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what Is Commission Map ?

Commission Map is an interactive software and training program that you can attend to actually make money online and for that they will LOVE YOU!

The “Basic” Commission Map is live webinars, a training course, tools and resources that gives beginner or even expert affiliate marketers powerful insight into what it takes to actually be a supper affiliate and how to accomplish this crazy never ending brutal task!

In addition to the amazingly insane Basic opportunity, your customers will be given the chance to upgrade their memberships and have access to a TON of my own personal software, website templates, sales videos, Broadcasts and UNLIMITED weekly one-on-one training with me personally, Jamie Lewis.

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Video review For Front End only


hello everyone my name is red Juan here
okay today I’m going to give you a
review of a product named Commission map
now in a nutshell excuse me
Commission Maps teaches you how to offer
how to promote Clickbank offers outside
of make money online niches now the
product this product has been created by
guys named Jamie Lewis and Mathew sepia
Jamie Lewis has been doing this for a
very long time and like he’s been in the
you know online game for a very long
period of time since likes 2002 or 2005
I guess and he hadn’t made a millions of
dollar he’s like a multi-millionaire
right now okay so the other guy which
which is you know the guy mentioned here
he’s Matthew studia matthew sevilla
sorry so he actually he’s actually a
student of jamie lewis and he followed
his mass jamie lewis advice and right
now he has a youtube channel which has
grown to fifty five thousand subscribers
i mean that’s very pretty impressive you
should be learning from a guy from the
guy like jamie lewis okay so this
matthew sabia actually followed the
advice of jamie lewis and then he got
his youtube channel follows advise me
action took action and he just growed
hit into fifty five thousand subscribers
okay so you can this is what the sales
page actually even looks like it has a
you know
headline and video you can get all the
details here by clicking in the
description in youtube off my youtube
video so when you click on that link you
get you get to access this page this is
this is actually my bonus pages so with
the set with this product i have you
know you made premium bonuses which are
not available anywhere else which are
not available anywhere else so these are
custom made bonuses by me and with that
said you can feel free to shop around
and look what other affiliates are
really offering and you see that my
bonus is worth than every other people’s
bonuses okay so my first bonus is
actually and
of course name Mobley now Mobley
actually teaches you how to promote make
money online offers using a mobile phone
as I’ve said make money online offers
are really competitive but you know if
you but if you know what they want
things to do at what time you are gonna
make a lot of money I mean the car the
profit potential is really unlimited ok
so that’s my first course basically
you’re actually making review videos
using mobile phones okay that’s my first
bonus and my second bonus is actually a
course named El Bandito now this course
has also show you how to make money
online by promoting make money online
offers okay but in this case you’re not
actually using a review video as in the
course of Mobley you’re actually using
Ruby videos in El Bandito you’re not
really using review videos okay without
really making use of Ruby videos you’re
actually getting to make money okay
that’s my second bonus and my third
bonus is actually Bing ads training okay
it’s now in the members area of you know
Commission map they actually cover a
pretty good training on traffic they are
mainly focusing on Google ads as well as
YouTube ads now the problem with Google
and YouTube ads personally because your
ads might not get approved very quickly
because you know it’s you know Bing else
is actually perfect for Clickbank offers
and you know the cost per click when
compared to Google AdWords is much more
lower so when you use Bing ads it’s
gonna be much more you know beneficial
your profit potential your ROI also get
increase and your as you’re gonna get
approved very easily as well okay so
that’s my third bonus now my fourth
bonus is actually a complimentary to the
third bonus which is access to you know
hundred-dollar Bing ads coupon code okay
now with this bonus you can actually
have unlimited amount of coupon codes it
works in a way like you just spend 10
dollars you get 90 dollars additional
Bing ads coupon code okay so for example
your old so that’s like a 90% discount
okay so let’s say you’re spending
hundred dollars on
hundred-dollar coupon codes and you’re
gonna get like $900 in Cooper Bing ads
coupon code so this bonus alone is my
favorite bonus of all the other bonuses
and it’s worth even like you know a
couple hundred dollars but I’m gonna
give you guys for free since you’re seen
when you pick up this through my
affiliate link as okay my fifth bonus
will be access to the vendor bonuses
these are the bonuses that the vendor
has given to me to give it to you guys
so you can see that these are the
bonuses which most of Phil’s
actually promote I mean we’re gonna
offer you so that makes me stand out
from other affiliates so just if you
want to access these bonuses just click
any one of the green buttons here which
will take you to the sales page and from
there you can actually you know there is
a Buy button below yeah join commission
map right now when you click that you
can just get access to my bonuses which
will be available in the Vario plus
account ok now let’s get to the bonus I
mean the members area right now you can
just load a second now the members area
is divided into two sections which has a
training section as and as well as the
software section now the video section
is actually the first section of videos
tells you how to promote how to choose
winning offers to promote so yeah
basically from clickbank how do you
promote how did you pick the right
offers to promote that’s the first
section of videos and the second section
is actually you know the traffic section
like forum traffic 1 to dirty Facebook
group traffic free traffic from Facebook
live Facebook results post traffic hack
how to design high converting unit
YouTube thumbnails free traffic from
YouTube live free traffic from YouTube
Commons how to get called a traffic from
reddit ok
yeah even easy commissions from
Craigslist ok that’s the first part
that’s the second section the next
section is all about email marketing so
when you use email marketing you know
people say people my money is in the
list ok but it only works if you have a
responsive email list so it’s when you
have a very
spawns of email lists it’s practically
like printing money on demand okay yeah
there are four videos which covers this
section even if it’s not for you no it’s
really good for beginners alike the
training is really good I mean it really
is beneficial okay
that’s the the next section will be
related to yeah the cheap and paid
traffic section which I’ve said it’s
mainly focused in Google AdWords as well
as YouTube ads okay then the mastermind
session is actually you know it’s almost
like yeah mastermind of where’s other
areas cold lead generation Facebook
agency Fiverr marketing agency Airbnb
monolith okay so these are all very
highly super valuable videos you should
got you guys have to check this out okay
then webinar Wow
yeah this is almost like a one-hour
webinar which also Pro you know get a
ton of value in this webinar as well now
that’s all like that’s the main area of
commit that’s how the members area looks
like now let’s get to the funnel back as
well okay okay these are the funnels so
you have one friend an offer and three
upsells okay the front end offer as I’ve
shown you I have already gone through
the members area right now okay the
first go do is for $67 this is actually
you know a VIP membership and resources
that will take you to the next level
allowing you to make more money this is
also like you know an extra training and
resources which if you want to scale
your business you should pick the
sarkodie one and the second training is
all about VIP training this is actually
a webinar weekly webinar training okay
so you get to access you get to have
time with Jamie Lewis each and every
week alright personally if I were you I
would pick up this offer $97 because if
I have if I get to have any kind of
doubts I can actually contact Jamie
Lewis and he will be there to help me
out on the spot if you’re in the webinar
life okay that’s the second bonus and
OTO 3 is actually a cool
action of you know video sales letters
so which you can use in your own promos
and other products so that cost around
147 dollars and the fold
OTO will be a software bundle which
calls for 197 dollars so with this
upgrade you’re gonna get like traffic
software domain software and YouTube
software which is a perfect combination
if you want to automate most of your
online businesses so it’s it’s not only
for you know outside of make money
online offers as well but it’s also
applicable for make money online offers
as well okay so that’s for it right now
so make sure you click on the link green
buttons any of the green buttons below
to access my premium bonuses and that’s
it basically and you know thank you for
watching my review and I’ll see you in
the next one bye


CommissionMap OTO