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Video review for Front End only

Text From This Video

Audika OTO: What’s up people today? I’ve obtained this audi s4 we’re doing an information on, as well as I’ve got the uh system x, ceramic renew spray that they sent me that we’re mosting likely to try out after we do among my uh levels. 5 information on this vehicle, so I’m going to discuss my prep process leading up to the application of the systemx renew spray. So if you’re brand-new to describing or you are a professional that’s learning how to make use of ceramic coatings-or you simply wish to brush up on your expertise here-is my fundamental procedure for a fundamental information. Audika OTO, which is, as they claim, clean the clay as well as coat. Those are the moneymakers, since occasionally you get customers who don’t wish to pay a tonne for security.

They just want a shine, so I have in a pump sprayer a rinseless laundry remedy, which I am pre-soaking the cars and truck with before I hit it with towels. I like doing rinseless cleaning over pressure washing since it exercises better for my mobile solution in California, where water regulations are rigorous. My following action is hand cleaning an auto making use of plush towels, which I change sides on to prevent swirling paint. Several of you are probably like, wow, I have actually never ever seen this previously, but this is a pretty usual clean technique for some of us mobile detailers. I hand completely dry the vehicle after before I move on to decontamination. Just so, I do not wind up with any type of water drying up or anything like that.

Audika Local OTO

I am using what I believe is a 450 gsm drying towel that is made in Korea. Twisted reasoning, then going to clay the automobile to eliminate any contamination prior to applying the finishing. This cars and truck was not too heavily infected; the owner takes pretty good care of it and also washes it quite frequently, but we did find some contamination below. You absolutely wish to do this action before doing a finishing simply to get the best bonding to the surface. If you do pressure cleaning, you may think about including a results removal phase also.

I always coiffure everything out utilizing my air blaster side kick. Ensure that all the trim is dry, so absolutely nothing leaks out. While I’m coating the automobile as well as likewise leaving a drip totally free surface for my client, drip complimentary is among my biggest family pet peeves. When it comes to auto cleans as well as detailing, I always tidy and also wax door jambs as a good finishing touch as well, and then once again to ensure that there’s no dirty water or anything like that may present and down onto the surface area while I’m wiping Or if you’re dealing with a vehicle or anything, Audika OTO like that is constantly good, just give those door jams a wipe. Your customer will truly appreciate it too. Plenty of individuals neglect to do this. Surprisingly, after I’m done preparing the automobile, I’m going to use a panel prep representative to cleanse the surface area and also make certain there’s no clay, lube, or anything left on there that really did not get rubbed out.

So I have a completely clean surface area for the systemx renew to bond to system x. Renew is a sio2 ceramic-based spray coating that can be made use of as a booster for the systemx layers or for other coverings that include hydrophobic homes, gloss, and also slickness. It is rated to last as much as 6 months. I am checking it right here on a fresh surface area, so I’m mosting likely to offer this consumer a call in a couple months to wash his car. I’m going to start by revealing you a few methods of application. So you can do like you would with a normal, fast detail, spray or other ceramic spray product.

You can spray your towel, wipe on, and afterwards get an additional towel to clean completely dry. This things wipes on and also off really conveniently, pretty much just like a detail spray. This is really less difficult to rub out than various other ceramic sprays that I have actually checked out also. That would certainly also be your most traditional, Audika, OTO method of application, using a minimal quantity of item and probably using even less product on already ceramic surfaces. So below you can simply kind of see the backward and forward. There are no touches or anything. You can just barely inform that it looks slightly glossier.

Audika OTOs Linka

On the various other hand, you can see my towels relocating kind of slowly on that side, however it’s much slicker on this side wiping backwards and forwards. If you are very logical about absolute coverage, you can do like you would with a regular ceramic covering, grab an applicator block spray, the applicator block with layer and then clean on and also off, do go across, hatches, or whatever fits your fancy and after that wipe off with a completely dry towel, to make sure that is additionally most likely a quite conventional approach of utilizing this product as well. I believe Audika OTO would certainly have. I would state that you can probably get maybe five or six automobiles out of the spray bottle, judging by how much was left therein. I did it on this vehicle and afterwards, if you are trigger satisfied or you like to over saturate or make use of a tonne of product, you can spray it on and wipe it off with a good huge drying towel like I’m doing here. I indicate, I do this with regular, fast, detailer sprays after cars and truck washes. I don’t understand if I would suggest doing that with using that much item when you’re using a ceramic spray.

I’m uncertain what the regular price of this container of product is. So I’m not sure just how effective that would be up until now. This has been incredibly easy to use. I’m mosting likely to apply it to the remainder of the car using this towel method and likewise the various other techniques also. I’ll go over each one of them once again. Aside from the incredibly inefficient one, the surface is getting extremely slick as well as, like I said before, this wipes on and off like a routine, fast information spray like the ones I use after auto cleans, which is rather extraordinary since even a few of the other ceramic sprays I have actually made use of, you’ve actually reached clean them off to obtain every little thing off and also they left touches and whatnot behind and also utilizing the applicator pad approach versus the towel technique had no effect on just how streaky it left it afterwards or exactly how very easy it was to wipe on as well as off. This things doesn’t seem to flash extremely swiftly, so you have time to clean it off.

Also, don’t fret if you get a telephone call. You need to leave for a minute. It ought to remain great on the surface and afterwards clean right off easily too. I’m going to use this stuff to some other surface areas also and after that evaluate just how hydrophobic every little thing is at completion. So here we have actually obtained the glass, so I’m going to hit the glass with some of this stuff and also see what that does. It cleans on and off the glass easily, and also when I inspected it later in the past doing the windows, that had actually left a pretty touch. complimentary finish outside, so a good little uh-booster for your consumer would be to add it onto the glass to provide some hydrophobic residential or commercial properties on the glass as well.

AudisAudika OTO has these kinds of plastic mirrors, so I applied some to this mirror too, as well as it left it feeling extremely slick after that as well as was really easy to clean on and off. This vehicle has plastic on the trim, as well as a chrome erase. So I’m going to coat all the plastic and this stuff too as well as see if it works well on film because a great deal of films absorb these products. I additionally did the front lights also, although I realised just now, as I’m editing this video footage, that I did refrain a hydrophobic examination on the headlight in the future. So sorry regarding that. I also splashed this on the plastic trim in advance on the grill below. It’s truly nice that this product appears to be compatible and also quickly functional.

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On many surfaces, I was a little skeptical in the beginning due to the type of marketing where I saw this firm, yet it’s actually verifying to be rather great up until now, so I also splashed it on the wheels after I had actually cleansed them with all-purpose cleanser. I sprayed them down with the panel prep and afterwards cleaned up the tyres also. So I wished to see exactly how well this spray held up on the wheels. I constantly placed some sort of coating or spray wax on the wheels after car washes or on our tyres. Jobs

So we’ll see the length of time this covering spray lasts on a set of wheels from a high-performance car. Now for the enjoyable part: testing how hydrophobic points are. Up until now, so excellent on the glass. Wonderful little water grains there, and also they ought to wipe right off, and the glass really feels very slick.This plastic mirror part appeared to actually such as that finish. Look just how hydrophobic it is and how nice those beads look. Grateful that worked with there, so we’ll see on the paint below, that’s pretty hydrophobic for just being a stand alone on its own. I also evaluated the plastic. At the same time, you can see the vinyl is beading up too, so it seems to function well on vinyl without obtaining soaked up.

I recognize that’s like a tiny item there along the home window trim, but some of the various other spray finishes I’ve made use of just soaked up into plastic as soon as possible and also had no hydrophobic homes. We’ll see how it does on the plastic trim on the grill It appears like we’ve obtained Some excellent hydrophobic homes there too, so this Audika OTO can be a great little plastic finishing for you and afterwards on the wheel too. It seems to be beating up rather well, so in conclusion, I ‘d say that this is a great covering to utilize on many surface areas for being a spray. It’s incredibly very easy to make use of and I am quite excited to see for how long it holds up just as a standalone, and afterwards I’ll additionally utilize it as a booster on a few other cars. Right here’s our indoor stroll around, so you can see there’s no streaking or anything left behind under the sort of dimmer light in the garage. This spray is a great thing to carry deck for points like the type of information that I just did, which would be thought about.

You know, a replacement for your wash clay as well as wax or your annual information if you do annual upkeep coverings, so this stuff looks really shiny. The owner was really satisfied with the coding and hopefully we’ll be learning through them again soon. So thanks. Systemx for supplying a product. I can’t wait to check out the various other things youAudika OTO sent me, and after that every person, thanks for seeing. If you’re not subscribed currently, please hit subscribe, provide the video a thumbs up, and then stay tuned Monday, Wednesday, as well as Friday at 12 p.m

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