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Aura is The World’s First 500-In-1 Traffic App and drives unlimited free buyer traffic.

500 Traffic Sources From 1 Single Platform.
Instantly Find The Hottest Converting Offers.
Create 20 Different Types Of 1-Click Promo Videos.

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Video review for Front End only

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AURA OTO Aura review: hey: what’s up, you guys! This is ours from, and this is my aura review demo and 6597 bonus to it, guys. This is a brand new app released by billy dar, and it will, first of all, create videos for you, and then it will bless these videos to 500 plus traffic sources for free traffic.

So we will review it. I have a huge bonus to it, including uh done for you products, including resellers licenses. So I’ll. Show you the bonus in just a minute before we go. Make sure to smash the like button subscribe to the channel, click on the bell, and leave me a comment.

If you have any questions, let me share my screen right now. Let’s, jump into this aura review. If you’re watching on youtube, you know that the first link in the description takes you to my blog review from here.

If you decide to pick up your copy, just click on any one of these blue links. All of these are my affiliate links, and this way, you’re gonna get my bonus at 11 a.m. Eastern on may, 8th, which is when aura goes live, and the first bonus right here is my own five down free affiliate campaigns.

These campaigns made me thousands of dollars. These are my own campaigns. You’re getting them for free, and the second bonus is a free reseller’s license to one of my own products. So these are just the first two bonuses.

I have plenty more. Let’s. Do a little price comparison right now: okay, so guys, obviously aura will create videos for you now. If you would like to sell these videos to clients – because you can – I just went to Fiverr, and I wanted to show you how much you could sell them for, so I found this gig.


I will do short video ads for Facebook, Instagram, or youtube, and this is exactly what you’re, going to be able to do with aura 85 for a 15. The second short video ad standard is 150 premium 235 dollars. I found another one.

I will create Facebook, video ads for dropshipping English, german 30 dollars that’s for 30 seconds and uh. Lastly, we have this one. I will create awesome Facebook, Instagram video ads 100 for 15 seconds standard.

We have 145 premium 260 dollars, so you’ll be able to create this kind of video for yourself or for your clients. With that being said, let’s check out the sales page. As you can see, it says: aura feeling defeated from zero results, that’s about to change.

One clip act creates promo videos and fires them to 500 AURA OTO sources for free buyer traffic in 21 seconds without any upfront costs, experience, or tech skills, so guys. First of all, this is a video creator, and on its own, this would be modern enough to have as software, and then it fires them to 500 traffic sources.

You can instantly share it on 500 different websites for free traffic. So let’s start scrolling; guys, the sales page is still under construction, so some of the screenshots are missing, but we have some proof right here.

Uh, three steps. This is being released by billy dar. You probably know this guy and what I wanted to show you is the fact that they have a one-year, money-back guarantee, so no risk on your part again; the sales pitch is still not ready.

I’m recording this a couple of days before it goes live; once it’s life, feel free to check out the whole sales page in detail. Let me show you the inside of the member’s area right now. This is how it looks like, so, guys, a part of creating videos and blasting them to 500 traffic sources.

It actually does a bunch of additional things. Okay, so, first of all, it creates videos, it creates email campaigns, it creates SMS campaigns, and social campaigns. Okay. So we will go through all of this.

AURA OTO links

We have all the statistics right here. The first thing you can do, if you want to promote an affiliate product, clicks on the search for deals, and you can look up deals from jvzoo from were plus and from Clickbank from within the software, so uh.

This is something very, very cool because it saves you the time you don’t have to log in somewhere else. You have the sales page. You have the details for the top 10 products every single day, so that’s just, uh, one extra module that makes your life easy.

Then we have the video creator. So, as you can see, we have downloaded, and we have created a new video. Let me click on create new, and let me show you all: the templates you’re, going to be getting because check this out.

You have all these different templates. I showed you just a few gigs from Fiverr. You would be able to create probably 20 different gigs on Fiverr if you would like to use aura to sell Fiverr gigs or to use freelancer or Upwork or any other freelancing website.

So we have Facebook video ads. We have a Facebook story. Facebook Instagram video facebook articles, Twitter, video, youtube, video Instagram story, and video feed LinkedIn story. We have Pinterest, Snapchat, WhatsApp, uh, youtube again that’s for a video ad Instagram at the Facebook, attic, tac white, skyscraper, medium rectangle, and large rectangle.

These are for blogs, so all these different templates, let’s. AURA OTO Just picks one of these, let’s, say youtube. Video and here, obvio,usually you’re going to be creating your video, so we have different designs.

We have videos, images, text, elements, filters, audio, and layers, so guys I’m, not going to be creating any videos right now. This is pretty self-explanatory. You can create these videos in a matter of seconds, use them for traffic yourself or sell to clients.


So I will actually include a full demo, showing you exactly how to create videos, but right now, let’s go back to aura and let me show you the rest of the modules. So after you create a video, you have a social blast.

Now, this is where you have the 500 traffic sources. So, as you can see, you can instantly share these videos on Facebook, Messenger, Twitter, Pinterest, Whatsapp, Tumblr, Reddit, Snapchat Viber makes quora foursquare, we have 500 different sources, and all you have to do is just select the campaign and then share it.

So quick traffic. Now, next up, we have the social poster. This will allow you to post your videos on Facebook, and this is all automated. So we have multimedia posts if you want to use images, videos, or both or even text links, and we have call-to-action posts, and we have a carousel and video posts.

So you can just import your Facebook account and automate all of this, okay. So every single video that you’re gonna be creating can be shared, uh, two different Facebook accounts. Then we have a subscriber manager.

So this is for your chatbot. Another way you can get traffic from the aura. We have sync subscribers boss, subscribers labels and tags contact, books, and contact group. Then we have the messenger bot here.

You’re gonna be adding comments, templates reply, templates, automation campaign, and you have reported. So these are your automated templates, and you can create and edit and manage all of these right here in the manager.

So you have to just click on create a new template and, as you can see, you have the template name and the order comments. That will be added to all of your posts. Next up, we have email marketing, so pretty self-explanatory.

You can actually use aura for email marketing, we have email app settings, and then we have email campaigns. So obviously, your list, your campaigns, your reports, and email templates. So very, very useful if you want to use aura for everything, that’s, just creating videos or not just blasting, these videos for traffic next up SMS marketing.

So guys, if you don’t know all the top seven and eight figures AURA OTO and nine figures: marketing companies use SMS, right. Now people are using email still, but uh. The next frontier is SMS. It’s messaging, okay.

So this is what you’re going to be using right here. We have the API settings, and you can create campaigns right here. We have e-commerce. So if you do have an e-commerce store, you can actually hook it up right here.

AURA OTO Bonuses

You can just create a store right here, and then we have traffic marketing analysis. So here you’re, going to be getting all of the analysis and the reports that will help your business grow. So we have visitor analysis, website analysis, Rankin index analysis, social network analysis, domain analysis, link analysis, keyword analysis, and IP analysis, and finally, we have a backlink and paying analysis.

So here you can do the google backlink search, backlink, generator, and website ping, so guys. This is literally like seven or eight pieces of software, all in one, and you’re, getting all of this for a low one-time price, and by the way, you are also getting a url shortener, very, very useful, especially if you’re promoting Clickbank products, and we also have website comparison, so this would be for SEO reports, which would be another gig if you want to sell gigs on Fiverr, for example, so guys in a nutshell.

I really like this uh product. If you’re gonna use it just for creating videos and nothing else, I think it covers the investment because this new product will be costing you a low one-time price. Now, obviously, you can bless all of these videos for traffic, and you have all of these additional features.

Uh, like email marketing like SMS marketing, like the bot like e-commerce, like website comparison, so just a very, very huge help and you can control your whole business from within one software, so guys that’s.

What’s on the inside? Let’s check out the pricing; as you can see, what you’re gonna be paying for aura is 17. This is a one-time cost, and this is the early bird price, so make sure to show up early to actually grab it for 17, and then we have a few one-time offers.

If you want to see exactly what the one-time offers are from youtube. Click on the first link in the description; I have a full breakdown right here on my blog. So absolute number one is the unlimited edition 39 dollars in this.

It gives you unlimited campaigns with multiple templates, AURA OTO unlimited usage, unlimited traffic, and unlimited sales number two. We have the don for you edition here. You’re going to be getting done, free traffic, and done for your sales, automation edition that’s.

The third one here is going to be activating all the automation tools. Next to that, we have the done for you templates club, so here you’re, going to get additional 200 video templates you can use. And lastly, we have 50 click-and-go campaigns, so you can use these done for you, 50 campaigns copy and paste easily, and you will see results with it.