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What You Well Get?

1. Unlimited YouTube Accounts,
2. Unlimited Research
3. Unlimited Video Finder And Import
4. Unlimited Video creation / Branding
5. Unlimited Graphics
6. Unlimited Video Renders
7. Unlimited Live-Streaming
8. Commercial Rights
+ More


The OTO2 :ARVO Expert  

You Well Get

1. Max Video Traffic – 3 Step Set-Up
2. Social Syndication
3. Add Unlimited Social Accounts
4. Publish Across Multiple Channels
5. Unlimited Graphics
6. Schedule for Automation
7. Twitter & Pinterest
8. LinkedIn & Medium
+ More

The OTO3 :ARVO Traffic

You Well Get

 Daily Buyer Traffic – 12 Months

Quick Set-Up, Training Video Included.

The OTO4 :ARVO  Agency
You Well Get

-Unlimited License

-Bonus Page, Bonuses

-Templates & Training Included.

What Is The ARVO

The Short Answer: ARVO is a Complete ‘Cloud Based’ Video Marketing & Ranking Suite Designed & Built with Genuine Usability in Mind… And EVERYTHING Is Built In.

Research & CC Video Finder – For users who don’t have or want to make their own videos ARVO will search and find Viral Creative Commons (CC) videos they can use, all from user keyword input.
Customise / Brand – Make those CC videos unique to YOU… add your logo watermarks, audio, background music, text bars & lower thirds… It’s EASY with our Walk-through Video Creation Wizard/
Traffic / Google™ Page 1 – Dominate multiple Google™ & YouTube™ page #1 positions with just a few clicks using ARVOs Built-In Live Streaming Tech.

Results In Minutes
Zero Monthly Fees*
When Purchased During 5 day Launch

All In 1
ARVO is an all-in-one video marketing / ranking suite built especially for marketers of all levels. The sole aim of this Game Changing software is to make it easy for ANYONE, even total newbies, to get traffic, results and make money with video.

Until now, creating videos, getting them ranked, and getting traffic with video was time consuming, complicated and costly… But ARVO changes that.
Newbies Included

Regardless of whether you’re a seasoned video marketer of stone cold newbie with an acute fear of making videos ARVO will change the playing field for you. Use your own videos or use other peoples (ARVO finds CC videos which you can legally use).

Stand Out… Make a statement (& get bigger and better results) by using ARVO to brand your videos or the viral CC videos the software finds for you.
Traffic is FREE
Organic Traffic Is FREE – Google™ Page 1 is just a click away with ARVO Live-Stream Tech. And there’s no need to leave our software or set up some techy third party app either.

ARVO has Live-Stream Tech Built in, so you can now live stream your pre-recorded videos directly to YouTube™ and rank at the top of Google™ & YouTube™ almost INSTANTLY.
Who doesn’t want genuinely FREE targeted Traffic?
Zero Monthly Cost
Server costs are high, and we should be charging a recurring fee… in fact we will be charging a monthly fee… But not for the first 5 days. So when your customers secure access within the 5 day launch window they’ll only pay one (for the FE).

Techy? Nope… Of course there’s a lot of techy stuff going on under the hood, but in terms of usability ARVO is simple enough for even the newest newbie to start using in the next 5 minutes.


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Video Review For Front End Only


hello my friends readers viewers and
Watchers this is Mark gray from true the
wolf of online marketing comm and I’m
looking today at a new software called
arvo I have no idea what arvo means or
what it stands for but the point of this
software is basically to get page 1
rankings and there have been there’s
been a lot of talk about this and there
have been a lot of testimonials now at
the time of recording this video the
sales page has not really been updated
so I thought before we you know we do
the usual thing where we go to the sales
page etc etc I will show you
mark bishops Facebook account his his
personal profile because there are lots
of examples of people getting getting
these page 1 rankings now after I’ve
recorded this video I’m going to use the
software to upload a very short video
that I made and use a thumbnail just to
see what the results are so hopefully
you’ll see the short video that I will
show you not this video but another one
that I created at the top of Google I
know obviously I’ll show you through the
software and tell you what it does so
let’s have a look so this time I think
you know mark has realized that mark and
mikata have realized that the best way
to you know to show that your product
works is by getting testimonials and I
completely agree nobody likes you know
nobody nobody likes it better when there
are testimonials that they can see look
out on the sales page and people think
then yeah I can do that
so this is from I don’t know some of the
random in the beta testing group saying
for the first time I managed to convert
page 1 of Google search videos and you
can see here he has
or this is on YouTube and this is on
Google so he has for his chosen keyword
he has managed to get all of his videos
all all across YouTube on Google and
that’s one of the you know that’s one of
the powers of using this this new


software so this is this is just a
little testimonial I just tested a new
software our for the results are amazing
so easy to run the best part is my
videos were ranked top of YouTube within
five minutes of running the software
I went incognito mode and double-checked
as well
there they are right at the top thanks
Yogesh this is friggin awesome so you’re
getting yogesh is actually the designer
of this software and he’s just launched
it with Mark and Vinayaka because
they’re you know they’re big big-name
marketers and the software will sell a
lot more with them behind it so again
some more testimonials I’ve been testing
out of all of the features the video
research tool is amazing value being
able to search for videos and –
brilliant and then to be able to
download copyright free videos is great
a live streaming feature with schedule


has helped me schedule my videos weeks
ahead and this will help me grow my
channel the social syndication tool
which we’ll get to has helped push my
videos I have uploaded the conversion
booster has made it easy for me to add
my videos etc arvo really is amazing in
a few minutes I master the top three
positions and YouTube’s search results
it’s easy mr. Armel software being able
to easily create videos without
downloading anything is really killed

but best of all I can automatically
embed my videos on social networks and
generate quality backlinks to my videos
Marvel is the best so you can see those
results here from Steven Brocklehurst
who I actually know from another beta
testing group and he is you know he’s a
real person all of these are real
persons by real people otherwise we
wouldn’t see them on Facebook so you can
see lots of results there as well and I
think it was a few more through them all
so here we go the results are amazing so
easy to run the best part is my videos
are ranked top of YouTube within 5
minutes of running the software and
again you can see he is ranking for so
many different things which is really
quite cool actually

and I’m not really into when I when I
when I create videos whether they are
review videos or they are just raped no
regular training videos I don’t try to
get every single spot on the you know
every single spot in the top ten because
I think it just looks a little bit
spammy but it does work that works
completely so Before we jump to the
software okay this is actually our Vil
you can see I have one little one video
uploaded which I’ll show you in a sec
very easy to do it yeah this is the
sales page now as I said it’s not
finished I think that there should be
maybe 60 seconds or six minutes I’m not
sure because when you’re using the power
of live videos live events they really
are powerful now five years ago three
years ago even they used to be a lot
more powerful so again you can see
people you know gray software a local
business and Heidelberg in Germany house
renovation top results so he’s doing

local marketing so it works for local
marketing as well as affiliate marketing
it basically works in any niche that you
want to use in you go even more so I
would say that this definitely works and
I’m looking forward to trying this after
I have done this kind of review video
now okay I wanted to show you something
else as well if you click the link in
YouTube you will go to my website my
website is here you can see it’s quite
easy to see mark gray tone reviewing
online marketing news if you scroll down
you will see my review of arbol and
normally I kind of I go in I kind of go
off topic of all and talk about
different things but I just wanted to
you know to give people the facts of
exactly what this software can do
because it could they could have went on
forever if I started going off on a
tangent about how powerful is on being
on page one you know the amount of

traffic that you get from being on page
1 etc etc I can actually if I I guess I
could yeah I can actually I’ll show you
my traffic stats from being on page one
no traffic is going to this just now
besides search engine traffic so I’ll
show you this in a second I’ll show you
my statistics in a second and then
you’ll see how powerful having organic
page 1 rankings really is so yeah so
have a read over my review as I said I I
just kind of stick to the actual
software because there is so many things
that this software does some things
video research and download when you
create a life streaming video and image
gallery social social syndication which
is basically just getting backlinks from
social media which works conversion
booster this was confused about so I
asked mark sticky video and sticky
filter feature that means that when you
have your thumbnail and you go to scroll
down the the footer will move up and the
anything that you’ve put on the video
will move down so that people keep

seeing so that’s what that was quite
smart as well now the bonus is I’m
giving away for this because I believe
in this product I know the SEO works I
know that it’s really hard to get going
with SEO especially especially if you
have a website video SEO is a lot easier
though personally I have more trouble
with video SEO than I do with
with ranking websites so what I put
together was a 50-minute training
session that I have you know that I
never show outside of my one-on-one
coaching this is not just SEO this is
basically this basically gives you it
gives you the chance to put your channel
and your videos years ahead of anybody
else so this is you know it’s a very
limited offer and it’s me teaching you

no fluff or filler I just dive right
into it and I show you how I get my
YouTube channels to go you know not to
be how to say not to be new channels but
to be almost like buying an age domain
of 20 years old or something and I teach
you how to get how to get subscribe to
teach you a lot of things I’m not going
to go into all because I’ll just end up
explaining it so that’s one then seven
of my most powerful YouTube trainings
this includes YouTube wives channel
optimization seo editing
the celeb system and a ton of other tips
and tricks so this is seven so YouTube
trainings with all the upsells so it’s
like 25 PDS mr. Steve videos plus a
little YouTube software in there as well
then as well I decided to go traffic
victory now you can go and Google
traffic victory and if you put in
traffic victory review you will find the
sales page you’ll find the reviews of
what this product does plus I’m giving

all of the upsells and that includes
advanced training on YouTube and
Facebook this has multiple case studies
in the front end plus the OTO and I just
think that yes being on the front page
with a video is brilliant but driving
traffic to somewhere like it a website
like mine is even more powerful and the
the last two you can have all the cover
yourself so have a look over my policies
know that they’re better than any of the
PLR or rubbish that other people will be
giving out and I’m confident in that
because you know my my 5km on to $5,000
a month coaching students they’re happy
to keep paying me and they you know they
usually only stay with me for a month
because they start making money and know
what to do but some people stay on for a
bit longer so I’m revealing some secrets
that I would never leave never normally
reveal in this with this product because

I totally believe in mark
Venkata and the arvo system so I’m
giving away those special bonuses right
let’s just go back quickly to our book
so this is a software you have the
choice video view youtube video
analytics so you can see which videos
you know which videos have the most
views and more subscribers the most
likes etc and you have the you have the
video fetcher so you can download from
YouTube directly a video if you want to
and let’s say I was just looking at some
things here like internet marketing how
to make money on Clickbank etc and you
can put in anything here and then when
you let’s just put a quick back why not
I did find a couple of funny ones good
ones as well and then what you can do is
you can choose one of these videos or
you can choose two three four and you
can put them together now I wouldn’t
recommend it for the affiliate marketing
make money online niche because most of
the time it’s people like me talking so
it’s quite hard to put them together but
if you were to be in another niche you
know anything from cats dogs dieting
weight loss bodybuilding any any Nisha
talk then you could very easily find
videos choose a few that you like and

you can kind of splice them together to
make one video and then what you can do
is you can put on top of that video call
to action
so basically a link on top of the video
that you the other people can click and
also remember these are Creative Commons
video so you have you know you’re
completely in your rice and you’re
completely legal to be using these
videos there are some videos that you
are not allowed to use but arvo only
kills in the Creative Commons videos so
what you can do is you can choose one
and you can put your you can you can
download the re-upload it and then use
the arm or software to to kind of how to
say to modify a little bit so that it
becomes your video with your links your
description and then YouTube recognize
recognizes that as a unique video and

that’s you know that’s fine you can do
that no problem but like I said I would
choose your niche carefully that is
gonna bring me back again back here
because I was thinking like choosing a
niche product is a pain in there
sometimes so I created this tool for
myself well it does that it covers 97
issues with 4 main issues and under
every niche is a clickable link which
takes you to a high converting digital
product and Clickbank and I did create
this for myself and I just started as a
small project with keywords and then I
can I thought okay I could actually
develop this into my car Anish and
keyword finder and that’s what it turned
out to be except now you can actually
find digital products in over nineteen
issues just with a click of a button on
Clickbank so you won’t be stopped for
Nicias or submissions to use or for a
product that would fit that so that one
should help a lot and so yeah video
research you know video fetcher which
you just saw and you can choose the
video you can preview it you can
download re-upload and then when we get
to the video lab you can
you can start pinning them together now
I’ve not selected anything because this
is my own personal account this is not
you can see this is not JV account or
like an account that people give to
affiliates is actually my account
because I really wanted to have it so I
said tomorrow who could put me up pick
me up give me a copy that’s mine because
I went to you so yeah so you have
livestream so you sorry yet you can
create videos and the video lab you can
add call to actions graphics whatever
you want on those videos then before I
go to this I’m just gonna call you at
the gallery so video gallery here you
have the choice if you want to upload
your own video so I I did make a little
short video and I’m gonna check and see
if it ranks for marks are really easy I
can preview that video again this is and
I shot mark okay so that’s that’s what
you can do as well if you want to use
your own videos then you just upload
them and you can you know if you don’t
have fancy recording equipment you can
use your your webcam or you can use your
telephone and just do like a
you know we can sell a little selfie
video and that’s enough for this for the
software so you can create a little
selfie video saying hey it’s
such-and-such click the link below to go
to my full review or click the link
below to go to this great product or
whatever you want to say then you can
upload it here I click here it’ll take
me to where I can choose a video and
upload it and also as well I can upload
a thumbnail to go like to go over my
video and I can also you know I can also
customize my video with with something
I’ll show you the thumbnail actually
that I have so here is ok never mind you
can upload a thumbnail and the thumbnail
I have basically says something like
this opening arvo click below to read or
watch a still arbol review so that’s
what I’m going to use with this software
and hopefully that will get this video
that this small video I just showed you
straight to page 1 so if you see that
video you know that it works I will do
it tomorrow morning I think just before
the product goes live so live streaming
this is really where the power comes in
so you can live stream your YouTube
video I don’t have one ready to do so
the date there is a demo one the sales
page that you can you can have a look at
and basically you just click to go to
live events click the video that you
want that you’ve created inside
arvo and it will stream as a live event
now a little tip that I’m going to give
you because as you can see in here
inside the Argo platform there’s no
training no no you know what to do with
what to do with how to start marketing
how to get into YouTube which is why I
gave away all of the bonuses as well so
there’s not really any training that’s
one of the few cons I can say about this
there are some videos on how to how to
use the software which you would expect
of course and here is the social
syndication and basically they just this
just means that your once your video is
uploaded to YouTube through arvo you can
then you can then share it automatically
to your social media accounts or social
media accounts that you’ve created just
for this particular project and the
conversion booster is what I was talking
about the sticky video and the sticky
sweater and that’s all part this is all
part of the front-end the main package
there are of course a few upsells which
they always are with internet marketing
products on my marketing products
doesn’t matter you know what niche what
kind there always are I mean there’s
even upsells and McDonald’s do you want
to go big do you want more bigger chips
bigger coke do you want this do you want
you know do you want an apple pie
they’re always trying to upsell you
people are always trying to upsell you
it’s just the name of the game and
something that we have to come up with
so anyway yes this is our vote I have
you know spent about I don’t know about
four hours playing around testing it and
I I really like what it does it’s simple
to use it is it works I have to say it
works flawlessly so you don’t click
things and nothing happens you know you
click it and there’s a smooth transition
from one page to the next whether you’re
you know uploading a video file or
creating a new video or downloading a
or searching for a video everything is
smooth and seamlessly gone so I really
you know I really like it and I’m glad I
got my own copy which I will be using
because I think this will be great for
me she’s where I don’t want to you know
talk on a video I’d rather somebody else
talk to the video and I put my you know
website below my description below and
use our vote to rank it so yeah okay
guys I hope that helped a little bit
with you know what you’re getting with
Arlo what it is what it does
again if you run YouTube click that
click the link below how you know have a
read over my review it’s a long will be
a lot faster than watching some some
person like me talk forever and you know
hopefully you’ll see the value in these
policies that I’m giving you
yeah they’re insane value actually for a
product this I think it starts with
seventeen dollars or twenty dollars so
it’s the same value that you’re getting
so all right guys thank you very much
this is Mark gray front turn with our
roll which gets you page one rankings
using live events and social syndication
thanks guys for watching chest

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