there or we can check
out the video details here so this gives
you all of the details such as the
published day views likes and that kind
of thing but then the most important
aspect is the fact that rfo will allow
you to extract videos that you can use
yourself and these are other people’s
videos but you can use them legally
because everything that arvo finds is
Creative Commons and basically that
means you can use them so we go over
here and we click on video fetcher
download from YouTube and we can put in
weight loss here we’ve chosen ten videos
we’ve got ten videos in white last niche
for the weight loss phrase and all of
these are Creative Commons so we can use
these videos so let’s say that I wanted
to use this video

click there I can preview it here I can
download it there or I come up here I
can download again or I can merge in
download and what this means is I can
merge two videos together and download
those as one lastly I can merge both of
those videos or more and add a watermark
now this is where we get into branding
these Creative Commons videos I’ll talk
more about that in just a moment but
let’s just say that we wanted that one
we would click there click up there

download and then click Submit now being
able to use Creative Commons essentially
other people’s videos is great for just
starting out or if you’re just breaking
into a new nation don’t have any videos
in that niche but you can also use rfo

with your own videos so if you have your
own videos if you have PLR videos if you
have videos that you have permission to
use all you need to do is come over to
the gallery click on video gallery and
then it’s the video gallery we can ARVO OTO
either add from Drive so if you have
videos on a Google Drive then you can
add them from here or you can just click
browse for example and then you could
let’s see at this video here for example
I can just take that from my device
upload it like so you can see then that
video is added here I can preview it

next we have an optional step which will
allow you to brand any videos that you
use so these could be your own videos it
could be the Creative Commons videos
that you download from YouTube so I’m
going to do is click there and just show
you this quickly so the brand of video
first you need to give it a title so so
we call this one RV excessed

then what we need to do is we need to
choose our video now we can use the
YouTube videos we could build a video
from images for a video creation or we
can use an inbuilt video now remember in
gallery I showed you how you can add
your own videos so I’m gonna click here
and just choose the video that I’ve just
uploaded so this one here choose that
one now in this section I can add audio
and this is for adding audio to videos
that I’ve created from images so
next step here you can grant sections
such as images and videos and lastly we
can add text watermarks and animation
now the element that will allow
absolutely anyone to jump straight to
the top of Google and YouTube without
SEO without any skill set without
additional cost without anything is life
event streaming ARVO OTO
now after reiterate you won’t have to do
anything live arvo simply capitalizes on
youtube life events but its dreams for
videos as your live events so you never
have to do anything life so let me show
you how this part works so we click on
add events we drop in a keyword here so
I’m gonna call this one ARVO OTO
Ave a click find so now you can see that
the software has put together all of the
events for you now I’m just going to
choose one of these I’m just going to
click this one here and then let’s see
select a video we want to use let’s see
where is it
this one here so we’ll click that one so
you see that’s out it there and these
thumbnails choose this one here like so
and click Submit you can see that the
event is now set up and that’s really
all there is to it ARVO OTO
and now if I just take this phrase here
drop it in here like so you can see that
that video for that stream is instantly
at the top of YouTube for a particular
phrase okay so the same with giggles
let’s reload this so ARVO OTO you can see so
we’ve got two right here already
so one three minutes ago and one five
minutes ago these are all scheduled
events you can see strength to the top
of Google and of course I’m just showing
you the video section here so let’s
click all you can see straight to the
top of Google or so this is everything
it’s not just video so you can see by
using Arva you can jump straight to the
top of Google
YouTube now this is perfect for
absolutely any nature doesn’t matter
what you sell online it doesn’t matter
if you’re simply an affiliate looking to
make some extra Commission it doesn’t
matter if you’re a launch jacker in fact
if you watch this video to the end I’ll
show you one of yoga she’s case studies
and this is simply where he ranked


instantly for a launch it was taking
place and it’s something that absolutely
anybody can do you rank for the launch
you beat the competition and you make
commission it’s as simple as that so
let’s go back to our vouchers for a ARVO OTO
moment when you log in you’ll see the
dashboard so you can see all of your
events everything that you’ve done
within arvo is right here in handy
format so you can see everything without
scrolling through the software video
research I’ve shown you this but you can
check out viral videos you can see the
details relating to the videos you can
see while they go viral you can see
their likes their published days which
is really handy if you’re just breaking
into a niche but I know an awful lot of
people are going to use rfo for launch
jacking burning affiliate commission

that kind of thing so if you are just
breaking into a niche then you can use
Creative Commons videos essentially
these are other people’s videos that you
can legally use or as I’ve shown you you
can upload your own videos or videos
that you have permission to use so ARVO OTO
you’ve not played them from your device
so you click on video gallery you upload
the videos that you want to use all you
have to do is either click and download
it from your drive to your Google Drive
or you can upload it from your device
you can brand any of the videos so any
of the videos you add into this system
you get a video lab and then you can
brand them here so I’ve already shown
you this but you can add details you can
add text you can add video backgrounds
image backgrounds you can add watermarks
lower thirds text configuration you can
even add animation to text

live-streaming now this is the part that
will get you to the top of google and
youtubers have just shown you very easy
everything can be used in a combination
or it can be used in two ARVO OTO

Julie so for example if you have a video
you could just upload it into the
gallery and then stream it lastly we
have social syndication I’m sure you
know what this means but basically you
can share details of each and every one
of your video streams across your social
media channels for more and more
exposure and traffic and lastly we have
a bonus which is a sticky video and a
sticky foot it now you’ve seen this
video so kind of scroll down the page as
you scroll down where you can do that
with arvo as a bonus and that’s

basically Arvind in a nutshell I hope
you’ve enjoyed this demonstration video
thanks for watching thanks for checking
out this page oh I know you forgot let
me leave you with this quick case study


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