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CanBeFaster OTO

The Are Two Front End options And 3 OTOs options .

The CanBeFaster OTO 1 Pro version . OTO2 Is The Agency Version , And OTO3 Is The Reseller Version , All CanBeFaster OTO  Links And Details Bellow , Created By Gary Alach , Ezzaky Ab And Khalil Hebachi .

CanBeFaster OTO


CanBeFaster OTO

Get CanBeFaster FE=>>CanBeFaster FE

Get OTO1 Pro=>>CanBeFaster OTO1

Get OTO2 Agency=>>CanBeFaster OTO2

Get OTO3 reseller=>>CanBeFaster OTO3


The OTO1 :Pro Version

Get Unlimited Credits & Unlimited Websites +

Get Unlimited Leads From Facebook & Google Places

The OTO2 :Agency Version

DFY agency template website – to sell speed optimization services

+ add sub-users to your members area

The OTO3 :reseller 

Reseller License allows one to sell CANBEFASTER as their

own product and keep 100% on FE and 50% on upgrades of the profits.


What Is CanBeFaster ?

See The Demo

It is a one of its kind SAAS, cloud based App that includes a Lead Finding

Tool which helps you to find clients, contact them and Convert their websites into Superfast websites that drives traffic and increase their conversions on auto-pilot mode! –

All this can be done in a couple of minutes!


Video Review For Front End Only


CanBeFaster OTO

furthermore, Salaam alaikum harmony and endowments

arrive all how are you all as you

can see another item called can be

quicker so what is this about I can

see the deer transform moderate sites into a

high species machine you ought to have

heard that you realize how much speed is

significant anyone who is visiting a

site on the off chance that it even takes few moments

like late individuals simply go you know they

simply press the back catch and the leaf

you realize that is the thing that it is you know

that is how a lot of significant speed of a

site is so this is the thing that this item

is about can be quicker it resembles a

cloud-based application two out of one application two

things it can do one is discovering sites

in any specialty like those it pulls up all

those sites and every one of the subtleties of

those individuals it resembles essentially getting

the leads of those sites which

are in like no moderate speed you know so

you can essentially you can focus on those

clients or those customers and you can

offer this administration off can be quicker

fundamentally you get like a – like a little

like a record which you will transfer into

the climate you can utilize it for you one

per site likewise you simply need to transfer it

in their WordPress site and afterward it will

make the site speed like quicker that is

what it’s about so two things one is

you you’ll have the option to discover those

sites or discover customers with the

site which is more slow speed which is

not performing great on speed

enhancement and afterward you will be

offering this administration of speed there

like you’ll be given a like us like a

record like a little PHP like you know you

know there’s an instrument sort of thing which

on the off chance that you realize what in addition to you’ll have the option to

transfer it and afterward you’ll be introducing

it and afterward that is unadulterated it’ll make that

site quicker to stack so this is what the

whole item is about so you can

see this on the off chance that you like it simply click the

connect beneath you will arrive on this deals

page you can see there’s turn moderate

sites into a rapid deals machine

so you can sell the administration and benefit

large so these are an item layer does

entirely you can see this you know

the couple of things when it can characterize and

recognize moderate sites from hub over

the web send changing over messages to inside

that framework you’ll have the option to send the

messages proprietors with the created report

inside the application essentially it will appear

that that their site is truly

performing ineffectively with the details in

so they will realize ho that is bad

alright introduce our accelerate widespread

module on your customers PHP site the

– is a – they’re not consequently

significant about what precisely it does

this is the thing that it does that thing which

you’re transferring that on the pH or that

College module on your customers

site you can see this what does this

do is the device then consequently small scale

minifides j/s CSS records advances pictures

furthermore, use a program storing what not

at that point off camera it fundamentally did

since you realize pictures takes up there’s

so much space and that is the stuff

time to stack so what does that this device

does this it limits it in such a manner

that it can stacks quicker that is what it

does then ever a top notch administration that

just takes you few moments it permit you

to charge anyplace from discoverer to document

it’s valid there are loads of gigs in record

too they know assist they with doing such kind

of administration really to stack your site

quicker so this is the thing that it is so folks the

item is straightforward what I need to tell

you will be you realize I do approach yet for

some explanation I don’t know since this is

a typical gvx is for reasons unknown this

they have someone has reset the

secret key I think and it’s now the

dispatch date so I’m not ready to get

over to the you know merchant and it’s most certainly not

stacking up you realize it resembles I mean

it’s I’m not ready to sign in light of the fact that

someone has reset the secret key so what

I will do is I’ll you can see that

demo plainly inside the deal speed you

click underneath you can watch the whole

highlights of how to discover the leads as

well as how to does this how to do this

you realize that creation this slide quicker

so that is plainly appeared here so I’m

sorry for that I’m not ready to show you

inside yet I’m certain this demo here

plainly clarifies two things one is

finding the leads that is discovering all

those site which is increasingly slow

the most effective method to like you know transfer that into

the WordPress site and making it quicker

that is unmistakably appeared here so this will

truly assist you with trip so no need no need

to make a big deal about that so two things you

get it like you realize you can see this

two diverse valuing for this twenty

one dollars and twenty seven dollars why

since this you can see up to ten

sites you can utilize this you can go through

to one hundred site that is the

most extreme distinction and there’s upsells

I’ll show you later yet you can see that

this is a distinction

between like why there’s a to distinction

in any case, I realize how you’re going to utilize it

for like is it for yourself one is in

our I myself have like fifteen to

seventeen sites so when you start

utilizing site you should utilize more

what’s more, more you realize that is the way it occurs

be that as it may, on the off chance that you are new being an amateur the

standard will do yet in the event that you need more

like as you develop this resembles you know

that is not a major distinction in value you

know see this is smarter to have it on 27

at that point each time you can obviously you

can offer this as a support of any of

your customers you realize that is that way’s

that is a genuine power yet I’m stating even

in the event that you for your site you can utilize this

also that is the thing you can see the

includes here programmed age of

drives sites from Google Places

site it pulls in the site’s speed

for I it will give you the report send

messages from inside you can interface your

Gmail into that application and afterward you can

send an email instant and an inherent

layouts track send messages and seen

that is this is a cool component really I

found in the demo it will likewise once you

send email to those customers who has this

an issue of in uh their site moderate it

additionally shows you who’ve been open you know

you realize that these individuals have open and

understand it with the goal that’s what it shows you

track sent messages and see when they are

peruse it’s this is a cool component

as a matter of fact accelerate a large portion of the site of

the world utilizing our widespread module

cloud-put together SAS alright working with respect to all

programs total investigation we should stage a

cut it downpour it resembles it’s

direct folks one is finding the

drives finding over the globe

goggle which different sites not

performing admirably and afterward it additionally pulls

in all the data of that customers

at that point if inside the product you’ll be

ready to send the email and afterward you can

so like the report saying that in a

twenty I’ll give you what it looks like

this is the thing that you’ll be sending you can

see this is a GT lattice you ought to

have thought about it this is a spot

where you can proceed to place in plug in your

site name URL and it will show you

how great your site is performing you can

do it today now you can see this it

gives you 80% and mental stability

individual this is the score really we

consider it a space speed score and after

you plug in did that for that instrument you

realize they introduce you are getting it

like ninety six and eighty eight you can

see some increasingly forty eight and you can

CanBeFaster OTO