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Content Burger OTO -OTO1(Pro Version), Content Burger OTO 2(Agency version), Content Burger OTO 3(Consultant Toolkit ), Content Burger OTO 4(Reseller ). you well get one Front End and Four OTOs’ Options

Content Burger OTO 

Content Burger OTO


Front End==>Content Burger FE

OTO1==> Pro Version

OTO2==>Content Burger Agency

OTO3==>Consultant Toolkit



Content Burger OTO Details

OTO1==> Pro Version

Customer have access to a Host of More Excting Features like “Team Collaboration” for Up to 5 Members with Varying Access Levels.They also get an AI Meme Creator and Generator and the Ability to create eBooks in 1 Click, More Templates and more

OTO2==>Content Burger Agency

Gives users the access to Create Multiple Brands and Businesses which they can charge monthly or onetime to manage… PLUS the they can Invite Clients to Workspaces with features to Get Approvals for Contents, Export Data and Analytics

OTO3==>Consultant Toolkit

The Ultimate Social Media Agency Kit for users to position and sell Social media and Content Marketing Services. Users get a ‘ done for you’ Agency website PLUS:
– Flyers
– Logo
– Brochures
– Proposals Template
– Contracts Template
– Questionnaire
– Pricing Plan
– Social Media Branding Graphics Assets
– Ready-To-Mail Auto-Responder Client Follow-up Series and more


This upsell enables users to RESELL ContentBurger and KEEP 100% of the profit. Easy way to profit make money selling software products. Users get

Resellers license
Resellers dashboard
Manual & Auto account creation
Done for you marketing assets (sales page, ads, email swipes, etc)
Done for you customer support for life
… and many more

Content Burger OTO

What is Content Burger ?

The Demo

ContentBurger is a Powerful content marketing and social media management platform for publishers, brands, agencies and, startups to find, create and share the best performing content consistently and increase their traffic, leads and sales. Comes with Agency License in the FE so you can make money providing content & social media marketing services. 

There are tons upon tons of people who try to pitch the same web design, logo design, seo, etc. But you know the one thing that no business can live without? Content. It’s the great equalizer online. You could be a mom and pop shop with great content and create better engagement than a fortune 500 company. But if you’re going to offer content services to businesses, then you’ll definitely want a tool in your arsenal that makes that super easy and efficient. And for that, I’d recommend Content Burger.


Content Burger Creates and Syndicates For You Or Your Clients In 4 SIMPLE STEPS:

  • STEP 1: Pick or Search a Topic: Use the intuitive dashboard and composer to search for sources and create your post.
  • STEP 2: Select Accounts: Select which accounts you want to post the content to from all the Major Social and Blog Channels.
  • STEP 3: Customize: Make any final Customisations you desire and Optimise for Various  Social and Blog Channels.
  • STEP 4: Publish and Automate: Publish immediately or use the powerful scheduler to automate your content delivery.

Drag and drop elements for awesome Curation and instantly get citations added to your posts. This is possibly the best most efficient tool on the market for creating high quality and engaging content for any social media or blog. Oh, and there’s also a feature that lets you create straight to Medium as well.

But you’ll need to hurry. Because right now, it is available for a low price, but only for a limited time. The price is rising every single day and once this special launch phase is over, you’ll have to pay monthly for Content Burger. So go ahead and tap the link above now and see Content Burger in action for yourself!



Video review for front End only

Text from this video

Howdy guys it’s Chris here with self menu be calm welcome to this content material material burger overview now for these of you available in the market who’re constructing a industry on-line or looking to assemble a exchange on-line and also you could have heard concerning the actuality that striking out content material is colossal principal staying important on-line is super main nevertheless you might be like simply right this content material fabric fabric creation curation inserting out content material and all these systems it is usually complex to learn i do not realise Twitter i do not admire Instagram I don’t have any suggestion ideas on recommendations on the way to at all times put stuff out I have no idea learn study the way to get awareness that’s surely a product that’s gonna help you out plenty and avert quite a lot of time and stress in a nutshell

Content material fabric burger is a content material curation platform that’s going to help you to get the complete content fabric material that you need not have got to fear about finding viral content material fabric material typing in a search term discovering viral content material pushing it out on buildings automating it to be capable to and not using a crisis set all of it up take a seat down down yet again and your social media structures are going to be producing content material material fabric getting concentration getting people concerned to your on your company for your on line industry today we’re going to take a deep dive into content material material material Berger i will exhibit you exactly the way in which it really works and as good as that I’ve additionally put some other bonus merchandise together that I believe you’re going to go hand-in-hand with content material Berger which probably going to support

You to make cash so i do be aware of guys and women are placing bonuses in with this on designated movies and web pages whatever they could also be imparting you 25 50 bonuses which very likely totally unrelated to the product plentiful the bonuses are thrown in I recommendation good enough content material Berger it’s a high-quality device to make use of together with different considerations it can be no longer going to emerge as rewarding on its possess ok must you haven’t any inspiration what you might be doing so I’ve thrown in these merchandise to 1 aid you to take preserve of what you possibly doing and two to aid you to respect unique working factors

Which probably gonna go at the part of content material material Berger like a transformer Optimus top so you might be gonna have the whole factor you wish to have so that you simply would create a method that’s going to make you cash so previous than we get into all that drop a like on this video hit subscribe and ten on that bowel notification if you happen to desire to be updated with new merchandise popping out which will also be going to support you to generate profits on line additionally over at any time when on this video you have to jump forward examine out the bonuses assess out whatever make specified you first go through the hyperlink inside the outline what so that you could do is take you by way of to my bonus web web page which looks like

This and the way in which my bonus web internet page works is it is integrated with the riskless content Berger earnings pitch so what that implies is in the occasion you click on on these inexperienced buttons it will first lock within the bonuses k you must click on on these buttons before then sending you off to the content material material burger dealer internet web web web page and must you do come to a decision to buy you are no longer easiest a content material material burger nevertheless even greater you could get all these bonuses thrown in with it in a large bundle big combo they are able to access immediately and start attending to work being rewarding so the primary bonus I’ve gotten for you is seven finger mastery it is a enormous course on assemble a alternate on-line appropriately

Goes into undoubtedly the entire lot content material material burger is a instrument that’s going to curate content material and you fully grasp get you viewers get you web page visitors all that readily correct stuff but when you don’t know what to do with that website viewers within the occasion you happen to do not ought to flip that visitors into money will ought to you should not have a enterprise founded correctly with some easily right groundwork to be sincere it is usually no longer gonna give you the outcome you wish to have adequate so product like this gonna construct that groundwork up for you so you could possibly real make use of a instrument like content material burger and any device that in particular comes out sufficient a variety of contributors they they get into this on line money-making component and that i got no basis they buy a product and it does not work they mainly’re like why does not it

Work and it is like what you should not have you have no idea what you’re doing on a fundamental measure you have no training abundant so I threw this in there so that you just recognize strategies to utilize content material material material burger inside the right approach subsequent bonus I throw in two section bonus social web page viewers rush convenient social content fabric material now content material burger is a program it’ll aid you to curate and push out content material fabric fabric on social media structures but even as you do not know what to seem for so far as content material goes it’s not gonna work okay you cannot without difficulty push

Out anything you ought to have a niche you might have acquired to respect what the viewers wants you would have bought to understand what content material goes to work on Instagram and Twitter and fb what language each a form of constructions hold up a correspondence social web page visitors rush goes to educate you the way in which to function on each frequently probably the most predominant social media constructions useful social content fabric goes to educate you involving the content fabric to push out what content material fabric works what you may have gotten bought to be gazing for that you’d be in a position to seek for content material material in content material fabric material burger and observe a bunch of stuff adequate it is a fine instrument and push it out nevertheless you ought to push out the right stuff so

Even the viral content material that any character has used and likewise you found out utilising content material material material mega it might no longer work with what you’re doing so that is going to present you that skills on what to show up for what you ought to be making use of content Vega for and pointers on how one can push out the suitable content fabric material utilising the software as high-best she is frequently competent to bonus variety three IOM high-pleasant product affiliate advertising earnings get so if you’re getting internet site online viewers with content Berger you realize so what you bought viewers internet site viewers is nothing until it may be being monetized so while you would not have a product almost certainly you’re wondering fine how do i monetize it I’ve bought to advertise some thing factor to get money excellent sure while you’ve received a product if you are making a product exceptional however apart from you then could promote anyone else’s product

So it doesn’t matter what wants you’re in there could even be gonna be affiliate merchandise in that area of interest i don’t care whether or not it can be yoga to swimming to on line selling to whatever accountant gardening there may be a philia merchandise all over you would earn fifty percent mostly seventy 5 percentage on merchandise usually unique that you just could earn better than the targeted maker of the platform or the affiliate product that is going to educate you or educate you a process the pleasant method of for the promoting and promoting to monetize the viewers that you will be getting with content material fabric Berger so that you simply just going to be getting the viewers which which you could throw in hyperlinks into your content as excellent as furnish expense after which that’s going to transform into commissions on distinguished people’s merchandise even though it can be no longer yours and it can be some thing factor that

You’re going to ought to be coming into affiliate selling it usually is easiest approach to become profitable on line and that you simply simply could combine it into certainly each and every any product that comes up bonus variety four to construct on the ultimate bonus you mainly considering okay I’ve acquired a product I have an understanding of affiliate advertising you understand i’m throughout the yoga discipline of curiosity or some thing the basketball discipline of curiosity I found a product i’m gonna get followers on social media utilising content fabric material Berger after which they may be gonna go via to this off of that i have however you do not know the proper option to exhibit that present so while you’ve received a wordpress web site or thrown in these two bonuses one goes to assemble touchdown pages for you one goes to construct document new liberate smaller style of squeeze pages for you so that you’d be organized to

Check which one you must make use of at any time so you wouldn’t have bought to be informed ways to code you should not have got to collect advantage of how you can construct web website online you conveniently get a wordpress internet net web page put these plugins in in case you happen to’ve received affiliate present create a landing web internet web page easy landing web page you possibly putting out content fabric material on social media robotically with content fabric fabric burger that audience is going to move to your touchdown page that you easily create with this click on on on the grants have a look on the presents the movies some thing you will have gotten there from the creator and that is how you will generate earnings bonus number 5 is gonna collect on that much more so whilst you getting website visitors to grants whilst you getting patrons of your merchandise

Or affiliate merchandise you’re gonna assemble an e-mail document and that is the place countless your cash goes to to come back back from later down the road so that you simply need to appreciate find out the way to nurture that document assemble feel by way of that file make people akin to you give rate construct it manipulate it so everywhere once more it could generate income for you adequate that is why you are right here you wish to have to snatch tips on how one can generate earnings with content fabric Berger these unique bonuses are throwing in our other relocating accessories which can be going to support you to exceptionally get probably essentially probably the most out of it that’s going to help you along side your email which matches to emerge as principal further down the road principally if you are a newbie if you are a veteran

You are already making a living then you definitely fully grasp how fundamental that is however there’s additionally without doubt some thing in there for you as satisfactory so that all sounds simply correct to you step 1 hyperlink within the description you go to the bonus page click on on on on the fairway buttons lock within the bonuses that you may get despatched to the content material material burger vendor net web page go through it examine out testimonials like this investigate out what contributors are asserting assess out the performance investigate out the whole lot in your possess time so we’re no longer proper right here all day investigate it out so which that you might make an extra advised alternative about whether or now not or no longer it is proper for you should you happen to arise to do make a choice to purchase which that you could be despatched a digital receipt which looks like this under the golf inexperienced button

Is content material fabric material Berger below the blue button or the bonuses so it may be a huge bundle deal it is all coming to you whilst my email correspondence is here while you might have bought any issues now i will say this keep you eye on this countdown timer since that’s the entire launch week amazing that i’m speakme about ok so the bonuses any reduction pricing hazardous activated even as you click on on these inexperienced buttons is more commonly not available after this runs to zero so if you need all these bonuses and you desire to need to use a procedure I quite simply stated which incorporate the bonuses into content material fabric Berger and you can generate income in that manner then get in as rapid as that you’d be prepared to very almost the previous you get inside the additional you might be gonna get for the diminish rate sufficient so and not using a extra ado let’s get into content material material

Berger let’s have a appear at what it can be all about [Music] [Applause] [Music] all proper i am hoping you cherished that demo hope you probably looking at ahead to getting hands-on content material material fabric higher at seeing what it’ll in all probability do for you it is an powerful system should you utilize it inside the right system so prior than we shut out the video while you go via the hyperlink within the description once more you are gonna come to this page and i’ve purchased a little of a write-up extra mainly in regards to the pricing and what that you simply would expect so you will have gotten received content material burger which is the whole lot you surely observed throughout the video after which you might have bought a one time offer number one correct here which matches to be pitch to you as you go through the watching

Procedure and which that you can check whether or not or now not you want to have these respectable improvements as well or no longer there may be also additionally the content burger company dashboard plus guide toolkit which if you’re you’re an company and in addition you wish to have obtained to use content burger with a rationale to present it present a service or furnish to your purchasers you might be gonna get all this built-in as good so whether or not you’re a private person is your solar enterprise you would want that one as excellent on the grounds that the standalone if you’re an company utilizing it to supplier provide supplier to your possess buyers then you definately definately would wish this one then now we have bought content fabric bag a reseller which makes it viable so that you can take content material fabric burger must you happen to quite

Keep in mind in it advertise as your possess product get the entire features once more k that is uncommon inexpensive as far as you realize full-blown portions of software go so if you must do that maintain the whole profits and there is a one-time offer quantity three proper here as just proper adequate now i will say with the intention to access the bonuses you could satisfactory need the front-conclude so do not think akin to you want all of those on the other hand i am really without problems letting so there is not any such thing as a surprises there are designated matters which you could buy relying on what you have to do every individual’s exclusive however it doesn’t matter what you do you perhaps on the other hand getting all my bonuses whilst you get in early now you generally have any additional questions drop them within the suggestions hit me up an email my social media I affirm continually I reply to everybody and if now not abilities content material material burger hope you adore them bonuses hope you get commonly essentially probably the most out of it and i’ll see you subsequent time that’s okay

Content Burger OTO