CLICKFUNNELS EN ESPAÑOL 🤑 | Que Es Clickfunnels, Para Quién Sirve Y Cómo Usarlo [TUTORIAL]

Hi there entrepreneurs of the sector, entrepreneur, entrepreneur, at present i’ll talk to you about Clickfunnels Spanish tutorial and i’ll answer three key questions, the first what is Clickfunnes, two who’s Clickfunnels and three how is it used Clickfunnels? All this is what i’m going to reply on this video so stay. Incidentally I tell you, this video is the primary in a sequence with a view to be titled click Funnels Spanish tutorial, where i will make a sequence of videos on how use Clickfunnels, the best way to observe all the functionalities and clearly support you that you may master this tool flawlessly, so if you’re know about this sequence of videos that i am going to do soon, subscribe to channel, press the little purple button that is there and you’re going to be phase and you’ll discover the whole thing I submit, I actually have a surprise for you, i’m going to raffle on this video a one hour Skype session on the right way to put into effect Clickfunnels to your enterprise and at the finish of the video i will inform you What are the stipulations as a way to earn it your self. So to answer the primary query, what is Clickfunnels? Good the rapid response, it is digital advertising and marketing application, certainly you are going to not I answered without doubt nothing with that answer, as a consequence for now sure offer you an reply that can open your understanding as it happened to me in a Now, i’m going to inform you a little bit story about how I learned it, how I understood precisely what this was about and is that on one get together I was learning study to make fb commercials and that i obtained that in the tutorial, again and again it wasn’t practically facebook commercials however of Clickfunnels as anything that used to be key, quintessential and basic to be equipped make fb advertisements efficiently.I was announcing however what’s that? I didn’t recognize what it was once, it gave the impression tremendous bitter to me of a device that in the beginning was once no longer what I desired to be taught, until that from seeing it so much, from listening to it repeated on behalf of this individual and then I noticed many different marketing tutorials digital, fb commercials and really advanced matters and whenever I gave says that the experts, the tutors, people who made the movies continuously They introduced back Clickfunnels to the fabric, to the content material that they have been sharing and that is the place I stated no, I must learn more, i’ve must determine what it is about and that’s once I begin shall we embrace soak in the world of Clickfunnels and that i discover that it is a tool, it is a software that It enables to build income funnels and the query is, what are revenue funnels? Income funnels are automatic on-line earnings processes, that you could make it sound elaborate but I give you an actual lifestyles example. Let’s consider you wish to have to spend a day at the beach and in the course of your pleasure, your day family beach might be it makes you purchase a seashore racket, to play there on the seaside along with your youngsters, with your household, with whoever and maybe there’s a little place over there where they sell the rackets, so if it provokes you, when you believe find it irresistible, you go, you get nearer, you purchase the racket or on this case the kit with the opposite racket and the ball of direction and you you go pleased and content and the individual who bought it is as a rule unhappy since he has most effective sold a bit racket who is aware of how so much he might have earned from that, without doubt little or no and there it remains, for this reason, applying the advertising of religion, it is say praying there to all the saints for the next customer and buy him a different little racket.That’s a funnel-free earnings approach, now let’s examine what it is, how it appears, utilized to this beach day a funnel of revenue, funnel advertising. There’s the sale of rackets and they do not wait passively that a purchaser involves take that product however even they generate an enchantment, they generate shall we say a bait to draw the individuals and perhaps assume a couple of humans there, a boy, a woman taking part in fortunately on the beach with the racket and then if humans strategy seem and inform him how about it, wouldn’t you wish to take a racket kit too? Then some persons will say, well if i would have an interest – well then best happens round right here and today we will also give you 30% discount so which you could take it and spend the day after which humans already in the middle of the hubbub and euphoria of to be obtaining his rackets, the individual, the promoter, the promoter and he says incidentally, how so much time will he spend here on the beach – well all morning – and you have already got sunscreen on the grounds that you understand that you ought to handle your epidermis, kid’s skin, so some persons they’ll say they did not have it, different people – well I was jogging out – some thing – just right superb for the reason that right here then we present you the sun cream that’s major to take with you to defend your dermis, wellness out of your loved ones then good it can be k i’m going to take it, oh and by the way instead in case you take one, should you take three we give you 40 percent discount, then some people will say yes, i am after which additionally they take the solar cream, after they took the sun cream comes and tells him and what so if for after the seaside day take the refreshing cream in order that then practice it to the epidermis and then if it obtained to burn a bit relieve but additionally that nourishes your epidermis and the tan lasts longer, you will see extra exceptional after which there can be men and women who can even say well i am interested convey me also the clean cream and sincerely this happens to have been a casual sale of an remoted item to a earnings method, a funnel, ones beforehand notion steps by which you take your customer for the path precisely that you want me to take to take the action that you you wish to have me to drink and that resulted in nowadays on the seashore my friend, entrepreneur, enterprising, is a sales funnel and Clickfunnels what it does is construct these funnels in the digital world.Already coming back from our beach day what I need to let you know is that within the illustration that i have given you given the advertising and marketing funnel was aimed at closing a sale after which take purchasers up the value ladder, sell them more without nevertheless, a advertising funnel can have as its ultimate goal any advertising and marketing motion that’s not even a sale can be effortlessly taking pictures an email with a view to build a mighty electronic mail record with which that you can keep in touch later, it could be inviting men and women to attend an occasion, it may be inviting folks to donate to charity, it may be inviting men and women to participate in an internet webinar, it may be individuals who visit a bodily place, in short it can be absolutely any action of marketing, the principal factor about the funnel and what I want to clarify is that it’s the strategy to construct automated online processes main to man or woman, purchaser, prospect for the system exactly what you need without that there are distractions, for this reason the conversions of what you wish to have to acquire, that’s.Until now i am hoping i’ve answered you the query of what’s click Funnels but now the 2nd question is for whom click on Funnels? Is it for you, or for you, or for all these which might be surrounding me? The reply is that click on Funnels applies perfectly to every person who’s convinced which you can promote what you are promoting, your product, or your carrier via internet. I feel it’s difficult to feel that currently anybody, a lot much less is anyone who has come to this video like you, consider that they can not promote your business by way of the web, your corporation may also be physical products, digital merchandise, will also be coaching, consulting, consulting, a nearby industry, a bodily business, a cafe, a spa, what you you want, in the event you feel, in case you are convinced of the notion that you may selling on the internet then click Funnels is for you. So I need to provide you with some examples of exactly how in distinctive industries, entirely one-of-a-kind folks They use click on Funnels to advertise their corporations, but first I want to tell you in regards to the contest that I recounted at the beginning in fact there are going to be three the prizes that i’m going to give, that is to claim three men and women are going to win the advice of a time with me, face to face on Skype to put into effect a technique for click on Funnels, so if you want to earn it the first thing you ought to do is right now subscribe to the channel press the little purple button there that’s some of the standards, the subsequent requirements i will tell you later, so stay here on the grounds that i’m going to maintain supplying you with various useful know-how. In fact, on 2nd suggestion, there are two types of business owners, folks that consider in buying promoting and advertising, in reality investing, and those that no. Folks that don’t, obviously would no longer be focused on click on at all Funnels, and those that do, well, there are also two forms, those that suppose in advertising historic college, whether it’s flyer, print papers, hand them out or glue them on the walls or pay on radio, tv, magazines, the media classics and people who suppose that this can be executed online in spite of whether or not or now not you may have abilities of make bulletins today on-line, I additionally inform you that i’m getting ready and that i feel that for the week This series of movies on make bulletins of facebook and they are able to quite be super distinct and that you would be able to show it to them precisely the audience you need, whether with the aid of region, through age, with the aid of tastes, we will be able to fall into that too, that is if you’re one of the crucial entrepreneurs, of the owners industry that believes in investing in advertising and promoting and you might be one of who believes that this funding in advertising and advertising if completed online is much more mighty then indeed yes, click Funnels is for you in case you meet these two requisites, I insist, it doesn’t matter what the nature of your small business.Having clarified these standards, i need then provide the examples I had promised you of real circumstances, cases that are taking place at present, in these days the day you recorded the video is June thirteen, 2019 and 10 minutes earlier than starting to record the video, I went to my fb, I seemed for a little promoting, which didn’t fee me at all for the reason that I right away noticed myself bombarded with ads and i clicked on some of them and i’m going to exhibit you what that I got, that’s, i’m going to exhibit you what giant companies or humans of the world who’re committed to digital advertising and marketing, investing money in campaigns they’re doing to maximize the outcome of their campaigns and it’s exactly the identical thing you are able to do on your campaigns for your online business, for your on-line promotion, then we can jump to the monitor to show you what its about.So here i’ve a screenshot of the promoting, i didn’t go away it on facebook due to the fact it’ll move me with the aid of path and then this is mr frank kern having a subsidized ad or backed and he tells you here, I translate for you, he says if you sell whatever online you need this booklet, that is he is delivering a publication and in case you are then you definitely click on on this hyperlink that I I clicked and right now we’re going to go to the browser and i’ll exhibit you, too there are the men and women from the Affiliate World Conferences, associates and tells you, an occasion that every official within the digital advertising, that is, we at the moment are talking about a convention, a physical event you will have to attend, if you are click right here, that’s the place the approach, that’s where the process starts. I have different commercials that I clicked but did not seize all of them but I i’ll show you the touchdown pages, so Frank Kern brings us to this web page, where the there what does it do? Tells you why his ebook is the great of world and since you need to have his e-book, then here is taking place to you throughout the whole thing, let’s say his income text, his commercial text the place he tries to persuade yourself and notice that there aren’t any distractions of any variety, actually if we we come up right here there may be nowhere to click on further, up to now it is only information that in case you are , if it captures you as you go down, you go looking, he over right here someplace will undoubtedly make you an present of how much it expenses this book or how a lot does it price via this advertising and right here you then go looking at your thing and if you are you stay and keep going down if you’re no longer interested you have got already left. 5.60 here is the rate at which it sells, if you on this booklet normally 5.60 just isn’t some thing that weighs you down or hurts you rather a lot on your pocket, so in the event you went the entire method and he convinced, he simplest offers you the option to inform you to send me the booklet, that if you want it, your only option is to go and on no account come back or take the guide, if i click on on this button i actually wish to exhibit you one thing if we we come here look at what i’m displaying you, that is the clicking logo Funnels, that means this can be a touchdown page created in click on Funnels and is the of your revenue funnel, so if I do click here what he is going to do is take me to a page where he’s going to ask for my contact important points, the place the principal factor of all is my address electronic mail, as you might be selling me whatever on the cost of 5.60, it is going to question me for the bank card and undoubtedly he’ll give me one …He’ll sell me some thing else. So if I supply it, readily right here it’s announcing provide me your data, provide me your e mail, which at the end I inform you is constantly the most important factor, here for direction continues to offer me causes to persuade myself to not remorse it, right here he asks me for my credit card important points and that I have to pay 5.60 but he additionally hiya hello and what if moreover you buy me this different little factor that i am offering round here that already costs $ 27, if he receives a thousand persons there on this promotion, perhaps out of a thousand, let’s consider 150 attain their present, that is to claim they want the guide and of the 150 maybe 30 come out and buy the book or is this bond at 27 in view that the there is already let’s say getting better your investment in advertisements and after all have already got shall we embrace 30 new consumers to whom sell them many extra things to any extent further, so this whole approach all this funnel that is simply the tip of the iceberg is with ease manufactured with click on Funnels.If we come here, to persons who offers something thoroughly specific, it isn’t a booklet, we’re talking about tickets for a conference, good truly the equal suggestion, right here they if they offer us somewhat extra buttons to click on, however essentially the option is very simple too, we go down the place they offer us all understanding down and basically our handiest alternative at various aspects to along the web page we’re watching at is buy, purchase, purchase, purchase, is pronouncing is a single call to action, but if we maintain looking at different examples listed below are some people who promote program, that I saw an commercial via facebook and so they tell us here: it is a fb designated, 75% of reduction, no month-to-month costs and clearly tells us to order it now, it’s saying it is a funnel, a landing page of a funnel that used to be created certainly for the promoting that they are doing on facebook and aside here they give us developed tactics the place they show us a … Let’s assume there are humans who’re joining, who are purchasing the product at the moment if you find yourself watching at the present they make to you, that could be a very strong psychological result of saying, I would miss the present of my lifestyles so detect how we went from a ebook to a conference, to a application and Now let’s see one more example of a boy who sells … This is really executed with Clicks Funnels, in fact it was via a video related to this boy that I hear for the primary time click on Funnels, that is, i know that he’s an main person of click on Funnels, the identical psychological system that we are able to pass over the offer and what’s it that invariably ask us? Supply me your contact, supply me your e-mail, provide me your card information credit and what initially expenditures 3,994 can take you today for 1997 and if you need, that you may cut up the payments and finally the whole thing goes the additional that he offers us, then, then, that is what I wanted to exhibit you, as it doesn’t matter what the focal point of your trade, something product you are trying to promote, the primary thing is to have an automatic earnings procedure with program to support you so that you can implement this but if it still seems to you it can be not for you due to the fact you do not promoting on fb, nor do you propose to do it, because i will show you whatever more of how folks are doing a marketing strategy digital via whatever channel they’re utilising the software, we go to the monitor of again then right here throughout the reveal of once more, I wish to exhibit you how there are individuals who are not promoting fb due to the fact might be you say sure however it’s that I publish or promote my business is for Instagram, well seem right here is that this woman, who also has 217 thousand followers and what does she do? Good if you wish to take a quick appear at his Instagram, on the subject of health, so she posts there, generates content, attract an viewers and share what? A hyperlink, click on here, click right here, So I already clicked there and what are you going to get? You guessed correct one landing web page of a funnel where she teaches you good that is what I I present you and you can become a member of for best a greenback, sure! Only one greenback tells us and then well you become a member of and now in case you provide there to signal up you recognize precisely what will happen, seem right here it’s, your information, when you give next step what is going to happen is that it’ll ask for your credit card know-how and if this appears interesting to you, if you in finding it attractive but maybe problematic to do, well let me inform you that is achieved with click on Funnels in a couple of minutes and there’s distinctive templates that i am going to exhibit you right now in a couple of minutes like do that, let’s have a look at different examples, here we will see people from YouTube this is a guy who teaches you methods to make pleasant YouTube movies, so if you are his video and also you find it irresistible then you can come to him for example offers you free YouTube hints right here, I clicked there and when you come here you guessed proper, you’re going to get a funnel landing page the place he offers you a free ebook the place he gives you 10 hints to begin and grow your YouTube channel, then you definitely supply it your e mail tackle and you know what goes to maneuver from right here on, in addition to additionally activating a e-mail sequence the place he’s going to do e-mail advertising and take you by means of the system that he wants you to head through and here an additional individual, where he also offers you hints on how you can record better and make quality videos from dwelling, then he gives you a number of hyperlinks but between the links he gives you what? For illustration here a record of instruments you have to make videos, so should you click you come right here and you guessed well, you’ll additionally you’re going to get a funnel landing web page the place he presents you the list four instruments you ought to must make high great and low videos price, so if you happen to say send me the record, what will happen? It’ll ask for your electronic mail and once it has your email it has presented you in the funnel and also you will go by way of the method that he wishes you to head, so this is what it’s about, enterprising, enterprising, to have computerized revenue approaches that they may be able to apply regardless of what your enterprise promotion channel is and what what you are promoting is, all that is achieved very with no trouble with click on Funnels and Now i am going to exhibit you how it’s accomplished.So before getting into the program and show you ways this funnel constructing works i want tell you two matters: pay awareness to them considering they’re principal, the first is involving the competition, then the stipulations of participation are very simple, the first one I already told you subscribe to the channel, the 2nd is to go away a remark under within the part feedback that says the next, the very first thing has to assert is Clickfunnels tutorial and after that it’ll say what is the topic you want to me to quilt in a next video about click on Funnels, for illustration CLICKFUNNELS TUTORIAL learn how to integrate a Shopify product click Funnels, or CLICKFUNNELS TUTORIAL how one can make a membership web page with with click on Funnels, or how you can do a webinar with click Funnels, anyway what you wish to have to grasp, why? Due to the fact that I want to give you exactly what you wish to have but how i’m no longer a fortune teller due to the fact I need to know what pursuits you the most to provide it to you, sounds excellent do you agree adequate, ultimate.The opposite, at present, day that I document the Video is June thirteen, 2019, the competition will shut on the 30th of June, that is, we now have what number of sixteen, 17 days of competition, then take part, leave your remark, subscribe and that you could earn not simplest you however three persons, an hour head to head on Skype serving to you put into effect a digital advertising approach to your small business through click Funnels, from ok, now we have a deal, ok? Okay, ultimate, the 2d thing I wanted telling you is also very foremost, at the end of the day click Funnels is a software, it’s a tool but for that device works you have to have a clear technique of What are you going to do to make that work as you expect, considering that i’ve you an awfully main recommendation, here i have a ebook, This has been the e-book from which i have learned probably the most about digital advertising. Written with the aid of Russell Brunson, he’s the proprietor, the founder of the enterprise click Funnels and it is a bible of digital marketing, I endorse you read it, it’s in English sure, but in addition if you happen to like you can order it without cost, you could handiest pay transport, you i’ve it in a link within the video description and the first remark but I also have a video tutorial in Spanish made via me that you could watch in this hyperlink you’ve gotten up right here, so in case you are desirous about figuring out what try you can do it proper away looking at that link and if you wish to buy the book you can request a free reproduction by means of of the hyperlink that I share with you. So now if the table is set for enter the program and exhibit you how it works. Good, now we have come to describe the device, unless now you I confirmed everything you could do with it, why it was major and now we are going to show it to you, so you already know what you’re going to get within I with no trouble let you know that there are three matters, they are three elements that make up this little box of digital advertising instruments called click Funnels, the the primary of these tools is the funnel builder, that is, it is which enables you with a lot of ease, with predetermined templates which you could then modify at your own pleasure to manufacture those pages of touchdown you checked out and the entire extra steps which are within your funnel, the 2nd device that makes up this method is a e mail autoresponder, that is, you realized that the goal of all the pages we noticed, of the entire funnels we went by way of used to be invariably capture the vacationer’s e-mail and that e-mail is to not keep and have it there carrying powder, is to make use of it, to start a chain of strategic emails that you will ship to this man or woman to create a relationship link between the possibility and your small business and from there mature the relationship to simply be ready to sell you after which be ready to continue promoting you over time, this is accomplished via an autoresponder of emails.For those who occur to have already got one more autoresponder or consider extra relaxed utilizing one other autoresponder supplier that you can integrate it with out no problem to the press Funnels system and it’s going to work perfectly, and the an extra pleasant element that makes up this toolbox is software shopping cart, that’s, an built-in browsing cart that allows for you to likelihood to system repayments and is tremendous strong, super comfy and with a operate that really is among the excellent available on the market and that has the likelihood to create an affiliate software, an affiliate program is that if in case you have a product and there’s someone who wishes to sell your product, make efforts to advertising to promote them when you consider that they are able to do it as affiliates and they’ll generate commissions, all this in a totally traceable, automatic approach, accomplished shall we embrace seriously, these are the instruments that make up the procedure and now I want to show you from throughout the application so you will discover how it appears, so if we come right here what we’re going to see is shall we embrace this the manage panel, this the funnel builder, this Actionetics is the e-mail autoresponder and Backpack is the searching cart, essentially with these three buttons you’ve a entire suite powerful digital advertising and marketing in your palms, so let’s just go to probably the most basic right now, should you desired to build a funnel you give construct funnel or construct funnel and he will ask you what you want do, so let’s wait right here for a bit window to return out and he tells us what you wish to have to do, you wish to have to acquire emails or you wish to have to promote a product or do you wish to have to host a webinar? Well let’s shut for now this and we’re going to exhibit you the choices right here, all these squares that you see right here different colors are specific capabilities, unique advertising and marketing funnels what you can do in step with the target you might have, so let’s exhibit a quite simple example, here we’ve for instance the lead magnet this implies this is for capturing emails, “lead” is a lead and “magnet” is a magnet, so if you wish to capture as many emails as possible from part of your potentialities, the traffic that visits your funnel considering that you with ease you come right here, down load any of the templates you like and at down load it, i am now not going to download it but because probably I wish to exhibit you an extra choice, the downloads have already got a very exceptional design It already has the whole lot in actual fact in position, the only thing you’ve gotten is to place your information, the texts, your pics, your trademarks and it’s in a position to be used. If you want to talk for illustration, one of the vital earnings that could be extra complicated, there is this two-step go back and forth wire funnel which is the one we saw for example in the booklet, the man who bought the ebook that instructed you for five and how many extra dollars you take the e-book after which I instructed you and you are taking it for so much extra you you’ve got one more present, that is what we are going to see proper now, for instance we’re going to down load this template, so once we download this template we it appears like this, it already has let’s consider a very good design right here you can very quite simply tell any one … We will wait right here for a second at the same time it downloads, but essentially from what it is that you offer anything to anybody that may be for instance whatever free plus transport or at an extraordinarily low-priced fee in order that men and women pronouncing yes i need what it does is that it effortlessly provides the info of your shipment, then puts the info your credit card and once it has executed it you do the order bump or make him say the additional offer and you are taking them there, then it is as simple as if you want to sell a product, your product click here and add it in this type of manner that the process already is aware of what product you’re going to sell, here you outline how you’re going to ship the emails and right here you without problems place your texts, your product, you place your picture, your brand, your little things, your price and now and as simple as what you’ve got it ready put the link on your fb advert or in your Instagram post or your YouTube video or some thing you need and now you’ll be competent to generating high-quality conversions about your strategy digital advertising, so if I say right here we’re going to provide only one instance, that is my profitable funnel, anything, so I preserve this after which if I wish to see what it looks like that is what the web page I simply did in 1 minute would look like, this is my funnel winner, then easily there each and every one places the data they want, all that is changed to Spanish or the language you need and you’re in a position to start shooting people’s knowledge, email, bank card, absolutely cost you that it goes immediately into your Stripe account and nothing and the world is yours something your enterprise, it’s that simple it is.Now, I insist, there are numerous extra purposes that click has Funnels but absolutely there is not any time to do them all in this video, that is why I requested you to position Clickfunnels tutorial for the contest plus what what would you prefer to learn the best way to do, what would you love me to make a video for give an explanation for to you the way it’s executed, then I just look ahead to you, if this liked it for the reason that you understand I ask you as soon as once more to subscribe to the channel, go away me your comments, go away me your questions and wait on the grounds that the movies are additionally coming how one can make fb commercials and all of the videos that i’m going to do about click Funnels tutorials, I look ahead to you, let’s team up because I are living to undertake, for those who also are living to undertake then that is your channel.Has been Alvaro Ruiz, unless subsequent time.