Commission Trooper OTO 1(Advanced), 2(DFY Version), 3(Reseller), 4(45+ WSOTD Products), 5, 6

Commission Trooper OTO 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5, 6, . 1 (Advance Version), Commission Trooper OTO 2( Done For You), Commission Trooper OTO 3( Reseller Pack), Commission Trooper OTO4( 45+ WSOTD Products), Commission Trooper Upgrade 5( 6-Fig Training), 6( 03 Traffic Softwares)


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Commission Trooper OTO

Commission Trooper OTO

OTO1 ==>Advance Version

Commission Trooper Advance will take you to the next level. You can do multiple video editing & create unlimited Traffic Magnets.

Trooper Advance at a glance:

Unlimited Video Editing
Work on Multiple Niches at once
Unlimited Traffic Magnets Creation

OTO2 ==>Done For You

100% Done For You Pack to get you started in next 05 min. This includes our TESTED & PROVEN work.

DFY Evergreen Affiliate Campaigns
DFY CPA Campaigns
DFY Social Media Promos
DFY Email Campaigns
DFY Engagement Posts
DFY Squeeze Pages
DFY Stock Music
DFY Images

OTO3 ==>Reseller Pack

Sell Commission Trooper & 07 High Converting Funnels as your own product
And keep 100% Profits for yourself.

Make Up To $498 Per Sale
Resellers License To Commission Trooper
Resellers License To 5 Additional Funnels
All Promo Material

OTO4 ==>45+ WSOTD Products

Get your hands on every single product TEAM BLACK BELT released since 2015 that got a Warrior+ DOTD Award or the JVZoo POTD Award! This includes multiple traffic formulas, sales making strategies and even software!

OTO5 ==>6-Fig Training

Want To Become A Super Affiliate? Leverage these traffic & product training to build yourself a 6-fig business this year. It includes:

Instagram Traffic Module
Google Adwords Module
Product Creation Module

OTO6 ==>03 Traffic Softwares

Snatch 3 Additional Traffic Software For The Price of one!

Rapid Lead Magnets
Keyword Research Ninja
Twitter Marketing Bot

Commission Trooper OTO

What is Commission Trooper ?

The Demo


App (Traffic Software): New cloud app re-assembles existing videos & turns them into free traffic magnets in 3 minutes…

Videos Rank Easily & Fast
Videos Bring In Passive Traffic
Video Traffic Is Free & Super Targeted
You Can Send Unlimited Traffic to ANY Offer
Buyer Traffic Directly to Your Affiliate Link
This Works In Any Niche ñ Not Just IM/MMO

Video Review For Front End only


Text From This Video

Howdy guys this is artwork aptitude from team black belt and this is a rapid fee trooper demo to exhibit you the entire functionalities and to exhibit you how robust this site visitors generating app is so

Commission trooper is a nine in one piece of application that reuses already present videos and turns them into your possess movies with none video construction simply bettering and already present videos and we can be using ingenious commons videos which means that the reuse and monetization is allowed so in a 2nd i will show you all the functionalities but initially let me

Show you all nine accessories of fee trooper k so as you will find correct right here on the left we can entry all nine we now have the dashboard right right here so we’re gonna have entry to all of the stats once we gonna click on on clickbank we can truely enter a key phrase and then do a search so let’s enter a keyword like money let’s press on go and the cool thing about fee trooper is that now not most effective that you may seek for clickbank products from within the application without doubt you could do this you might simply go to clickbank and do the equal particular factor but what commission trooper gives us is the youtube stats for the keyword that

We are looking for therefore in that approach that you can actually to find essentially the most fashionable products we are able to get the revenue page preview we will market it from inside the application and we’re gonna get all of the youtube stats for that distinctive keyword this means that that we’re gonna comprehend precisely which movies to uh start making use of ok and we now have the entire stats so we’ve the entire views likes dislikes and so on okay so so that’s just one of the elements of fee trooper and you would not be capable to do it without difficulty with the aid of going to clickbank and fee trooper

permits you to get all that knowledge now we also have jvzoo and as you will discover we’ve got the market search so let’s do a search proper now for once more money let’s press on go and as you will see that we have the same detailed stats so we now have the youtube stats now we have product reputation affiliate important points and income web page preview and as you can see we have now a bunch of exceptional merchandise and youtube stats is what’s tremendous super robust when it comes to fee trooper and what we’re going to be doing with commission trooper after which undoubtedly we are able to access the highest agents from jvzoo so this is the highest products which are currently selling prime 10.

Then now we have our favourite platform warrior plus certainly we can do the marketplace search so let’s once more let’s search for fee and you can also filter with the aid of seller you could filter via w so that they only and let’s just click on on the quest and as you will see we will get identical specified stats so we have all of these products we will instantly promote and we also have product reputation and youtube stats again so once more we will be able to be developing videos and we ought to be aware of which videos really to use k and part of the marketplace search we also have top agents like with jvzoo and we even have the daily feed which are products that are launched in these days so we’ve got the entire understanding about what to promote and which movies to market it with without leaving the application so we don’t need to be logging into clickbank jvzoo and warrior plus you are able to do all of this from within the application and that is performance quantity

One two and three now subsequent up we have the video production proper here however earlier than i’m going to honestly create a video let me exhibit you all of the leisure of the performance so to begin with let me show you this youtube ingenious commons search operate so this is tremendous tremendous robust given that that is how we’re going to to find all the videos that we are capable to legally reuse and redo with the fee trooper software so once more let’s type in commission exhibit some results and as you will see commission trooper observed all of these videos that we will legally use since all of them have their inventive commons license so if you are going to head to youtube if you are going to do this manually you

should see anything like this as you can see license creative commons attribution license reuse allowed this means that that we can just download it and add it as is however what we wish to do is really use commission trooper to make the video significantly better and once more i’ll show you what we are able to do in a 2d so an additional very cool characteristic is that we can just click on proper here on prefer video and we will instantly add it to the video creator and i’ll show you that

Feature in a second subsequent up we have now sentiment analysis so as you can find we can enter a keyword so once more fee let’s click on on search and here we’re going to get the entire information on if the keyword that we’re going after is without a doubt strong neutral or no longer ok so as you will see that we have now all of the information right here and this is pulled from twitter and from reddit so two very very powerful web pages the place people truly share videos so that is super uh crucial as you’ll discover the force is 22 we bought the sentiment ardour attain and the sentiment is more commonly ordinary for this keyword and the cool factor is that we also have all of the

related key phrases correct right here and we are able to simply appear up the reddit and tweet posts so that is very very valuable for the entire information research and for truly going after the correct keyword phrases next up we’ve got youtube video analysis so here we’re going to get all the information now not most effective in regards to the video but also concerning the channel about likes and dislikes so we’re gonna see what individuals clearly like what form of movies they are lacking they are disliking and we even have all of the channel information so that is very very robust again this shows us precisely what style of movies to use and which key terms to move after ok in order you’ll discover we have now published views likes dislikes scores favorites feedback

Duration channel and the entire channel information proper here so that is the youtube video evaluation a different feature that i’m not going to be displaying you correct now on the grounds that i will show you the advanced video creator is the image video creator so how this works is you simply add portraits and also you add an audio file and a video can be created for you from these portraits with that audio file so tremendous simple which you can additionally add some audio textual content to be added by way of speech to textual content science k in order which you can

see we have now one-of-a-kind uh languages right right here we have different dialects so this is a tremendous easy strategy to create videos but again i’ll exhibit you the advanced means in this demo proper now so just hold in mind you can create all forms of exclusive videos with this and lastly we have now the photograph editor so which you can really create images or edit graphics from within the software so that it will save you a lot of money on fiverr gigs or upwork gigs and many others you could create uh all of those photos from scratch and the cool thing is you can virtually create pictures with transparent historical past which are ideal for youtube videos since you will not be getting that awkward white or green or whatever the color is background you’re gonna get transparent photographs which are competent to use for our video so let me just create new as one can find we can add a customized

width and height so let’s click on on create we have a bunch of special things we are able to add text now we have we have now drawings we now have filters shapes stickers that is super handy drag and drop and as you’ll find we will make it smaller bigger we are able to transfer it around super simple to work with even a 12 yr historical can create pix this way and that’s simply one more characteristic simply to make sure that your videos look absolutely potent so eventually let’s create a video so let me click on create video correct now and let me show you the way easy it’s to repurpose an already existing video and truely make it higher company it in your own approach and get lots of site visitors from it ok in order you will discover first we’re gonna add the title so let me simply add the title proper right here now with the wizard correct here

What we can do is we will add the video obviously but when we would like we will also add an intro and an outro so how this works that you can add any video as an intro any video as an outro that you would be able to additionally add pixabay images for video construction and you could additionally decide upon pics from the picture video creator if you wish to or you can just use yet another youtube video so in case you simply need to bring together three one-of-a-kind movies make first the intro the second as a major video the 0.33 as an outro you can do that as well however for the intent of this video and let me just add a video right here and let me add the staff black belt intro and let me definitely add it as an outro as well just to exhibit you the way all of this works now for adding the principal video what we are able to do is we will do the youtube creative commons search

Which is the identical search i confirmed you correct here so youtube creative commons search or we will add the most important video if we already have it downloaded to our computer or we can just add a youtube url so let’s simply go to youtube without doubt you are gonna be have got to utilising the ingenious commons attribution license video so i already found this one and again when looking for videos from within fee trooper you do not need to worry about that given that fee trooper will handiest find a creative commons movies which might be ready to use k so let me

grasp the url let me paste it proper right here and the coolest thing about fee trooper is which you could add all of these additional things which can be satisfactory for branding and on the way to make your video that a lot better ok so first of all we are able to add a cut back 1/3 photograph so we can be displayed in the course of the period of the whole video we are able to add a watermark photograph and we are able to add some textual content in exceptional colours we will add an animated text so one can be going from left to proper or from right to left and we can additionally add heritage audio so this will probably be depending on the common videos that you are making use of so for the reason of this video let me just add a watermark photograph which is once more quality for branding let me prefer our crew black belt emblem and you could select the place you wish to have

a show so it can be based high left top right backside proper bottom left so let’s do prime left and what i’m also going to add is a few animated textual content so let’s add the textual content howdy world we’ve the padding we now have scrolling left to right or right left let’s do left to right and that i are not looking for any history audio when you consider that the normal video already has it so let me click on on create video and the video will have to be capable in a few minutes k in order you might be seeing our video is able all we have got to do right now could be simply click on the blue button to download it to our laptop then add it and if you do not know what to do with a video from this factor on do not fear since we include the entire video training in a case study on the way to precisely generate visitors with the video get commissions and make the amount of money that you want to make so that’s it for this demo video grab your replica of commission trooper right now and i will see you throughout the contributors field

Commission Trooper OTO