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Clubhouse Notes 1.0 OTO


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Get Access to Clubhouse without an iPhone, Invite, Or your time? That is right.

A crazy new product has just been released that does exactly what the subject line says.

If you are involved in marketing at all you know that Clubhouse has been the talk of the town for a few months now.

So many people love it, as it is like being in a 100k mastermind but for free.

The problem is you need an iPhone to get in. Do you have an iPhone? if Yes then move now on to step 2.

If you have an iPhone you need an invite from someone you know. Do you have an invite?  yes, the move on to step number 3.

If you have an invite you now get addicted to step 4 listening to all of the amazing content spending less time on your business.

All of this is solved with Clubhouse Notes 1.0

Get all of the action at your pace. Sit back relax, and check out all of the golden nuggets already collected.

The problem is if you weren’t at these meetings they are gone forever since they are not recorded.

You are in luck. Today they are yours with Clubhouse notes 1.0



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Video review for Front End only

Text From This video

Club Notes 1.0 OTO hi everyone my name is Michael Zurich and also today is Friday, November 22nd, 2019, and also I’m thrilled it’s having below for a video clip evaluation of our very first interior release of clubhouse holding so as I have actually been

working on this I have actually been doing it in your area on my computer system, but this release marks the first time we’ve really released it to a server which was truly interesting discovering a whole lot along

the way therefore despite the fact that has been among the key points with this release cut I’m actually going to do

this demonstration from my neighborhood equipment practically because allows me to create a demonstration team with a lot of demo information a little easier so with that said I’m just gon na kind of go with the launch

notes give me kind of a tour of what we have functioning Club Notes 1.0 OTO and also yeah as well as with any luck you guys all like what you see and if have any kind of feedback

absolutely let us know okay so start there are 3 standard sites that this application powers the very first one I’ll call the app website which is what we see below which is basically the public-facing

you know marketing website where you’ll see you recognize Clubhouse Notes 1.0 OTO a summary about the software application what I can do and after that eventually you’ll have a discussion forum to develop a new group website so when you click

on that, I’ll begin with a short form here currently because this is type of like in a minimal testing environment we have a welcome code

that’s kind of called for creating a group at some point Clubhouse Notes 1.0 OTO that won’t vanish however after that you put in your group name as well as your group web site as well as fine so let me really quickly put in a code they additionally see

today below due to the fact that now this is running in your area on HTTP, not HTTPS so it’s offering you a cautioning concerning any kind of type of Club Notes 1.0 OTO password areas so for the team name I’ll simply call it a fraudulent

team and then you need to offer a web site address so primarily, you supply a something name which’ll be your internet site

the address currently long term people will certainly Club Notes 1.0 OTO be encouraged to utilize their own domain name as well as set that up through DNS I will have instructions on doing

that also however, for currently I will simply key in emphasis and also you kind of obtain a see of what that will certainly be when we produce the group so I’ll hit create Club Notes 1.0 OTO team I will inform one password I’m not interested in saving

anything and it has actually produced the group so it’s fantastic the group is redirected us to the phony clubhouse, not examination and also due to the fact that this group

is new there’s this you know create team owner form so somebody requires to declare the group so you will usually you know load this out with your very own personal details and you will come to be

the owner of this group so allow me simply key in a little of info about my club host and a little fake password as well as once again I’ll inform Club Notes 1.0 OTO one password I’m not actually interested and afterwards the team is

created this team’s empty there’s actually not a whole lot to see below as well as we do not truly have a lot of hand-holding at this moment to sort of overview you what to do that’ll type of come a time

so what I’m gon na do instead is most likely to a group that we have kind of pre-built with a great deal of information and also we’ll kind of go through that so

I signed up to Club Notes 1.0 OTO 3 websites so the initial website was the group the app website as I’ll call it this is after that called the team site and after that we have

the team admin website so this is a group website I’m currently not logged in as anyone so we see a little check in link at the top we’ve.

got the name of the group and afterwards we’ve got some web pages Club Notes 1.0 OTO right here we have actually got a home page which shows a team summary and then the 3 most future events then we have actually got an.

events web page which will certainly detail all the future events along with past occasions then you have actually obtained a member section that currently is obstructed.

behind a login wall yet that’ll be that’s part of the sort of choices that you’ll at some point have to be able to manage the privacy of.

the team and then you have actually got a joint team type so the idea is that you’ll have your group message on our internet site as well as individuals desire.

to create a subscription Council can fill up on Clubhouse Notes 1.0 OTO this invite request form we request for the first name last name email as well as you understand exactly how you.

come across the group so yeah let’s just fill this Club Notes 1.0 OTO quickly with a little Timmy tester I will just fill this down with dummy information however yeah you can submit a welcome demand and that will kill mosted likely to.

the system as well as we’ll show you what that appears like from an admin viewpoint later on however generally was received feedbacks will be sent.

by means of email and then tells the individual to go back to the home page so now let me in fact I wish to log in and to log in I’m going.

to pack my dummy account so we’ve produced a great deal of fake users so this name is Willie Braun and since I’ve visited you’ll see.

a pair modifications so at the very leading you’ll see this link currently for team admin as well as this team admin this like admin bar is I’ll call it in time that will certainly progress to tools so like if I’m an admin as well as I’m looking.

for instance a really details event you can visualize switches up right here that will certainly let me rapidly jump to a forum to modify the.

occasion or else you can click it and also just go to the main home page however the various other point before working at things I want to explain we have currently rather than the sign-in we’ve obtained.

a web link to our account which now is rather bare yet those have a reset password chance along with an indication out the chance.

notification that in the web page navigating because we are locked in there disappears join you know group link that is gone because we’ve already our participant group and afterwards on top of that.

that now we have accessibility to the full members so this is the full you know dummy information participant lineup that we’ve created every one.

of the links to a profile which presently is a bit empty but in time will certainly show a little a participant account and you understand custom details there so.

for occasions so yeah we’ve got members we’ve got events if you go into occasion specifics you’ll see the title or name of the event.

the time that it is its beginning time at end time its duration and then any kind of sort of summary so this is a sample team for watching.

movies so every one of them has a custom-made link to Amazon to purchase the motion picture however you can envision this would certainly be you understand much.

much more submitted for various people we do not have RSVP now that’s something we’re servicing and also we also don’t have a location so now like it would certainly be you might put the place in.

the occasion summary and afterwards, later on, we’ll have extra certain areas for that it all boils down to the sort of maintain in the initial launch.

as tight as feasible and then you know filling it out you referred to as we go yet um to ensure that’s the general public website so allow me simply click on team admin and this will certainly reveal you what the kind of admin look.

the area looks like so we have an initial area which is a control panel which as it claims it’s coming soon not a great deal to see below yet you can.

browse all the type of core service designs so you can search events members you can see the welcome requests so you can.

see that Timmy tester one we simply did along with group settings so under occasions you’ve got fundamental crud create check out update.

and also delete capability so you can create a brand-new occasion the only point that’s required now is title um and also if you develop a like event.

that does not have a begin or ends it just will not be public on the web site it’s just there’s type of the short-term once you provide it a.

start time as well as duration it’ll get it’ll be detailed on the general public website but uh yeah that’s an air vent then you obtained members once again you can develop.

members from scratch so typically yeah so generally we were individuals the default actions would be to welcome have members felt the invite request kind and type of approve them but.

if you want to produce participants by hand also by simply putting in the given name last name email the role which by default would be.

participant, there would be other duties for things like owner and organizer so if you have you have multiple people in the management.

group, you might do that as well as a temperature password that they can use to log in and then when they sign in keeping that momentary.

the password they will be encouraged to while they were required to choose a brand-new password to make sure that sort of aid with that than that you can watch their previous their profile which is primarily you.

recognize pretty much the very same thing and then you have actually obtained the welcome request so we have actually got to mute Esther was available in here and also he placed in.

whose welcome request that’s presently has a standing of open and also you can sort of reviewed it and afterwards you can say if it’s approved or declined if it’s decreased you know the welcomes simply pretty much shut.

down if it’s approved what will certainly occur is a member will be created for Timmy tester as well as in a similar way, they will certainly enter invites with a short-term password and then when they come.

in they’ll you recognize have to develop an official password but they are detailed currently as a correct supplier member which you can see below in.

the bottom row of the following area is for team settings today it’s quite little yet we have actually got the name the recap.

which I revealed you gets on the home page and then a public email address which is valuable for there’s a great deal of areas of the site that need you to recognize we wish to supply the customer an.

possibility if they have a concern concerning the group to get in touch with somebody the management and so this is a possibility for you to offer it an e-mail for that and that’ll be made use of things like form submissions.

and also things like that to ensure that remains in brief a type of a preview of the release as it is today where the basic hope is to do some brand-new.

releases every few weeks and also with those launches I’m mosting likely to try to do video clip recordings for them as well’s this way you can sort of check out the progress as it’s coming regarding what.

gets on target for following week there’s certainly a number of pests that were sort of found in the implementation.

the procedure that we’re working on several of the bigger features though is obtaining the transaction emails functioning so getting e-mails.

functioning so when your invite request is approved you obtain an e-mail and also when you want to reset a password you can type of obtain an.

e-mail and also all those things after that we’re going to be working with the RSVPs so letting individuals in fact claim they’re mosting likely to be participating in.

an occasion with an indeed or no and also tracking all that as well as a number of points so yeah I indicate we’ve got the site functioning and.

hopefully, it’ll be sort of simply repeating with right here the basic goal is to launch in January and begin to canine food of the site with.

a couple of my own individual groups in addition to a couple of good friends who claimed they want trying it out and afterwards we’ll just be.

taking it from there yet thanks for complying with the task and also your interest as always if you have any type of feedback I’ll certainly let me understand and also we’ll see you next time bye bye.

Clubhouse Notes 1.0 OTO

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