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Click Profits A.I OTO – There Is One Front End And Three OTOs Links . Click Profits A.I OTO 1 Is Pro Version , OTO2 Is The DFY Version , OTO3 Is The Reseller Version . All Click Profits A.I OTO Links ANd Details Bellow


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OTO1 :Pro Version

Click Profits A.I. Pro edition unlocks two more lead sources that is Google My Maps and Facebook. With Pro version, users can search for businesses that do not have a web presence on GMAPs, FB, Yelp and LinkedIn.

OTO2 :DFY Version

A done-for-you website creating service related consultant theme, a pack of logos (5 editable logos), pack of social media marketing images users/local consultants can post on their FB agency pages (social media pages) to market their services, business cards, flyers and social media pages profile graphics.

OTO3 :Reseller 

Reseller license to Click Profits A.I that allows users to sell unlimited licenses to people while keeping 100% of the profits for themselves.


What Is Click Profits A.I ?

see the Demo


Click Profits A.I. is a 100% cloud based application that goes out and searches for businesses that don’t have a website yet and hands the user qualified leads that need a website immediately.

This will make having a powerful agency available for all your subscribers that can make them a six figure income!


This is a cloud-based app that searches for those businesses on LinkedIn and Yelp that do not have a website yet.

This is useful for local consultants who can offer website creation services to such businesses.


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Video Review For Front End only


Click Profits A.I OTO

welcome to my click profits artificial
intelligence review and click profits AI
is a brand new software by maitake as
usual many affiliate marketers are
promoting these click profits AI to
their email list and maybe you are one
of them who saw their promotions and
came here to us and honest click profits
artificial intelligence software review
you want to know click click profits
they ice after works are not right so
welcome to my honest click profits AI
review based on real users results and
opinions comment your experience and
results using these click Fernet click
profits artificial intelligence software
below this video it will help our
viewers to take decision so here is my
personal thoughts after seeing their
cell space and lots of promotional
emails you can expect or dream a lot of
things from click wanna click profits
artificial intelligence this is natural
people fall for promises let me explain
suppose a product or course named X can
be working for one and cannot be working
for another person so before buying any
product you must need to know that if it
will fit for you or not and as usual
this type of software like click profits
artificial intelligence gives a lots of
reason and promises why you should
purchase this you can see there are a
lot of reasons there are lots of risk in
screenshot and there are lots of why you
should purchase this there are lots of
but we always try to advise our viewers
to do more thinking and do some research
before fall for something which may not
work for you and you obviously should
have noticed that every week more than 7
to 10 products and suppliers are
everyone promises you a lot products are
launching one after one after one so we
loop by every supplier and every product
or you should stick with one proven
method and they must solid product like
my number one recommendation with who is
I have been able to build an affiliate
marketing business that makes me $10,000
per month without any paid traffic
instead of promoting 10 different
different funnels work on one funnel and
give your 100% effort to make it work
focus on one topic source at a time and
always keep the never give up attitude
so the one funnel one strategy one
traffic source and if you want to make
minimum $100 per day with just one cell
and then go through the link in the
description below and you are saying I
am making pretty much $100 every day
every day so you will get a step-by-step
guide and instructions from me and with
this you can make full-time online
income and build a successful business
online so go back to the review so you
will find that link in the description
to start immediately so what you should
obviously you should focus on one thing
and should not be distracted and
distracting from one method to another
method to another method will just to
make you an unsuccessful circle so you
must need to come out from that circle
and need to follow one solid proven
online income business formula like my
number one recommendation for not only
making come online but also build a
long-term successful online business
career so here is the final breakdown of
click profits artificial intelligence

Click Profits A.I OTO