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What’s New For Convertri 2019?

Everyone knows video boosts conversions. Everyone knows page speed boosts conversions.

But video is the biggest page-speed killer there is. Even the YouTube player, owned by literally the same company that developed Page Speed Insights, costs you up to 40 points just from having it on the page.

Right now, you’re forced to choose between video or page speed. And that sucks.

So we fixed it.

Convertri 2019 Delivers The Most Powerful Video Page System You’ve Ever Seen
Blazing Fast Pages… Even If They’re Packing More Video Than The Local Multiplex
With our new accelerated video page technology to video, you can get page speeds on heavy-video pages that were impossible before. Everyone else will need to choose between fast pages and killer video… you get both.

Desktop And MOBILE Autoplay For Incredible Conversions
When the browsers killed video autoplay, they also killed conversions for marketers everywhere. Now you can get them back – Convertri’s Presto player can autoplay on both desktop AND mobile.

Dynamically Change Page Content Based On Viewer Behaviour
Want to drop a buy button when your viewer has watched 20 minutes of your video, not just when they’ve spent 20 minutes on your page? Want to change your page content as your viewer watches your video to emphasise key points in your script?


Beautiful Video Page And Funnel Templates
Incredible videos need incredible pages to go with them, and we’ve put together a full set of brand new page and funnel templates to make sure your customers’ videos always look weapons-grade.

Plus, Of Course, Everything Else That Convertri Does…
Exit Intent

Countdown Timers

Bump Sells


Custom Domains

One-Click Upsells

2-Step Opt-In

Easy Snap Lines


Timed Elements

Sticky Headers and Footers

Custom CSS

Background Video


Custom HTML

Huge Font Selection

Unlimited Products

Automatic Mobile Conversion

Mobile Text Scaling

Detailed Reports

Element Grouping

Custom Checkout Pages

Default Text Styles


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Video Review For Front End Only


hi there Gareth of traffic and
automation here and in this video I want
to do a review of convert tree but I
also want to explain why I left click
funnels now I’ve been with click funnels
and cover trees since day one I actually
use a number of different funnel
builders out there for both clients and
I’ve tested just about all of them and
convert really has always been my number
two funnel builder compared to click
funnels I’ve always used click funnels
more for my my accounts more for my
funnels more of my pages just because of
the speed and the simplicity of using
the tool itself but that has all changed
recently and as of last week I actually
canceled my click funnels account I
cancelled it for a variety of reasons
but I have been with them since day one
now it was a good funnel builder it did
the job well but it just has not evolved
over the past year two years they’ve
just patched a few things up they’ve
made a few small adjustments a couple of
little improvements they’ve tried to be
a jack-of-all-trades and listen if you
use click funnels all you start thinking

Convertri 2019 OTO

about even getting click funnels then
you really need to understand that it is
not the best funnel builder on the
market anymore they just have not kept
up to speed with it and now they even
backtracking this is the most recent
update or change shall we say that click
funnels has realized by trying to do
everything by trying to get people to go
all-in on their system all in on their
tool they’ve actually become not very
good at everything so now they’re trying
to backtrack and they’re trying to say
that what they’re going to actually do
is focus on the core of their business
which is producing courses and actually
just being a funnel builder so what
happened why would you tell us to go
all-in and then backtrack and now you’re
saying to us that you actually want us
to use other tools you don’t want us to
go all-in with click funnels and to be
honest I understand why they are doing
this because their membership system it
looks pretty but it’s extremely basic
there are no learning features in it
there’s no educational features there’s
no option to have an academy it’s all
you can do is deliver a very basic video

Convertri 2019 OTO

course inside and that
is it as well as that you’ve also got
the page builders themselves are built
inside grid like buildings blocks so you
have to build them in sections and also
in columns and you’re very regimented to
what you can and cannot do whereas the
lights of convert tree is a complete
free flow builder you can literally put
anything you want anywhere on statins on
the mobile device or also on your
webpage so you have to realize that
there are no more limitation so you can
literally do anything with convert or
you can add a variety of layers you can
actually move things just about anywhere
on the page but also you have the
webinar the like webinar like live
webinar feature that basically made
russell brunson a lot of money a lot of
other people people a lot of money but
when you actually look at the like live
webinars and replays themselves they
literally look like recordings as they
first play you can see the YouTube play
button or whatever it is by me or
whatever video player you’re using it
shows the play buttons
it shows the pause buttons at the same

Convertri 2019 OTO Convertri 2019 OTO
time it bracele falls apart as being and
it’s so obvious that it is not a like
live webinar it’s just a replay that you
can’t really see the controls apart the
time and you can’t pause there’s no real
features there and yes you can put a
little button after a set period of time
to appear but you’ve really limited the
functions and this is not really a like
live webinar in fact most webinar
platforms out there are actually
producing far better like live webinar
systems and confer tree which is the
main reason I’ve just moved recently has
just added new webinars and new video
features that actually were the deal
maker for me the deal maker that made me
switch from clickfunnels and realized
that it was all too much so as I was
saying before click funnels I’ve
actually made some recent changes as
well they’re going back to the core and
you would think that would actually make
them cheaper but no is actually made
them more expensive they packaged it
together with lots more of their
training and this has always been my
complaint I paid for a page builder a
funnel builder but they continuously

Convertri 2019 OTO
increase the how much they’re charging
you by adding more training I don’t need
more training
I need more pages I need more views on
the website I need more
my limitations to increase but what
they’ve actually decided to do is raise
that up a package of two nine seven two
six nine seven per month are they giving
you more features no are they now
telling you that you’re going to have to
use lots of other tools to do different
things inside of clickfunnels yes what
are you paying the extra money for each
month lots and lots of training is
something called funnel flicks so
they’ve given you lots of extra training
on funnel building and that’s great but
do you really want to keep learning more
and more each and every month when
really you should be able to get a live
funnel you could do a month’s training
if you do two months training you could
do three months training and you really
would have a good grasp of funnel
building and what it requires after that

Convertri 2019 OTOConvertri 2019 OTO
you just want a tool to do the job now
your job as an entrepreneur and my job
as an entrepreneur is only one business
that we should care about growing and
that is our business everything else
should be focused on helping us grow our
business and it often feels like
clickfunnels really want us to be
excited and cult-like about their
product and just pay anything they tell
us to pay to use their product and use
their tool but does it grow my business
is it the best tool for my business and
the answer is no so coming back to the
like live webinar setup that actually
made click files very very likeable very
very appealing to people
sure webinars are changing a lot these
days and I think comfort you’ve just hit
the nail on the head and got it
absolutely spot-on Convertri 2019 OTO
they’ve always been known from
lightning-fast loading pages if you know
anything about perversion that has
always been their unique selling point
is that their pages are super super fast
like milliseconds low time where click
funnels have never increased that the
speed of the websites if they have it’s
been very very marginal most of my page
is always loaded in two and a half to
four to five even sometimes seconds
depending on how many pictures and
videos you had on those pages sometimes
crazy crazy slow load turn times so you
would think a company that’s making 500
million would be able to pay for fastest
servers to be able to pay for lots of
upgrades to their platform but it just
makes me think that they’re a little bit
too greedy and yet a small UK company
that has something like five thousand
monthly subscribers to play
funnels 100 monthly subscribers has
literally chipped away about creating
the ultimate and most pure funnel
builder on the market but what they’ve
done with this webinar system is that
now they will actually host the videos
for you and you will have a lot of
features on that video inside so it will

Convertri 2019 OTO Convertri 2019 OTO

Convertri 2019 OTO Convertri 2019 OTO
look extremely like live videos you will
have actions that you can make different
things appear or disappear on the page
including sales buttons based on what
people are doing inside the video so how
much of the video they’ve actually
watched even if they pause it even if
they come back later on and they start
watching it again it will not show that
button until the right time of your
video which we all know is super
important if you’re trying to actually
have ads for example a Buy Now button up
here at the right time in the video you
don’t just want it popping up at any
other point if they’ve actually paused
the video it’s not going to be relevant
to what they’re actually seeing on the
video but not just that they’ve overcome
the the autoplay that we have on mobile
devices and also currently on most
browsers out there they oughta play on
mobile and on all browsers with no sound
automatically but not just that and the
most exciting part for me is that they
have compressed these videos to make
sure that they are loading lightning
fast as well so you have super fast
pages that are loading in milliseconds

Convertri 2019 OTO
and now you have super fast videos that
are also loading in milliseconds
anywhere in the world they have servers
all around the world they use the same
servers as it likes a Twitter Convertri 2019 OTO
these are lightning fast so now your web
pages are going to be loading in less
than a second even if you put lots and
lots of content on there let’s say a
second for example even one and a half
seconds that is damn fast because you
know what anything over three seconds if
the online stats are to be understood
you are losing 50% of anybody that comes
to your web pages that’s 50% of traffic
you might be paying for 50% of traffic
you put a lot of work in trying to get
to your website you are losing that
after three seconds so actually click
funnels by them not investing in their
own software have cost me money
cost me sales and cost me visitors
leaving because they don’t wait wanna
wait for slow low times which are even
important the more mobile things go so
that aside if we were to cast away the
speed of the video the speed of the the
load time for the pages and we actually
looked at the funnel builder itself

confer tree is nothing short of amazing
as I said that free flow builder and you
can put literally content anywhere I’ve
been building pages with click funnels
for years and they looked really good
that the funnels I’ve been building in
the last couple of weeks and after just
having a little bit of time off from
converge and see the updates that
they’ve done they are far superior to
anything I’ve created inside click
funnels so the pages themselves look
they store and organize your media your
images and everything else far better
than click funnels does their caching is
automatically updating so this was a
complaint I always had with con click
funnels that the pages didn’t always
update very quickly sometimes you might
be waiting an hour for your pages to
update update with live changes and if
you’re doing a product launch then time
is money you need things to update
straightaway you don’t want to have any
problems and Convertri 2019 OTO myself clients and friends
who are using click files often had a
lot of cachet issues and glitches that
were causing them problems converge Lee
allows you to make offline changes to
your page and publish it when you are
ready click funnels has never had a
publish option Convertri 2019 OTO if you wanted to have a
page that was not live you would have to
do a split test have it set to 0 and
edit that page when you’re ready switch
it across so this is really really basic
features that they’ve never improved and
there’s loads of little glitches such as
not being able to have your root domain
so your domain com go to your main
landing page it always has to get
redirected in click funnels to your
domain com forward slash home page
forward slash blog whatever it was you
could never just have that root domain
inside the browser so if someone just
typed in your domain that is what they
would see in the browser these are
little things but the little things that
affect SEO google doesn’t like lots of
redirects so they’re all little features
that you basically click funnels
should’ve overcome over the last two
years they’ve focused more on creating
live events creating training programs
and really not focus Convertri 2019 OTO

on the core of their product so go back
to convert again all of the different
features everything is laid out
incredibly simplistically no they do not
have a members area so that is the main
difference if that’s something that’s
really deal breaking for you but there’s
a program that is actually far better
it’s called product Dino we do like to
use think if ik for our more advanced
membership teaching tools so if you want
a really really good educational
platform I’ll put links below this video
then think if it is a one but if you
just want to deliver your products and
even we even have our academy in product
dino it’s something like with a discount
code ninety seven dollars a year so not
only have you got the best funnel
builder with comfort tree that is at a
lower price with morally higher
limitations than the likes of

clickfunnels their lowest package then
if you combine that with a hundred
dollar a year membership platform you
actually have a fantastic set up you
have a far more automated far more
flexible setup and combination of tools
that are both very good at what they’re
doing and it’s still extremely much more
cheaper than the likes of clickfunnels
so yes clickfunnels Convertri 2019 OTO
is a good tool but the point of what we
originally all signed up for click
funnels with was a page and funnel
builder and you need to ask yourself is
that what you use it for do you use it
as a tool now I’m not saying anything
bad about Russell Brunson you may be a
passionate follower of Russell Brunson
and that is absolutely fine I’ve got
lots of his books there you can probably
see some of them here I really like
Russell Branson’s training but does that
mean I have to use his software the
answer is no no you do not for your
business you always want to make sure
you were using the best tool for your
business so with that said I highly
recommend that you look into converts me
I’m happy to answer any questions you
may have as I said I do have accounts
with converge and other tools but
converter II is now my one number one a

recommendation for funnel builders click
funnels perhaps the second but it is
losing ground so it’s definitely in the
top three but it’s no longer my favorite
product now if you would like more
training on digital marketing funnel
building and all of these things I open
the link to our Academy but
where you get free access to additional
training and we will be putting more
training in there for country converter
e very soon as well as some extra
templates and some training on traffic
that you can already get access to and
if you do decide you want to go for
convert or e again I will put a link
below this video they do have a 14-day
trial as well you can try it out in full
and as I said if you do go for it then
I’ll happily unlock Pro access to our
Academy which is normally something like
two hundred dollars where you will be
able to get full access to additional
training on traffic and automation in
general so you can have access to all of
the future templates that we create all

of the extra training inside that
members area now if you’ve enjoyed that
video if you found that useful then
please be sure to like comment and
subscribe to our channel to get updates
on additional videos we made on this
subject but everything to do with
traffic and automation and growing your
business in general and what do you
think of converging and what do you
think of clickfunnels I’d love to know
in the comments below and as always if
you have any questions just let us know
and I’ll get back to you straight away
all right I’ll see you in the next video


Convertri 2019 OTO


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