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Convertri 2019 OTO

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What’s New For Convertri 2019

Everyone knows video boosts conversions. Everyone knows page speed boosts conversions.

But video is the biggest page-speed killer there is. Even the YouTube player, owned by literally the same company that developed Page Speed Insights, costs you up to 40 points just from having it on the page.

Right now, you’re forced to choose between video or page speed. And that sucks.

So we fixed it.

Convertri 2019 Delivers The Most Powerful Video Page System You’ve Ever Seen
Blazing Fast Pages… Even If They’re Packing More Video Than The Local Multiplex
With our new accelerated video page technology to video, you can get page speeds on heavy-video pages that were impossible before. Everyone else will need to choose between fast pages and killer video… you get both.

Desktop And MOBILE Autoplay For Incredible Conversions
When the browsers killed video autoplay, they also killed conversions for marketers everywhere. Now you can get them back – Convertri’s Presto player can autoplay on both desktop AND mobile.

Dynamically Change Page Content Based On Viewer Behaviour
Want to drop a buy button when your viewer has watched 20 minutes of your video, not just when they’ve spent 20 minutes on your page? Want to change your page content as your viewer watches your video to emphasise key points in your script?


Beautiful Video Page And Funnel Templates
Incredible videos need incredible pages to go with them, and we’ve put together a full set of brand new page and funnel templates to make sure your customers’ videos always look weapons-grade.

Plus, Of Course, Everything Else That Convertri Does…
Exit Intent

Countdown Timers

Bump Sells


Custom Domains

One-Click Upsells

2-Step Opt-In

Easy Snap Lines


Timed Elements

Sticky Headers and Footers

Custom CSS

Background Video


Custom HTML

Huge Font Selection

Unlimited Products

Automatic Mobile Conversion

Mobile Text Scaling

Detailed Reports

Element Grouping

Custom Checkout Pages

Default Text Styles


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Video Review For Front End Only


this is a sales video why is it here
because video is the most powerful
marketing tool there is it’s what you
use to convert your audience generate
your engagement and close your clients


Convertri 2019 OTO
for half the time it doesn’t do that
half the time it’s actually driving your
visitors away this is convert early 2019
video edition and we’re here to fix that
we’re his give you better conversions
more leads and more scalable ads if
you’ve ever felt the run your business
is harder than it needs to be then you
are going to love this because we are
about to give you the cheat code big
claim yeah you’re right it is but it’s a
claim we can deliver and here’s how we
do it when Qamar tree was first
developed we didn’t just want to make
another funnel builder we wanted to make
funnel builders better because you know
how it works you pay a thousand bucks a

year to get a page made of blocks that
never works the way you want you get
integrations that don’t integrate so you
end up losing believes you’ve worked so
hard to capture and anytime you want to
get a page online you need to spend
three hours fighting the user experience
that feels like it was designed by an
angry honey badger but most importantly
as soon as you put a video on your page
your speed goes through the floor why is
this important because page speed makes
such a massive difference to conversions
recent research by Google shows 52
percent of mobile users leaving a page
if it takes more than 3 seconds to load
52 percent this means if you spend a

Convertri 2019 OTO

thousand dollars on traffic 520 of that
is just being wasted and when a single
YouTube embed can add two whole seconds
to your page load time it’s clear that
your video pages need to be as high
performance as possible but most page
builders just can’t cope you can see
here what happens to their page to be
scores when a video is added to their
pages so what can you do obviously you
don’t want to stop using video and no
one wants get everything custom coded
but the good news is you don’t need to
do either because convert tree is built
for high performance
we regularly benchmark our pages against
all our major competitors and in our
latest tests the convert tree page
smokes every single one over twice as
fast as even the closest page but most
importantly we know how important video

Convertri 2019 OTO

is that’s why in this latest edition of
convert tree you get the fastest video
player who have ever developed ten times
faster than YouTube which means you can
load your pages with as many videos as
you like and they will still load
blisteringly fast but it’s not just
about having the fastest video pages
with convert tree you can do more with
your video pages than in any other
builder you’ve got intelligent autoplay
so your videos can also play on both
desktop and mobile with sound of the
browser allows it and muted with a click
sound overlay if it doesn’t you can make
your video sticky and set that
separately on both desktop and mobile
you can change page content change
backgrounds or show testimonials based
on which part of your video your viewer
is watching this even lets you show your
by button at the exact point your viewer
starts watching your pitch even if
they’ve paused your video or skip to
section you can set up content gates so
your viewer can watch a bit of your
video but be forced to subscribe to
watch the rest all this and so much more
and you get it right out of the box but
there’s a lot more to convert than the
ability to build the best video pages
files and websites that you’ve ever seen
convert trees final planner unless you
draw out files as easily as if you are
sketching them on a whiteboard
have multiple art cells multiple down
cells build anything you want and unlike
the diagram you drew out on the
whiteboard it’ll be here for you for as
long as you need it when you’re making
pages you want to put your own stamp on
them that’s why you get the most
advanced page editor you’ve ever seen
not only does it give you complete
freedom but everything is designed to be
as intuitive as possible you want to
move things around you can do that you
want to add in a new section maybe add
in a countdown timer or background video
you want to add pop-up layers or a
two-step opt-in you can do everything
drag-and-drop and position it pixel
perfect the beauty of convert reserva is
that you’re not forced into pre-built
layouts or components this is the
closest you’ll get to photoshop for your
website and that means your website can
finally look how you want it to look
because why would you want a webpage
that looks like everyone else’s with
convert tree you’re creating something
beautiful and it’s not all about desktop
the mobile editor gives you all the same
flexibility converter will reflow all
your elements and then you can move them
around and adjust them as you want you
can even choose to turn off some
elements entirely so unlike some page
builders you’re not stuck with whatever
responsive page they give you you’ve got
full control over how your page looks so
you can have a mobile experience that’s
designed for mobile and when you want to
sell your products there’s no need for a
third party car because with convert
tree it’s all built in just connect your
stripe account and you can set up
products and sell them directly from
your convert tree pages you can sell
products one time you can set up
subscriptions you can offer users a
trial you can create bump offers you can
even turn products into one-click
upsells so your visitor doesn’t need to
enter any of their details again they
just need to hit buy when you’re done
you’ll use the powerful built-in
analytics to see exactly who’s buying
from even how much they’re spending
convert reuses snow plower real-time
analytics to track your clicks leads and
sales so you’ll always know
up-to-the-second how your files are
performing and the whole thing is hosted
on our lightning CDN is the most
powerful marketing CDN on the planet
with insane load speeds huge capacity
built in SSL and multiple edge nodes all
around the world for true lightning
delivery what you’ve got here is
everything you need to take your visitor
from prospect to sale maybe that’s why
over 4,000 people now use convert tree
for their pages funnels websites and
clients we’ve got people who have
doubled their income thanks to using
convert r-e we’ve got people who trial
the builders but keep coming back to us
because we make built-in pages and
funnels actually fun we’ve got people
who love how everything’s supported and
how to released updates almost every
week since we launched we’ve got people
saying is the best most intuitive system
they’ve ever used I mean this guy liked
it so much she joined our company we’ve
even got our users recommending us in
facebook groups for entirely different
products because they know just how good
the system is because when everything
just works building a funnel is easy and
when everything is faster making your
files convert becomes much easier too so
normally a convert tree subscription
costs at least $59 a month which is 708
dollars every year
but right now not only can you get
access at a huge discount you don’t have
to lock in any subscription at all right
now you can get a full year of convert
tree access something that normally cost
you seven hundred eight dollars for just
297 that’s $411 you’re saving just
because you’re buying here and now and I
don’t know about you but $411 sounds
like a lot of money to have left on your
wallet but not only that with this
exclusive offer you’re also getting
access to our page importer this is our
flagship feature for our pro plans
unless you clone any of your pages
instantly in the convert tree editor at
the URL push the button and you’ve
instantly got a copy ready to be adapted
and adjusted just like you would with
any other convert Ori page this is
something even our users paying 708
dollars a year don’t get so right now
you’re getting more for less but we
don’t want to just tell you about how
much convert Ori can do for you we want
you to find out for yourself that’s why
you’re also getting a 30 day guarantee
try convert Ori out today and if it’s
not for you just let us know before the
30 days are up you’ll get a full refund
no questions asked so you don’t have to
wonder will this work you can find out
for yourself and that means you can
discover everything convert Ori has to
you’ve got the funnel planner that makes
building files as easy as drawing on a
whiteboard you’ve got the world’s most
advanced free formats to the lets you
design any page you can imagine you’ve
got the world’s fastest video player and
the ability to create video pages unlike
any other you’ve got the page importer
that lets you bring in any of your
existing pages into convert or e system
in minutes you’ve got free hosting on
some of the world’s fastest and most
secure servers and even comes with pre
ssl and you can connect your own custom
domains too you’ve got a world-class
to create exact mobile experiences your
visitors want not whatever responsive
design you’re forced into you’ve got
full shopping cart integration so you
can take payments directly from convert
Ori pages you’ve got snowplow analytics
built in for free
and it’s all 100% backed up you don’t
just get support you can also join the
Facebook group with thousands of other
convert RIA users all there to help you
it’s one of the friendliest communities
you’ll ever find online because people
use convert Ori are pretty awesome folks
and when you started using convertor II
when you’ve used the editor for yourself
when you’ve seen just how incredibly
fast even your heaviest video pages load
believe me you’ll never go back and all
you need to do now is hit the button
below to get your license this is your
cheat code because when you’ve done that
whatever you’re doing online you’ll be
doing it easier you’ll be doing it
faster and you’ll be doing it better
because we’ve convert Ori you can do
things better get started now and see
just what you can build


Convertri 2019 OTO