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Can Be Faster OTO – The Are 2 Front End options And Three OTOs options . The CanBeFaster OTO 1 is The Pro version . OTO2 Is The Agency Version , OTO3 Is The Reseller Version , All CanBeFaster OTO  Links And Details Bellow , Created By Gary Alach , Ezzaky Ab And Khalil Hebachi .

CanBeFaster OTO

Can Be Faster OTO

CanBeFaster FE=>>CanBeFaster FE

OTO1 Pro=>>CanBeFaster OTO1

OTO2 Agency=>>CanBeFaster OTO2

OTO3 reseller=>>CanBeFaster OTO3


OTO1 :Pro Version

Get Unlimited Credits & Unlimited Websites +

Get Unlimited Leads From Facebook & Google Places

OTO2 :Agency Version

DFY agency template website – to sell speed optimization services

+ add sub-users to your members area

OTO3 :reseller 

Reseller License allows one to sell CANBEFASTER as their

own product and keep 100% on FE and 50% on upgrades of the profits.


What Is CanBeFaster ?

See The Demo

It is a one of its kind SAAS, cloud based App that includes a Lead Finding

Tool which helps you to find clients, contact them and Convert their websites into Superfast websites that drives traffic and increase their conversions on auto-pilot mode! –

All this can be done in a couple of minutes!



Video Review For Front End Only


CanBeFaster OTO

hey this is bunker from Liberty travel
Ofcom welcome to my can be faster review
I’m here inside the dashboard off can be
faster this new software that’s going to
be launched today on the 3rd of December
2019 at 9 a.m. EST and during this
review I’m going to have a look inside
the actual dashboard of the software I’m
going to give you a demo of its features
and show you the training inside as well
I’ll have a look at the sales page too
this is the sales page right here look
at the claims being made here by the
creators off can be faster to see if in
my opinion and this product lives up to
those claims and of course I’ve put
together a package of custom and
exclusive bonuses that you can get your
hands on when you purchase can be faster
through the link below this video so
when you click on that link you come to
the sales page and then when you make
your purchase through that link you’ll
get my bonuses free of charge on top of
your purchase off can be faster so you
can see here my bonuses these are all to
help you out with can be faster they’re
really bonuses that are put together
specifically for these products to help
you with this product for example I have
some bonuses on how to close clients I
have some bonuses on how to make
websites better how to make them rank
better other things to optimize websites
because that is what can be faster is
all about can be faster is a tool that’s
gonna help you speed up websites for
your clients well first of all it’s
gonna help you find clients that need
faster websites and then it’s going to
give you the tools to speed up those
websites with literally just a few
clicks of a button very easy very simple
and this can be just something you can
sell to business owners on a regular
basis for hundreds of dollars because if
they’re losing out on clients because
they have slow websites this can really
add up to a lot of money for them and
for you it’s really simple to fix this
for them so that’s the idea behind can
be faster and my bonuses are going to
help you take things to the next level
with this product or just in general
help you with some things and that you
might not be sure about with this
product but first before we go over my
bonuses one by one I’m just
kryb them all in detail I’m gonna go and
jump into the dashboard of can be faster
and show you what this product does so
as I said if first of all it’s gonna
help you find customers for your can be
faster services customers that need
their website to be faster so the search
feature the G lead search is where you
do that so you can see I did a search
before well let’s do a new search so we
can first of all we type here the niche
and then here the location so I searched
before for dentists in Brooklyn so now
let’s go and find a plumbers in let’s
say Los Angeles I don’t know there it’s
finding all sorts of different results
but let’s just see what’s gonna happen
yeah this is fine so now it’s gonna go
do a little test on the website of these
plumbers in Los Angeles as you can see
here this one is already completed it’s
doing this little test here with these
little balls it is testing every single
one of these websites then it finds and
see what their speed score is this is
like a software the basically tests
websites speed now you can see some of
them have really fast websites like this
one has a speed score of 99 that means
that there’s not a lot of room for
improvement there but this one here has
a speed score of only 55 which means
there’s a lot of room for improvements
this one 73 means there’s a little bit
of room for improvement and you can see
there are some other results here as
well now what you can do next is if you
choose the ones that you want to contact
so this one is terrible this one has a
speed score of 20 so this one really
needs to improve his website so what you
can do you can select these websites or
these clients or pass leads I should say
so you select them select them select
them let’s pick these three and then
we’re gonna go and save these leads to a
new campaign so we’re gonna add a
campaign we’re gonna call this campaign
plumbers plumbers la
and then we’re gonna save this now we
can go to our campaigns and we can see
we have a total of three leads in this
campaign called plumbers la created it
just now and we can go and open this or
edit this we can open it now we see we
have our leads right here and now what
we can do is we can get a report and
this report is something that you can
send to your potential clients to your
lead so here you can see the report this
is what their current website website
speed ranking is so they have a speed
ranking 20 percent their CSS is on
unoptimized their images are unoptimized
and their gzip is disabled this means
these are all things that we can help
them fix with the included tool in can
be faster and this is what their website
speed score could be after so this is
not the actual speed score after you can
see there’s a few different scores
mentioned here but in any case we can
definitely get their speed score up the
lot and we can definitely optimize all
these things which is really going to
help so that is a report that we can
download and send to the customer but we
can actually do this directly here
inside the dashboard we can go and click
on send email and then we can go and use
the built-in SMTP service to send an
email so you can connect this to your
own gmail account with this button then
it will log you into your Google account
and then you can use your own Gmail SMTP
to send a service or you can add your
own SMTP server if you have one if you
want to send from your domain SMTP
server something like that you can also
add that in the settings and then it
will show up here and then you have the
email templates that are included so
there’s six different templates included
so here you can see hi rocket plumbing
Los Angeles so you might want to find
the actual name of the plumber that
works there my name is well here you
would enter your name and I was just
browsing your web site that a day you
probably already know that the slow web
site kills visitors organic traffic and
sales according to Hobbes bought a one
second delaying web site loading speed
can reduce conversions by seven percent
so this is just some information
about why having a slow website is bad
and then you can see the good news is
that I’m an expert on upside optimizing
website loading speeds so don’t hesitate
contact me if you want to speed up this
website and increase your traffic and of
course you can include that report as
well that I showed you earlier so you
can go and add a link to that report so
you get you go back to that report you
get the link from it and you add the
link somewhere in your email if you want
or you can just copy paste it in there
we have different templates as you can
see email template 2/3 you can also just
send this like hey please refer me to
the person in charge of my of your
website if there is if you have the
feeling that this is a larger company
where somebody else is managing the
website then you can send that instead
etcetera so that is how you find
potential customers and then contact
them by email using the tool now once
you send emails you actually activate
this track emails button and that is
going to actually show you if your
emails are being opened and read by the
person that you send the emails to so if
you see that they’re not opening your
emails maybe your email ended up in
their spam folder and it might be a good
idea to give them a call you can see
every single one of these has a phone
phone number attached and once you’ve
already sent them an email it’s easier
to call someone because then it’s not
really like technically a cold call
anymore because you can just tell them
hey I sent you an email earlier I was
wondering if you got it if not we could
just discuss this over the phone if you
want something like that anyway it’s up
to you if you want to do that you can
also just move on to put potential other
clients that do have their email on the
website and do open their emails so that
might be a better idea if you don’t if
you’re not comfortable with calling them
on the phone but anyway so this is the
finding potential clients using this
tool now we get to the actual optimizing
their websites because obviously once it
get back to you and tell you yeah I
would like you to optimize my website
speed then you’re gonna be able to do
that using a candy faster tool you go to
the download optimizer page you download
this little zip file that you can upload
them to their website so I’ll show you
what that looks like so this is the zip
file this is just a little script that
you can install on their website so you
need access to their website obviously
so you can ask them can you give me
access to your website and I will
optimize it for you there’s a demo video
right here I’m just going to show you
some brief things in the demo video so
I’ll mute it open it up in a larger
screen so this is let’s see where we go
we set this it is already on HD so it
should be loading in HD soon so here we
go so what it’s going to do he’s gonna
go and download the zip file and then
he’s gonna go and upload the zip file on
the website so here he has this example
website and then he does a speed test of
this example website and you can see the
discord and 48% score with rating F and
then he’s gonna go and upload this file
this is basically the back end of the
website where he uploads the file you
get some inside the training you will
see some training on how to do this on
any website but it’s also very easy to
find this on Google how to upload files
to any web site then he goes and uploads
this file and then once he has the file
uploaded that’s kind of what I wanted to
show you mainly right now so here we
have the tool that he’s gonna use so
this is what the tool looks like so once
you have the tool installed on their
website you can open the tool on their
website you can see this is the website
URL slash can be faster right now and
then you get this so you just click on
every one of these buttons so first
minify you have a script CSS then enable
browser caching he’s gonna do this right
now actually you’ll see what happens so
he’s gonna go and click on these buttons
and then it’s gonna actually run those
different optimization tools to optimize
this website so you can see it
loads all the files and it optimizes
them and it’s really just going to scan
through the entire website and optimize
all the files optimize all the scripts
optimize all the images and enable
browser caching so that is going to make
the website fat so you can see it gives
us warning once it’s done now if for any
reason you break something on the
website by doing this you can just click
the restore button and it was will
revert any changes it’s made so
shouldn’t be necessary but you know in
case something goes wrong now let’s go
to the section here is optimizing the
images when he does the speed test for
the website after running this tool and
you’ll see so here he goes this was the
previous speed test here he goes and
compares it with the current speed and
he’s gonna run the test again after
doing all of these optimizations using
the Academy faster tool and you can see
that now instead of an F 48 percent it
got an A with 94%
so it basically doubled the speed of the
website using this tool so that is can
be faster that is the optimization to
include it that you’re going to be able
to install and run on your customers
websites now if you already have
customers you don’t actually you have to
use the lead search you can just go and
do this on your existing customers that
also works or if you instead of wanting
to speed up their website you just want
to create a new website for them because
your developer for example you can also
just use the tool to find clients and
then instead of using this optimizer
tool you can just create a new website
for them from scratch and actually I
have a bonus included on that as well
now so that’s the that’s the main tool
tools included in it can be faster you
can also check the speed of any website
with this tool just enter the URL right
here click on test speed it’s gonna up
to is gonna go and analyze that website
speed using the tool that I showed you
earlier give it give it a speed rating
so if you just want to test like for
example your current clients website you
can see my website is 79% it’s not a
hundred percent
perfect because I haven’t enabled g-sib
things I have optimized all the other
things but I this is one thing I
actually need to enable on my website so
I’ll go and do that later but you can
see that once I’ve done that it will
probably go into the green because I
think green starts at 80% and then
that’s all I need to do yeah so that is
if you just want to test this specific
website and you want to see what the
optimization is like then the video
training here you can see all the
training included so here we have how to
set up can be faster searching for leads
how to optimize how to find optimizable
leads manage your campaigns manage your
test the website speed get contact
information for your leads how to
multiple ways to contact clients then
sending custom emails optimizing the
speed of any website speed bonus tip for
speeding up WordPress websites so in
addition to using the tool there is
actually a bonus tip here on an
additional thing you can do for
WordPress specifically for WordPress
websites but most websites now they run
on WordPress so it’s very likely that
the website going to be working with is
gonna be running WordPress then some
explanation on why the speed will never
go up to 100% so I mean some explanation
on why that is the case multiple ways to
make money online using can be faster so
here you will get multiple ideas on how
you can actually monetize this tool
because just using the lead search and
contacting those leads is only one way
to do this there are multiple ways you
can do this and this is going to show
you those other ways so that is it for
video training included now let’s have a
quick little sales page and we’ll talk
about the pricing the upsells and of
course my custom bonuses so cheer up
this web app is newbie friendly no
coding required absolutely true all the
coding is done for you you just download
the script and run it revolutionary
software finds clients with slow website

CanBeFaster OTO