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About BulletProof Method:
its a brand new method for making $XXX per day using 100% free traffic. This has NOTHING to do with affiliate marketing or any other worn out method you’ve seen it before.

If you’re tired of spinning your wheels and wasting time , old method, and you want  a BulletProofMethod that’s PROVEN to get results, this one’s for you.

This Has Nothing To Do With Affiliate Marketing,
its 100% Newbie-Friendly,
Uses A Little-Known FREE traffic method,
No Special Skills Or Experience that you Needed,
Make Money While You Sleep – Real Passive Income Method,
You Don’t Need that An Email List,
This Method Is Actually Fresh and New, And Works,
Easily Scale-Up And Fire Your Boss.

Funnel Details:
OTO 1 Details: Upgrade To Bulletproof Pro To Get More FREE Traffic, 3X Your Profits, Work Less, And Make Money While You Sleep.

OTO 2 Details: With this upgrade your subscribers can skip past the ‘trial and error’ and make a lot more money, much quicker by plugging-in to our PROVEN ‘DFY’ BulletProof campaigns that have been battle-tested.

OTO 3 Details: Watch over our shoulders as we reveal our case-studies and show you how we went from 0 to profit. We’re also going to be sharing tips, tricks and some of our best golden nuggets as we go through our profitable case-studies.

OTO 4 :In this upgrade your subscribers get the license rights to sell The BulletProof Method as their own product and keep 100% of the commissions while we handle support & delivery.

Frequently Asked Questions
What is Bulletproof?
Bulletproof is a brand new method for making $XXX per day using 100% free traffic. This has NOTHING to do with affiliate marketing or any other worn out method you’ve seen before.

Is the traffic free?
Absolutely. You don’t need to spend a dime on traffic with this method.



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Video Review For Front End Only


Text From This Video

hey what’s going on everyone it’s John
Armstrong here from John Oh – am some
calm welcome to my bulletproof method
review now I’m here inside off the
members area of the bulletproof method
and during this video I’m going to give
you a full run-through of exactly what
this is and what is inside of this
members area now in a nutshell the
bulletproof method is going to show you
how to make money from what’s called pay
per call now this is effectively a CPA
marketing method okay and the good thing
about this is that they have completely
free traffic sources that you can use
for this method and also you’re not
going to need to have an email list
you’re not going to need to have any of
the existing stuff that you usually need
to have or need to build up for most of
these make money online methods with
affiliate marketing so this is strictly
an affiliate marketing method but it
doesn’t require you to have an email
list and it runs off completely free
traffic which means passive income so
I’m going to go into more detail on this
inside of this review video and I’ve
also put together two my custom own is’s
for those of you like to pick this up by
my link which is down below in the
description of this YouTube video if you
click on that link it’s gonna bring you
through to my bonus pages looks like
this and if you want to buy the
bulletproof method at any time during
this video all you need to do is get
yourself to this page find the link down
below scroll down excuse-me and click on
any of these red buttons here that’s
going to bring you through to the sales
page which looks like this where you can
go ahead you can go and pick up the
bulletproof method here you need to do
that however before the countdown timer
on my bonus page here hits zero because
when it does all of my bonuses will
disappear for this and that’s something
I don’t want you to miss out on because
I’ve spent a long time putting these
bonuses together so you can really get
the best out of the bulletproof method
as possible now all of these bonus have
been created a hundred percent by myself
that means they’re exclusive to me
they’re not gonna be available for
anybody elses link apart from mine with
that said feel free to shop around see
what other affiliates offer in terms of
bonuses for the bulletproof method
because remember you can always return
to my bonus page via the link down below
in the description of this YouTube video
once you’ve seen that my bonuses are way
better and more useful than what anybody
else gonna offer to you for this product
excuse the voice I’ve kind of got a
cough at the moment like one of those
tickly dry coughs and it’s driving me
nuts it’s keeping me awake at night he’s
giving me this septic voice so just bear
with me for this review video my first
bonus here I’m gonna give you access to
my Bing ads cost now Bing is a great
traffic source to use with the
bulletproof method it’s gonna allow you
to scale this very very quickly
now I’ve had quite a lot of experience
with CPA marketing and pay per call and
when I was doing that I was using Bing
and I got some really really good
results from using Bing so I put
together a tutorial showing you how to
use Bing ads to send traffic to your
bulletproof method pages now Bing if you
don’t know what being is it’s
Microsoft’s version of Google basically
it’s a search engine as Google has
Adwords and YouTube ads Microsoft has
their own advertising platform called
Bing it’s generally a lot cheaper than
Adwords and the quality of the traffic
is really good as well

BulletProof Method OTO

so that’s why I’m suggesting that you
use being it works great for anything
CPA related right bonus number two
excuse me I’m gonna give you access to
my Bing hacks now included in here is
where I’m gonna show you how to get free
advertising from being this is a mega
hack so you can take advantage of a ton
of free ad spend using the Bing platform
effectively giving you free traffic
again to use from Bing
ok bonus number 3 I’m gonna give you
access to the best CPA cost I’ve ever
ever seen now I was so impressed by this
I bought white label rights to this it’s
around four hundred and something
dollars that I paid and that allows me
to give it away for free
as a bonus like I’m doing right now so
that’s bonus number three this is going
to teach you a ton of different traffic
related cpa traffic sources including
bing and there’s some other ones in
there as well bonus number four okay i’m
going to give you access to my personal
cpa training part one and two each part
is around 30 to 45 minutes long this is
going to teach you everything that I
know about CPA marketing so this is
definitely gonna help you out as well
that’s bonus number four and then
finally bonus number five I’m going to
give you access to
all the bonuses the vendors given to me
to give to you guys now you’ve probably
seen these bonuses elsewhere and if you
have don’t worry I’m also gonna be
throwing these bonuses as well as part
of your deals so the vendor bonus is
going to include p1 profits okay also
fast cash five and feel free to pause
the video now if you want to read
through any of these descriptions here
money monster easy passive paydays
24-hour traffic machine how to create a
profitable solo ad traffic campaigns
hundred dollars per day blueprint
product creation hero fastest way to
1000 per month online so you’re gonna
get all of those from the vendor on top
of all of my juicy bonuses I just talked
to you about not to claim all of these
bonuses 100% free of charge and
instantly delivered to you as soon as
you’ve gone through checkout all you
need to do first of all is get to my
bonus page via the link down below in
the description of this YouTube video so
click on that link um to come through
here click on any of these red buttons
as of 9 a.m. Eastern Standard Time today
which is the 14th of October that’s
gonna bring you through to the sales
page it’s gonna look like this where you
can go ahead you can purchase the
bulletproof method now as soon as you’ve
done that you’d simply need to go
through to your warrior Plus account
okay on the top right hand side of your
warrior + account you are gonna see your
username in like a little red excuse me
you’re gonna see I’ll username okay
inside of this red thing here so if you

BulletProof Method OTO

hover over there you click on purchase
history okay that’s gonna bring you
through to your receipt page you scan
all like something like this where
you’ll find a blue button on that pages
has access affiliate bonus when you
click on that button you’ll get instant
free access to every single one of these
bonuses that I just talked to you about
just now okay so if you click on any of
these red buttons as of 9:00 a.m.
Eastern Standard Time you’re going to
come through to this sales page right
here stop struggling with affiliate
marketing methods that don’t work case
study reveals a simple way to bank an
easy xxx X dollars within 24 hours from
right now excuse me with free traffic
why you need to get the bulletproof
right now this has nothing to do with
affiliate marketing what it kind of is
but it’s more towards CPA and pay per
call and don’t let that put you off okay
you don’t have to get on the phone you
don’t have to talk
to anybody you’re just gonna get leads
to call a number and then you’ll get
paid now I’ll talk to you about this in
a second anyway excuse me
100% you be friendly uses a little non
free traffic method mm-hmm
this is really cool because it turns
this into a whole passive income type
business model and the guys behind this
especially well the guys behind this are
Paul Paul Nichols and Anthony Mancuso
this is a method that Anthony Anthony
has been using for a few years now and
he’s been making passive income he set
it up and it’s bringing in a couple of
thousand dollars every single month just
from setting it up once so and that’s
because he’s been using this free
traffic no special skills or experience
required make money while you sleep real
passive income method yeah exactly
don’t need an email list this method is
actually fresh new and works definitely
it’s definitely fresh there’s not that
many other courses on pay per call or
CPA stuff that I’ve seen recently anyway
so it’s nice to have something fresh
come out easily scale and easily scale
up and fire your boss I’m sure a lot of
you want to do that man I’m just
highlighted right there it’s a great
feeling anyway excuse me here’s some of
the results that Anthony’s been getting
from using this exact method you can see
one thousand three hundred ninety five
dollars one thousand three hundred three
hundred and eighty dollars and you can
see his name is here Mancuso and these
are so the daily payments it’s been
getting so look at this one thousand
four and twenty five one thousand four
and twenty five dollars five hundred
four one thousand three and twenty four
hundred for a thousand dollars in twenty
five hundred seventy nine and it goes on
and on you can see all these payments
coming through from this and there’s
more right here anyway this is the sales
page come and check it out in your own
time these are guys behind it Anthony
Mancuso Paul Nicholls these are both
great guys are both super affiliates but
this is something else that Anthony’s
doing that he’s been kind of doing
quietly on the side I guess because he
does do affiliate marketing as well he
does it very well he makes a lot of
money from a flea market him but this is
an additional income stream that he has
he’s sharing with you inside of the
bulletproof method so anyway Cohen check
out the sales page in your own time this
page will be live as of 9:00 a.m.
Eastern Standard Time today so if you
come through from my bonus page you
can’t see this page right now then don’t
worry come back at 9:00 a.m. Eastern
Standard Time okay
I’m gonna excuse me go into the members
area now and show you what this is so
you’ve got the overview video here
second video is finding untapped offers
now to do this he’s using a platform
which is called offer vault which looks
like this and this is basically a search
engine for air for all the CPA offers
that are out there now they you can
filter this for pay per call offers
which is the main thing that he’s doing
here and you can see I mean the first
result that’s come up solar this is
probably for like solar panels home
repairs stuff like that if you get
somebody to call the number that they’ll
give to you if I just open this up in a
new page they’re gonna pay you $15 per
lead okay the person doesn’t even need
to buy anything they just need to give
that they need to give this number a
call so here we go looking for
homeowners ready to switch the solar
solar fans financing so you can join the
network there and you can go and and get
$15 okay so they need to be on the call
for two minutes and they’ll pay you $15
which is pretty epic because if you were
to target people who are genuinely
interested in switching their power
sources from you know fossil fuels to
solar power which I know a lot of people
are interested in doing right now
especially with all the climate change
and stuff going on there are they’re
obviously already interested in
switching all in it all you need to do
is get them on a call get them to speak
for a minimum of two minutes and these
guys gonna pay you $15 it’s that simple
so you just send it you send people to
this phone number okay so that’s
basically finding untapped offers
there’s a case or the inside of here as
well your Commission code digging for
the money strategy location domination
so this is all about local marketing
okay specifically pinpointing people in
like Boston or Cambridge or
local really really niching down and
getting it to local choosing your brand
ordering a logo for your brand from
Fiverr building your money machine aim
ready aim fire and putting it all
together so a ton of content inside of
here there’s a lot of videos as three
okay three six nine twelve videos inside
of here each video is around fifteen
minutes long so you are getting a lot of
content and he’s not left any stone
unturned is showing you exactly what you
need to do to make money from this
system and you know you don’t need an
email list to use this you see isn’t
that the one here personal injury auto
accident California only they’re gonna
pay you $250 a lead excuse me I didn’t
say how long they need to be on the
phone or anything there but you could
there’s so many different offers here
and offer volt for pay per call that you
can search through all offering a lot of
money per lead especially with like
lawyers Plastic Surgeons stuff like that
carpet cleaning there’s a lot of money
to be made with CPA and the best thing
about this is your traffic doesn’t even
need to buy anything they just need to
be on the phone for like two minutes and
you get paid so really really cool
course as far as the prices are
concerned in the upsells everything I
just showed you inside the training on
the front end is gonna cost you $11 95
if you get in there early okay you need
to get in there as early as 9:00 a.m.
Eastern Standard Time today which is the
14th of October you’ll be able to pick
this up for 11 dollars $95 every hour
okay so make sure that you get in there
early if you want to pick this up for
the least possible price the lowest
possible price oops on number one is the
provision and this is gonna be thirty
seven dollars okay but there is gonna be
a down sell to $27 so you can pick this
up by scrolling to the bottom of the pro
version sales page there’s gonna be a
link that says no thanks I’d rather not
blah blah blah click on there you’ll get
by the exact same offer except you’ll
save yourself $10 but don’t tell anybody
that I told you this okay so upgrade to
the bulletproof pro to get more free
traffic three times your profits work
less and make money while you sleep so I
definitely recommend that you pick up
the provision if you really want to get
into this and remember to pick it up for
twenty seven dollars not 37 okay absalom
a2 is a done-for-you and this is going
to be a 5 to 10 X your income this is
going to be priced at $67 but again
there is a downside to this at $37 so
make sure if you want this pick it up
for $37 instead of 67 and with this with
this upgrade you can skip past the trial
and error and make a lot more money much
quicker by plugging into our proven done
for your bulletproof campaigns that have
been battle tested so definitely if you
want to skip that the learning curve
skip the work pick this one up for sure
Absalon the 3 is bulletproof case
studies pack this is gonna be $37 with a
down sell at $17 definitely pick it up
for $17 save yourself 20 bucks watch
over the shoulder as we reveal our case
studies and show you how we went from
zero to profit we’re also going to be
sharing tips tricks and some of our best
golden nuggets as we go through the
profitable case studies so this is going
to be a limited offer definitely pick it
up for $17 if you can absalom before is
the okay this says case to these pack as
well but it should say license rights
okay so this is gonna be the license
rights and the license rights is
actually having $97 with a down sell to
$47 meaning that you would only need to
send your traffic to this exact sales
page and you get to keep a hundred
percent of the both the front end and
then every single every single one of
these price points inside the funnel as
well these guys have already made the
product for you they’ve done all the
sales materials for you they’ve shot all
the videos they’ve done everything
they’re gonna handle support on your
behalf as well all you need to do is
pick up this license for 47 dollars
which is an absolute steal and then you
can profit 100% from this whole funnel
which is really awesome anyway that is
it for me don’t forget to check out my
bonuses I know that these are really
going to help you out especially my Bing
bonuses these are gold dust
when it comes to these paper call and
CPA methods so I hope you enjoyed this
bulletproof review and I’ll see you o

BulletProof Method OTO