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ClickAgency OTO -OTO1(ClickAgency Platinum ), ClickAgency OTO  2(  ClickAgency Enterprise), ClickAgency OTO  3( ClickAgency Whitelabel Agency), ClickAgency OTO  4(MsgLock Agency ) .All Links and details Bellow

ClickAgency OTO

ClickAgency Upgrade

Front End ==>ClickAgency FE

OTO1 ==>ClickAgency Platinum

OTO2 ==> ClickAgency Enterprise

OTO3 ==>ClickAgency Whitelabel Agency

OTO4 ==>MsgLock Agency


ClickAgency OTO

OTO1 ==>ClickAgency Platinum

This upgraded, more advanced edition of ClickAgency includes the ability to create more pages per month and run more campaigns, access to 3 million images to use in your landing pages, and 30+ more templates in our most profitable niches. Users will also get amazing traffic features including the ability to add any scripts ie: retargeting codes, ability to customize how their headline and social image looks when shared on social media, and ClickAgency MockChat app that allows users to create ‘mock chat’ Facebook video conversations to drive more targeted leads to their pages.

OTO2 ==> ClickAgency Enterprise

The Enterprise version includes the ability to create unlimited pages and run unlimited campaigns. Users can also add their clients to the app, allowing clients to create the pages how they like and run their own campaigns from their ads manager platforms. Enterprise users will also get the Outsourcers License and VA login for team members “ClickAgency Leads Suite” which includes everything they need to start landing clients like DFY graphics material, DFY email swipes and teleswipes, DFY legal contract, DFY Facebook ads, and more.

OTO3 ==>ClickAgency Whitelabel Agency

In a rare opportunity, users can resell ClickAgency 1.0 services with agency accounts with their own logo and domain. This allows them to start their own profitable, fully-branded software business. They get full updates and bug fixes including access to use our support.

OTO4 ==>MsgLock Agency

Finally, you can get an app that helps them generate leads from Facebook and build a Facebook messenger list. This is a great lead generation software that fits perfectly into the funnel.


ClickAgency OTO

What is ClickAgency ?

The Demo


ClickAgency is a world-class technology that auto-creates high-converting lead generation campaigns for you and clients that both drive and convert traffic with no experience needed.

Now you can get push-button video lead pages, copy, and matching Facebook and Google ads with new A.I.-based technology in minutes.

What’s the Main Angle?

To make money, even newbies know you need great copy, targeted traffic, a landing page, email capture technology, and more for something real to happen. The angle for this launch is that ClickAgency will do all that for you in just 3 minutes or less with absolutely NO expertise required using brand new “smart” technology.

Go beyond just selling another video creator or page builder and help them set up a full lead generation campaign that gets results. This is perfect to help struggling businesses in crisis get started with lead generation online fast and easy.

Some Features:

Build Gorgeous Video Lead Pages Fast – designed to convert & 100% FB & Google TOS compliant for PPC fully-hosted for you on ClickAgency or your domain

AI Bot Marketing Campaign Builder – Build full marketing campaigns in 3 minutes by filling out a form or chatting to our A.I.-based bot (must see).

Gorgeous Local Page Templates – Build great landing pages from our built-in library of templates which include general and local-business niches.

Auto Create/Submit Google Ads – Automagically generate high-converting Google ads & submit them to Google ads manager (only app to do this)

Auto Create/Submit Facebook Ads – Automagically generate FB ads matching your landing page copy & submit them inside the app

Built-in Video Technology – add and embed videos & more w/ advanced video tech.

Commercial Rights Included – Sell pages, ads, charge per lead sent, or sell entire marketing campaigns for a full-time income

& more like…

+ Lightning Fast Page Loading
+ Fully Mobile Compliant
+ Compatible with 100s of Languages
+ Thousands of Images/Graphics
+ Major Autoresponder Integration

ClickAgency Works in 4 Easy Steps…

1. Build Your Gorgeous, Fast-Loading Lead Page Via a Simple Form…

Pick a niche & fill out a simple form.

The app will organize the info into a beautiful landing page with targeting copy that loads ultra-fast, ready to capture leads.

2. Or, Talk to the Smart A.I. Bot to Create Your Campaign

The bot will learn about the product you’re trying to promote & create a campaign for you – no skills or experience needed.

3. Preview Your Page & Already Finished PPC Ads

Preview & edit your video lead page & matching FB and Google ads. ClickAgency automagically creates matching PPC to get the traffic, too.

4. Log Into Ads Manager & Start Making Sales

Then, when you’re ready to start capturing leads, log into your ads manager & kick off your campaign.


Video Review For front End Only



Text from This Video

Hello every person so here i’m inside the individuals discipline of clique company and so what’s clique agency sincerely it is a SAS program platform its total cloud base proper and it lets you create single web page internet sites and landing pages that additionally in minutes even supposing you may have received no expertise in coding internet progress or net design proper you don’t even have got to be aware of WordPress or some other CMS tools to be in a position to increase it it’s going to all require a text editor and a fill in the black sort of template that you simply have to replenish and the web page will probably be created for you mechanically sounds

excellent sure certainly this product is a exceptional one with the potential to clear up many issues that a marketer or your consumer faces while selling these all products online considering the fact that not handiest does include this style of single page website building capabilities what is the fine phase is that you don’t even have got to buy a internet hosting week’s additionally a pursue equivalent factor however for weeks you are not able to give a customized domain to a week’s web hosting proper then you ought to buy a plan here that you would be able to also add a customized domain to your website hosting unclick of agency and from there you can company it to your possess approaches so that is the way it helps to develop your business additionally it has integrated fb ads and Google app platform within the identical dashboard here i’m inside the dashboard and within this tutorial I can even exhibit you how you can quite leverage the power

Of this instrument to create a touchdown web page like this that also in minutes one can find right here there’s a video space then there is a lead form and you can replenish this lead form and publish them there you that you would be able to also feature your advantages that you could additionally exhibit your testimonials and like this everything is there like context therefore and everything can be given over there and what’s the nice section is that you on no account have got to pay for a web hosting correct so in the to review i am also going to inform you that how you can use this software to generate profits correct so you can earn tremendous commissions and massive

Profits utilising this software so stay until the top and watch it how i’m going about this evaluation right from within the dashboard i’ll transfer in speedily to a basic presentation of about the tools and the things that you simply have to study principally about these bonuses that we are supplying that will double the improvement as a way to receive at the same time utilising three agency proper so let’s the presentation ok I saw that odor Shanghai for in character to be digital options doing this assessment of click on company correct k so with me you’ll learn all about click agency what it is it’s being launched by means of Ben Moran Brad Stevens on eighth of April that’s day after today and to be certain that you’ve you don’t endure any loss there is a 30 days a refund warranty as well so do not fear about being a skeptic even as purchasing

Take motion that you would be able to purchase it and when you don’t like it in case you don’t feel it will skyrocket your gains then you can effortlessly submit it and get your money back the important thing advantages as I already advised you it’s a lead iteration platform it additionally permits you to create websites inside minutes adequate there may be Google and fb apps integration as well within the dashboard that lets you create everything and all that you simply require for your enterprise within one dashboard proper so there are the important thing facets that has been also elaborately described over here adore it has the templates which might be compliant for Google and facebook in order that you haven’t any problems they may be able to be completed to your customized area as well and there’s a excellent thing like there’s a part there is two approaches that you could

do it one is by filling out typing in and different is by using speaking to a bot the bot is principally outlined in AI method that it uses the synthetic intelligence to create your site for you just by means of asking you some questions and being interactive in order that you don’t have to even bother you simply have got to think like it’s an interactive session but when some questions goes to be requested to you you simply have got to reply to them right and the matters can be completed

Mechanically and there are gorgeous neighborhood page templates if it has templates for virtually any niche so which you can simply configure them like this on any leash ok and there may be also auto create and post google apps as I already informed you google apps and fb commercials can be finished from inside the equal dashboard after which that you can built-in movies can be add introduced that implies that you could add YouTube you could add Vimeo also you could add the embedded videos i’ll exhibit that to you after we do a stroll-by way of correct after which commercials rights are incorporated so each time there’s a you should use it for your purchasers as well there can be no

issues with that right okay how does it work it really works in a quite simple means it i do not must fill up a template all you need to speak to the bot and design your template first of all then you definately must preview it and submit it in your area or on take company area anything you choose and you then must design the %ads and then once carried out that you may run your campaign effortlessly correct k now let me take you to the cells follow there are essentially few ot O’s in right here within the entrance end clearly priced at 37 range and what you are going to get is you can create full marketing campaigns with touchdown pages for distinct niche there are copies ads and auto submit to facebook and Google right there’s a lighter version product that does not show the board right it says it is a starter version it’s at twenty seven us really so with that entrance end additionally all the bonuses why so guys in case you are excellent enough at typing then that you would be able to keep

$10 right away time right so the first ordeal comes with the 69 college rate k and it has entry to over three million prime pics to your touchdown pages greater than 30 plus templates in most beneficial niches and in addition you’re going to get strong site visitors aspects correct so as a way to aid you in growing what you are promoting and likewise concentrating on a greater area of interest of corporations that may be accommodated inside this ability proper then there is a plan light version of this Satnam upgrade which comes at 39 USD however it has some restrained elements proper subsequent is the OTO 2 so that it will come as an company corporation a brain and in that you will be equipped to create unlimited pages and run limitless campaigns correct so which you could additionally add their consumers to the app correct the fans can use create the pages and they may be able to run and configure their ads out their own

Proper next there’s a lite variant of this company at the rate additionally that is priced at 39 USD and obviously it comes with fewer facets right next is this one I find is quite intriguing seeing that you will have a white degree agency license that is on hand at very much less fee four hundred copies it can be just charging USD 99 and for 300 copies guys it can be charging simply 1 3 9 USD that suggests less than 50 cents in order that gives you the whole potential to rebrand it in your face white level it and use your own brand and that you would be able to create it as your proprietary application right and that you can earn hundreds of thousands from it so i’ll inform you that hack well i will go by means of the following couple of slides and

There is the message love company which is the final rodeo that can aid humans to generate leaves from facebook and build a facebook message endless proper so now that now we have gone via all the OTO and the entire revenue funnels per click on agency i’ll now inform you how one can earn a living from click on company so what I advocate is you can begin a social media marketing company or a digital advertising agency you process to your regional businesses something area of interest they’re and goal them and tell them guys you’re going to construct a website

for you a single pleasure or a touchdown page for you correct you do not even must pay for the hosting it’s going to be hosted there for the lifetime what are you willing to pay us and i’m definite they will be willing to pay a hefty amount to it you only for that i’ve a tip also here that you can purchase the 300 license copies for just 139 USD and then that you would be able to resell it at any fee you wish to have these are necessary matters for a trade right so they are willing to pay you anything and the whole lot for this sort of options so in actual fact this is just one way then there are several different approaches that i have listed for you love you don’t must purchase website hosting as i have already advised you so that you

can host multiple websites to your take company web hosting proper they are able to have the customized domain even strong websites like weeks they permit you to create websites however they do not allow you to embed custom domains in it proper however custom domain you have to pay per month but it surely’s a one-time cost that you are making right here and you’ll get it for a lifetime and you should use it for therefore many websites so it can be it can be fairly we can be right and next is even for persons who’ve their customized area but don’t really recognize how to create landing pages they the digital advertising company expenses quite a bit for making a single touchdown pages

So in the event you hand this over to your purchasers for their purpose and they can use that these create landing pages then simply assume how so much they’re willing to pay so that approach also that you can create a lot of possibilities for getting cash it is still now not over guys in view that we’ve got a lead producing crusade over here so that you can easily configure that to the autoresponder of their plan and create an e-mail advertising crusade for the customer right and charge them for that reason so these are the approaches which which you could really earn a living using this application and to pop up on it we’ve got given you license to few video advertising program’s and a few add posts to be able to really grasp the art and dominate the social media had this sort of matters correct so what these are guys our custom bonuses these are uncommon to us and you are going to most effective find this through our link while you

buy click on agency to hardly but having said that we are quite free to determine around and spot some thing boom bonuses others are supplying and whenever you get satisfied that we are giving you the first-rate bonuses to couple up with this software then you can come again to this video again and down below is our link from the place that you could buy click company and once carried out that you can tell us we can absolutely furnish you the entire bonuses with all their exes correct so our first bonus might be predictive 2.0 these are all JB’s new products and these are high selling products that occurs for hundreds of copies

so you these all are validated and proven products so which you could verify out in the JV pages as good so these are predictive to is a power situated app for growing video advertisements regul is required acts to get viral on social media proper subsequent is the video allegiance this is additionally video advertising application this is chiefly maintained for e-commerce right in that video revenue letter for products utilizing this instrument and last is the story this is in regards to the employees for creating stories right for Instagram snap and facebook so guys these are the three video advertising instruments that we are going to disclose to you no longer only this three we are additionally supplying you with two more one is the secret hack of how you can use retargeting ads to way boost your profitability to a best possible extent right it is an actual hack when you are not looking for it electronic mail lists and i don’t want any knowledge you just steal the expertise from other similar lists and that you may develop your online business correct so it is a very important force after which there is the large advert mastery with this you’ll be competent to master all of the assets that being axe used and which you could make a campaign

as a way to be fairly invaluable for you right apart from this there are the vendor bonuses so that it will accept to you there are 11 total bonuses and most of them as you’ll discover at the reseller ones they incorporate some money plugins there may be some his book weary world there is a rapid web page we like this helps you to create pages on WordPress right then there’s a reseller on PowerPoint template this can be used again to reach out the nearby companies with their proposals proper then there is a whisker and cheese approach to get purchasers this fairly explains you ways as a substitute of reaching out to customers how one can meet your fee to reach out to then you there’s advanced google map creator we promote wish to paypal that with a view to be a cost gateway program then there’s entry to crappy blueprint then there is

A reseller entry to by using unencumber builder this helps you in growing lists correct this gives our e mail decide-in sliding’s pop-usaand social sharing to develop your enterprise after which there’s a snapshot compressor rank this what this does is submits the sitemap to search engines like google and helps rank your pics right and last one is video marketing photos p.C. This includes pics to make your movies appear much more lovely guys for those who particularly like this video and quite liked this assessment up to now then subscribe to

our Channel and likewise like this video and if you are fairly joyful about what the bonus we are offering then please you could buy this application utilizing the hyperlink within the description below and to get the bonuses you could quite attain out to us at this e mail identification that allows you to be again given in the description hyperlink under and we will be able to furnish you all of the application once we get the acquisition receipt of this now let’s move on to the members subject i will create a landing web page for you just in minutes okay so now here we’re in the individuals subject of click on agency ok now let me exhibit you the integrations that i have informed you up to now like that you would be able to combine facebook you can integrate Google which you could integrate your autoresponder everything and you can combine your custom area as well with this how from the place you can do it you’ll need to hit on the settings inside your dashboard then there you must add the Google account add your fb account correct and add your autoresponder right so that is the way it is finished

okay now after getting finished that you simply hit on the create on the campaign tail that you can write touchdown page pattern ok and on the area that you would be able to decide upon like company dot IO then hit create after which they will ask whether or not you are attempting to do it with it filling a perform or with the support of a io robotic so far the primary you ought to select a template right here you will see that there are many template that exists for local niches like accountant or auto repair Salo then there’s florists plumbing actual state Italian restaurant legal professional damage attorney bankruptcy attorney and there are a lot of others right so for now i will use a ordinary one that is the basic and i’ll hit the use now on the use i’ll select anyone i will first decide upon refill a type then I will even u-dub chat with a bot alternative as well ok so in here this will be the URL on the way to use the publishing it to write next is the banner heading this you have to give landing page illustration right okay next you must these are all mandatory guys right

So all of the Starbucks you ought to replenish now opt for a logo i’m choosing this one as a symbol correct after which i’ll hit on the save this already has power i am not changing it if you want that you may change it utilizing this button proper now get in contact you should use it as get in touch and you should use it as a ship and e mail choice correct and in the e mail choice you enter something electronic mail you are using so that each time any leads signs up you get this e-mail proper subsequent you must replenish the banner description so this is a touchdown page is written proper okay subsequent is the video part that you could add any video if you want from Vimeo or YouTube or that you could customized embed

it as well correct so for now i am not going to exhibit it so that you may also see there’s a toggle button for each section once you must conceal any part you simply have to toggle it to hide right by using default it is going to be exhibit that you may toggle it to hide okay subsequent is the advantage part which you can additionally toggle it to cover subsequent is the About section within the About section which you could write landing pages are converting proper and within the first better you write first para the second correct 2d direction that you would be able to without doubt fully grasp that these are placeholders then that you may upload the snapshot what i am doing proper now’s placeholders due to the fact that once

I do it for actual then values will likely be substituted with the aid of the true values right so right here that you could also add your team which you can add team and that you could add from snap shots like this Nitin shop then you can opt for yet another snapshot like this and that you can hit on store and then that you could hit an additional image like this and that you would be able to hit on keep these are just i’m doing to exhibit you the way this will show up proper now that you may enter a position function one if go to and it’s three subsequent is the description i can fill it out with whatever description i want and as soon as it is completed that you could go to the subsequent contact us right here which you can upload your brand right you need to use it over like this you could enter the contact heading like contact us then days open you are able to do it Monday to Friday working hours 9:00 a.M.

To 9:00 9:00 p.M. Okay next is the handle line address line that you would be able to type in whatever you need that is your tackle e-mail and in the e-mail deal with that you could put in the any tackle that has a corresponding email identification with you and accessible to you the mobilephone quantity quantity and that you can add any quantity that’s once more accessibility like autoresponder it’s as much as you you probably have that you can add from here if you go there you do not must do footer part listening to can add the phrases of service

privacy coverage and your copyright text if you need and if you do not need you could disguise this as well and then once carried out which you can hit the subsequent and then you can hit the publish so i will copy this and i’ll paste this on a brand new tab and as you see how it looks k ideal correct right here you will find the get in contact button is there one can find the brand has come in the number is there the email id is there the working hours are there there must be a group at this that is the About section that has been given here there is the group part proper and there’s the contact us with lead new release form so guys this was once that effortless as I instructed you it takes minutes to create it so that you would be able to also do it in fact any individual can do it with none expertise on coding or any CMS program like

WordPress Joomla Drupal you don’t ought to gain knowledge of anything no longer even weeks nothing you simply must fill out on a template and the things can be completed by using the AI vigor right it’s a very powerful engine that’s embedded with it fling agency that helps you to create such changing web sites and touchdown pages within the blink of an eye fixed however just growing however by means of simply filling up a form proper now i will exhibit you how we can do it utilizing that phase as well so i will return and i will hit on the create and i’ll inform it the bot demo ok flicka’s in CIO i will hit create then I ought to once more trade the template as I did within the previous operation now let me use this template okay and i’ll opt for the chat with a bot now Dexter is the bot lane with a purpose to come up and Dexter is an extraordinarily shrewd board I could let you know that he knows everything and he’ll ask you questions touching on what you are promoting and also you just need to answer those simple questions correct see first

it’s asking are you ready to do it should you do it yes we are in a position to do it so while you get the sure Dexter will ask you another questions like we will be able to aid individuals promote their homes so what is the kind of this variety of something that you desired with with Psychopaths that you would be able to enter your message over here or anything you wish to have and then hit enter on hitting the enter he will get your message as a reply and then he’ll ask you a further question and on this kind of interactive kind it is going to preserve asking on the cushions except and until the complete kind is stuffed up after which on the finish of this interactive session what will occur is that you are going to have a stunning website online constructed it for you by using this phase just via asking you a couple of questions isn’t that straightforward guys how thanks now that the

touchdown page instance has been created now let me show you the way you need to use this to make use of %ads and fb commercials to really skyrocket your online business so i will hit these three dots after which i’ll click on settings and on settings you’ll discover multiple options ok so if you hit the settings you will discover it can be preview then that you could edit our already created template that is you are attempting to create the identical for the equal company you are attempting to once more create a brand new campaign for that you simply simply have got to exchange the product name the pictures and that is it in order to be

completed inside a blink of a watch and that you would be able to even duplicate your campaign that you would be able to delete the crusade and correct under here that you could also wrap this guide apps and Google as proper from right here correct you could hit create on getting create you must add your fb account to this see that is the evaluation entry so no one is going to have their account here however once you have your individual one you can without problems simply it is a easy integration i don’t proven you from settings you can do it right and after you have completed that you can do the whole lot from right here proper from constructing budgets to the whole lot correct so you needn’t fear that is a step by step coaching in their participants field the place you will be shown every factor and everything with care to details we have now all long gone from there right and we are giving

you the table so that you’ve appear you’ve got a just right choice of what you’re going to get whenever you purchase it right and the entire intention of this demo was to furnish you an sincere feedback and truthfully guys this is going to be a great purchase suppose me and considering the fact that you are backed up with the 30 days money-again as well so don’t be skeptic about taking actions take oh the only approach that you’re going to outlive and grow your small business is by way of taking action correct so do not tapered it don’t lengthen take motion correct now in order that was that part of the individuals area and there are just a few other trainings as good that you may get when you join it and guys what more i am going to let you know some secrets of being profitable with this slick agency program you if you purchase this using our link in the description hyperlink beneath so please by using our hyperlink and help us developing our channel by way of liking subscribing and sharing our videos hope you adore this assessment and

We’ll be coming up with more such experiences be certain you hit the bell icon so that you don’t miss out on any predominant stories like this hope this little assessment makes you proficient on this program and makes you are taking motion on whether to purchase or now not and when you guys guys then please focal point on the bonuses that we’re giving that you can investigate out available on the market each person’s bonuses are higher going with this which you could obviously purchase from them however if you in finding that our bonuses are manner better than anything the others are delivering please come back to this video go to the description link below and buy your replica correct now unless our next video take care stay home keep dependable bye bye Chandra from MPR Academy


ClickAgency OTO


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