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Challenges App OTO  –  What is Challenges App ?

The Demo

What are Challenges By Member App?
This is a first-to-market product that builds ‘Time-Based’ and Evergreen Challenges campaigns.

Big marketers such as Russell Brunson, Tony Robbins. They give them away for free to drum up a massive following to sell their products to or sell the challenge making millions of dollars in some cases.

The Challenges by Member App provides you with an easy way of creating challenges that include training videos drip-fed to their users daily or weekly. It also gives users the opportunity to create a private Facebook group like discussions.


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Video review for Front End only

Text From This video

Hey, it’s sam here, and I wanted to show you a quick demonstration of what challenges by member app can do. This is a challenger software. We’ve been building this over the last two years. It’s. A very easy tool to use that will generate a challenge which is kind of like a learning experience, which is different from courses more like offline workshops bought online.

So these challenges are time-sensitive. They’re usually Challenges App OTO  progressive and focused on customer or participant results, so these are very popular at the moment. Russell Brunson, tony robbins, and many others like Brennan Bouchard have used these either giving away free challenges or actually selling challenges which are part of their marketing strategy.

Challenges App OTO


So you’ll be able to create challenges. One of the key – and I guess one of the key points that I want to kind of emphasize here, is that, unlike Facebook groups that you may have seen challenges being run before, we offer a very good solution.

That’s focused and offers a wide range of additional features that you won’t find within any other system or within any other kind of place online other than if you were to build it custom. This is software that’s been built specifically for challenges, and for that reason, we’ve been able to create a really professional solution that’ll.

Look great. Your students are going to love as you run these challenges. So what I’m going to do now is I’m going to quickly just register as a user; for one of these challenges, show you inside an example, a challenge of what it looks like, and then we’ll.

Take a look from there, so this is what the interface looks like now. If someone signs up for a challenge, this is currently an evergreen challenge that I’m, showing you so this runs year-round. But if you I was doing, um, say a specific date challenge, so from June the 12th until June the 19th, I was running a special workshop for videographers.

Then I would have a pre uh kind of registration page here. So once Challenges App OTO  people had signed up, it would actually show a countdown timer, and then once that countdown timer ran out, then this would then become available for people to use.

We would send out a notification for people, and they would a

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also, be able to share, so depending on what type of challenge it is, that experience when you first log in or register um will be different, so we.’

Ll, start the challenge. We click to start to challenge, and now, as you can see, um, the challenge opens up to us. We can see that one other user who’s currently inside of this challenge is currently on the first lesson.

So we have an interactive interface Challenges App OTO  that actually involves the community and engages the community, so you can actually see what’s going on and who else is going through? Now you can’t see any information about this individual.

You can just see there are other people in there learning at the moment to help the experience, so um. If we have just come in here, we want to obviously start the challenge. We click on preparations, and this is the first part of our challenge.

This is now a lesson we ‘ Ve got a video here description. There could be homework, there could be audios downloadable, podcasts, all sorts of different things that could also be enlisted in this challenge, and if we’re registered for more than one particular product, a challenge or a course from this particular campaign, or from this Particular person they would all be featured down here, we’ve, got the ability to navigate through the challenge here and we.’

Ve also got the ability to place comments here as well. Now. What I’m going to do is I’m, going to go back to our challenge area here, and you’ll notice one other thing, so the second section is available from may the 12th, and I mentioned that this Is an evergreen challenge, so what I’ve done here is for the first seven days of the challenge.

People will be able to access this content here, and then, after se

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ven days of being the challenge, they’ll receive an email when the next series of content is available to them, and you could do this for as many sections as you wanted To within your challenge, it could be a four-week challenge a six week, challenge and so on, and you can create this type of experience very easily within the software.

Let me go into now how we created this challenge. Why it’s so easy and why we created the software. So this is the interface here, as you can see, it’s a very interface, easy interface to use um. You can return to an admin area, and this lists all of the different campaigns you’re running.

I’ve got a number of campaigns that are listed here and if you want to manage your campaign, click manage the campaign. It’ll then take you into that campaign area. As you can see Challenges App OTO  here, you can have one challenge, or you can have multiple challenges.

You can have 10 different challenges running at the same time if you wanted to on different topics or the same topic within the same area, and you could sell these individually, or you could sell them as a package.

It really is up to you. So, on the left-hand side here, you ”ve got your navigation; you’ve got challenges analytics and settings. I’ll. Show you a little bit more about that, but for the benefit of this demonstration, I’m just going to jump right into one of the active challenges right now.

This is the active challenge that you saw. You’ll notice that it’s very similar to what you saw earlier. The challenge itself is built in such a way that it’s structured just like you would see. If you were a user using the challenge, we did that on purpose intentionally because we wanted to make sure the experience of editing.

This challenge was consistent with how it was going to look. It ‘ Ll means that the end result is going to look a lot better, and you can actually switch into what’s called design mode, and you can start engaging with your participants directly through this design mode.

Challenges App OTO