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Can Be Faster OTO – The Are 2 Front End options And Three OTOs options . The CanBeFaster OTO 1 is The Pro version . OTO2 Is The Agency Version , OTO3 Is The Reseller Version , All CanBeFaster OTO  Links And Details Bellow , Created By Gary Alach , Ezzaky Ab And Khalil Hebachi .

CanBeFaster OTO

Can Be Faster OTO

CanBeFaster FE=>>CanBeFaster FE

OTO1 Pro=>>CanBeFaster OTO1

OTO2 Agency=>>CanBeFaster OTO2

OTO3 reseller=>>CanBeFaster OTO3


OTO1 :Pro Version

Get Unlimited Credits & Unlimited Websites +

Get Unlimited Leads From Facebook & Google Places

OTO2 :Agency Version

DFY agency template website – to sell speed optimization services

+ add sub-users to your members area

OTO3 :reseller 

Reseller License allows one to sell CANBEFASTER as their

own product and keep 100% on FE and 50% on upgrades of the profits.


What Is CanBeFaster ?

See The Demo

It is a one of its kind SAAS, cloud based App that includes a Lead Finding

Tool which helps you to find clients, contact them and Convert their websites into Superfast websites that drives traffic and increase their conversions on auto-pilot mode! –

All this can be done in a couple of minutes!



Video Review For Front End Only


CanBeFaster OTO

hello this is dugout from Liberty travel

Ofcom welcome to my can be quicker audit

I’m here inside the dashboard off can be

quicker this new programming that is going to

be propelled today on the third of December

2019 at 9 a.m. EST and during this

survey I will examine

the real dashboard of the product I’m

going to give you a demo of its highlights

also, show you the preparation inside too

I’ll view the business page as well

this is the business page directly here look

at the cases being made here by the

makers off can be quicker to check whether in

my assessment and this item satisfies

those cases and obviously I’ve put

together a bundle of custom and

restrictive rewards that you can get your

hands on when you buy can be quicker

through the connection underneath this video so

at the point when you click on that connection you come to

the business page and afterward when you make

your buy through that connection you’ll

get my rewards for nothing out of pocket over

your buy off can be quicker so you

can see here my rewards these are all to

assist you with trip with can be quicker they’re

truly rewards that are assembled

explicitly for these items to help

you with this item for instance I have

some rewards on the best way to close customers I

have some rewards on the best way to make

sites better how to make them rank

better different things to enhance sites

since that is the thing that can be quicker is

about can be quicker is a device that is

going to assist you with accelerating sites for

your customers well as a matter of first importance it’s

going to assist you with discovering customers that need

quicker sites and afterward it’s going to

give you the apparatuses to accelerate those

sites with truly only a couple

snaps of a catch exceptionally simple extremely straightforward

also, this can be simply something you can

offer to entrepreneurs on a standard

reason for several dollars in such a case that

they’re missing out on customers on the grounds that

they have moderate sites this can truly

signify a great deal of cash for them and

for you it’s extremely easy to fix this

for them so’s the thought behind can

be quicker and my rewards are going to

assist you with taking things to the following level

with this item or just when all is said in done

help you with certain things and that you

probably won’t make certain about with this

item however first before we go over my

rewards individually I’m simply

kryb them all in detail I’m going to go and

hop into the dashboard of can be quicker

what’s more, give you what this item does as such

as I said if as a matter of first importance it’s going to

assist you with discovering clients for your can be

quicker administrations clients that need

their site to be quicker so the inquiry

highlight the G lead search is the place you

do that so you can see I did a pursuit

before very much we should do another inquiry so we

can as a matter of first importance we type here the specialty

and afterward here the area so I looked

before for dental specialists in Brooklyn so now

how about we proceed to discover a handymen in we should

state Los Angeles I don’t know there it’s

discovering a wide range of various outcomes

be that as it may, allows simply witness what’s going to

definitely this is fine so now it’s going to go

do a little test on the site of these

handymen in Los Angeles as should be obvious

here this one is as of now finished it’s

doing this little test here with these

little balls it is trying each and every

one of these sites then it finds and

see what their speed score is this is

like a product the fundamentally tests

sites speed now you can see some of

them have truly quick sites this way

one has a speed score of 99 that implies

that there’s not a great deal of space for

improvement there however this one here has

a speed score of just 55 which implies

there’s a ton of space for upgrades

this one 73 methods there’s a tad

of opportunity to get better and you can see

there are some different outcomes here as

well now what you can do next is on the off chance that you

pick the ones that you need to contact

so this one is horrendous this one has a

speed score of 20 so this one truly

necessities to improve his site so what you

can do you can choose these sites or

these customers or pass drives I should state

so you select them select them select

them how about we pick these three and afterward

we’re going to proceed to spare these prompts a

new crusade so we’re going to include a

crusade we’re going to call this battle

handymen la

and afterward we’re going to spare this now we

can go to our crusades and we can see

we have a sum of three leads in this

crusade called handymen la made it

a few seconds ago and we can proceed to open this or

alter this we can open it now we see we

have our leads directly at this very moment what

we can do is we can get a report and

this report is something that you can

send to your potential customers to your

lead so here you can see the report this

is the thing that their present site

speed positioning is so they have a speed

positioning 20 percent their CSS is on

unoptimized their pictures are unoptimized

what’s more, their gzip is debilitated this implies

these are everything that we can help

them fix with the remembered apparatus for can

be quicker and this is the thing that their site

speed score could be after so this is

not the real speed score after you can

see there’s a couple of various scores

referenced here however regardless we can

unquestionably get their speed score up the

part and we can upgrade all

these things which is truly going to

help so that is a report that we can

download and send to the client yet we

can really do this legitimately here

inside the dashboard we can proceed to click

on send email and afterward we can proceed to utilize

the inherent SMTP administration to send an

email so you can associate this to your

claim gmail account with this catch at that point

it will log you into your Google account

and afterward you can utilize your very own Gmail SMTP

to send an assistance or you can include your

possess SMTP server on the off chance that you have one on the off chance that you

need to send from your space SMTP

server something to that effect you can likewise

include that in the settings and afterward it

will appear here and afterward you have the

email layouts that are incorporated so

there’s six distinct formats included

so here you can see greetings rocket plumbing

Los Angeles so you should discover

the genuine name of the handyman that

works there my name is well here you

would enter your name and I was simply

perusing your site that daily you

most likely definitely realize that the moderate web

site murders guests natural traffic and

deals as per Hobbes purchased a one

second postponing site stacking speed

can decrease transformations by seven percent

so this is only some data

concerning why having a moderate site is terrible

and afterward you can see the uplifting news is

that I’m a specialist on upside improving

site stacking speeds so don’t spare a moment

get in touch with me on the off chance that you need to accelerate this

site and increment your traffic and of

course you can incorporate that report as

well that I indicated you before so you

can proceed to add a connect to that report so

you get you return to that report you

get the connection from it and you include the

connect some place in your email in the event that you need

or on the other hand you can simply duplicate glue it in there

we have various layouts as you can

see email format 2/3 you can likewise just

send this like hello please allude me to

the individual accountable for my of your

site if there is on the off chance that you have the

feeling this is a bigger organization

where another person is dealing with the

site then you can send that

etcetera so that is the manner by which you find

potential clients and afterward contact

them by email utilizing the instrument now once

you send messages you really enact

this track messages button and that is

going to really show you if your

messages are being opened and read by the

individual that you send the messages to so if

you see that they’re not opening your

messages possibly your email wound up in

their spam organizer and it may be a decent

thought to call them you can see

each and every one of these has a telephone

telephone number joined and once you’ve

effectively sent them an email it’s simpler

to call somebody since then it’s most certainly not

truly like in fact a cold pitch

any longer since you can simply let them know

hello I sent you an email before I was

thinking about whether you got it if not we could

simply talk about this via telephone on the off chance that you

need something to that effect in any case it’s up

to you in the event that you need to do that you can

likewise simply proceed onward to put potential other

customers that do have their email on the

site and do open their messages so that

may be a superior thought in the event that you don’t if

you’re not happy with calling them

on the telephone in any case so this is the

discovering potential customers utilizing this

device now we get to the genuine advancing

their sites in light of the fact that clearly once it

hit you up and let you know better believe it I

might want you to advance my site

speed at that point you’re going to have the option to do

that utilizing a treat quicker apparatus you go to

the download streamlining agent page you download

this little compress record that you can transfer

them to their site so I’ll show you

what that resembles so this is the zip

document this is only a little content that

you can introduce on their site so you

need access to their site clearly

so you can ask them would you be able to give me

access to your site and I will

upgrade it for you there’s a demo video

directly here I’m simply going to show you

some short things in the demo video so

I’ll quiet it open it up in a bigger

screen so this is how about we see where we go

we set this it is as of now on HD so it

ought to stack in HD soon so here we

go so what it will do he’s going to

proceed to download the compress document and afterward

he’s going to proceed to transfer the compress document on

the site so here he has this model

site and afterward he does a speed trial of

this model site and you can see the

conflict and 48% score with rating F and

at that point he’s going to proceed to transfer this document

this is fundamentally the back finish of the

site where he transfers the document you

get some inside the preparation you will

see some preparation on the best way to do this on

any site but on the other hand it’s extremely simple to

discover this on Google how to transfer records

to any site then he proceeds to transfer

this record and afterward once he has the document


CanBeFaster OTO