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clickbank university 2.0 review  – There are a lot of fake reviews out there about Clickbank Universal 2.0 which is entirely not true. It’s funny that fake reviews like these are still here in 2019. This is a truly honest review that I want to help you to see if this course is right for you, but you have to read on to know.

ClcikBank University 2.0 Review

clickBank University 2.0 review

Clickbank University 2.0  is definitely a legit product that’s designed to help you to make your very first dollar online and scale past four to five figures monthly. That said, there is a major drawback but first let’s understand more about this product.

Clickbank itself is a marketplace which connects publishers (affiliate marketers) and product owners (vendors) which means that they take a cut from all the product sales occurred on their platform.

This means that theoretically, the more the number of successful affiliates and vendors joining Clickbank, the more money it’s going to make.

That’s exactly what Clickbank University is designed to do.

That said, the biggest flaw of this product is that there are no trainings on free traffic generation strategies. All the trainings are focused on paid traffic. Traffic is an integral part of every successful online campaign and most of us prefer to start with a free traffic.

To be fair though, I implemented of the paid traffic strategy and was able to make you around $1k in around two weeks. It did require some upfront investment but the ROI is great. It’s also easier to scale.

Most courses will be charge you over a few thousand dollars for the trainings provided in Clickbank University, but now you can get it for just $47 per month it Very Cheap Price, simply because they need more successful individuals to join their platform.

On top of that, they recently revamped the content of the course extensively, hence the name, Clickbank University 2.0..

Overall, I find that Clickbank University 2.0 is for you if: (Again, this is just a summary. I will share about my experience with this course below)

You are just starting out in the online world (making less than 10k Dollar per month).
You are looking for quicker results (make your first dollar within Two weeks or so).
You don’t mind spending some money to drive traffic.
You are interested in creating your own digital product.
Note: There is a 30-day, no questions asked, money back guarantee so you really have nothing to lose.

ClickBank University 2.0 Review

My Experience With CBU 2.0

I already had a good amount of experience with affiliate marketing when I tried the course. I couldn’t remember exactly, but I believe I was already making five-figures per month at that point.

I went through the course because a close friend of mine was asking for my opinion. Initially, I pointed him to other courses but those courses are priced in the 4 figures mark and he doesn’t have the budget.

He is wandering if Clickbank Uni is good enough since it’s only $47 per month which is way more affordable than those premium courses , its very cheap

Initially, I just quickly go through the course to see if it’s legit but a few sections caught my attention..

Instagram Shoutout Method (I made over $1k just under 2 weeks)
If you have been following me, you will know that I mainly generate traffic via SEO (search engine optimization). Sure, I have experiences with buying ads but primarily through Facebook. To be very honest, at the time, I hadn’t try Instragram Shoutout before..

I went through the video and found that this is  very interesting and potentially effective strategy to quickly drive traffic and sales at an affordable price.

I implemented the strategy on one of my websites and the ROI I am getting is incredible. Just under two weeks, I made over $1k after covering shoutout expenses. Plus, you get to build your email list on the side which is a huge bonus.

I am not going into the specifics but generally, it means paying influencers on Insta to share your details in regards to the product you are trying to sell.

The course goes through every aspect of this strategy in great detail to maximize the returns you can get. If your funnel is properly set up, you can actually build a huge email list using this method and can constantly sell to those people in your list. Also, you will be taught on how to select the right influencers and determine how much to pay.

Of course, this method requires you to spend a bit of money upfront. But, it’s also one of the quickest way that you possibly can make money online. The returns can be massive once you learned about what’s working in the industry you are working on.

You are probably going to fail on some shoutouts, but if you do everything right and learn from experience, it’s only a matter of time before you will be able to make every single shoutouts profitable.

Plus, this strategy is FAST. It’s not like SEO where you have to wait for a few months before seeing any results.

Overall, I am glad I picked up this strategy in the Clickbank University course.

ClickBank University 2.0 Review


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Video Review For CickBank University


ClcikBank University 2.0 Review

ClickBank University 2.0 Review

before you joined Clickbank University
or you take into consideration joining see to it you
watch this video clip a crave an
extensive description and also walkthrough and also
what’s consisted of the material the
sources as well as tools you get what’s going
on welcome back to my youtube network
I’m alain de versailles as well as if you’re.
brand-new to this network ensure you strike.
that subscribe button and join the.
neighborhood as well as certainly during the.
private Facebook group for daily suggestions.
web content and also of course sources so ever before.
given that I started this YouTube channel as well as.
certainly my facebook group a lot of.
people have reached out to me asking me.
what courses I have actually taken or trainings.
I’ve taken so I made a decision to sit down and also.
make an in-depth testimonial as well as video on the.
first program I have actually ever taken when I.
initially started affiliate marketing as well as.
just how it assists me and that initial course.
I’ve ever taken and the very first expense I.
ever before took I have I joined when I first.
began was Clickbank University and also the.
bottom lines to be covered is where I.
began my journey on it why I determined.
to join Clickbank College and of.
course I’m gon na walk you through.
Clickbank College system I’m gon na.
log right into my account.
stroll you through the associate side the.
vendor side showing you a quick summary.
of the content on Clickbank University.
obviously the toolkits as well as the added.
sources you gain as well as get when you.
sign up with the neighborhood and also my individual.
experiences individual thoughts as well as.
personal outcomes after joining Clickbank.
College so let’s get going now.
prior to I get into Clickbank University.
the material the platform I assume it’s.
best that you understand my history a.
little bit so you can obtain an.
insight and also understanding as to where I.
originated from why I chose to take the.
program how it assisted me and my results.
with it and also just how it affected where I am.
currently as well as what I’ve been able to do because.
taking the program and also of course my.
outcomes on it they’ve all allow me simply.
give you a short wrap-up of where I.
started my journey traps up associate.
marketing just so you can learn more about me.
a bit more you understand already I’m.
out full time College student my.
pre-med/ science pupils remain in my.
main field is especially unlike med.
scientific research that kind of area of area I.
never had service experience service.
expertise history just company.
experience I probably had that I.
take into consideration.
a company experience is I took an.
accounting course accountancy unit when I.
remained in senior high school for 2 years.
although in regards to that accountancy.
unit was more on accounting rather than.
advertising sales psychology and online.
advertising so when I initially began I was.
a complete novice I really did not recognize.
anything I was shed.
irritated possibly where you are right.
now as well as you possibly listened to a great deal of.
other people out there that said.
this type of line being a damaged.
College student Oh being broke.
I’m not honestly I was I was making 200.
each week I’m a regular work I’ve worked.
in fast-food McDonald’s and also I disliked it I.
did not like working there I was just.
there for the money I have actually additionally operated in.
retail garments shop which I’m which.
I’ve likewise found out a lot of excellent.
customer care skills and also reaching.
recognize your clients their needs their.
wants and also desires which I especially.
stress on in my previous videos various other.
what I was making increased by the.
home I was working was just insufficient.
to sustain myself and also to be able to save.
cash to do what I wished to do as well as of.
training course accomplish the goals that required.
financial resources another thing is.
that I normally at home obviously with my.
moms and dads I lived one hr away from uni.
it would take me four hours a day back.
and forth by public transportation to get to.
uni and also get back home and also due to the.
traveling time every day and.
because of traveling time every single day.
it just actually took a toll on my psychological.
and physical side that was excellent that I.
was simply extremely worn out from all the.
traveling as well as of course also studying on.
top of that and also due to the fact that I was a full.
time media pupils my hrs would obtain.
in the means of my ships as well as therefore I.
needed to quit my job and that’s where my.
desperation for earning money came into.
the picture I wanted any type of kind of income.
to vacate residence assistance myself do.
whatever I wish to do while also.
examining and also without bothering with.
money these are the top thing.
that I have actually bothered with money and also it’s.
just really irritating since I desired.
to go to trips as well as holidays as well as buy some.
things that I needed but I wasn’t able to.
do because I really did not have the financial.
resources to do that and do the struggle.
and with the irritation that really.
opened broadened my mind and also reasoning.
like how can I make money despite the fact that.
I’m not.
although I’m not working at a routine.
job in a normal per hour paid task and.
through that it made me began to think.
like what can I do to make money to make sure that.
I can sustain myself and also I truly needed.
to move out of residence because I just could.
not take the four hr per day travel.
time so to offer you a brief introduction of.
what I did begun marketing
offer like usage cheap stuff naturally I.
found reading publications as well as service attitude.
started complying with individuals on Instagram.
that were my age however we’re making a.
living and traveling the globe that’s.
why the study on Google/ YouTube just how.
to earn money online began coming in.
which’s when I found actually.
marketing and really passion.
because I actually like the way that I.
don’t possess a product I don’t need to.
touch the item all I needed to do was.
create a procedure that enabled me to.
promote the item and obtain Commission’s.
and affiliate sales via it being.
able to make money while you’re resting.
and that’s when I started discovering.
affiliate marketing what it is what you.
need to do and also primarily the overview.
process or what’s what needs to be done.
in order to get those affiliate sales.
coming in it was a start on my proficient.
advertising journey I researched it myself.
I fell short a whole lot I really did not understand anything I.
shed lots of cash attempting to discover.
Facebook advertising and marketing with YouTube.
really did not earn money whatsoever and also I was simply.
extremely annoyed I would certainly see all.
these individuals making X amount of sales.
from associate marketing and just.
revealing the results all this stuff and also I.
was doing what they’re doing but I.
had not been making any kind of money so I resembled.
examining this company model also.
work like what’s taking place why am I not.
making any type of sales at this person or this.
individual or that person available that’s.
showing their results as well as showing the.
way of living that they’re living just how am I.
unable to do that I expect hours of.
looking into trying to learn whatever.
attempting to piece everything with each other.
I was just completely annoyed.
entirely shed totally puzzled as.
to why I was doing whatever they were.
stating in regards to like Facebook.
advertising and marketing in regards to like selecting a.
product building a touchdown page and also.
doing this other stuff and then just run.
website traffic to it and I really first started.
I really assumed that was it I actually.
thought it was discovering the item.
producing a touchdown web page and then sending out.
website traffic to that touchdown web page and I.
really thought that I immediately get a.
feel at sales but I swiftly found out that.
it had not been the instance.
which’s not just how you do your film.
marketing the right way if you want to.
prick if you intend to make regular.
passively income on your own consistent.
sales every day without also.
touching your computer system as well as truthfully I.
prepared to surrender I agreed to.
just throw away everything because and I.
truly believe that this business version.
didn’t work but through analysis.
different books too on top of that.
that’s when I discovered that in order to.
come to be terrific at something you need to.
gain from a person who has been there.
has understanding experience failures and.
outcomes as well as you have actually possibly heard of.
this quote prior to follow someone that has.
the results you intend to accomplish okay.
don’t change the wheel simply adhere to the.
process follow what’s working and.
through assembling this entirely as well as.
via the anxiety which wish.
to simply for success and that wish to.
just make money and accomplish my objectives.
that was something that really pushed me.
to find a method to make it function to discover a.
manner in which do it as well as I imply we think well.
if other people can do it if you can do.
it if she can do it they can do it why.
can’t I.
and do that mindset which type of.
thinking like well they can do it I’m.
quite certain I can do it also and also I presume.
that idea that I can do it that’s when.
things Pat as well as sources came into my.
life in a way when I wasn’t also looking.
for them and do this whole process I.
understood when I really feel that network was I knew.
what Clickbank like that Clickbank.
affiliate network was that’s all you.
find like all these various items.
that you can promote or the market.
as I seen a lot of like youtubers make.
tutorials on it so I learnt about that yet.
I still did not comprehend the process I.
still did not recognize why I had not been.
making any kind of cash which’s when I.
came across Clickbank College if.
you don’t know what Clickbank University.
is it’s a system or digital item.
platform that teaches you affiliate.
advertising how to find items on.
Clickbank exactly how to promote it how to scale.
it and just how you scale your results and.
get that constant sales coming in I.
was seeking our training course that would certainly.
aid me accelerate the procedure of success.
that accelerate obtaining outcomes and also.
accomplishing my objectives as well as before I stumbled.
across might Bank University I was in.
making any kind of cash it was all unfavorable ROI.
I didn’t understand.
the whole process of affiliate advertising and marketing.
what you need to do in order to get.
positive results and also achieve the.
economic objectives you may have however at the.
exact same time likewise doing what you such as well as.
having a passion for what you’re doing.
and also still accomplishing that economic objective.
of yours young boy come across Clickbank.
University I don’t recognize exactly how to find.
proper products building a brand name around.
a details particular niche to ensure that you can get.
constant sales I didn’t understand just how to.
develop proper touchdown pages funnels what.
funnels were you know I didn’t understand what.
follow-up email sequence was were like.
why you satisfy it like increasing your.
conversion price automation to ensure that you.
can just sit back as well as be away from the.
computer yet still obtain the regular.
sales and also outsourcing I did not.
understand just how they played a role in affiliate.
advertising and marketing as well as success in terms and also.
attaining success in associate advertising.
so to sum it all up I was a full.
beginner I was exceptionally shed but I was.
simply hopeless to make money because I.
intended to attain my objectives I’m moving.
out of home and sustaining myself.
traveling and not rely on my parents so.
that is where my trip began in.
terms of affiliate marketing that’s.
where every little thing started where I’m from.
like a history of how I began the.
points I didn’t find out about affiliate.
advertising and marketing and now I wish to stroll you.
via what Clickbank College is I’m.
gon na reveal you the system the.
control panel that web content that’s that’s.
consisted of whether you choose to be an.
associate or a vendor and simply the.
material that’s done in the dashboard.
showing you walking you through that and.
offering you an understanding to what Clickbank.
University is if you ever before take into consideration.
obtaining it and joining so when you log.
in to the dashboard it has an obtaining.
started so it’s the primary steps how to.
get started a Clickbank College what.
to anticipate what’s consisted of and exactly how you.
can truly use this platform and.
this product in order to help you.
attain your financial goals or in fact.
install obviously it is you desire do.
so step one talk and also hang out with us.
every week so they do have an online Q.
with Adam in Justin SEP to obtain.
viewpoint and also inspiration for the huge.
pet dogs this was unbelievable thing to.
interview with therapy and also various other.
incredible business owners as well as the step.
through selecting a path where you want to.
Juliet or you are come to be a supplier so it.
does cater for different degrees and.
whatever your goals is the partnership with.
whatever objective you desire so if you.
are a novice and also you would like to know if.
you intend to end up being an associate as well as the.
best way to become an associate and how.
to obtain success and also find success in terms.
of that they cover that in a complete.
eight-week program or if you wish to.
end up being a bend or fine sell an electronic.
item naturally whatever it is as well as.
market it and quit financial institution they teach you exactly how.
to do that as well but obviously I’m.
going to be walking you through that.
associate side of it what’s included how.
it helped me and how it can help you the.
web content that’s consisted of the benefits.
drawbacks all the strong things so.
that you can obtain an insight to what to.
expect we determine to sign up with Clickbank.
College if you are severe about.
making an adjustment in your life and also.
starting creating that consistent daily.
earnings affiliate sales make with.
affiliates I would certainly have to a training.
program it’s an eight-week comprehensive.
training program it’s a detailed.
guide actually holding you by the hand.
and also strolling you with the whole.
process or what a fillip advertising and marketing is.
associate marketing or Clickbank.
understanding what associate advertising.
is as well as exactly how to do it the right way.
to ensure that you obtain me marketed as well as.
guarantee that you recognize the process.
as well as how you can scale the outcomes as soon as.
you begin earning money with it as well as.
actually automate that whole process so.
that you can be away from the computer system.
as well as still generate income fulfill one to load it.
marketing Clickbank so simply an.
intro I feel that earnings strategies.
setting up for success objective setting so.
not just does it teach you the.
techniques as well as the process of associate.
advertising in exactly how you can find success.
with it but it’s likewise concerning the.
fundamentals which I talk about a lot in.
my videos in terms of state of mind setting up.
the structures.
having a truly strong why setting goal.
to ensure that when you do experience a problem or.
a barrier you’re why quotes as to.
where you began well how permit you to.
conquer the obstacle that you will.
endure because you will certainly endure a great deal of.
obstacles yet having a really solid means.
will certainly allow you to overcome that process.
and get over that battle that whatever.
it is you’re facing with that is a one.
point that I actually found useful.
with Clickbank University is due to the fact that you.
do not simply quickly experience the.
show you exactly how to find a successful.
item just how to surf the channel as well as exactly how.
to get the e-mail sequences or set up as well as.
things what is essential like the.
principles and also actually establishing that.
foundation which I in my viewpoint.
it’s very vital in order to get.
well that’s associate marketing or any.
other company models and afterwards a weak to.
associate fundamentals so browsing via.
the Clickbank industry describing the.
various like describe the different.
terms on Clickbank of the top curriculum vitae.
items as well as simply all the information and also.
info that you require to find out and.
give me an understanding as to what’s working.
and also what’s not.
all Clickbank and actually recognize right here.
they likewise have like download.
downloadable products that you can.
print out as well as aid you week three it’s.
everything about discovering your passion so.
defining what it is you like.
researching the products in your specific niche.
I’m choosing the excellent product to ensure that.
you walk through exactly how to discover profitable.
products on Clickbank whether it is.
via your interest or with a.
entirely various particular niche that you.
wan na enter this program that’s where I.
discovered exactly how to discover products that’s.
working or what’s not working.
investigating different products which I.
discuss a great deal in my videos regarding the.
importance of investigating your particular niche.
research study in your target market research study in.
your market would be for it’s all about.
funnels so building squeeze pages or.
landing web pages establishing your opt-in.
capture page to gather individuals’s details.
and also email address so that which you are.
going to utilize later on when it pertains to.
email conversions raising your.
conversion prices follow-up sequence and.
all that sort of things so we click back.
University what they’ve done is they have actually.
provided you a detailed regular guide or.
weekly actions and work on your very own rate.
and also understanding on your own replay the.
video clip if you miss something writing.
write as well as again they do have.
materials that you can download to kind.
of offering you a list of what to.
include in your funnels and also your landing.
pages to create a high converting.
landing page and also this platform that’s.
where I learned about the beneficial of.
developing out funnels with week 5 six.
as well as 7 it’s everything about email advertising.
increasing your conversion rates as well as.
getting individuals to buy through your.
associate web links and just how to set up your.
e-mail sequences as well as obtaining clients to.
open your email seeing to it they click.
with your field link and also obtain.
item and we obtain scaling and increasing.
so they discuss like the tools that.
will certainly aid you automate the process.
outsource your web content and automate.
whatever to ensure that when you’re away from.
the computer everything is still running.
every little thing remains in area as well as all set up.
as well as prepared to go so that you are still.
surviving it sales so not only is.
Clickbank University incredibly wonderful and.
practical for beginners as it is a step by.
action overview process particularly if you are.
a full novice you’re totally.
shed you don’t recognize where to start.
Clickbank University overviews you via.
a process taking you from a total.
newbie to someone that understands what.
they’re doing and recognize what you have to.
do and also with the once a week training program.
as well as certainly a great deal of Q&A; you are able.
to work on your very own rate and not thrill.
the procedure unless look understanding.
the material and then executing it.
into your day-to-day activities because with.
affiliate marketing it’s not just about.
discovering an item as well as in this running.
website traffic to it there’s even more elements.
associated with that as well as we include Financial institution.
College undergoes all the aspects.
involved guaranteeing that you obtain the.
outcomes and you’re getting their sales.
coming through and not only that but the.
content is presented in such a way that’s.
easily easy to understand the issue what.
degree of expertise your app or the.
knowledge you have you will certainly still be.
able to recognize and proceeding they do.
have a web traffic section where it goes.
via Facebook advertising and also.
Instagram shoutouts as well as this training.
tutorial aided me a lot as well as obviously.
the toolkit section and also all these.
different devices as well as sources that you.
can utilize making things simpler for you for.
example video clip editing and enhancing producing sales.
discussion recording yourselves you.
understand Design banners and also giveaways for.
your material development setting up your.
funnel split testing outsource your job.
so you do not have to produce the material.
on your own in regards to lead magnets.
and leave years not just that but.
it additionally teaches you demographic study.
with Google and also Twitter and also automating.
with a means concerning to ensure that when somebody.
places in their information on your opt-in.
web page you are able to simply allow the.
email sequences that you have actually established prior.
to running web traffic as well as running ads your.
clients can obtain the e-mail sequences.
without you sending out hundreds of e-mails.
each and every single day and also instructing you.
understand setting up a customized domain with.
GoDaddy I truthfully I didn’t also understand.
what a domain name was when I first began.
or what I cost under me.
how would certainly it set that all about Financial institution.
University I have the ability to comprehend the.
procedure in a very easy step-by-step way.
understanding the fundamentals the.
procedure and scaling as well as getting the.
result as well as on the other side of that if.
you already have experience with.
affiliate advertising and marketing you’re making.
passive revenue and you wish to educate.
people as well as create an electronic item so.
that you’re able to obtain more sales and.
certainly start a brand-new revenue we’re.
teaching as well as producing digital items.
then Clickbank University has a section.
for you too and that is being a bindle.
as well as creating a product that you can market.
and so that associates can advertise.
it for you it instructs you exactly how everything.
works locating your best product your.
avatar course content development and also.
outsourcing your work perfect upsells to.
make the most of sales I can enter sales copy.
wrapping up the product getting up on.
Clickbank JV taking care of split testing exactly how.
to scale and also marketing high ticket.
items on webinars so he educates you.
from point A to Z that’s generally what.
Clickbank College is now the primary.
reason as to why I selected Clickbank.
University was not only due to the.
testimonials and the teachers just in an.
atom and also their results investigating them.
and also their experiences their history.
and just how they all began and really.
motivated me exactly how they began as well as where.


ClcikBank University 2.0 Review

ClickBank University 2.0 Review