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What’s New For Convertri 2020

Convertri 2019 OTO 1

Everyone knows video boosts conversions. Everyone knows page speed boosts conversions.

But video is the biggest page-speed killer there is. Even the YouTube player, owned by literally the same company that developed Page Speed Insights, costs you up to 40 points just from having it on the page.

Right now, you’re forced to choose between video or page speed. And that sucks.

So we fixed it.

Convertri 2019 Delivers The Most Powerful Video Page System You’ve Ever Seen
Blazing Fast Pages… Even If They’re Packing More Video Than The Local Multiplex
With our new accelerated video page technology to video, you can get page speeds on heavy-video pages that were impossible before. Everyone else will need to choose between fast pages and killer video… you get both.

Desktop And MOBILE Autoplay For Incredible Conversions
When the browsers killed video autoplay, they also killed conversions for marketers everywhere. Now you can get them back – Convertri’s Presto player can autoplay on both desktop AND mobile.

Dynamically Change Page Content Based On Viewer Behaviour
Want to drop a buy button when your viewer has watched 20 minutes of your video, not just when they’ve spent 20 minutes on your page? Want to change your page content as your viewer watches your video to emphasise key points in your script?


Beautiful Video Page And Funnel Templates
Incredible videos need incredible pages to go with them, and we’ve put together a full set of brand new page and funnel templates to make sure your customers’ videos always look weapons-grade.

Plus, Of Course, Everything Else That Convertri Does…
Exit Intent

Countdown Timers

Bump Sells


Custom Domains

One-Click Upsells

2-Step Opt-In

Easy Snap Lines


Timed Elements

Sticky Headers and Footers

Custom CSS

Background Video


Custom HTML

Huge Font Selection

Unlimited Products

Automatic Mobile Conversion

Mobile Text Scaling

Detailed Reports

Element Grouping

Custom Checkout Pages

Default Text Styles


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Video Review For Front End Only


hi this is Michael Nesbitt from bite
mark on behalf dangreen hope you’re well
and today I’m gonna be talking about you
I’m going to be talking about how
serious you are about making money
online how much do you want it and what
are you going to do about it
because there’s many people out there
online making a great deal of money
they’re no smarter than you are they
don’t have any special skills all

Convertri 2020 OTO

they’ve done is made the decision that
they have decided to do something about
it and now they’re doing something about
it and I’m the prime example of this and
decide to do something about it and now
we are making serious money online by
doing all this affiliate marketing and
doing everything we can to help people
like yourselves and get our business
underway and but how serious are you and
how much do you want it because a lot of
people out there talk about the money
the make and flash cars and all this
kind of stuff that’s absolutely fine but
how much do you want it you want to
bothered about them other people you’re
probably not even that bothered about me
you are the only person who can do
something about it you are the only
person who can get up and get going and
at the end of the day go I did something
about this there’s a lot of people out
there making money like ourselves and I
know that you can do it but how serious
are you about it now what I’m going to
show you now this is a this is a piece
of software called converter II which is
probably the best sales funnel software
and makes the best sales painted pages
online and the fastest without a shadow
of a doubt and because what happens with
fast pages is people will come to your
website doesn’t lower than three seconds
that are aware the figures are that 40%
of people just go away within the first
two or three seconds convert its instant
instant and this can’t help your
commissions without a shadow of a doubt
but how serious are you about making

money online what kind of sales Falls do
you actually how do you have the
for an end page do you have the proper
one-time offers and the next one time
offer the next one-time offer if you’re
not sure what I’m talking about I’ll
explain a little further and when when
you sell something you can do upsell
upsell upsell and this is the way you
make money I’ll touch briefly on them on
how we we have certain products that go
out all the time I’ll touch briefly and
give you some figures here I’ll click
here and show you very quickly on how
all of the upsells meet is where you

Convertri 2019 OTO

make the money now this is this is a
software that we have called fun
automate and this is the total revenue
here sixteen sixteen thousand but the
upselling of it also makes revenue as
well so you’ve got the development
rights here and look at that the final
were made a pro another eleven thousand
and that that wouldn’t be we wouldn’t
have made this money if we didn’t have
the upsell and didn’t have the the
one-time offers coming out after you
have purchased it’s it’s just the way it
works and and this is what you need to
you need to be aware of that the sales

follows and the where they actually work
on the steps of the sale and how all
this comes together and this is how
people are making all of this money and
this is how we do okay at the moment as
a company but we are wanting to grow we
are wanting to get it because we want it
because we’re serious about it how
serious are you about it there’s money
on the table there you need to go and
grab it and make the step and actually
do it how far above the competition
actually are you how far ahead are you
doing the extra steps that other people
are doing or they just moving away from
you you need to take it seriously and a
lot of people don’t take it seriously in
the dormant a decision they kind of play
it doing it and if you wanted me at the
decision then we can help you and we can
show you exactly how to do it and now
what I’m going to do is I’m going to I’m
going to talk about convert be and run
through the various little things with
it before it is launched the twenty Convertri 2019 OTO
second which is a few days from now and
now I know we can help you now Convertri 2019 OTO
converting has a great deal of things
and it has a great deal of things that
it does and it works very very quickly
and I’ve run through the various things
of how and how it can help you in the
great things about and importantly how
it differs from the competition and if
you sign up for the webinar and then you
will get a huge discount on the price I
think the price comes down from I think
I’ve got it written here and the price
comes down from six three six if you say
to the webinar you get it for a one-time
offer of 297 which is which is brilliant
and so that’s to make you seven dollars
and that is fantastic it’s a one-time
offer and now convert via will run
through the different bits of software
now and I’ll tell you a little bit about
the company in a little bit about Andy
Fletcher and the passion that they have
and how they differ from other companies
that do sales funnels in the Convertri 2019 OTO marketplace
I’ll speak here in a moment hi now I’ve

gotta run through convertor II and how
simple it is to use and why it’s so
simple and how intuitive it is and why
it is a premium product and it does
differ slightly from the other products
that we normally and promote and but
that’s because this is a obviously
premium product at the higher end of the
market and it’s something that would
help anyone’s business massively and we
use it within our business and it is
absolutely fantastic create and sales
pages and sales funnels which are just
just the highest quality possible– and
it is so fast input you can put things
together really really quickly and it is
great in that respect and so a little
bit about convertor II and the developer

Convertri 2019 OTO Convertri 2019 OTO
and the Fletcher and I think was back in
maybe 2015 and he was on a panel and a
big seminar and talking about different
things with building pages and someone
asked the question from the audience I
think it was someone he knew who said
why do I have to keep going with Convertri 2019 OTO
designer why can’t I just have my logo
in the corner and why does designers
always come back and say oh well on this
software you can only put the logo here
or we can’t do it because it’s grown
egos there
and he thought straight away the answer
the guys question but he thought
straight away
yeah why can’t you do that why can’t you
just lift the logo to the corner why
can’t you just put anything anywhere you
want and lo and behold converter e and
the idea was just taken upon and you
took it upon himself to make that
possible for someone who isn’t artistic
isn’t a techie like I’m definitely not a

Convertri 2019 OTO

techie and you can actually move things
around and do it really really simply
and easily which is what I’m going to
show you now so if I if I click create
new addition product ring of a page of
templates there we go there’s a page of
templates and one one thing on there on
converting as a company one fantastic
thing that they do do is they listen to
to customers because customers often
send ideas in and one of the ideas that

Andy Fletcher did mention was that they
deal with a lot of think it might be
nursery schools or something like that
and because they got a lot of nurses you
know can’t come we have a page like this
come we have a page like that so they
listen to customers and they take the
information on board and they put up
three new templates every week which is
great then the other thing to do with
their customers is they have a massive
and very active support group which is
why three champions global week and
because they actually listen to people

which is which is great a company would
actually do that especially Convertri 2019 OTO company
assuming a high end product like this
sometimes you feel a little bit removed
from it not with convertor e and people
feel very attached and the very active
support group is testament to the
company’s attitude towards helping you
because that’s what this industry is all
about that’s what the the online
marketing district is all about it’s all
about people helping other people
because it is all possible and things
can come about now what I’m going to do
is I’m going to grab one of these and
I’m just going to put a few things
together in a few pages just to show you
how one element which is the brilliant
which I love greatly is the
drag-and-drop element it’s so simple to
put things together to a text in and
move boxes around it’s really
straightforward now I’ll pick one of
these anyone and we’ve got here oh good
this is a good one this this one is the
coolest heavy Convertri 2019 OTO
ever created okay see when you hover
over you get select so put select in

sales funnel and I’ll just put our dummy
in a protocol maybe what dance didn’t
comes up for that so I’ll just click
create and then the page will will load
straightaway no problem whatsoever so
this is the sales funnel and this is how
what you do here is you can join things
together so the different pages will be
in different places so it’s very very
simple so if I take this arrow and I put
that page is going to go to this page
then lo and behold it does that so
opt-in page will have a fact you paid
silent work out the sales pitch and the
checkout page then the upsell page so
that’s the way that we do you can just
hover over the middle that you see the
cross and that goes with and you can
have this page if you want and going to
this page so this is the way the pages
will layout on the screen which is great
and it’s so straightforward and simple

now if I hover over it will say edit so
you can go in and you can edit that page
you can edit this page you can edit that
page you can edit this page you can edit
that page that’s how simple it is so
hover over add a page and when I click
on this it will open up the page and I
will bill then edit this page and put in
images and put in anything that I wish
so this is now loading in and there we
go straightaway its up and as you can
see it’s very very straightforward and
simple and I can put an email address in
here and if you hover over on the side
here there you go so as you hover over
one you get the whole list of the menu
which is great so you can click on text
you can lift text from there in here to
put an email address in I’ll make one up
and so as I hover over on text and I
bring the text into there Convertri 2019 OTO
this means that I can actually put the
text straight in this box and then I can
move this box any way I want so I’ll
just put in my email at my domain
I spell it right that would make a big
difference wouldn’t it and we’ll just
put calm and click off it then that’s
done nuts in there Convertri 2019 OTO
now you can change the size of this font
really simply by hovering over just it’s
just like word in that Convertri 2019 OTO respect
and they scroll down at me that’s one
you know make a bigger legal so it’s
just so straightforward and so simple
and to use and you can move anything
around just really really simply and you
can also once I are what I do is I’ll
put an image into here you can just find
an image on on pixabay or wherever it is
and then if I click more buy up then
you’ll see how it looks on a mobile
phone which is really straightforward so
let’s see how we would put an image in
here I would imagine that you would
image on the site here and there we go
image so if I pull an image over in here
and that’ll probably ask me where I want
to go to get it there you go Convertri 2019 OTO
so search pixabay which I will do now
and if I put in what kind of image right

I’m from a town called Newcastle and
other Newcastle supporter like in
football soccer you call it in the in
the USA and I live in a place called
Newcastle upon Tyne and they have
redeveloped and all of the the Riverside
and the key site and it’s a beautiful
place to visit if you have a chance to
come to the UK you should go and visit
Newcastle there you go so we’ll pick
this black white image here or we could
pick that one we’ll pick this one here
that’s a quite a nice photograph so
that’s the photograph that that I want
I’ll click select mm-hmm and hopefully
this will bring it up and I’ll be up
there just popping into where I want it
hopefully it will so what the images on
the screen here somewhere so if I make
this say if I make the smaller this is
the image here so if I make this smaller
this image will appear to fit in here

well it should do
now go so that is really really
straightforward as you can see by the
way I use the mouse I’m not really an
expert on on something similar to to
Photoshop or convert or E and I put up I
am able to make this look half decent
within a matter of seconds I’m getting
there I’m getting sick it is very very
very very simple so okay if I click on
that I should be don’t click off it
there you go
and that’s done within a matter of
seconds we have that now
what I’d like to see cuz I put my demand
the top layer I could even probably I
couldn’t even probably change the name
here so that’s very very simple this is
the creators because they trust us
that’s very very simple you can move
this about to put it any way you want
but what I want to do is I want to see

how that image and how this would look
on a mobile phone so what I’ll do is
I’ll just click mobile here on the left
hand side so if I click that bagel
instant that’s how quick it is instant
and the image would probably at the
bottom I would imagine because it was
too big for the mobile I would think
yeah yeah I thought that would happen
and there’s the email and there’s the
image there so if you make the a much
smaller it would probably fit into there
but kind of put the image in there yeah
I can do okay oh you mean that smaller
and bigger as well so you can change it
every single element really really
simply then I go by the desktop and then
it will go by this one the other great
thing you can do very very simply is you
can preview this
so I preview this say for argument’s
sake this is the start of my funnel page

and start my sales page I want to see
what this would look like if it was
actually online so I click preview
really straightforward and then I’ll
preview it instantly so there you go so
this is the preview that you get so it’s
very very very very Convertri 2019 OTO
very very simple indeed cause the window
and it goes back that’s just great you
can save and publish this very slowly
airs and this various products that you
put this various actions I can do
various kinds of display and all kinds
of panels and separate as a media so you
can put a video in if I click there are
they you go instant video background
video of him your video so I’ll click
video that that brings up a video
straight away so you can just put a
video into there no problem whatsoever
that is absolutely phenomenal how quick
that does that that is so Convertri 2019 OTO
straightforward right oh that fantastic
thing that convert leaders which oh
they’re competition doesn’t like like

click follows and things like that
there’s a button here on the left hand
side undo so I can undo this there you
go and that’s then gone so I’m gonna do
that as well it’s just absolutely
fantastic that the undo button is there
and I go about a desktop and Noah back
of where we were so the undo button you
don’t have to save things it just hasn’t
undo button that is really really simple
and straightforward you would just click
publish to publish what all the work
that you’ve done online and that would
then just published online this is
obviously just made-up font made up
there text rather and and then you put
various images in here if you wish so
you can change the images no problem
whatsoever change whatever it says very
very straightforward and very very
simple there’s the click image on the
side when you click an image so I can

close that very very simple absolutely
brilliant and it’s a very active support
group for converting so they can help
you a great deal as well and the reason
it is the fastest on the marketplace is
because convert we went to Amazon and
they went to Google cloud services and
they said we like this on Amazon and we
like this on Google we like these two
different things and they combined the
two which is why it is the fastest and
it’s all hosted by the best the best
hosting services in the world which is
why it is so fast
and so please do and there’s there’s
lots of new options on here which are I
can’t tell you about until Monday and
until next week Brad will go through the
new options on the 2019 2019 version
which are completely different other

things in the marketplace really really
advanced and but please register for the
webinar on Tuesday and you will get a
huge discount on the on the price over
of convert Ori and the webinar will be
very very informed with plus there is
huge bonuses on the webinar for you as
well and we are putting our biggest ever
bonus package together to go along with
convert it is going to be enormous it’s
the biggest thing we’ve ever done to go
along with this so you will benefit
greatly from purchasing a converter II
but do register for the webinar before
then if you register for the webinar you
get lots and lots of discount on the
actual product and you’ll get all of our
bonuses and if you register for the
webinar so you need to do that and there
will be other bonuses from convert me as
well when you register for the webinar
and that’s on air on Tuesday and I
believe it’s a 10:00 p.m. Eastern
Standard Time
and so that is converting my name is
Michael Nesbitt and on behalf of dan
green for bite-mark that thank you once
again Cheers

Convertri 2019 OTO