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what Is Commission Map ?

Commission Map is an interactive software and training program that you can attend to actually make money online and for that they will LOVE YOU!

The “Basic” Commission Map is live webinars, a training course, tools and resources that gives beginner or even expert affiliate marketers powerful insight into what it takes to actually be a supper affiliate and how to accomplish this crazy never ending brutal task!

In addition to the amazingly insane Basic opportunity, your customers will be given the chance to upgrade their memberships and have access to a TON of my own personal software, website templates, sales videos, Broadcasts and UNLIMITED weekly one-on-one training with me personally, Jamie Lewis.

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Video review For Front End only


Commission map review demo in two
thousand three hundred and seventy five
dollar bonus hey what’s up guys this is
our tomorrow marketing blog and this is
my commission map review now this is a
brand new product released by Jamie
if you don’t know Jamie Lewis he is an
internet marketing millionaire okay so I
remember when I was new to making money
online back in 2012-2013 he was already
a millionaire he was essentially making
money even back then for a long long
time and you know he just never stopped
he made multiple millions of dollars and
one of the ways he actually made all
this money is he finds weird little
niches and he promotes these niches and
just because there’s very little
competition in these niches he is making
a bank so and this product is exactly
about that so as always I’m going to
show you exactly what the product is all
I have a huge two thousand three hundred
and seventy five dollar bonus some of it
is custom made especially for this
promotion so you’re gonna get nowhere
else but as a part of my bonus so let me
share my screen and let’s jump into this
Commission map review now first of all I
don’t have a sales page preview for you
guys this is Jamie this is the video
that he will have on the sales page but
as of this moment when I’m recording
this review video there’s no sales page
preview ready so I don’t have anything
to show you right now but I just wanted
to show you Jamie this is the guy maybe
you already know him maybe you don’t but
you know he was a huge Clickbank product
vendor back in the day he still sells
products on Clickbank but if you’re
following the make money online /
internet marketing niche for a number of
years then you probably already know him
now even before I’m going to show you
the members area I wanted to show you
some examples of niches that are just
outside of the main free niches which is
make money online relationships and a
health and fitness okay so obviously
these free images are the top free
niches and they will make you a ton of
money but there’s a lot of competition
so this means that you know if you’re
gonna have an amazing product to promote
in the make money online niche probably
fifty other people will try to promote
as well and that’s why it’s you know

CommissionMap OTO

it’s easy because people know these
products they want these products and
there are a ton of sales being made what
you’re competing with a lot of people
now let me show you some examples of our
niches that you can go after where in
some cases you’ll it you won’t be
competing with anyone okay so one of
these examples is the dog training niche
so as you can see this one this ace
develops your dog’s hidden intelligence
and so not even dog training but like
even going deeper into the dog training
niche is about the the behavior of the
dog and its intelligence okay so that’s
just one example another one that I
found is this one right here metabolic
cooking okay so not health and fitness
but space is specifically cooking so
this lady strays I will show you how to
create quick and easy fat burning
recipes that will taste just like your
favorite meals another one of these
great examples outside of the health and
fitness make money online and
relationships niche and everyone I found
numerologist no I don’t know if you
believe in numerology or not but a lot

CommissionMap OTO

of people do and you know a lot of
people are actually willing to spend
money on a course like this so they
actually have like a little a
numerologist right here we can enter
your date of birth and you know check it
out and another one learning languages
so this one is about learning Spanish
try rocket Spanish your online Spanish
course that’s practical for full and
effective so you know the people in in
the United States and Canada they don’t
really think about learning languages
because you don’t really have to learn
any other language a part of English but
there’s there’s a ton of people wanting
to learn languages online and you know
we can promote courses just like this
one and make Bank as well okay now
Commission map will show you exactly how
to do it how to promote products not
only in the make money online niche but
any other niche and it will also cover

all the traffic sources because a part
of the right niche the right product you
also need traffic okay so right now let
me show you the inside of the members
area this is what you’ll see once you
GUP commission map and as you can see we
have video training we have a piece of
software that is included so as you can
see we have welcome to Commission melt
video right here then we have intro to
paid ads free Google ads credit tip so
if you were going to use Google ads you
can get a $103 start packing case which
is like a voucher that you can start
using then we have how to run simple
YouTube ads how to run Gmail ads so this
is about paid traffic obviously and you
have a number of different traffic
strategies included here so this is just
the overview as you can see then we’re
gonna click on find offers so actually
you can find offers in any niche right
from inside of the members area so you
don’t have to log in to Clickbank or
jvzoo or warrior plus or any of our
platform you have all the offers right

CommissionMap OTO CommissionMap OTO
here so as you can see we have the
category like general diets marriage is
talks men’s health beauty diets again so
you know you have everything right here
and then they recommended traffic source
we have Facebook Ads Google Ads
Craigslist which is obviously free and
so can do your research from within the
members area which is great because you
don’t have to be jumping from side to
side to side and again that’s just one
of the features of commission map now we
have video tutorials as you can see we
have that choosing the winning offers to
promote so how to pick affiliate offers
were to get marketing materials how to
promote JV webinars then we have free
traffic methods so free foreign traffic
number one and to that we have dirty
Facebook group traffic method then we
have free traffic from Facebook live we
have Facebook results post traffic hack
then we have how I got fifty thousand
subscribers on YouTube a free traffic
method as well then we have how to sign

CommissionMap OTO
high quality converting it to thumbnails
free traffic from a YouTube live free
traffic from YouTube comments how to get
a quality traffic from reddit and easy
Commission’s from Craigslist so bunch of
different free traffic methods
and some of these are really outside of
the box thinking especially the right at
one because you know not a lot of people
are actually using reddit they don’t
know how to use reddit because you can
get banned very very easily but the way
Jamie is doing it is it just makes sense
and it plain works okay so does the free
traffic methods we have email marketing
as well so obviously you can use all of
these methods to build your list and
then essentially when you have an email
list you own the traffic and you can
email your list whenever you want and
just promote any offer you want okay so
why email marketing is so is so powerful
how to set up email autoresponders your
first email funnel how to build an
opt-in page and how to connect

CommissionMap OTO
everything an active campaign to click
funnels so you know all the training you
need to start doing email marketing as
included and then we have cheap and easy
paid ads so again intro to paid ads
you’re gonna get the credit right here
how to run Gmail edge and YouTube ads so
every little thing that you need to know
about first of all picking the right
niche picking the right offer and then
starting to generate traffic both free
and paid is right here in the members
area pretty amazing and obviously the
offer finder is included which will save
you a ton of time and it will actually
pick the right offers for you so that’s
the inside of the members area as you
can see you’ll be able to access the
upsells here right now I’m going to show
you the upsells in a second then we have
some specials support and obviously you
know we can click on back to home to get
the welcome video right here okay so
that’s the inside of the members area
pretty exciting especially because they

are breaking down the weird niches the
small niches that you can make money and
outside of the again pain free niches
now let’s go through the funnel and the
pricing so as you can see the main
product will be $27 I’m just going to go
through the pricing and in a second I’m
going to show you exactly what each one
of these upsells is actually a about
okay absol number one $67 absolute
number two ninety seven dollars and then
absolute number three $147 and
I have a full final breakdown with all
the pricing and everything else on my
blog right here so I have a full written
review as always you can check it out so
again the main product is $27 with a $17
down sell then absolute number one is
Commission VIP membership and resources
for again $67 so this will take the
original method to the next level and it
will allow you to make more money and
you’re going to get step by step video
guide together with VAP resources and
advanced strategies so if you want to

make more money with this method that’s
absolute number one the VIP absol number
two we got $97 again and this is VIP
training word get unlimited attendance
through webinars by Jaime and he is
doing weekly webinars I mean he has been
doing with weekly webinar since 2011 and
you’re gonna get priority service and
attention on these webinars so he will
actually work with you answer your
questions etc ok so that’s $97 and these
webinars are actually exclusive so it’s
not that easy to get on them then we
have audio number three as you can see
$147 and this will be an ultimate
download which means that you can
download all the videos created by Jami
including video sales letters including
infomercials in a batch of our videos
and you can use them to sell your own
products to sell your own services even
for free giveaways and if you know Jamie

CommissionMap OTO CommissionMap OTO

CommissionMap OTO CommissionMap OTO
he he always has super fresh videos you
know very very engaging and they just
plain work okay so you’re gonna get all
of his videos and he’s spending hours
and hours and hours creating and
producing these videos okay so that’s
one hundred forty-seven dollars and the
less OTO OTO number four we get $197 and
this is an exclusive software bundle
which means that you’re going to get a
traffic software a domain software and a
YouTube software so a free in one for
just $197 with that being said audios
are optional and you’ll be fine with the
main product alone but you know maybe if
you want do weekly webinars or the
software bundle that you can definitely
consider picking one of these up now let
me show you all the bonuses I
get for you because I have again a total
of two thousand three hundred and $75
worth of bonuses and that will include
my constant bonus I made especially for
this promotion everything you need to
know about how to find a profitable
niche okay so this is a PDF that I will
actually create it especially for you so
this is a custom bonus of commission at
by myself and you can get it nowhere
else but is a part of this bonus package
all bonuses are free by the way just as
a thank you for picking up Commission
map from my link and the second one will
be fiber income secrets everything you
need to know about making money on
Fiverr in a bunch of different niches
and I’m also giving you five our master
class and riser newbie traffic formula
especially helpful with the weird niches
because newbie traffic formula is
actually about a coloring book niche
okay so super super helpful especially
with Commission map then you’re gonna
get flip me together with the income
booster and a resellers license so that
alone is worth I think $150 then you’re
gonna get urgent arbitrage cash you’re
gonna get easier betras profits all of
these are doubles of the day awarded

courses by the way you’re gonna get
blazed everything you need to know about
free traffic from Facebook groups to
traffic Airlines obviously about the
YouTube traffic my real-life case study
on how to get free traffic then nine
money-making plugins affiliate advantage
plug-in giant plugin based sales page
writing software squeeze page creator
through tags I asked pop box sales bar
and also short called call to action and
I’m not done because you’re gonna get 10
additional bonuses and these are out 30
traffic masters Facebook live reaction
Asian press face zone vid builder press
play the WP image and video commenter
social outer poster slick pop and WP
but now that will be a total of 32
bonuses warf
eight hundred and seventy five dollars
but I’m not done because you’re also
getting my mega bonus and my man
bonus is a total of 45 plus W of the day
and product of the day awarded courses
now my mega bonus alone is worth one
thousand five hundred dollars and you

would actually have to spend this kind
of money if you would want to pick up
the all of these courses and software’s
some of these are still selling some of
these are not available and longer but
again this is a total of 1500 dollars
and that will bring it up to a total of
two thousand three hundred and
seventy-five dollars now all these
bonuses you’re getting obviously for
free just as a thank you again for
picking up Commission map through my
link and Commission map will be going
live on October 28th at 10 a.m. Eastern
again I have a full written review right
here on my blog so if you are on my blog
check it all out if you are on YouTube
right now the second link in the
description will take you to this blog
review and the first link will take you
directly to the sales page now it
doesn’t matter where you click you will
always get my bonus because you you know
you’re going to use essentially my
affiliate link anywhere right here on
this page where you see these blue links
these will take you to the sales page
and you will get my bonus if you have
any questions please leave me a comment
on my blog or on the youtube video
please give it a like I really really
appreciate it
and I’ll be seeing you very very shortly
in the next video ciao

CommissionMap OTO