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What is CommerceMojo ?

The Demo

The First-Ever All-Inclusive Ecommerce & Ads Design And Video Creator

CommerceMojo is the powerhouse jam-packed with 5 revolutionary AI-Infused tools to help your customers create stunning, studio-quality designs and videos for e-commerce products and advertisements.

CommerceMojo’s Design Editor and Video Creator are built from the ground up to ensure every design and video your customers create are professional-grade and fully optimised for selling absolutely anything online.

For the first time, your customers can automatically remove background

from unlimited photos, enlarge unlimited images up to 8 times from original size and compress unlimited images with the help of highly accurate and precise AI built for perfection.

CommerceMojo also includes several high-quality pre-made templates to create high converting designs and videos in record time.


Create Stunning eCommerce And Ad Videos In Seconds
CommerceMojo works with a unique Subject-First approach that helps you create stunning videos for any subject of your choosing. Your subject can be products, models, your logo or even you. Our new approach ensures the easy creation of captivating videos, keeping your subject as the centre of attention.

Create Outstanding & Fully-Compliant Product Images
Create high converting, fully compliant product images and advertisements for your online business in record time with our comprehensive design-builder built from the ground up that leverages our subject-first approach.

Remove Backgrounds With Remarkable Precision!
Automatically remove backgrounds from all sorts of photos quickly with a single click. No need to manually select the background or foreground layers to separate them.

Just upload your image, and then download the result of the removed background in minutes.

Effortlessly Enlarge Low-Resolution Images
Serve high-fidelity images to your visitors and clients with this state of the art AI that is responsible for the best ever image upscaling on the planet.

Automatically enlarge unlimited photos by up to 8 times of original size without losing any quality.

Optimize and Compress Image Whilst Maintaining Quality
Quickly and automatically compress unlimited images by up to 95% without losing quality and see your conversions soar with faster loading pages and easy to transfer images.

Our technology selectively decreases the number of colors while making sure no visible changes occur on the image, which results in a dramatic reduction of image weight without any quality loss.


CommerceMojo is Loaded With Features Every
Online Seller Desperately Needs
Video Creator
Create captivating product and advertisement videos in record time (no experience required)
Design Creator
Create outstanding product and advertisement designs without professional help
Background Removal
Remove unlimited backgrounds automatically with AI that’s built for precision
Unlimited Image Enhancement
Increase resolution of your images by upto 8 times with pixel perfect accuracy
Unlimited Image Compression
Compress unlimited images with our high fidelity image compression engine
30+ Done For
You Video Templates
Produce videos quickly with several high quality ready to use templates
50+ Done For
You Image Templates
Create captivating product images with our powerful ready to use templates
Fully Customizable
Video Settings
Effortlessly customize your videos to match your brand down to each second.
50+ Ready To Use Background Music
Never worry about high quality music for your videos again with our music library…
Color Matcher
Match colors of your new background with your subject in seconds…
Add Drop Shadows And Reflections
Add drop shadows and reflections to your product images for Pro Quality.
Automatic Resize To Popular Sizes
Quickly resize your designs to various sizes fully-complaint with several platforms
Add Sticker
Make your subjects POP with this trending effect without any complicated tools
100+ Pro Pre-Defined Backgrounds
Professional quality background especially created for your subjects.
100+ Pro Stock
Models Cut-Outs
Don’t have a subject? Use our these stunning subjects with full commercial rights
Pixabay Integration
(1M+ Images)
Search from millions of stock images and use them in your designs and video instantly
1000s of Vector Icons & Shapes
Completely customisable icons and shapes to make your designs even better…
Sell your creations to your clients and keep 100% of the profits
Get the highest possible output when you create designs and videos
Unlimited Projects And Export
No limits on how many designs and videos you can create with CommerceMojo

CommerceMojo OTO 


Video review for Front End only

Text From This video

remover works so all you have to do is just go to enhance image resolution and on this tool you can just upload the photo just like we did in the background remover and as soon as it’s done processing it will show us the results now you can see all the results of your enhanced photos from here now i’m not going to upload this image and waste your time showing you the loading bar so the idea is as soon as you upload the image it will automatically enhance the image and then once it’s done processing you will see the enhanced photo here so you can see all these photos that i have enhanced so far and that’s how the photo enhancer works now let’s go to the third tool which is image compression so let’s go back to home and this is our image compressor and it also works in the same way so all you have to do is just upload the photo and then it will give you the output so i’ll just quickly select the photo now so i’ll select the same photo and as soon as it’s done compressing you can see we have saved about 73 percent of the image weight so the original image was 160 kb and the compressed image is 42 kb and the results are going to be the same the image is going to look very same there is no visible loss in quality for this images so that’s how the image compressor works as well so it’s really easy all you have to do is upload a photo and you’re done now once you’re done uploading the photos enhancing them removing the background and also compressing them you can start creating high quality designs and videos using the images that you processed our design builder and video creator works with a unique subject first approach so what is subject first approach basically it allows you to choose a subject for your design and then that subject is the center of attraction so that’s how it works now uh for design as well as video we have several ready to use templates for you uh i’m going to quickly show you the templates so that you’ll understand what i mean by subject first approach so let’s click on create image let’s click on get started and see the templates that we have so here you can see these are the templates and there will be lot more depending on the upgrade that you got but uh initially you’ll have enough to get started so these are very beautiful designs i’ll quickly show you the preview of each design so uh this is one of the design you can select or you can choose something like this and it can be a product image as well so this is a product image so you can see the subject here is this headphone so entire design is revolved around the subject so we made these templates um making sure that every design has a subject and the focus is the subject so in this photo this dog is actually the subject of the photo so the idea here is once you remove the background from your photos then you can use them as a subject for your design and videos so that’s one way to do it but if you don’t have photos to remove the background from then we have hundreds of professional cutouts ready made for you so you can just select the cutout from our ready-made library and you don’t need to upload the photos or remove the background from so now let me show you how our design builder works now let’s go ahead and click get started again and then here let’s select this template so we have already previewed it this template looks good so let’s go ahead and click on select template now this is going to load our design builder so this design builder is created from the ground up as i said so that it works with this subject first approach and i’ll show you how easy it is to use so this is our design builder here and everything is editable you can move around every element you can change text and you can change the size of the text you can change the colors uh basically everything you can think of can be done in this easy to use design builder and this is the photo you can do various things on your subject so this subject you can flip or you can rotate now you can also add drop shadows to your photos so once you select a subject you can just go ahead and add a drop shadow so let’s choose a color here and let’s add some drop shadow to our design here so let’s uh select this and you can play around with these settings as much as you want and then this will create a very cool looking drop shadow so once you are done with editing your cut out then you can go ahead and edit the other parts you can also very easily change the background so we have very professional backgrounds ready made in your account so you can see all the backgrounds here on the left and once you click on them they will automatically apply to your designs and we have really professional backgrounds that you can use here and also if you don’t want to use a background image then you can use a solid color so at the top here you can select a color for your design so that’s how the background tab works you can also upload your own photos and use them as a background if you want and uh after you’ve done with the background you can then uh even add more text if you want so you can easily add more text to this design or you can edit the existing text here then we also have a cut out library as i said so if you don’t have a photo if you don’t have a subject to use then you can use our own subjects that we have given these are very high quality photos and you have complete rights for these cut outs so you can easily delete your subject and then you can add any subject that you want so let’s go ahead and add a photo right now so let’s add this dog instead of the one that we had so this is the dog a different kind of a dog and now you can resize the dog as much as you want and make sure that it fits really well so i’m going to place him here right now so this is a dog that we changed and now you can again add the drop shadows to this dog as well so that’s the cut out library you can also see all your cutouts so all the photos that you removed the background from are here so you can use them as well so you have both the options to use the cutouts the next option we have is shapes so we have thousands of shapes that you can add and completely customize so if you want to uh have full control over your designs you can do that using these shapes then we have my images so here you can actually search for stock photos we have pixabay integration so all the searches that you do here will be searched on pixabay and then you can instantly add photos to your canvas using pixabay and those images have full right so you don’t have to worry about the rights problem here and also you can upload your own images so if you want to use an image here you can just upload it from this tab now the last thing we have is templates so let’s say if you don’t like this template then you can easily switch to another template if you want from this tab so this is how easy everything is and once you’re done with the design you can simply download your image from here and then you can preview the image like this so this is our final output and this is how easy it is to create designs and high quality designs with commerce mojo so now let’s go back to dashboard here i’m not going to save this design let’s go back to dashboard and now i want to show you how our create video works so now we have seen how we can create designs i’m going to show you how you can create stunning videos using the same subject first approach so it works in a similar way so if you click on get started you will see all the templates that we have right now and these templates will again depend on the upgrades that you you have in your account so these templates you can preview from here like this so you can see this is the subject in this template so you can replace the subject with any subject that you have and the entire idea of all the templates is the same subject first approach so now let’s choose another template i’m going to quickly show you another template right now so this is the kind of quality you can expect is really good very stunning designs [Music] so once you like a template from any of these then you can just click on select template so let’s select this one right now and then it is going to load up our video customization settings page so on this page you can actually select the image that you want to use in your videos so this image is basically your subject as i said and uh right now this is this is the subject by default but you can of course change it to any other subjects that you want so uh you can see the preview of the video again here and then you can change the text you can change the colors of your text if you want and most importantly you can change the image so let’s click on choose image and here you can see there are four tabs here so these are my cutouts these are the same images that we uploaded to commerce mojo and removed the background from so these are our cutouts then there are my uploads these are the images that we uploaded in our design builder and then there is a done for you cut out so if you don’t have any cut outs you can just use these cut outs in your designs and videos so let’s select uh a cutout from dfy cutouts and let’s go with a let’s go with this cut out now let’s select it here we can crop the cut out and adjust it as we want so i want it to be in center so let’s choose it like this and now let’s click on crop and proceed so now this subject cut out is selected and you can change the subject cutout as i said uh to any cutout that you have now let’s scroll down and here you can see you can select the background music so we have tons of background musics already added in your account so you can easily change the background music and once you’re done you can just click render and you will see the output for this video now i already have rendered lot of videos so i’m not going to waste your time in rendering but usually it takes about 30 to 40 seconds sometimes it can take one to two minutes for the videos to render and once your videos are rendered you can see them here so this is one of the video let me just download it uh so once the video is rendered you will see all the videos in my videos tab and once it’s downloaded i will show you the output so it’s downloaded now let’s see the output here [Music] so this is the kind of video you can create with commerce mojo it’s really easy and the whole idea is subject first so you can create lots of such videos and use it for advertising and even you can use them in your existing video projects on any other software or apps that you’re using so this was a quick overview of how commerce mojo works and i hope you like this entire demo video now for a very limited time we are waving off all the limits for all our tools so usually all the tools like background remover image enhancer and image compressor comes with a limit so you can only do certain amount of images and they are usually sold for a very high monthly price and we are selling commerce mojo for a very low one-time price for the limited time during this launch period so this launch period is going to last only for few days and this is the first time anyone has ever done this so no one has viewed off all the limits like this and there’s no tool right now which has all these five powerful technologies packed into one dashboard this is a tool that you can use for years to come and because there is no limit it is going to be really helpful for your online business there are a lot of businesses right now uh even offline businesses that they want to sell online due to the kovat situation and this tool is the perfect fit so if even if you are an agency seller this is a very good tool to sell the services to your clients you can create stunning images product images and videos so this is a unique opportunity that we are giving you and i hope you get this before the next prize rise and i’ll see you on the inside thank you for watching


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