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AudioCreator OTO Links Above –  What is AudioCreator ?

AudioCreator is Professional & Fully Cloud-Based Platform To Create Unlimited High-Quality AudioBooks In 60 Seconds Flat!
AudioCreator removes all hassles & enables you to succeed without-
Stop Spending monthly on money sucking Freelancers –
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Product Overview

AudioCreator OTO Links Above –  What is AudioCreator ?

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Video review for Front End only AudioCreator

AudioCreator   – Text From This Video

Hey, this is Chris with Affiliate Tube, and today I’m going to be talking to you about a product called Max Funnels, and this is an amazing product. If you’re looking for some kind of a funnel creation tool other than using the expensive click funnels, which is what I’ve been using here, as you can see, for several months of paying upwards of $ 300 a month for it for promoting my own products and services, so max funnels has a lot of benefits. There are also a couple things about it that I’m not too crazy about. I’m going to go over all those. I want to show you how the whole funnel system works, and on my website you can actually get all the details about max funnels. There are going to be some coupons on there, some special pricing and some bonuses if you happen to buy it through my site, but you can learn all about the pricing and everything here.

The links are directly underneath the video. Now, before I jump into the software, I’m just going to go over a few of the main features it has to offer. Just in case I forgot to mention it, max funnels are extremely fast.It’s built upon a really good platform that makes the website really fast, and the other thing is with it. You can create unlimited, proven, converting funnels and pages in any country with any goal within just a few minutes: they’re pre-made, they’re extremely professional funnels.

The other thing is that there’s no monthly fee for this. Okay, unless you sign up for one of the upsells, which is the template club, where you get additional templates every month, it’s just a one-time fee and you can use it to build as many funnels as you want without ever paying that monthly fee, like I’m paying Right now, there’s a reason why I continue to pay with click funnels and I’m going to talk about that here in a minute. It has a fully drag-and-drop visual editor and I actually like the editor of max funnels much better than click funnels and you’re I’m going to see why it has analytics; it has integrations with autoresponders, webinars, and pixabay CRMs. It has inbuilt SEO management, so you can optimize all your pages. It has automatic SSL encryption, so you don’t have to worry about your site’s not being secure, and it’s also complete.

AudioCreator OTO AIUpsell 

Step-By-Step video training and tutorials are just a couple of the other features on here. It is fast when you build it to get leads. You can do split testing. You can create unlimited subdomains and teams for multiple businesses’ management. It has a media drive to store and manage your files.

This is really nice. We already talked about automatic SSL encryption. It has SEO management, you can manage page funnels, it has training, and so on. So this site has all the details about the up-sale pricing, so be sure to check that out. We’re going to jump back in here, though, into max funnels, and you can see here where I set up one of these funnels, and if we go over here to click on View,

This is the funnel that I have created now. What I’m going to do is kind of show you how I set this up and how easy it is to create a funnel, and then we’re going to go inside this funnel. I want to show you the editor and how easy it is to edit all of these. So up here at the top, you’re going to see several tabs. One is the new campaign.

This is obviously where you’re going to build out a new page, a new whole funnel, or if you want to do split testing pages, they are right here, funnels, split tests, and your analytics. So very simple. If we go to pages, this is just a simple page that I had. I really didn’t do anything with it. I’m gon na go here and delete it and I’ll show you what you can do.

If you want to create just a page, you simply click on it. You’re going to select your project, you’re going to give it a name, click create, and then it’s going to take you to the templates, where you’re going to choose a template to use for this one page, as you’re going to see here. This is a lot different than ClickFunnels, because MaxFunnels actually focuses on a lot of different things that ClickFunnels doesn’t, so you got your lead generation. You’ve got your webinars, sales and upsells, and thank you, but there will also be bonus and review templates.Okay, this is something Click Funnels doesn’t have.

AudioCreator OTOs Linka 

So if you’re doing any kind of review products, you can have pages completely done for you, where you just change out the information and that’s what you’re going to promote for your reviews and your bonus pages, and you can see here they have other ones. But I’m not going to go through these right now. I’m going to go through a funnel and show you how all this works, but you can go through all these and you can view them. So, for example, let’s see here’s a Thank You page. Let’s just go down and look at one of these: You can see that okay, here’s a sales page If we click the eye here, we can go in here and we can take a quick look at what the sales page looks like. I mean, Coursera, okay, and you can see these are very professional sites.

In fact, this IM university is another product that the creator had, and this is what he used to create the sales page with, and if you go down here, you can see how nice this looks. So basically, what you would do is just choose this as your page and then you can come in here and easily edit any of the content, remove any of the content, change out pictures, videos, or whatever it is you’re going to see here in just a minute. Okay, so that’s pages. Also, on the left hand side, you can see that you can have your own creations or you can start completely from scratch and design your own landing pages. Okay, so we’re going to go to the funnel. This is where it’s good, because they have completely done for you funnels, which is what this is, and so basically, what you do is the same thing that I did with pages. You’re gon na click on new, funnel. You’re gon na choose your project, the tight, whether it’s a webinar sales launch or lead, we’ll just do a sales page and then what does do test two or do test two and you can see down here.

It’s going to add this to the sub domain that I have created with max funnels. Now you can use your own domain for this right now. I just have you set up on your own, a sub domain, and if you click Add, it’s going to take you back to the templates page again, where you can pick out a sales funnel now. These are very, very professional. For example, let’s go into this one right here.

If we view it, it’s going to show us. These are the six pages we can see here. We can kind of get a glimpse of all these and what they are. You’re going to have your sales page first and then, after your sales page, you’re going to have some upsells, and after the upsells, you’re going to have your final. page of thanksSo if we go up here and click on this, this is the Thank You page.

AudioCreator Local OTO

That’s what it looks like. We can go to the first page, which is rated whoops. Let’s go back here and we can click and basically you’re just going to get a preview by 2020. You’re going to get a preview of what all these pages are, and you can see how nice this is. I mean, these are like the sales pages you see on jvzoo and warrior press, plus major product launches, but what you do is, once you create your funnel, It’s going to have it listed here, and so when you go here, you can edit your thumbnail. You can change it out. If you want, you can change the name.

It’s going to show you your unique visitors, your EPC, or conversion rate. You can see your analytics There’s just all kinds of stuff you can do here. You can even download the funnel, but if we go to edit, it’s going to take us into the actual editor. So where we can see this is our layout of the entire funnel and how it works. So you got your main page, then you got your upsell one, your upsell two, your upsell three, your upsell four, and then your final download.

AudioCreator OTO Bonuses

Thank you page is now available.The thing is, you can skip any of these steps. If you don’t want them, you can remove them. If you want more-and you can see up here, if you click this button, you can add a single page or you can add a split test page. You can zoom in or out. If your funnel is really big, you can.

You know, you’ve got more room here to work and you can go inside of each one of these and you can edit them or view the stats for each one. So, for example, the home page, if we go in here and click on edit, it’s going to create the entire page for us and then all we have to do is click on any of these objects that we don’t want and we can delete them or change them. So this timer up here, if I don’t want it, I can click on it and basically come over here and delete it, and I think I actually just deleted the let’s uh undo that click on a timer. I think I actually just deleted the let’s uh undo that click on a timer. Watch a video to learn about a problem: okay, so we’ll just delete the video right now, because it auto plays, but you can go up here. You can click on any object. You can delete them. If you want to put your own logo up here, you would simply click on the logo, and here you can see where you can delete it or duplicate it.

AudioCreator Frequently Asked Questions


1- What is AudioCreator ?

AudioCreator is Professional & Fully Cloud-Based Platform To Create Unlimited High-Quality AudioBooks In 60 Seconds Flat!
AudioCreator removes all hassles & enables you to succeed without-
Stop Spending monthly on money sucking Freelancers –
Save your valuable time and money by kicking out expensive Freelancers forever.
Wasting hours trying to do it manually ?
AudioCreator is so fast & easy to use!

2- I’m new to this; can I still use it and earn money with AudioCreator ?

yes you can to use AudioCreator and its very easy to use it

3- On which devices does AudioCreator work?

Yes, AudioCreator work on both Windows and Mac.

4- Can I receive a refund if I don’t like AudioCreator ?

Yes . With our 30-day money-back guarantee for AudioCreator , you are completely risk-free.

5- Does AudioCreator charge a monthly fee?

No, no any monthly fee for AudioCreator you can to Pay once for AudioCreator and there will be no recurring charges.

6- Do I Need Previous Experience or Technical Knowledge to Use AudioCreator ?

no, its very easy to use it for beginner, no any tachnical you need for AudioCreator

7- Does AudioCreator include training?
The AudioCreator have advenced training for you to knew all things about it


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