Clickfunnels vs kartra : Complete Guide to Which One is Better?

hey, everyone, this is Yogesh welcome to
my channel utilize your business and in this video I'm going to talk about hot
reverses click funnels to the top sales funnel builder software out there a lot
of people are confused a lot of people want to know which one is better for
them is it click funnel is it car trap stick around to the end of the video to
find answers to your question and oh by the way if you haven't described the
channel like this video and hit the Nordic fishing button let's go welcome back so let's talk about click
funnel first the click funnels when you come there their main focus is strictly
on sales funnels how to build one of the best sales funnel out there for those
who are using it so the enable people to grow their company through sales funnel
currently they had to have a lot of users so if you're not on online I'm
pretty sure you've heard about click funnels if not maybe or I'd refer a hawk
or something but anywhere you go and the online online platform talking about
sales for a click funnels name do pop-up they talk about a difference between
website and sales funnel their whole thing is the this just gives you a demo
of what the sales funnel is you know you as a landing page sales for sales page
then you have the upsell and a membership area and that's what that's
what you do get with the click funnels so it it is a simple drag-and-drop web
page editor so you don't have to be too tech savvy or you know people who are
into the island any as simple a normal person like myself who wasn't tech savvy
can actually go in and start building sales funnels easily it's got quickly
build a sales funnel there's a upsell and it's a one-click upsell which is one
of the main it's a really good nice feature where the people don't have to
type in their credit card information or their payment information over and over
again for any episode once their payment is there in the sales funnel all there
to do is just click to you know the upsell is attitude well without adding
on hug there is the email and Facebook marketing automation and on top of that
everything organized in one simple dashboard now if you scroll down the
Tulsi Baug talks about different sales funnels that you can build for an is the
generator lead she's checking and sells your product now if you're not sure that
what your what your business requires you can just click on this and the
just help you out to which sales when I was good and most likely what you have
is you know talks about these clickfunnels Edison character is where
you can drop an editor a backpack is for their affiliate program and the follow
up funnels it's for people who can follow up with the with the email
marketing automation so this is this is a general overview of click funnels now
let's talk about Quadra so Carter Carter is the main tagline is your online
business made easy what it is is they have all in one platform so you don't
have to actually go out of there you don't have to have any other third-party
software in order for you to run your online business so they have the hard
drives checkout carthoris page there's leaves there's car press funnels and
campaign they also have the Carter s mail the membership and one thing I
really liked about this is where they also have card for us video where
actually you can put in your videos you don't have to go out of their platform
to you know have your videos in and third party platforms such as Vista or
Vimeo and then they also have the Carter s affiliate program the car tours agency
and if you scroll down to talk about intuition and API with third-party
learning so let's talk about what makes Carter s so different than all the other
sales funnel but in this video we're strictly going to talk about click
funnels versus Carter so hard for us haves all in one account so you don't
you basically have to have any other account if you want for the start you
don't have to worry about all the integration from from third party to
Cara's or vice versa it's pretty easy to use everything isn't that it's on a
cloud base so it's finished and they talk about saves you a lot of money
because you don't have to add in other software such as for the
email marketing for the video hosting and couple of other stuff so it's pretty
good in terms of what Carter does all-in-one platform you don't have to
worry about all the headaches of integration from one part to another now
we'll talk about pricing between click funnels and car tours so click front
pricing risk click funnel basically has to plan right now one is for $97 another
one is for 297 the they've recently changed about a month ago and there's
gonna be another plan coming soon no idea one but it's coming soon probably
next year so if you're talking about the basic plan what it does is you can you
have 20 different funnels you can have one hundred page one user you can have
three paid payment gateways so you can have it pay to stripe to a different
three different business you can also have three connect to multiple domain 3
of them and then the that's about it there's nothing talked about the email
and then then also nothing talked about they do some sort of a hackathon but
that's strictly for the neck to 97 so 297 is their platinum plan right now so
which does you get unlimited funnels you get unlimited pages called 3 up to 3
users can use it 9 different platform great way but the main problem is
features about their platform is hours of additional training and courses which
are included in there so you don't have to buy pretty much any other course all
of this course is available for you for at once you are at 297 so course such as
you know they have the kind of secret traffic if you you need do need traffic
for any of your offers they do have one funnel of a challenge funnel
University and also talked about Tony Robinson and for pretty much most of the
other things talk about the ads the mindset and all that all the course that
that you might want to want to buy it on top of click funnels it is available for
you but for that you do have to sign up for 297 a month and then you also get
emails that sport is a little more faster so you're on the higher level and
also in terms of it you do get the follow up funnel so that you can connect
your customers with the emails more Facebook marketing automation and etc so
that's that's it for the click fun uprising let's talk about car trucks so
car traffic pleasant plan all of the plans in plan do have all of the
platform whatever is they're given to you so all of their platter in terms of
email marketing the video hosting and all that it all depends on the context
number of context and how much of emails are you doing it so for the starter you
can start you get the 2,500 contacts you get the one custom domain you get the
follow-up unlimited page and you get to member portals membership portals for
$99 USD and on top of that and you want to go to the next one which is more
populous to Silver Gold and Platinum there will be a link that below which
will tells you that all the difference between the difference so I don't want
to go in detail but it but you can click on the link and
you can find out so there starter plan is $99 then it goes to $1.99 $2.99 and
$4.99 so let's start bought throws about clickfunnels why what are the features
what are the attractive features for the click wanna click funnels for start of
it you can start your 14-day trial at no cost to you all you
is type in your credit card number and there will be no payment taking for the
first 14 days after that you can select which plan you want it and the other
thing that's really good about click funnel is it's integrated with a lot of
third-party software so you can if you like one software or another British
pretty sure all of the software you can integrate with clickfunnels
it's easy to set it up the next feature is the one-click
upsell so all once they have your credit card payment information any upsell or
down cell they do you just have the the user just have to click on it and it
automatically add on to the shopping cart
so it's pretty easy everything is organized pretty easy in the simple
dashboard and that do give you a lot of templates a lot of templates to work
around and you can transfer those pamphlets in to your desktop so it's
pretty easy and for anybody you want to start it's easier for them to start with
it so Carter what is the pro about contra why you should go into Quattro
what are the other features the feature of contra is you know check out easy to
integrate your you can have your both the credit card and the paypal payments
information on one page the card for us video hosting you don't need to find
another platform to host video cartridge membership and the emails for the email
so you don't need to find any other third party material emails and the good
thing is all of these are available and on all the quantum plans even the basic
plan all of these are available so you can pretty much start at $99 and you
know get to get access to all of the things the the only thing is once you
start with their trial you do have it the trial is not free there is a small
fee of $1 so for $1 you can start the trial and get the get all the features
available to you regardless of what account level
you choose to do so the final verdict if you want it all all in one platform
where you don't have to you don't want to worry about signing for any other
software or than just using caught just using one platform then cartridges your
combo to software so all you gotta do is if you want to try that there's a link
below clicking and for for free there's no free trial but for a dollar you can
try Quadra click funnel click photos look more or best in terms of where it
allows you to integrate with a lot of other third party platform which some of
the platform are much better than click funnel instead of email marketing active
campaign you can convent it's much important to me it's much more better
than click funnels on email marketing you can integrate with a lot of other
software and it does it focuses more on the sales funnels getting you more more
value getting more value more leads and turning those leads into paying customer
and and easier for the customer to type in the information for the payment and I
get the one-click so if you want more at the robust and more of the sales funnel
software then the click funnel is your go-to guys guys and there is a link
below that you can start 14-day trial there's no cost with it and within 14
days I'm pretty sure you're gonna find out which one is better so I suggest try
cartridge if you want all-in-one platform and if or if you're more into
the sales funnels more robust software try click funnels see you guys you

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