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The Click4Traffic tool is an all in 1 never seen before revolutionary traffic and list-building web-based software.
Click4Traffic creates Viral Share Contests, Giveaways, Engaging Surveys & Quizzes so your customers can build massive lists and get extreme amounts of sales in no time.

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Video review for Front End only

Text From This video

click for traffic review. Hey, what’s up, you guys? This is art from, and this is my click

for traffic review demo and 5997 bonus to it guys, it’s a brand new product released by David Kirby uh all cheeseburger and kenny10 so three amazing marketers they

know how to generate traffic, and this is their brand new traffic software and then actually this is a traffic exchange where you can get viral traffic for free, so we will review it I have a huge

Click4traffic OTO


bonus to it I’ll show you the bonus in just a minute and as always, make sure to smash that as button subscribe to this channel, click on the bell and leave me a comment before we start, so let me share my

screen let’s jump into this clip for traffic review, guys as always, you know that if you’re watching on youtube, the first link in the description takes you to my blog review from here

if you decide to pick up your copy, just click on any one of these blue links. All of these are my affiliate links, and this way, you’re going to get my bonus 10 a.m eastern on march

the 30th is when clicking for traffic goes live, and the first bonus, as you can see, is my VIP free traffic case study, a video case study I recorded especially for you, so that’s just the first bonus you can’t get

it nowhere else, but just as a part of this bonus, and I have plenty more bonuses, okay, so I’ll show this whole list of bonuses in just a minute. Let’s check out the sales page right

now, so as you can see, it says one-click software instantly deploys unlimited free buyer traffic to any link in 60 seconds and an unbeatable one-time price say goodbye to

wasting thousands of dollars of an expensive old-school autoresponder with this cutting-edge software that’s ready to profit in 2021 and beyond, so guys, in a nutshell, again this is a traffic exchange

I’ll show it inside of the member’s area and just a second, let’s start scrolling right here, so we have three simple steps we have again David Kenny and al we have some proof, uh we have you know all the usual things click for traffic again that’s the name of this new software we have a demo

Click4traffic OTO links

and we have a some we have some bonuses, and we have a money-back guarantee so no risk on your part obviously you’re gonna get my bonuses on top of whatever is mentioned right here on the sales page uh let me show you the inside of the member’s area

right now, okay, so guys, this is how it looks like again. This is a traffic exchange where you can get traffic directly from within the software, and it’s free, and it’s viral. Okay so as

you can see on the dashboard we have total points available, total links total visitors total pages, and total campaigns, so first of all, we can click on traffic exchange, and they have a few different traffic

exchanges so you can do automatic exchange manual exchange youtube exchange you can manage links and manage a video so first of all, let me just click on automatic exchange and as you can see, all you have to do is just add your link right here on the

right so all you have to do is just add your link right here so just copy and paste save changes, and right here we will start getting traffic here, so that’s the first option then we have a manual exchange here as you can see, you can add your link

as well and this is a manual thing which means that you do actually have to visit other people’s websites to get your traffic okay, so again, you can do this for free it does take a little bit of time, but again you can’t really get something for nothing right, so that’s the

give and take right here, then we have youtube exchange, so with youtube, the cool thing is that you can actually get likes, comments, views and shares so huge on youtube if you have any youtube videos if you’re uploading review videos or demo videos, you can get some free traffic

free interactions and free social engagement this way, so a great thing that they edit here then we have to manage links, so this is, you know, pretty self-explanatory just have all of your links right here and manage videos so this is the same but for

youtube videos another thing right here is the lead, so as you can see, you can store all the leads you will be generating with click for traffic and store them right from uh within the software so you can download the CSV right here and then upload it anywhere

Click4traffic OTOs

you want so a very cool additional feature. We have all the pages, so here you can actually create different pages for uh your promotion so you can send the traffic directly to an affiliate link, or you can create a page, for example a bonus page thank you page, a squeeze page etc

so all you have to do is just add the name title description and add your affiliate link and just save changes, so these are the pages we have a traffic campaign, so let’s click

on creating a new traffic campaign and right here you’ll be using this traffic campaigns if you want to involve the pages okay so you I’ll have to add the name your affiliate link the profit page that you set up type of referrals then we have all the share networks so you can essentially bribe people to share your campaigns on Facebook on Livejournal

Click4traffic OTO