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What’s New For Convertri 2019

Everyone knows video boosts conversions. Everyone knows page speed boosts conversions.

But video is the biggest page-speed killer there is. Even the YouTube player, owned by literally the same company that developed Page Speed Insights, costs you up to 40 points just from having it on the page.

Right now, you’re forced to choose between video or page speed. And that sucks.

So we fixed it.

Convertri 2019 Delivers The Most Powerful Video Page System You’ve Ever Seen
Blazing Fast Pages… Even If They’re Packing More Video Than The Local Multiplex
With our new accelerated video page technology to video, you can get page speeds on heavy-video pages that were impossible before. Everyone else will need to choose between fast pages and killer video… you get both.

Desktop And MOBILE Autoplay For Incredible Conversions
When the browsers killed video autoplay, they also killed conversions for marketers everywhere. Now you can get them back – Convertri’s Presto player can autoplay on both desktop AND mobile.

Dynamically Change Page Content Based On Viewer Behaviour
Want to drop a buy button when your viewer has watched 20 minutes of your video, not just when they’ve spent 20 minutes on your page? Want to change your page content as your viewer watches your video to emphasise key points in your script?


Beautiful Video Page And Funnel Templates
Incredible videos need incredible pages to go with them, and we’ve put together a full set of brand new page and funnel templates to make sure your customers’ videos always look weapons-grade.

Plus, Of Course, Everything Else That Convertri Does…
Exit Intent

Countdown Timers

Bump Sells


Custom Domains

One-Click Upsells

2-Step Opt-In

Easy Snap Lines


Timed Elements

Sticky Headers and Footers

Custom CSS

Background Video


Custom HTML

Huge Font Selection

Unlimited Products

Automatic Mobile Conversion

Mobile Text Scaling

Detailed Reports

Element Grouping

Custom Checkout Pages

Default Text Styles


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Video Review For Front End Only


hey little guys its it doll here and in
this video I’m gonna show you what
converter II is how you use it what can
do for you
and what’s mean for 2019 also I’m gonna
go over what you get when you buy a
converter II via me so stay tuned so
first thing first the page that you see
is paid that you know anyone will see
after they log in to the qunari account

Convertri 2019 OTO

for the first time this here are the
number of funnels so this is probably
something that you won’t be seeing if
you have a new account unless you start
creating them but this basically is
pretty much how you create a final it’s
very simple you just you know create new
and give it a name select a domain which
could either be a sub domain of
converter E or you can you know point
your own domain to converter which is
also pretty easy in fact you can also
host your entire domain on converter if
you want so that’s something pretty cool
but if you would like to use let’s say
sub domain of your own domain you can
also do that using name you know cPanel
records it’s pretty simple they have
tutorials on pretty much everything you
would ever need so that’s pretty cool as
well now as most of you might know that
I’ve been using convertor II since 2017
convert tree origin only came out back
in 2016 and they have been constantly

Convertri 2019 OTO

improving this platform since then now
you know if you’ve been around this
industry for a while especially in 2019
you have seen a lot of faith builders
come and go and even this year they have
been a lot of page builders launches
with a you know one-time special pricing
and all that but you know those page
builders they don’t come down to
expectations which is also one reason
why I didn’t promote it anything because
you know it’s just not my
belief right I highly believe in
promoting products that I personally use
and/or even if I don’t use it if I see a
and advantage of using something else
only then I promote right and let’s be
real this there are not a lot of quality
products coming out as of late
conversely on the other hand is the
exact opposite see kanuri has been
around to that for three years now since
2016 and it’s been improved since day
one I think they have a team of 12

Convertri 2019 OTO Convertri 2019 OTO
people by now you know this number might
be a bit fluctuating but I think it’s
somewhere around out
so let’s you know this is basically the
funnel area where you build a funnel if
you want you can also have individual
pages like you see here you don’t have
to especially or exclusively link it to
the funnel but this sweet little you
know fire building feature is pretty
but this is basically just a you know
let me spell that out this is just a
well you can say this is just a mock-up
right this is not doing anything this is
not this is not basically you know
affecting any matrix or anything like
that Convertri 2019 OTO Convertri 2019 OTO
the conversion and tracking and all that
stuff that converter does is based on
link clicks so you know there are links
on the page then convert reveal track
how many visitors came to your page and
click on those links right so you can
let’s say you want to just track one
link you can disable everything else and
then it will all track that one
particular link right so that’s pretty
much how the tracking works it’s not the
best to be honest it’s just okay so if
you want advanced tracking you would
probably need something like Google
Analytics or you know if you have
something that you custom that is a sass
or something
then you can use that
I personally use genetics they go well
with converting and I I sort of use it
you know I know how to use it in a
advanced fashion which is not everyone
does which is also okay so you can you
know pretty much use anything that you
are good at but now let me show you the
editor right I think I’ll have the page
open here yep so this is basically the
page that you will be on while watching
the video most probably it’s not if
you’re watching this on youtube then
there’d be a link in the description to

this page go there it will also show you
the bonuses i’m giving away now this
here is the page builder and this right
here is heaven like honestly I’m not
even exaggerating this thing is so
amazing I can’t even tell you like I can
honestly pick anything I want and I can
place it anywhere I want right there are
no limits only my own creativity is my
limit and and best of all they do have
an undo button
unlike clickfunnels now I don’t know if
you have used clickfunnels or not but
yeah the last time I tested it there are
new button was still in reader so you
know this thing is miles ahead of click
funnels they’re USB or a you know unique
selling point has always been fast pages
and let me show you how fast when I mean
fast just look at this thing load look
at how fast it loads side and you know
they basically are using a few different
technologies one of which is called CBN
which basically is a content delivery
network and it you know they have
multiple data sources all around the
world delivering content to you from

your nearest location which is one
reason why this is so fast right so if
you are let’s say in Pakistan like me
then they probably have a server in
India delivering to Pakistan because
it’s the close it’s right if you are in
let’s say Texas and they have a server
in Houston delivering to people
specifically in Texas right so it’s just
the technology is so good you know I
love Fletcher I know that man personally
and he’s a genius honestly he’s a genius
when it comes to tech so the few things
like they use is number one CDN which
you know just makes this thing so fast
and number two is lazy loading now if I
you know I can’t even scroll through the
space so fast
but what lazy loading basically is is
let’s say you are on this thing right
you are on this side of the page
what’s the point of loading the entire
page when the users not gonna see it

right so lazy loading is basically it’s
gonna load the remaining of the page not
page but images have specifically it’s
gonna load the remaining images once you
scroll once you start scrolling your
page right so when it recognizes that
you just above default then it loads the
images so the art is pretty cool it
helps faster the page will be even more
and then their image compression
technology is super amazing so you know
it just makes your pages look super fast
and and it’s pretty cool right
I mean research says that the user
doesn’t even stays on your page if it
loads any slower than three seconds
right so this technology it helps
overcome that with exclusively with the
2019 version they have optimized the
video players which by the way are one
of the biggest chunks of you know page
loading speed side now in the 2019 o as
you know they have done is they have

introduced a technology which basically
takes the snap shot of the
off the video player and post start so
it doesn’t really loads the video until
you click on this thing right now this
is for Vimeo videos so you do video
player however it does load it but it
obviously won’t play until you click on
it or if you have to find auto play but
for Vimeo what they do is that they
basically capture a snapshot and then
they start right I want to click on this
it’s gonna play my Vimeo video so that
helps take the you know it helps with
the page speed a lot now something that
I’m not utilizing on this page which is
also a very huge feature is the their
own video player right now there’s a bug
with this as of right now so the bug
basically is if you can see this video
of you if you can see this video what
you’re seeing right now is that it’s
trimmed from the sides right it’s not
it’s not fold right
you can’t see the WordPress panel here
you can’t see my username that’s not how
it’s supposed to be so you know that’s a
bug and I had reported this to Andrew

Convertri 2019 OTO Convertri 2019 OTO
and he said yeah it’s a bug they can I
get this fixed ASAP so currently they
are not working on this because they are
they have a launch on their heads and
being honest you know when you have a
long song you had you have a lot of work
so I won’t expect this to be fixed this
week but rest assured it will get fixed
I’m also in their Facebook group which
let me show you
well it has 4.5 gay members not
obviously not all of them are you know
not all of them are their uses but
majority of them are and this group is
also very very helpful right so you can
see when users come across in problems
we have a whole community of people
helping them out right so that’s pretty
crazy one thing that I haven’t shown you
is the mobile page builder of convertor
II which is also pretty crazy I haven’t
even touched anything on this so this is
whatever it’s translating through the

Convertri 2019 OTO Convertri 2019 OTO
mobile version it’s all being done by
default right so this is all done by
default I haven’t touched this now
obviously I’m gonna be making some
tweaks on this so things like maybe
changing the size of this thing so let’s
say I’m gonna select maybe 90% to make
sure it appears in online which it
doesn’t now it does so
I’m trying to achieve here is bringing
this thing in one line or two lines for
it okay now obviously this is all being
designed for from a mobile right I can
even hide things specifically for mobile
so let’s I don’t want this video to play
I can click on this thing and it’s not
that we are on mobile at all now so
that’s pretty cool right you can hide or
show specific elements just on desktop
or mobile suits you know that’s pretty
crazy then obviously we have a lot of
different thing that if I start going
into details then it’s this video is
gonna get a lot bigger than it all it
all ready has come it’s over here we are
already at 13 minutes so that’s crazy
but one thing I like to show you is the
layers feature which is also pretty good
with layers you can basically create
things like this top bar that you
probably see on the page this one you
can obviously define you know obviously
keep it sticky so it does its draw like
how it Saturn scroll you can create
pop-ups any sort of pop-ups then you can
you know use the triggers and define how
you want that pop up to appear so let’s
say you want the pop-up to appear on
this click on a click of basically this
button right what you can do is you can
I think my browser just got frozen or
something oh sorry no it doesn’t right
so you can click on this and you can go
ahead and add a new action and on that
action you can find what you want to do
you can have an accident and time pages
scroll or and you can even have flick I
don’t know why it won’t show it here
give me a second it sure
actually we show my click here
but for some reason it isn’t not sure
we’ll have to look into that but
basically you can define how you want a
or maybe it’s to touch oh yeah so yeah
they have recently changed a user
interface of actions and triggers so you
can basically add elements specific
actions from their properties so it
should have the click event here Craig
mouse movements scroll so basically you
all like you to display different kinds
of layers that could be a pop-up it
could be a warning sign or something you
know whatever you want right so that’s
pretty cool you can basically create any
sort of pop up that you want from it and
convert it you don’t need a third party
popper filter or something like that to
achieve anything in converted right
that’s pretty cool as well now I was
talking about the video so this this one
issue with the video direct just as in
responsively fits the video in the
player it’s a bug so hopefully it’s
gonna be sorted out really soon I mean I
just didn’t really wanted to push this
without you letting without letting you
know that there is a bug and obviously
there will be a few bugs now it’s pretty
robust I’m not gonna lie right it’s
pretty robust so you can you know it’s
not something that’s gonna be
interrupting in your work but basically
this video player is so good let me just
give this a hard refresh in a hard
refresh is basically control shift are
on a PC and command shift are on a Mac
what this does is it clears cache here
for that specific page now I have done
that I’m gonna give this one more reload
and now I’m going to show you how fast
this page this basically the the video
player basically works it’s it’s so
crazy like I’m just gonna click the
banner it’s gonna stop playing that’s
not how it works on Vimeo or YouTube
especially on mine should I try that’s
what the fastest it’s barely 10 Mbps
there was absolutely zero delay so the
heart is pretty cool this technology
that they have been working on it loads
the pace super fast it loads the video
super fast so it’s pretty crazy right so
with that being said there are also a
lot of new things they have added in
this let me show you this is basically
the video player you can do a lot of
things with the video game they’ll be
pushing this one this video the features
a lot because it’s the new USB that they
are going behind a thing but basically
you enter your own URL of the mp4 file
which you can basically get by uploading
to WordPress if you have WordPress
that’s what I did with this video short
I can find that right now only gonna
take a lot of time so you know you can
enter your own mp4 file and that’s gonna
be dark then you can find if you want it
autoplay on desktop as well as on mobile
and then you can go into the additional
play settings you have the pro account
which I don’t but I’m gonna disable this
for now then you have to tell a player
properties you can even change the
scanner I personally love this one so
that’s a pretty good one saying that
this alert team is pretty good as well
so you know you have a few options to
work with you can obviously select and
define a video top now if you want if
you don’t it’s just gonna use the from
the image from the video so that’s okay
as well
but the main thing is this the actions
and even then it’s crazy what you can do
so you can show things based upon click
mouse movement and scroll which is
nothing crazy and then you can show
things based on a specific user events
so whenever user starts the video you
can show something
whenever user ends the video you can
show something whenever user pauses the
video you could show something not just
that you have more options so you can
show specific things on video time so
you know most of the time the features
that work are basically time nearly
features right it’s not video time it’s
not linked to video time so if you
define five minutes it’s basically going
to show the button all the pop up in
five minutes regardless of if the user
has watched the video good converter II
that’s not the case when you define the
video timing what happens it it
basically only shows what you want to
show once that you know that time has
come so if you select video pass this
time marker here you can define the
timing of the video where you want this
to show up and it’s not going to show up
until and unless the user gets on that
specific time so that is really pretty
crazy that’s how something you get to
see every day then you can obviously
show something based upon the play
length so let’s say your video is 15
minutes and you want to show something
after 10 minutes then you can um you
know do the art you can show anything it
might be a button it might be a pop-up
it might be really honestly can be
anything and give me a second here my
battery is dying so let me just plug
that real quick
alright that’s done now so yeah after
that you have a menial section between
two point is fill the plate so this
makes it what is does is it you can
define two points until and unless
specifically that part is played it
won’t show the whatever you want to show
right it could be a button it could be a
pop-up it could be a call to action it
could be a text it could be earlier
anything honestly then you can define
show something while the video is
between two specific markers so let’s
say I want to show something that you
know let’s say that you want to show a
button darkness between 28th and 30th
minutes of the video so you can do that
after 30 admit it it’s gonna go away
right so that’s really cool as well so
like I said it’s really crazy or what
you can do with this thing this is this
you know what I’m what I’m telling you
is this basically scratching surface you
can literally change the entire page
dynamically as the user watches the
video and it’s pretty crazy right so
that’s something that if you if you’re
big on things like you know video
marketing especially VSO marketing then
now you should honestly be looking into
this it’s pretty cool I guess it’s about
it for convertor II obviously if you
have any questions and all that you can
hit me up or you can even have a hit up
the converter explode
they’re pretty responsive however they
might be receiving a lot of queries
since its launch but I’m just gonna go
quickly over all of the bonuses that you
can get if you buy converter e vm e and
these bonuses are only available until
the midnight of 25th which in Pacific
time by the way so yeah let me just go
over my bonuses quickly the video is
getting a bit to Lindy
right so the first thing that I’m giving
you is pages that you can use as
templates right 62 pages should be
specific and these pages are pages that
have made me a lot of money like
honestly a lot of money now if you if
you have been on my list for a while you
know that obviously every bit every page
that I could be excuse me every page
that I create is basically created on
canora’s right that’s been the norm
since the past two years
I’ll be new Lincoln very heavily so you
can now get access to pretty much all of
the pages that I have ever created you
can always preview these pages as well
by clicking on the links now some of
these pages don’t have reviews so yeah
that’s not but you did pretty much click
onto every page and view it I’m also
giving you away the pages of content
gorilla and you can also you allowed to
use the copy as well as the design
except the bombing so you can’t really
use the logos and any words and stuff
that is trademarked right besides that
you can use the entire thing now this
copy has generated me a hundred thirty
thousand US dollars in sales of context
Rilla so you know it’s not some rehash
stuff that you can we see with a lot of
a democracy right it’s super
high-quality top-notch stuff that I have
used in my business and trans made me
you also get sash templates different
sort of templates you can go through all
of them then we have some life coach
names like this was one of a kind
Danielle Mangano and I create a lot of
pages for him as well so you can you
know use that those pages as templates
and there are a lot of pages so you can
go ahead and preview anything that you
want if you have split test starting so
you know you can go ahead and review
there both of the variations then we
have some
break pages personal branding pages trip
fire funnel online events as page and
then obviously the bonus pages that I
have created for promotional purposes
you can also use that then we have one
of my latest creation text animate and
what text intimate basically does is it
creates animation like these right this
is something pretty cool but you can
give up a you can sell it give it away
do whatever you want customize it get
the source code edited you get do
whatever you want rights to takes
animate you know it’s you can basically
do whatever you want then we have
animate here which is another plug-in
dart now you know we have been working
with this plug it’s it’s I guess 2017 it
still sells very well we have still
users coming in every day we have still
people using this thing every day and
I’m gonna give you white label rights to
animate here so I’m gonna basically you
get the plug-in and you get the sales
page which you can import into convertor
II after your purchase and then you can
edit it without any problems so you get
basically white label rights to animate
here and I’m gonna do the white leaving
a link for you so you can provide me
with the logo and I’m gonna get the name
and stuff changed from the plug-in as
you can see this is pretty much how the
plugins layout would be I’m gonna get
this changed and then obviously you get
the page so you can you know change that
then I’m giving you away access to click
here which is a pretty solid app that I
recently bought and you get free access
unlimited usage access with absolutely
zero limits with clicky oh you can track
anything you know it’s like I said
honorary tracking is not why I person
good so you know you will want to have
something that tracks all right would
think you could track link clicks you
can run split tests you can basically
limit the people who are viewing a link
by giving them a password
you can drop tracking pixels and all
that stuff in the video so you know
that’s pretty cool as well not when it
video but the pages so before a user is
redirected to a page you can drop a
Facebook retargeting pixel maybe or a
tracking pixel from Google Analytics and
all that so you know it’s a really handy
tool that I think that you should have
in your arsenal of tools then we have
content guru which is a pretty solid app
and it will allow you to build content
to create hunted unifrom viral sauce it
all out you can go ahead and watch the
demo it’s pretty in detail and gonna
show you everything and it’s about it
that’s all the bonuses that you get when
you buy convert Reba for 25th of October
but yeah that’s about it for this review
I guess you know if you have any
questions you can hit me up here by my
email or anything you know if you’re
watching this video on YouTube just
comment below and I’m gonna get back to
you that’s about it I guess and yeah I’m
gonna catch you late


Convertri 2019 OTO


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