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Content Profitz OTO  –  What is Content Profitz?

The Demo

Brand New, Cloud-Based App Creates Fully-Automated ‘Done For You’ Affiliate Niche Sites That Automatically Add Fresh Content And Get You FREE Traffic For Passive Affiliate Commissions and profits.


Why Content Profitz Is Better Than Other Ny Online Affiliate Niche Sites Builders

– The Content Profitz is hosted in the cloud, features an attractive dashboard, and it’s easy for ANYONE (even newbies) to use

– The Content Profitz is an easy-to-use push-button app that creates a stunning and commission generating affiliate ‘niche site’ on autopilot

– The Content Profitz then goes out, finds quality video content and affiliate offers, and adds them AUTOMATICALLY

– The search engines love FRESH and RELEVANT content, so the money sites rank high and stay ranked for tons of FREE traffic

– Once activated, the commissions just keep rolling in

– This is an easy way for ANYONE, even total newbies, to create a steady stream of passive income without any hard work required to do

  • No more stress about creating content because all 100% DONE by the app
  • Everything inside is easy to customize with just a few clicks
  • Training includes, so it’s easy to jump right in and start making money from day #1


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Video review for Front End only.

Text From This video

In this content, profits review, I’m going to be showing you a cloud-based software that’s, going to create automated monetized affiliate sites for you with a few pushes of a button and make sure you stay to the end of this review is I’m, also going to be showing you all the different, otos and upgrades, so you’ll know exactly what you’re getting into if you decide to purchase.

If you’re new to my channel, my name is mike, Thomas. I’m a seven-figure, affiliate marketer and I do these reviews every single day so that you can get the best deals on upcoming software and courses.

If, at any point during this review, you want to check out content profits, just go ahead and click that link below. Also, please like this video, as it really helps out with my youtube channel, and I appreciate it and hit that subscribe button and bell notification.

The last thing before we jump in here just want to show you on my bonus page; I ‘ Ve, got a ton of bonuses for you, including reseller licenses, to pass software’s here, including a bunch of other bonuses here as well.

Uh, including some really like recent product launches here, uh, you’re gonna get all of these uh as a special bonus. They’re gonna be waiting for you inside of warrior, plus after you purchase through my link.

Okay, let’s. Take a look at the sales page here together. It says a brand new cloud-based app creates fully automated none for you, affiliate niche sites that automatically add fresh content and get you free traffic for passive affiliate commission.

So essentially, what this does is the software will create an affiliate website for you. It will fill it up with content. It has multiple sources. I’ll. Show you exactly how all that works in this review, and it also uh hosts everything on their hosting and their domain.

So you don’t need to buy posting. You don’t need to buy a domain name, and you can even add in your affiliate links automatically into it so that anytime anyone clicks on those and purchases that you’Re going to get those commissions, and the idea here is that you use this traffic.

You can spin it as well. I use the content in order to get free traffic from SEO and then any traffic that comes in there. It’s. All 100 free, and you’re able to monetize that they do have quite a bit of income claims on here.

They say that they’ve been able to use this brand-new app to bank fifteen thousand dollars in the last 30 days. I’m skeptical. Of that, I think I know that these guys make money, but they ‘ Ve got tons of income claims here, um, and I know that people are making money uh, but people making so much money.

So fast with this, you’re gonna be a little bit skeptical of that, so don’t purchase this based upon these income claims here, uh. If you’re gonna purchase, this purchases is based on the fact that it is an affiliate website builder, and that’s.

What it’s, gonna do for you, so I want you to be taken away by the hype here from this because I know these guys make money, but again it’s. Uh, like making building a site like this. That makes 18 000 in the last 30 days.

Content Profitz OTO


I don’t believe it in one bit. Sorry, I could be wrong, but I don’t believe it uh find a solid niche site. Uh, create a website, uh. It looks like that. So normally we’d. Have to do is like you’d, have to do niche research, create a website, create host content, add fresh content to it on a daily basis and then find affiliate offers, and this does that all for you automatically so that you don’t have to worry about that uh there so um.

It will create good, looking affiliate sites that have training on how to set it up, uh, quickstart, guide, um, etc., etc., and I’m going to show you all that. So let me just bring you down here, show you what exactly you’re going to get with this, so we can, uh, when you purchase, you have access to the software.

They don ‘ T really have a list. Do they of what you’re, going to get oh yeah here we go, you get the software, do the training get the quick start guide and then they ‘ Ve got a bunch of bonuses for you, but let’s, take a look at some actual sites and the software itself.

So here are some sites that it’s created here, and you can see uh. These are just, uh, so demo sites that, like they, don’t have like the logo or anything set upon them. Uh, here’s like uh, some showing coconut water for kids, healthy and balanced benefits of drinking artisan water.

If we click on this, you can see the website has content on it. Uh, it has places for people to share on social networks. Uh has places for advertisements on it, etc. So it’s a there’s—another one here with different images on it, different ways of adding in different advertisements, etc.

With this, you put your logo on there and make it look all nice now. The dashboard looks like this. Now, if you want to create a site, let me show you really quickly how you create a site. You want to click on, add a new site.

We ‘ Ve got a bunch of templates for you. I’m, going to look at one of the ones that’s like affiliate marketing, so i thought that was kind of cool. You can actually view the template. I’m just going to uh, like we can view it together.

I’ll view it. I can see what this is going to look like. It’s a traditional kind of make money online website. You can say, use this template, and it’s going to allow us to. Oh, i guess, bring us back here.

Content Profitz OTOs

So I’m. Going to now. I’m going to click on select for this, okay. So now I’m going to use it. So I’m going to click my site address. I’m going to call this mic from the main affil,iate, and let’s. Call it like from it’s, going to automatically create the site.

For me, I’m, going to click, add site and it’s, going to be mike from main That’s, going to be the name of the website i can go to; we can go, look at the website itself and see what it looks like right off the bat.

This is what the website will look like right off the bat here; we can. We have the articles that are already done for us already and put in here with videos and stuff, and that’s great that it’s already kind of done for me.

But what you want to do now? Let’s, go over to the content, profits, and what you do with that is. You can actually add in the content that’s added to that website. So i’m, going to let’s main uh, and there’s.

All kinds of different places like EzineArticles, Facebook, Twitter, Walmart, youtube all these different places that you can take content from for this one. I’ll do affiliate marketing, add that in there, and then I can add an affiliate link in there.

So whatever my affiliate link was, whatever it was, i can put that in there and have it so that every time uh it’s. Your affiliate link campaign keywords and article content will be replaced with my affiliate link here and i can add these keywords as a tag in the post.

I can rotate the keywords i can stop after posting a given number of posts. I can have my categories and filters here that i publish so you can you have all these different things that you can pick from here.

You can spin the content if you want to spin the title spin, the content to make it more unique uh you can remove hyperlinks uh, remove links to authors, whatever you want to do here, uh with the content that you’re getting to it And you can also choose when it’s published, you can say, add new posts.

Content Profitz OTO links

Every 60 minutes, uh, every like, you can change that on how you want to have that done. How often you want to post stuff, and when you want to start posting, when you want to stop article filters, etc., etc.? When you’re ready, you click on submit, and now what’s going to happen? Is that campaign is all set up so that it’s going to start publishing that content for me automatically and adding in my affiliate link, so they ‘

Ve got a bunch of other stuff here: uh, like innovations and site, widgets and stuff like that that you can mess around with, I’ll. Let you look at that once you get here; this is the basic um like what the software does, uh, in a nutshell.

So let’s, go over and take a look at the otos together. First one here. This is the pro version of this says: 10 times your profits. With this unlimited upgrade, you get unlimited campaigns, unlimited niche sites, no recurring costs, and 10 extra features, so it takes off any limitations that you have on the front end.

Now I didn’t see any limitations. I don’t see if there’s any mention of it here. At least I’m not on the sales page that I saw, so I’m. Not quite sure what those limitations are, but there apparently is a limit on how many sites you can create with this, so anyways it takes off the limitations there.

With this, they’ve got some affiliate commission proof. I’ve. Seen that i think i feel like i’ve seen that image so many times now, um yeah so uh. It gives you unlimited affiliate sites, pulls unlimited content, more ways to profit uh with these more ways of putting in affiliate links uh.

This page at this page looks like it’s, not quite done yet. So maybe the one that you see is gonna be a little different by the time you get to this page, um, and if you don’t get it. You can click on the uh; the no thanks, and it’ll bring you on to the next one.

First off, I wanna my goodness, bring one next one, okay, so the next one here is the uh. The niche looks like a hundred studying uh done for you, affiliate sites preloaded with 100 tested and proven pieces of content, so this is going to add on in a bunch of different uh sites, for you with all done for you.


Content Profitz OTO

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