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Antonio Bradley: hello guys, this isAntonio and welcome again to an extra variation of My industry Navigator. In these days we’re going to be talkingabout replacement to Cick funnels. All that extra correct on theother aspect of the intro. Welcome back to My trade Navigator. This isFAntonio, and i’m veryhappy to be right here with you in these days. Do me a couple of favorsbefore I get started. Quantity one, there is a subscribebutton down there in that corner. When you do me a prefer and justgive that a bit of click for me. Yeah, it should be correct down that approach.Down there someplace. Yeah. Hit that for me. Uh, this way. Uh, you and, and don’t forgetabout this, the notification bell subsequent to the subscribe button. Uh, what that is going to do is that’sgoing to permit YouTube to notify you whenever that I add a newvideo in your viewing pleasure. I’m going over a lot and i am hoping tobe going just a little bit in depth on the whole lot, on a number of my videos.So that is one of them that I’vebeen debating on absolutely doing. And the cause why is that i am a avidfollower of the Cick Funnels neighborhood. It’s what introduced me to. Affiliate advertising, funnelbuilding, webpage design. I will design some beautiful first rate webpages on the click Funnels platform. So, um, however there’s a newcompetitor in the marketplace. They proper now with their pricing, I thinkis invaluable telling every body about.Uh, it’s, uh, right now it is in betatesting on the time of this recording. And this one is what makes itso attractive in the motive why I truly consider in it. I listened to, I listened to a one,various reports, but then also I listened to just as I did with ClickFunnels, I listened to a lot of stories earlier than I acquired into affiliate marketing. I like, I, I listened to the founderof, for ClickFunnels as Russell Brunson, and i got to grasp him and a littlebit about his history and the place he got here from, and Russell Bronson. Is a marketer at heart. He is a marketer via and through. It is continually never rather beenfor his whole life, the entire method from when he was 12 years historic andsubscribing to a bunch of extraordinary mailers and newsletters and tryingto have an understanding of of funnel funnel procedure back manner earlier than we had the web. And he was doing this, like I stated,the entire means again from finding out. He’s 12. There is images of him with circumstances ofmail that the, uh, that the mailman at the time needed to bring to his housebecause he used to be simply getting a lot mail.And he’s he, from that point intime, he used to be finding out marketing. He was once studying copywriting, hewas studying followup funnel, so I obtained a hazard to understand him. Now the opposite factor that reallyattracts me to Russell is that he is just an all around healthful man and ineverything that he does, i will guarantee goes to be on the up and up. He wishes to promote you the bestproducts, now not just to promote you some thing, but since. He believes that it can be goingto add worth to your life. Now, I do have his books.Antonio Bradley: Have themsitting down below here, educated secrets and dotcom secrets. So I do have these books and that i do. I particularly propose them for someone. They’re surely useful. Simply, he has the reprint of theseand his new guide that i’ve on preorder correct now of which is traffic secrets and techniques. So I’ve got site visitors secrets and Ibought the improve to get these two here as well because the accomplice manualthat goes together with all three of these. And the entire suggestion is via thetime you go by means of those is that you’ll, you’ll be able to have, um. Well product equipped to move. So that is sort of click funnels. Now with this new competitorproduct, I did the same factor is I got to know one, what the productis and form of what it offers.And that i listened to the studies andI listened to, uh, the guy, the founder, which is Michael Filsaime. I listened to him speak about it. , I listened to precise customers. Talk in regards to the product. Now intellect you, it’s confined customers. There’s restrained informationbecause the product at this point in time is in beta trying out. But then additionally I got a danger to gain knowledge of alittle bit about Mike Filsaime himself. Uh, now, Mike Filsaimeis a programmer at heart. Ok? So he is coming at it from yet another. Ecosystem in spherethan what Russell does. Russell is a marketer at coronary heart. Uh, no longer announcing something bad atall about being a marketer at coronary heart. Mike Wilson is a programmer at heart. That is the place he, the environment thathe got here from, that he grew up on. After which for advertising, he bought intosale, or i’m sorry, from programming.He got into income and left theprogramming world and bought into sales, received into advertising, integrated alot of, uh, tech stuff on sales applications and sales structures earlier than. The earlier than it’s time. I mean, bringing, bringing yourdigital photograph, bringing your inventory off of paper product andinto, um, the digital surroundings. Earlier than it was databaseswere even heard of. He used to be already doing thatwith several of his corporations. So he got here from that world there andhe moved over and he brought in all of his programming abilities and beable to carry stuff up the size. After which Mike, additionally, what hedid is he created a products like ever webinar, webinar jam. So if anything about theseproducts, these are the main merchandise. In their unique ecosphere, thoughI determined that type of fascinating. He, he has a track file fordeveloping fine products, um, in the programming world too, to beable to support entrepreneurs out and, and sincerely set marketing up for, for.For fulfillment, if you’re going to, making an attempt tofind the right terminology there so that you can, to bring what i’m pondering. But they do not prime of that. He was once, he was once involved here inthis prior year with, uh, the, the. New launch of Kartra. Correct. He used to be in sale. He used to be in involved with the launch. He involved in the base programming of it. And then, uh, at one pointin time they, he is, he left Kartra a couple of years in the past.So this fashion he can, it used to be onlythings he could not do anything for 2 years, which was once exceptional. However now that he is ready to do what he cando, he’s developing a Groove Funnels. Uh, good, Groove Digital, which isthe guardian manufacturer of Groove Funnels and in Groove Funnels itself isgoing to have a couple of matters, very similar to what you might see with uh,uh, Kartra or Groove funnels. And humorous thing about Kartra fromwhat i am, is that Mike is without a doubt leasing, uh, licensing, someplatform know-how and proprietary expertise to Kartra for them to use. In order that tells you how in depthand how ingrained Mike is in this distinct world in sphere. Now, one could ask, why did he leaveculture if it used to be so, if he is so excellent, why did he leave tradition? Why did the motive why? From my understanding and listening tohis interviews in it, the motive why he left isn’t considering of whatever dangerous. They had two pleasant marketers,two high-quality folks at Kartra. They desired to do stuff andwe’re doing nice things. And what they might do is that they wouldpropose strategies backward and forward they usually to pick strategies again and forthwhile being in the alphas that they were, is that it slowed downthe progress of, of the corporation.So what Mike did is he actuallyended up leaving the manufacturer. So this way. One Mike can be competent to thrive and dobetter itself, but additionally culture might just develop as speedy as they wanted to him beagile when you consider that with the two of them there together, they had been kicking strategies back andforth and it might gradual down the progress. So two, to allow thecompany to do its best. Archer went off and runningon its own, doing its factor. Mike went and took his time. Yeah. What he needed to do. Now he’s building this Groove,Digital Groove Funnels, and it’s nothing less than exceptionalfrom what i will see to this point. Now mind you, it is stilin beta, andwhile it’s in beta, you may have, that is what makes this opportunity so brightto me and the ereason why I suggested. You may have the possibility to purchase intogroup funnels for a one time cost and have entry to the platformfor lifestyles hostile to like with click on funnels or Katra or lead pages orany of these different funnel builders. You have got a monthly fee.I do not care which one among them is. It is, however with Groove funnels, youhave a threat to end up a backer. Now whilst it is nonetheless in beta and it’svery constrained time, it’s, it’s arising fast where you can buy into itfor one time cost of $497 and you understand, just with click funnels, whichclick funnels is a satisfactory environment. Uh, it, the bottom degree, it is $ninety nine a month. So within five months, i’d pay fora lifetime access to a very similar product, possibly in, from what I see,rather honestly, uh, might by and large be better than what click on funnels is. Um, but i’d have it for lifestyles, forthat one time fee of what i would pay on the base level for ClickFunnels.They’ve access to. Now, granted with ClickFunnels, you’vegot quite a few different stuff concerned there. You might have all that training withfunnel flicks has worried. That’s gold. However when you actually look at it, uh, youknow, at a hundred greenbacks a month, right? You may be watching at one year,you may pay $1,200 so what number of courses, and you purchase for $1,200 a yr. You recognize, and, and invest into yourselfthat manner rather of subscribing that approach by way of the funnel flip. Granted, you obtained a whole lot of stuff. I imply, a few of those, some of thosecourses are two, $3,000 guides that you get the recordings of. Oh, you, you received your provide and takes,however I obtained to assert for the one time fee to be competent to move with groupfunnels right now, that is the.A approach to go so far as funnel marketingand being able to have your funnel builder for now, will my opinion changeafter it comes out of, uh, out of, out of beta and it begins charging orfunnel starts charging the month-to-month charges? I have no idea. I’ll find out when that point comes. I’m one in every of, I will likely be comparingapples to apples, but proper now. My channel is all about gettingyou the first-rate deals and telling you where the high-quality presents lie and whatis going to help your business grow. And if you are gazing this video andyou’re nonetheless in a position to take potential of the, uh, the, the, the backer,this is undoubtedly the location to move. Groove Funnels, uh, is mounted to, to eatClickFunnels launch on this time period. I say this time periodbecause if i know one factor. Russell Brunson. He loves competition. He flourishes on it. So i’m very to see whatClickFunnels, his reply can be to the workforce funnels, platform and atmosphere.Doubt. So with that said, guys,i have a hyperlink down beneath. In case you click through there, it can exhibit yousome further bonuses that I kick in in case you come to a decision to go with Groove Funnels, and thenif you need you to simply bypass that and go instantly to Michael Filsaims a webinar. The one manner you guys have a greatone, i am hoping you enjoyed this. Once more, when you like the contentin this video, give me a thumbs up should you observed any value in it. Remember to subscribedown below due to the fact. Uh, I want to make sure that youget entry to this channel always and the notification bell,bring that for me if you happen to would.So this way you get notified on any,each time that I print out a brand new video. All proper. So with that guys, i’ll sign off. Bear in mind as continually,keep digging your good. Antonio Bradley: Heyguys, that is Antonio. Thanks so much for looking at that video. The truth that you’re here manner thatyou’ve watched the whole thing and i really, fairly, particularly respect it. You actually don’t have any concept how a lot Iappreciate it, however it’s my turn truely offer you anything extra of price. I just got done here no longer toolong in the past taking this project. It is known as the one funnel manner task. Now this thing is freaking notable. It can be placed on through Steve Larsen, RussellBrunson, and Julie Stoian, who as far as i know, all three of those members haveall created million buck funnels, and so they wish to exhibit you tips on how to followin their footsteps in and exhibit you the blueprints to variety of. Do the identical factor on what is completed.Now this is a small windowof 30 day project. They only going have numerous workinvolved, but the amount of abilities that you’re gonna get out of it’s exquisite. I mean, it can be extra special in so many peopletake this mission so routinely simply since of the actual fact there may be somuch understanding in each time. It’s just a little bit exclusive. Since the scholars are different andthey have specific questions, exclusive wants they must be crammed. So other gadgets get addressedeach time it goes by way of. So anyway, I wish to share this with you. Click on on the hyperlink below in the event you appear likeyou’re curious about taking your corporation to the following degree. Howdy, who’s it for? It’s for any person that wants morecustomers, would like to sell extra merchandise, uh, might use moretraffic to their internet sites. Uh, I would use better suggestions to basicallydraw folks in and say, hiya, yo, get over right here. Okay. Someone that falls underneaththose terms, that is for you. Click the link under tocheck out, verify it out.All correct, i’m going to supply youmore knowledge there. You guys have a excellent one. Thanks again for the whole thing that you’vedone and take into account, maintain on digging your.


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