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CanBeFaster OTO

The Are Two Front End options And 3 OTOs options .

The CanBeFaster OTO 1 Pro version . OTO2 Is The Agency Version , And OTO3 Is The Reseller Version , All CanBeFaster OTO  Links And Details Bellow , Created By Gary Alach , Ezzaky Ab And Khalil Hebachi .

CanBeFaster OTO


CanBeFaster OTO

Get CanBeFaster FE=>>CanBeFaster FE

Get OTO1 Pro=>>CanBeFaster OTO1

Get OTO2 Agency=>>CanBeFaster OTO2

Get OTO3 reseller=>>CanBeFaster OTO3


The OTO1 :Pro Version

Get Unlimited Credits & Unlimited Websites +

Get Unlimited Leads From Facebook & Google Places

The OTO2 :Agency Version

DFY agency template website – to sell speed optimization services

+ add sub-users to your members area

The OTO3 :reseller 

Reseller License allows one to sell CANBEFASTER as their

own product and keep 100% on FE and 50% on upgrades of the profits.


What Is CanBeFaster ?

See The Demo

It is a one of its kind SAAS, cloud based App that includes a Lead Finding

Tool which helps you to find clients, contact them and Convert their websites into Superfast websites that drives traffic and increase their conversions on auto-pilot mode! –

All this can be done in a couple of minutes!


Video Review For Front End Only


CanBeFaster OTO

see this is 95 this is what it is this
is actually the report you will be
sending to them and this is what you
I do that simple install inside the
backend of WordPress you you’ll be able
to show them that the the speed has been
increased here it does increase guys it
does increase so you can see this 26:58
it it credibly increases that 69 to 69
so you can see this next one 25 to 60 to
send it for whatever it has been
performing it will improve it so that’s
for sure
so this is what it is guys don’t just
take our word ok go through all these
things I just want to take your time so
this is what I was telling two things
you’re getting one is lead finding app
speed enhancement to this enables you to
get the leaves from Google Places get
their contact details and and allows you
to send them email using your Gmail
account itself ok that’s really good
that will give more inboxing actually a
simple tool that allows that works like
a universal plug-in that tool can speed
up and pH any PHP based websites it
minify mini mini files all the CSS and
J’s files optimizes all the images and
it also enables a browser browser
caching by simply uploading the file and
clicking on three buttons so this is
exactly what it does you you no need to
or that this training which I told you
demo it clearly shows how it does and
once you get it get the product there is
like a proper demo area where you will
be able to know what you are doing
so don’t like stress on that it is easy
to understand what is being explained so
this one it does speed up searching for
the clients find the clients and
generate a unique report which you need
to send them you can see this is how the
report looks like that before like you
know this is what you’ll be sending it I
what 20 cent percent and once you
install this is how it can improve and
this step for contact that deal with
your client and then speed optimization
tools by can be fast okay it’s to
install this tool on to their website
and then step six like get your higher
ranking on Google of course when it is
speed is more speed the your website is
gonna rank more on the website on down
the google so this is like overall two
things one is finding those websites
which is not performing well with all
the details so he can send them email
with the reports saying that your
website website is really loading very
slow and we can do some job on your
website so that it will improve and then
once there
you do this install and it will increase
you’ll get a proper report after that
before and after report you can show
them your site is performing well ok
that’s it guys I mean I don’t want to
take time I don’t have access to the
some reason that there’s like it’s been
like somebody as we said it it’s already
a launch day so we can watch the demo
here on the phone the first click link
you click it you’d be watching there
you’ll be on this page and you’ll be
watching the demo as well and you can
decide if this is for you
clay clearly this is a necessity you can
see this some of the service selling on
Fiverr gigs as well you can see this it
does you know pay job because you see
that’s also you know that’s just for one
website ok so this is as well as they’re
trying to tell is you can provide this
as a service as well and do it for your
website as well that’s two things
together that’s it guys I don’t take too
much of it so that’s all about it if you
like it just click the link below and
you’ll be getting it the product and if
you click and buy it I do get Commission
so I also wanted to give you some cool
bonuses you’ll see this all these
bonuses all affiliate marketing based
bonuses okay so I don’t know what level
are you in but if you really want
anything just come in below most
important thing don’t buy the product
for the sake of bonus ok I I know I am
guilty of it I have that did mistake
before but don’t worry
if you are into any other feel any niche
like you know just hit me up if I can
help I will help you drop me a comment
below if I can get some bonuses I’ll get
it and all these are all cool bonuses
this is clearly this WordPress tutorial
here is our best of it 30 videos in it
you can go through it all of them are
the best bonuses which I learned from
the Mahamaya mentors as well as the
courses as well all these gonna be
useful for you guys anything hit me up
or you can see this at the top you can
contact me I will give you anything what
do you want like you know these are all
bonuses guys I mean if this just gonna
help you little more than what you were
trying to get it for you know but main
purposes if this is for you or not the
product s if you have a website or if
you want to do this as a service to your
client then go for it and get it it does
the job like you know increasing the
speed it you know how many people you go
Google they do this you know sorry fiber
and other
you know marketplaces they do this as a
service so you can do that or you can
use it for your website as well so
that’s what this and if I wanted to show
you also the the price actually one is
twenty one dollars in twenty seven
dollars I think if you’re new be ten is
enough and if you’re gonna do this in
the service go for the twenty seven you
know this is what the credits basically
this is like a limited credits like each
website they’re giving like a credit but
if you go the unlimited version pro
version that’s really it’s up to you
guys if you can afford it go for it if
not you can always come back and buy it
everything will be there on the
membership area it’s going to be $67 per
year like unlimited websites you can see
this unlimited credits and then can be
faster v agency version which is like
forty seven dollars and then the
reseller license for sixty seven dollars
I think that’s it I think yeah so I
think friend ten is more than enough but
if you’re really gonna be doing this as
a full-fledged one then go for the
unlimited version that’s $67 per year
that’s it guys that’s can be faster for
you if you liked it click the link below
and you’ll be able to watch the demo and
then you can decide if this is for you
or not
as I said two things it can do one is
finding the leads and those websites
which is not performing well and then
you’ll be able to do this install on
that like three or four clicks and then
you believe make it speed on the website
that’s what this product is all about
that’s it guys that’s can be faster for
you or if you have doubts you know hit
me up you know comment below I’ll reply
to it and if you are watching for this
or first time makes sure he two buttons
one is the subscribe button and then the
notification icon that’s how I’ll be
able to you know you you’ll get notice
actually that’s the only way I can
communicate with you like you know
whenever new products are released or
like do Raviv you’ll be able to see it
that’s it guys see you in the next video

CanBeFaster OTO