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Did you in finding something? Yes, I checked out it. But i didn’t in finding whatever. Are you certain you appeared in all places? T Seong, don’t do believe evenly. When we each draw up a plan to trick any individual … Do you know what we do first? We discovered how much money this individual has. You must take into account us specialists on this field. But Choi Gook-hwan doesn’t have anything we are able to in finding. Man Soo is correct when we make a plan … … Seem at what quantity of money they’ve first. However he does not have any money. Just about unusual. That cannot be authentic. The Injin team loved ones legal professional has been working for over 30 years. How does he not have cash? This additionally signifies that something is definitely hidden. Hyun Jin-woo do you take into account me? Do you have got a while? I wouldn’t have work with you. I have got to speak to you. Let’s not make a scene. Come with us. It has been a very long time. You invariably get in situation considering that of your buddy. Why are you doing this to me? I’ve nothing to do with Kim Do Hyun. I’ve under no circumstances met him due to the fact he got out of prison. I know i know. We introduced you here due to the fact … … You might be our quality possibility to make him work with us. If I do what I say, i’ll pay you properly. Huh? Huh? It has a everyday floating populace of 200,000. The earnings figures are greater than I notion. Who are the contributors? Yu In-hye holds the largest stake and is then Myung Jun. The other brothers have the leisure Analyze all of the knowledge you might have. Discover where we can hit. Ok. I can not contact Jin-woo. Did some thing occur? I dont be aware of. I dont be aware of. I inform him to call me if I speak to him. It has been a very long time. Yeah. What are you doing here? I’ve someone to meet here. Would you adore to go to my place of job for some coffee? I have to talk to you. No, it’s time for my appointment. Then, i’ll do it right here. You had a complex time given that of my sister. I would prefer to say sorry alternatively. Adequate. This is between Yu In Hai and me. You shouldn’t have whatever to express regret for. I don’t care what you suppose. I simply wanted to inform you that i am sorry. I will probably be in my place of business. Do you’ve some thing to claim? No. Then I ought to go. Why you… … Continue to peer him? What does he mean… …Is yours? I can not suppose you continue to care about who I date. It is rather strong. I’m quite curious. How do you think? You can not suppose jealous, right? Something the case… … My presence nonetheless approach anything to you. Do not believe that unhealthy. I told you what Myeong Joon means to me. It made me overcome the fancy of the wealthy. We understand every different. I consider comfy with him. It gave the impression of you had met Kim Do Hyun recently. We bumped into each different not too long ago. I nonetheless haven’t skipped it. So why keep a distance? Who mentioned I did not do I obtained Do Hyun? I don’t consider there may be any individual who is aware of how you believe better than me. You feel love and hate towards him. And i envy him very a lot. Please take a look at this. What is that? I consider about developing … … A small credit mortgage school with the relaxation of my cash. When she informed me about Grameen bank, I regarded for it. It used to be an opportunity for me to believe concerning the value of money. Doing grasping cash is a good job of adjusting a terrible existence. I are not able to wait to look how my loved ones reacts once I inform them so. They will all say i’m loopy. I’m wondering what Hye will say. Are you sure you are able to do this? I can not believe you still care about who I date. It is extremely effective. What is that? Yoo Seong Joon is in a hurry and tried to buy me. He informed me to deliver you, regardless. I don’t suppose it is going to be suspicious should you fake to give up now. – you are excellent? – what do you suppose? I’m going to see Yoo Seong Joon fall apart. Handiest then will I consider higher. Kim Do Hyun called. What did he say? I think Hyeon Jin-wu has succeeded. He says he’ll meet you. My God. Why did you are making me come right here? Do you wish to have to move to a number bar? No thanks. I don’t know what I would do to you if you are drunk. You are still mad at me. We will unite the forces. You need to stop getting indignant. What do I get if I succeed? What do you wish to have? Supply me 5% of Engin construction shares you are going to get. That’s so much. If this goes fallacious, I did return to prison. I can not take these risks without such compensation. 5%. Good enough. How would you try this? You should meet Gu Seong-cheol, the new CEO of Injin construction. Why will have to I meet him? We ought to be aware of why taking vigor over the development engine. He could wish to run the company. Or, he may just want to resell it. We have to be aware of that to come up with a plan. And then? We will take a antagonistic takeover. Adversarial takeover? One more thing. Let me decide upon humans to work with. – Jin Woo. – How have you been? – had been you okay? – yes what about you? A long time has handed. – Let’s make this work. – Yeah. Take their telephone. Tell them their positions, Jin Woo. Include me, i’m going to exhibit you what to do. I bought it in one room. You can also betray me once more. Keep a watch on them. Inform me every day, k? Take me to Daejeong law place of business. I’ve got Kim Do Hyun started on it. It used to be not easy. How did you be successful? I have stood up this time. It was once no longer effortless. Why do you need to look me? I came to talk to you in regards to the cash i want. Tell me how am i able to get it get father’s cash. I instructed you, there is no approach we can attain this cash but. I handiest have a small stake in Engin Capital. Then I don’t have any way. It can be weird, i will be able to see an exit, however you do not appear to appreciate it. What’s that? You will have all that money at Engin Capital. I simply can’t use this cash as I want, you recognize that. I’m not telling you to make use of it illegally. Discover a authorized method to take knowledge of this cash. Do not make me wait, just inform me. You carry my hindrance do not block the loans that Injin Capital gives? You must create a paper manufacturer. And get a mortgage with that paper organization. Then you can use Injin capital dollars, what’s the hindrance? You are excellent. Why didn’t I feel of that? You are proper. He lately converted his identify from Gu Seong-cheol to Gu Seong-man. I believe he modified his identify like this to hide his identity from Yoo Ji-joon. Also. Investigate this out. Do you recollect the fellow subsequent to go Seong Chul? Did Kim Do Hyun work with him in Lone Korea? It is true. It can be Han Jang Seok. He attended the academy with Kim Do Hyun. – Why did they meet? – i haven’t figured it out but. That is worse than prison. They shield us all day. What can we do? Let me talk to Mr. Ahn. What’s he speaking about? This is none of your business. Simply let me talk to him. It is me. Kim Do Hyun wants to talk to you. Yeah. Will you proceed to watch us? Did not you settle on that from the start? It’s Mr. Yu’s orders. I cannot do some thing about it. I ought to go out to fulfill humans. I dont comprehend who it is however ask them to come back to the resort. Are you kidding? Should you keep this up, i’ll go up and depart, inform Mr. Yoo. It is me. Let Kim Do Hyun exit. However follow it. Yeah. You can exit. Hiya, look at me. These men haven’t any morals at all. Wait. You simply hurt me.You should express regret first. We ought to deal with these men. I am sorry. Wait. He left the bus already. Apology will not do. Just a defeat, good enough? What did this man simply inform me? He told you to hit him. He informed me to beat him. How will you say that? – I think I damage my chin. – My entire physique hurts. – How did it go? – We lost them eternally. Just right job. I wouldn’t have time, so pay attention carefully. As soon as we have enough safeguard shares of Injin development, Jin Woo … … And i will inform Yoo Seong Joon to announce the adverse takeover. You have got to accumulate shares of Engin Capital. We must factor out if one account includes greater than 5%. So that you need many money owed. You fully grasp? We have got to hurry to comfy the quantity we want, k? – adequate. – do not fear. Phone. Sure, this is Kim Do Hyun. I have followed. I don’t know who he is, but it is vitally unsafe to fulfill her. Good, Yu Seong-jun will seek advice from you earlier than saying the takeover. You simply have to react as I advised you before. Well I bought it. I will name you once more. Listen cautiously. Our method starts now. It’s the daybreak Ambush process. Yoo Seong Joon is doubtful. So that you can not let your safeguard down. – Do you have an understanding of? – Yeah. You go through Do-cheol when you have got to contact me. Adequate. Dawn is an ambush. Thats first-rate. – daybreak ambush. – discontinue this. – what did you do? – just go to work. We will be able to need about $ 250 million. Promote the shares I possess first. Then we will ought to put together the paper businesses for loans. What? We ought to use a couple of organizations to facilitate the evaluation of the loan. You are going to must create as many paper firms as possible. If you happen to realize financial services, we may get into serious concern. Do not you believe i do know that? Ensure to not fall.

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